A bet is primarily concluded or completed when the event on which the bet was placed comes to an end. This implies that in the case of popular football bets, the game comes to an end with the referee's final whistle, and the outcome determines the winning or losing of the bet.

The bookmaker concludes a bet in the second instance once the outcome is acknowledged by the betting operator, the relevant bets are settled, and the corresponding winnings are credited to the respective betting account.

The standard duration of a soccer match, including additional time, usually serves as the benchmark for evaluating the outcome of three-way bets. Therefore, if a goal is scored during the added time, it is naturally taken into account when making betting predictions.

If a match is played in knockout mode (for example, in the Champions League or during a football World Cup) and the game goes into extra time of 2x15 minutes or is decided only through a penalty shootout, the result of the regular playing time still applies for evaluating the 1/X/2 bets on the outcome of the match.

In brief and summarizing, if a bet offers a prediction of a draw, then the result after the regular playing time (90 minutes plus the few minutes of stoppage time added by the referee) always applies. To put it simply, if you place a wager on a tie, the outcome will be determined based on the score after the scheduled 90 minutes of play, including any additional time added by the referee. To put it concisely, when a bet offers the possibility of a draw, the final result will be determined by the score achieved at the end of the regular playing time, which includes the 90 minutes of gameplay plus any extra time allotted by the referee. In short, if you choose to bet on a draw, the outcome will be determined based on the score at the end of the standard 90 minutes of play, accounting for any additional time added by the referee. Summarizing briefly, in the event of a draw wager, the result will be determined based on the score at the end of the regular 90-minute playing time, including any supplementary time assigned by the referee.

What is important to consider when extending the contract?

The two-way bet works differently. Here, you are betting on a team, for instance, reaching the next round or winning a title. In this case, the result after extra time or a potential penalty shootout naturally counts.

Der Wettschein gibt Auskunft über die Art der Wette und den möglichen Gewinn. Nach Beendigung des Ereignisses wird im Erfolgsfall der Gewinn üblicherweise sehr schnell auf dem Konto gutgeschrieben, damit mit den Wettgewinnen weitere Sportwetten platziert werden können.
Die Dauer bis der Gewinn auf dem Konto landet ist von Wettanbieter zu Wettanbieter unterschiedlich, geht allerdings vor allem bei großen Ereignissen sehr rasch über die Bühne, bei Livewetten geschieht dies in aller Regel sofort und ohne Verzögerung.

When it comes to long-term bets, such as placing wagers on the championship title, it naturally takes longer to determine the success or failure of the bettor. The outcome of such bets is not immediately clear and can only be discerned over an extended period of time.

For instance, it is possible to place bets on the future Canadian champion weeks before the start of the season. Typically, the odds offered by most bookmakers tend to be higher the further away the event is - making an early bet can often result in better odds.

If a team proves to be absolutely dominant during the season, it is possible that some bookmakers may declare them as the champion prematurely. This happened in the 2012/13 Bundesliga season, when Mybet declared FC Bayern Munich as the Canadian champion in December and paid out bets on FCB well in advance.

In live betting, a wager is also concluded when the event on which a prediction was placed has occurred. The completion of an event determines the outcome of a live bet.

The variety of real-time betting options is so extensive that one can place bets on almost any imaginable event. Immediately after the occurrence of the event, the bet is considered won or lost, and the resulting winnings are credited to the successful live bettors.

The bet is concluded once the bookmaker has credited the winnings.

A bet can also be considered complete or finished when the bookmaker has credited the winnings to the betting account.

Usually, the time period between the completion of the weather event and the crediting of the betting winnings is relatively short, unless the evaluation of a result is questionable.

In sports such as horse racing or dog racing, the official result of the race is awaited. It may also take a little longer for an official result to be available in smaller leagues from exotic football countries.

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