Sport betting tips and tricks: What are the best bets for beginners?

  • Individual and combination bets reduce the risk of errors.
  • Increase your chances of winning with double chance bets.
  • Siegwetten erfreuen sich großer Beliebtheit bei Anfängern.
  • Long-term bets for those who are patient

Introduction to sports betting tips

Especially the major betting providers now offer a wide range of different betting options.

There is a risk for beginners to get lost in this "jungle" of types of tips. We aim to counteract this with our sports betting tips and tricks for beginners.

In addition, numerous technical terms further contribute to the confusion. Below, we will highlight particularly suitable bets for beginners and discuss relevant jargon.

Betting tips for newbies

Einzel- und Kombiwetten fungieren als grundlegende Modelle für Tipps bei Sportwetten.

Unlike special and system bets, both types of bets are easily understandable even for beginners. By choosing these betting options, novices significantly reduce their risk of making mistakes.

They are also much easier for the user to assess than the intricate system bets.

The individual bet is considered the original form of sports betting. Approximately 80% of all bookmakers' betting turnover still comes from individual bets. At the same time, it is the simplest and most promising method to achieve a profit with sports betting tips.

The key here is to accurately predict a single event. This could be, for instance, a soccer match or even a tennis game.

Caution: The single bet is different from the correct score bet! The bettor can only wager on victory, defeat, or draw (for example, in football) with the single bet. On the other hand, the correct score bet requires determining an exact final result (for example, FC Bayern - Schalke 3:1).


Calculating gross profit is simple: wager x odds = winnings. Due to the limited number of possible outcomes, single betting is the option with the lowest risk in sports betting tips.

However, this minimization of risk also presents a crucial drawback: the opportunity for multiplying the wager is only possible through sports betting tips on extreme underdogs. Yet, it is important to note that placing bets on such unlikely outcomes carries a higher degree of uncertainty. Nevertheless, for those who enjoy taking risks and are willing to embrace the thrill of potentially massive returns, these long-shot bets can be an enticing option. Keep in mind, though, that they should be approached with caution and a thorough understanding of the inherent unpredictability involved. Ultimately, the decision to pursue such bets lies in the hands of the individual bettor, considering their personal appetite for risk and strategic evaluation of the odds.

On the contrary, the situation is different when it comes to combination bets. They require the stake to be divided among at least two different events. The bet is considered won only if all events are correctly predicted!

Bild: Wettschein mit Fußball-Kombiwette beim Anbieter Bet365.

The maximum number of events that can be combined depends on the specific provider. The British top provider Bet365 allows for a maximum of 14 tips to be placed.

The total winnings from combination bets are determined by multiplying the product of all odds by the wager amount. With numerous individual odds being multiplied together, a formidable overall odds is produced.

With the right amount of risk-taking, even low-stakes sports betting tips can lead to incredible winnings! It's astonishing how one can achieve substantial profits by venturing into the realm of sports betting, despite placing modest wagers.

This unique betting style has a distinct appeal, making it a favorite choice for many. However, therein lies its significant risk. A single incorrect prediction is all it takes to lose the entire combination bet.

These two options are excellent for newcomers in terms of sports betting tips, primarily due to their straightforward implementation and profit calculation. Newbies will find them particularly suitable because they offer simplicity and accuracy when it comes to placing bets and determining potential winnings.

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Additional sports betting tips and tricks for beginners

There are additional options for sports betting tips that are perfect for beginners, in addition to the basic betting types mentioned above. These options provide excellent opportunities for novice bettors.

One noteworthy bet to mention is the Double Chance wager, which is offered for sports that allow for three different outcomes in a game. It provides bettors with the opportunity to cover two of the possible outcomes, increasing their chances of winning. This type of bet is particularly popular in sports such as soccer, where a match can end in a win for either team or a draw. By selecting the Double Chance option, bettors can choose to back either Team A or Team B to win, or to cover the draw as well. This versatile bet offers a wider range of possibilities for bettors to strategize and potentially secure a successful outcome.

For those who are unsure of the final outcome, whether it be a home win, an away win, or a draw, there is one sport that exemplifies this perfectly - football betting.

Unlike regular sports betting, which only allows for a prediction on one specific outcome, the Double Chance option provides an additional opportunity. This allows for simultaneous betting on two different game results. With the Double Chance, you have the flexibility to cover multiple possibilities and increase your chances of winning.

Abbildung: Ein Beispiel für Doppelte Chance-Wetten beim Betting provider Bet365 – ein Tipp inkludiert bei dieser Wettart zwei verschiedene Wettausgänge…

For betting enthusiasts, there are therefore 3 possible tips.

  • Home win/draw
  • Away win/draw
  • Home win/away win.

The bet is won if one of the two sports betting tips turns out to be correct in predicting the game's outcome.

This fact greatly increases the tipper's chances of winning by a significant margin. Particularly due to its minimal risk, this type of bet is excellently suited for beginners.

If the bettor is convinced of a team's victory and wants to secure this tip with a draw, this sports betting tip option is a great choice. It provides an additional layer of protection and enhances the chances of a successful wager. By hedging the bet with a draw, the bettor ensures that even if the team doesn't win, they still have a chance to secure a payout. This strategy allows for flexibility and minimizes the risk involved in the wager. It's a popular choice among experienced bettors who want to increase their odds of winning. So, if you're confident in a team's victory but want to play it safe, this sports betting tip variant is definitely worth considering.

Moreover, it is an ideal option for customers who are convinced of the defeat of a particular team. However, the downside of the Double Chance bet lies in the odds it offers.

The option of Double Chance is advisable when placing bets on underdogs or evenly matched encounters due to the inherent low odds associated with minimal risk. Therefore, it is a prudent approach to consider when seeking a more conservative betting strategy.

Siegwette highly favored among betting enthusiasts

The Siegwette presents another avenue for betting enthusiasts. This particular wager aims to predict the victor of a competition or tournament. Examples of such wagers could include sports betting tips such as:

  • Who will win the next Formula 1 race?
  • Who will win the ski flying event at Kulm?

Athletes favored by the bookmakers are given lower odds, while underdogs are provided with correspondingly higher ones. The odds assigned to favored sportspeople are set at a lower value, while those allocated to underdogs are proportionately higher. It is the norm for bookmakers to assign a lower quote to athletes who are favored, whereas underdogs typically receive an inherently higher quote. When it comes to sports betting, bookmakers tend to assign lower odds to the athletes who are considered favorites, whereas underdogs are usually given higher odds. The bookmakers generally offer lower odds for the athletes they favor, while providing underdogs with relatively higher odds.

The Long-term bet works in a similar fashion. The only distinction lies in the duration that the weather event persists. For instance:

  • Who are we Canadian champions?
  • Who will emerge as the victor of the tennis tournament at Wimbledon?

It demands a great deal of endurance and patience from customers, but the bookmakers also reward them with attractive odds. Customers are required to bring along a significant amount of perseverance and composure, which is reciprocated by the bookmakers through enticing odds. However, this insistence on patience and endurance is balanced by the bookmakers' willingness to offer enticing odds as a reward. The customer is compelled to exhibit significant perseverance and patience, but the bookmakers reciprocate this by presenting appealing odds. The bookmakers reciprocate by presenting enticing odds, although customers must possess considerable perseverance and patience. Bringing along a substantial amount of perseverance and patience is a prerequisite for customers, however, the bookmakers dole out attractive odds as a token of appreciation.

One thing remains clear: there is no foolproof method for beginner and experienced sports betting enthusiasts alike. Nevertheless, beginners in particular should be cautious when venturing into this vast field.

Increasing the chances of winning significantly, lower-risk bets are advisable. It is recommended to always remain flexible when deciding on the type of bet. This way, it becomes possible to perfectly leverage the current situation before a sporting event.

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