Betting on dog racing, alongside horse racing, is one of the most ancient forms of sports betting. Greyhound races, originating in England, remain highly popular in the Anglo-American sphere, including the USA and Ireland. However, in Canada, "professional greyhound racing" is prohibited primarily due to animal welfare reasons, yet betting on dog races is permitted in other nations.

Placing bets on dog races at the British provider Bet365.

Dog racing is initially divided into two categories. Firstly, there are races on standardized racetracks, and secondly, races in natural terrain, known as "coursing," where the primary focus is on the dogs' hunting behavior, unlike races on racetracks.

Focus in England and Ireland

On the dog racing tracks, typically composed of grass or sometimes sand, races are conducted over varying distances - typically ranging from 300 to 500 meters - with a synthetic hare as their target.

As the focal point of canine racing events in the United Kingdom, the domain of offering bets on greyhound races predominantly belongs to bookmakers with British origins.

First and foremost, it is worth mentioning the bookmaker Bet365 in this context. This British provider boasts a comprehensive selection of bets on greyhound races. On approximately 25 tracks for greyhounds in England, ranging from Brighton and Hove to Sunderland and from Wimbledon to Sheffield and Newcastle, numerous races are launched daily at intervals of around 15 minutes.



Most of the tracks, like Monmore Green Stadium in Wolverhampton or the tracks in Sittingbourne, Newcastle, or the Irish Shelbourne, primarily run races in the evening, while on some tracks, such as Sheffield or Sunderland, races are already underway in the morning. Each respective racecourse hosts up to 16 races daily.

Extensive range available from British providers.

At Bet365, a wide range of information is provided for each of these races, such as the recent race results of individual participants, to aid in making accurate betting predictions. Additionally, the races can be followed through live streaming. Equally comprehensive is the selection of bets available for greyhound racing at Ladbrokes, another British bookmaker. Sportingbet also offers the opportunity to bet on greyhound races, albeit to a slightly lesser extent.

In October 2012, BetVictor, the bookmaker, made adjustments to its array of betting options in response to the revamped gambling legislation, resulting in a reduction of offerings for Canadian customers. As a consequence, wagers on horse and dog races are no longer available to Canadian clientele.

Placing bets on virtual dog races.

For those who find the extensive range of greyhound races offered by the mentioned providers insufficient, there is an additional option to bet on virtual dog races at both Bet365 and Ladbrokes. Furthermore, if the variety of greyhound racing options provided by these operators fails to meet your expectations, you can explore the exciting world of virtual dog racing and place bets on simulated races at both Bet365 and Ladbrokes. Moreover, if the wide selection of greyhound races offered by these mentioned bookmakers seems limited to you, fear not, as you can also place bets on virtual greyhound races at both Bet365 and Ladbrokes. In addition, if the thorough selection of greyhound races available at the aforementioned providers is not enough for your betting needs, you have the opportunity to wager on virtual dog races at both Bet365 and Ladbrokes.

Almost as good as the real thing: virtual dog racing at the bookmaker Bet-at-home.

The Austrian bookmaker bet-at-home also offers this virtual betting service. Every two minutes, a dog race starts on the bookmaker's online portal, allowing users to place bets on the outcome.

Placing bets on dog races with Canadian providers.

Bwin, an Austrian-born bookmaker with a strong presence in horse racing, also offers bets on dog racing, but with a focus on the US rather than the British domain. Here, you can place wagers on races in Palm Beach or Sanford, embracing the American racing culture.



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