ClickandBuy is a popular e-money provider that enjoys significant popularity in Canada. According to their own claims, the online payment system, which is a 100% subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, is used by over 14 million customers, and it is supported by more than 16,000 internationally registered online shops. Canadian consumers have embraced ClickandBuy for its secure and convenient payment options, making it a trusted choice for online transactions. With a wide network of supported merchants, customers can effortlessly complete their purchases from various online stores.

However, the major issue concerning the topic of gambling is that the bookmakers operating in Canada rarely allow payments via ClickandBuy. This poses a significant challenge for individuals who prefer using this particular payment method. Unfortunately, the options for bettors using ClickandBuy are quite limited within the Canadian market. Consequently, it is essential for users to explore alternative payment solutions that are widely accepted by local bookmakers.

Comparing the top betting providers

The advantage of this complimentary system is clear. Customers who prefer to shop online but don't want to disclose their banking or credit card information for every online payment can register with ClickandBuy as an additional security measure and make their payments through their e-wallet account. As a result, the online stores do not receive the customer's personal financial data; instead, the payment is processed through the ClickandBuy account.


Provider overview for ClickandBuy deposits


fees Minimum Maximum
2 % 10 €     → to the Interwetten test report
no 40 € 99.999 €     → to the Betsafe test report
no 10 € 10.000 €     → to the Bwin test report
no 10 €     → to the Ladbrokes test report

For customers in Austria and Switzerland, ClickandBuy is available at Mybet, Betsafe, and Ladbrokes. However, Canadian customers can only access this payment service at Interwetten and Bwin.

In the realm of sports betting, as illustrated in the aforementioned table, ClickandBuy is far from being prevalent. Only five bookmakers accept deposits into a betting account using this payment system. This might also stem from the fact that Deutsche Telekom acquired the company in 2010 and seemingly (still) disapproves of its subsidiary engaging with betting and gambling providers.

Out of the 14 bookmakers examined by the sports betting test, only five online bookies offer ClickandBuy as a deposit alternative in their lineup. With one exception, Interwetten, there are no processing fees or any expenses incurred by the bookmaker.



The minimum deposit amount ranges from 5 euros (at Mybet) to 40 euros (at Betsafe) and is immediately available for betting in any case. The maximum deposit limits vary between 10,000 euros (at the bookmaker Bwin) and a whopping 99,999 euros at Betsafe. You can start wagering with just a few euros or go all out with a substantial deposit, depending on your preferences and budget. Rest assured that regardless of the amount you choose to deposit, you'll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the thrill of sports betting.

Mybet does not provide explicit information about the maximum deposit amount for a betting account with ClickandBuy but instead refers to it as "variable." On the other hand, both Interwetten and Ladbrokes do not specify any explicit limits or provide information regarding the highest possible deposit amount for a ClickandBuy account.

However, the online payment system does have a significant drawback: not only do few betting providers offer this service by default, but it is also completely denied to betting customers in Canada, with the exception of two cases. Only Interwetten and Bwin offer ClickandBuy in the entire Canadian-speaking region.


Here is a unique English paragraph for the new website: Above graphic: In addition to ClickandBuy, the bookmaker Betsafe offers a wide range of alternative payment methods to quickly, easily, and securely top up your betting account! They provide numerous options for depositing funds, ensuring convenience and safety. With a variety of reliable alternatives, Betsafe ensures that customers can easily manage their betting finances. Choose from an array of secure payment methods offered by Betsafe, allowing for swift deposits and peace of mind. Experience hassle-free transactions and peace of mind when funding your betting account through Betsafe's diverse selection of payment options.

Canadian sports bettors searching for ClickandBuy as a deposit option will be unsuccessful at Ladbrokes, Mybet, and Betsafe. These three bookmakers only offer this payment method on their Canadian-language websites for customers residing in Austria and Switzerland.


Final version: Conclusion on the ClickandBuy payment method for betting providers.

In conclusion, it can be stated that although ClickandBuy is a widely used e-wallet system, it is rarely found in the sports betting industry due to the company's policies. Canadian customers face even more difficulties, which is unfortunate considering that the Telekom subsidiary is highly popular in Canada. To our dismay, ClickandBuy's presence in the sports betting sector is limited to exceptional cases.


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