In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of online sports betting providers. Consequently, this has led to a clear result of intensifying competition among individual bookmakers.

In order to stand out in the race for customer favor against competitors, it is necessary to differentiate oneself in one way or another. This could manifest in the design of exceptionally appealing betting odds or in visually captivating presentation of the live betting program. To gain an edge in the competition, offering unique promotions and bonuses can also make a significant impact. Furthermore, providing exceptional customer service and a user-friendly interface can greatly enhance the overall experience for users. By continuously innovating and adapting to the ever-evolving needs of customers, one can effectively establish a strong position in the market.

The top sports betting providers were thoroughly tested and evaluated.

Furthermore, granting a welcome bonus to new betting customers is also a highly popular method of acquiring customers. There are few bookmakers who refrain from employing this customer acquisition strategy.

The variations lie within the intricacies.

At first glance, the bonus programs offered by bookmakers appear strikingly similar. This similarity is particularly evident in the maximum bonus amount, which often stands at 100 euros. It is worth noting, however, that beneath this seemingly uniform exterior, there lie significant differences in the terms and conditions associated with these bonuses. It is crucial for punters to carefully examine the fine print and consider various factors before making a decision. One might discover that certain bookmakers offer more favorable wagering requirements or additional perks that can enhance the overall betting experience. Consequently, taking the time to thoroughly evaluate these bonus programs can prove highly advantageous in the long run.

The disparities become apparent only upon closer examination of the specific conditions imposed by the bookmakers on their new customers before the bonus amount can ultimately be withdrawn.

It is worth noting that there are rarely two bookmakers who prefer the same model. There is always some detail that makes a difference and can be interpreted as an advantage or disadvantage.

In addition to the maximum amount of the bonus, there are four main factors to consider.

  1. The bonus amount - or the percentage of the 1st deposit granted as a bonus.
  2. The frequency with which the bonus amount must be wagered.
  3. The minimum quota that must be observed during implementation.
  4. The time frame within which the bonus conditions must be met.

Below you will find a comprehensive explanation of the specific factors that determine the betting bonus.



1. Bonus amount - how much bonus is granted by the betting provider?

Most bookmakers offer their new customers a bonus in the form of a credit on their first deposit. However, there are a few bookmakers, such as the English betting companies Ladbrokes and BetVictor, who deviate from this norm and provide free bets instead.

When it comes to the bonus offered on the initial deposit, there are generally two common variations in terms of the amount, namely 100 percent or 50 percent. The former signifies that the amount of the customer's first deposit will be doubled by the bookmaker until the maximum bonus limit is reached. This doubling effect serves as an incentive for users to maximize their initial deposit and make the most of the bonus opportunity. On the other hand, the latter variation offers a 50 percent increase on the customer's deposit, providing a more moderate bonus option for those who may not wish to commit a larger amount initially. Regardless of the chosen percentage, these bonuses can greatly enhance the overall betting experience and potentially boost one's chances of winning.

The majority of online bookmakers adopt the practice of offering a bonus amount equivalent to 100 percent. However, there are a few exceptions, such as Bet-at-home, where a bonus of approximately 50 percent of the initial deposit is granted.

Many bookmakers have a maximum bonus amount of 100 euros. However, there are exceptions like Bwin, the longstanding market leader, which settles for a lower amount of 50 euros.

On the flip side, certain sportsbooks offer around 110 euros, such as Interwetten, or even 150 euros, like Betway, as their potential betting amounts.


Image above: Betway's bonus offer stands out as one of the most appealing in the market.



2. How many times does the bonus amount need to be wagered?

As previously mentioned, the size of the bonus alone is not the sole determining factor in whether a bonus can be considered customer-friendly or not. However, it is not solely the amount of the bonus that determines whether it can be regarded as customer-friendly. The size of the bonus alone does not necessarily indicate whether it is customer-friendly or not. It is important to consider other factors when determining the customer-friendliness of a bonus, not just its size. The customer-friendliness of a bonus cannot be determined solely based on its size. The amount of the bonus is not the only factor that determines whether it is customer-friendly or not.

All bookmakers offering a first deposit bonus require that the credited amount can only be withdrawn once it has been invested in bets. This condition is in place to ensure that the bonus funds are used for their intended purpose before they can be withdrawn. Remember to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the bonus offer to avoid any misunderstandings or complications when it comes to cashing out your winnings.

Some bookmakers are content with the fact that the bonus amount only needs to be wagered up to three times. This includes providers such as Bet365, Tipico, or Bwin, who are considered market leaders.

However, there are several bookmakers that require up to ten rounds to be played before the bonus is unlocked. Extreme cases have even been observed where it had to be wagered 25 times. Nevertheless, it is important to carefully read the terms and conditions of each bookmaker to fully understand the wagering requirements.

Naturally, the Interwetten bonus is also available for redemption in its mobile version. You can easily take advantage of the Interwetten bonus on your mobile device as well. Don't worry about missing out on the bonus just because you're using the mobile version. The Interwetten bonus is designed to cater to mobile users too. So, whether you prefer to place sports bets on your computer or on the go, Interwetten has got you covered. You can enjoy all the benefits of the bonus, no matter where you choose to access the platform.

Interwetten, the Austrian bookmaker, presents a slightly different approach where the bonus is unlocked in five increments, each accounting for 20 percent.

One benefit of this approach is that it doesn't necessarily require the entire bonus amount to be wagered, but rather smaller portions can also be eligible for withdrawal. This method offers the advantage of allowing players to cash out smaller portions of the bonus without having to meet the full wagering requirements. It provides flexibility by enabling users to access their funds in increments, making it more convenient and user-friendly. Additionally, this system allows players to enjoy the benefits of their bonuses sooner, as they can withdraw partial amounts sooner rather than waiting to fulfill the entire wagering obligation. This approach caters to players who prefer to have the option to access their winnings in smaller portions, providing them with greater control over their funds.



3. What minimum odds need to be considered?

The minimum odds at which the bonus amount must be implemented is a key aspect to consider. Its purpose is to prevent bettors from placing their bets on events with excessively predictable outcomes. In doing so, it ensures that customers engage in a more diverse range of betting opportunities, enhancing the excitement and unpredictability of their wagering experience. By setting a minimum quota, the platform encourages users to explore different betting options and exercise their judgment in selecting uncertain or less obvious outcomes. This not only adds an element of challenge and strategic thinking to the betting process but also fosters a fair and competitive environment for all participants.

For most betting providers, the minimum odds range from 1.5 to 2.0.

In relevant tests, Bet365 often emerges as the victor, thanks to its low number of rollovers (3 times) combined with a low minimum odds requirement (1.5).


Above image: Simple yet efficient, Bet365's bonus offer stands out.


XTip, a relatively young bookmaker, stands out with its most noticeable minimum odds requirement. While XTip only requires two turnovers of the bonus amount, which is the fewest among all bookmakers, this is strongly offset by a minimum odds of 3.0. At Tipico, the minimum odds are set at 2.0, while Interwetten is satisfied with 1.7.

It is evident that bets with such high odds are not easy to win, thereby significantly reducing the chances for the bettor. In complete contrast, Bwin operates when it comes to bonuses, as the experienced bettor completely forgoes a minimum odds requirement in their offer of 50 euros, which, although not too high, is still quite generous.


4. Within what timeframe must the conditions be fulfilled?

Finally, in most cases, the specified conditions must be met within a certain period of time in order to claim the bonus. Frequently, these deadlines range from 30 to 90 days.

At Interwetten, you have a limited timeframe of 14 days to make use of the available options. As previously mentioned, it is important to note that only certain portions of the bonus can be unlocked, allowing for withdrawal.

The duration primarily comes into play with those bonus offers that require particularly frequent turnover. In the case of such promotions, the length of time allocated for meeting the turnover requirements becomes a crucial factor. It is important to note that the time period specified for fulfilling the turnover criteria may vary depending on the specific bonus offer. Therefore, players should carefully review the terms and conditions of each promotion to ensure they have sufficient time to complete the necessary turnover. By considering this aspect, players can make informed decisions and maximize their chances of successfully meeting the turnover requirements.

Viewed as a challenge, achieving a 10-fold turnover within 30 days, as required by a promotional offer from Betsafe, can be quite demanding. It is no easy task to meet such a requirement within the given timeframe.



The editorial team at extensively evaluated the bonus offerings presented by over 20 online sports betting providers. Dedicating themselves to thorough research and analysis, they meticulously examined the diverse range of incentives provided by these industry leaders. With a commitment to transparency and objectivity, the team at meticulously documented their findings, enabling users to make informed decisions when selecting their preferred online sports betting platform.

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Changes to bonus offers are subject to change at any time.

When evaluating, it is important to consider that the weighting of the specific advantages of each bookmaker may vary. Keep in mind that the relative importance placed on different strengths can differ from one betting provider to another. It's crucial to take into account that the significance assigned to various merits might differ among individual sportsbooks. The assessment should acknowledge the fact that the weighting of each bookmaker's distinct advantages can vary substantially. Remember that the importance attributed to particular benefits can differ significantly across different betting operators.

It varies from person to person, whether customers prefer a lower minimum odds or a lower number when it comes to fulfilling the bonus conditions for the bonus amount to be wagered.

It is important to note that there may be changes to the offers for new customer bonuses from betting providers. Such changes can occur multiple times a year with certain bookmakers, like Sportingbet. In any case, it is crucial to stay informed and updated on the latest modifications.

Therefore, potential betting customers should first examine the current bonus offer on the website of the respective bookmaker before considering registration and base their decision on that. Additionally, it is advisable to compare the various bonus offers to make an informed choice.

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