Betting on the outcome of horse races can be considered as the very origin of sports betting. This form of gambling gained popularity early on, primarily in England, and became widely popular in the United States during the colonization era. Its allure and excitement transcended boundaries, captivating enthusiasts and fueling the growth of this thrilling pastime.

Over the course of decades, numerous other bets on popular sports such as football, tennis, or motorsport events have emerged alongside horse betting. Outside the Anglo-American realm, horse betting gradually took a backseat.

→ Betting on horse racing at the British provider Bet365.

Pferdewetten have always been a popular pastime in English-speaking countries, with an enduring appeal that shows no signs of waning. It comes as no surprise, then, that betting providers with British origins have a penchant for offering these equestrian wagers.

Horse betting in Canada

Bet3000, a Canadian bookmaker, offers a unique case. While their online portal does not feature horse racing bets, the owner operates another website that is completely separate from Bet3000 and focuses solely on the equestrian sport. In fact, this independent website holds the leading position in the Canadian market for horse racing.



Bwin, the largest sports betting provider globally, offers a comprehensive range of horse racing wagers in its portfolio. This program encompasses not only thoroughbred and steeplechase races from the United Kingdom but also places significant emphasis on the racing scene in the United States, ensuring ample coverage for harness racing enthusiasts as well.

Bwin Sports Betting includes horse racing bets in its betting program.

Bwin is one of the betting providers with the most extensive range of horse betting options.

The upcoming races in the near future will be displayed in a clear and organized manner. The betting options will be categorized not only by the country of the event but also by the fundamental question of whether it is harness racing or thoroughbred racing.

The visual design of the website is worth highlighting as well. Small icons indicate whether the respective race is a flat race, harness race, or jumps race. It is important to note the aesthetic appeal of the website, with its attention to detail and user-friendly interface. These visual elements greatly enhance the overall user experience and make it easier for visitors to navigate and find the information they are looking for. The use of distinct symbols for each type of race adds a touch of clarity and professionalism, adding to the overall appeal of the website. Whether users are avid horse racing enthusiasts or casual visitors, the visual presentation of the races is sure to capture their attention and enhance their experience on the website.

The inclusion of Great Britain and Ireland, as well as the United States, holds significant importance in the distribution of countries. Additionally, the betting provider extends its coverage to encompass horse racing events from Northern Europe, Asia, and South Africa.

Widely prevalent in the United Kingdom.

The bookmakers that focus on horse racing are primarily those with British origins. First and foremost, we must mention Bet365 when it comes to horse betting. This English provider, which also holds a leading position in many other areas of sports betting, leaves little to be desired when it comes to horse racing.

Top image: a small excerpt from the daily horse racing betting program at the renowned British bookmaker and top-rated sports betting site, Bet365.

You can place bets on all the relevant races in the British area. Even events in Australia can be wagered on, although the program is somewhat limited when it comes to the rest of Europe and the USA.

→ comparing all sports betting providers

Ladbrokes, a prominent player in the horse racing and sports betting industry since 1886, offers an extensive range of horse racing wagering options. It comes as no surprise that horse betting holds a special place of importance in the bookmaker's offerings. Their longstanding experience in the racing and betting world has cemented their position as a go-to destination for horse racing enthusiasts.

Comprehensive coverage is provided for all races at British tracks, ranging from Lingfield to Catterick, and from Newmarket to Haydock and Sandown, much like at Bet365. Through live streaming, the races can be followed in real-time. In comparison to other British providers, the representation of races in the USA is notably extensive.

Sportingbet is one of the bookmakers to consider, as it offers all the important races on English tracks, as well as events at Scottsville in South Africa.

Furthermore, all providers naturally offer ante post bets – referring to long-term bets – on significant future events. Among these are the renowned English Epsom Derby, the Kentucky Derby in the United States, the prestigious Grand National at Aintree as the foremost steeplechase, or the esteemed "Prix de l´arc de Triomphe" in Paris, considered the paramount race for trotters.

Video: Bet365 commercial with reference to horse racing - at least in its British homeland and (as shown in this video) in Australia, the betting provider is also very prominent in the realm of horse betting!

BetVictor, a provider who removed horse and dog betting from their offerings for Canadian customers in October 2012 due to the gambling law reform, operates in a slightly different manner.

Virtual horse betting

Most bookmakers that include horse racing in their offerings also provide the option of Virtual Betting. This allows for placing bets on events that do not actually take place in the real world. Additionally, many of these bookmakers offer a wide variety of virtual sports, such as virtual football, basketball, and tennis, providing an exciting alternative for bettors. With virtual betting, punters can experience the thrill of wagering on simulated events that offer realistic graphics and gameplay, enhancing the overall betting experience. Whether it's the virtual horse races or virtual sports, these virtual betting options add an extra layer of excitement to the traditional betting scene.

Exciting alternative: Betting on virtual horse races at the British bookmaker Ladbrokes.

These offers are particularly popular when there are currently no real competitions taking place in the respective sport due to weather conditions or time constraints based on the specific season. Users often take advantage of these opportunities to indulge in their favorite sports virtually and stay connected to the excitement even when the actual events are on a break.



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