Bet-at-home is one of the most renowned online sports betting providers in the Canadian-speaking region. Furthermore, this bookmaker hailing from Upper Austria impresses with its diverse range of bets and a well-designed website. Initiating the Bet-at-home registration process is possible right from the homepage.

The visual design of this product may appear simple, but its ease of use is unparalleled. Even newcomers will quickly navigate through its user-friendly menu structure, eliminating the need for a lengthy adjustment period.

That's why the registration process at Bet-at-home is self-explanatory. In case you do require assistance, you will find a comprehensive guide to signing up with the Austrian bookmaker in the following text.


Only available to new customers. Terms and conditions apply. Must be 18 years or older.

The registration process at Bet-at-Home - signing up.

To start off, we navigate to the bookmaker's homepage as our first move. The subsequent link will direct you straight to This is the quickest route to take if you've already made up your mind about the bookmaker. If you need a bit more information about one of the leading bookmakers in our extensive bookmaker comparison, a brief detour to the comprehensive Bet-at-home review won't hurt.

Instead of starting through the browser, Bet-at-home also provides an alternative with their mobile application. However, for now, let's focus on accessing their platform through the website, which is compatible with any mobile browser.

The "Register Now" button, adorned with vibrant green hues, can be found in the upper right corner, positioned adjacent to the Bet-at-home Login. Upon clicking this enticing element, a window shall unfold, beckoning users to input all essential information.

  1. Personal data. This includes name, address, place and date of birth, as well as a mobile phone number.
  2. Access data. This includes the email address and the password. Bet-at-home assists with a scale for password security.
  3. Deposit limit for slot games in the federal territory. Canada There is a mandatory monthly deposit limit.
  4. By setting limits, confirming terms and conditions, and selecting newsletter delivery preferences, your account is already open when you register now.

Once you have completed the process of registering your betting account, Bet-at-home will send you an email. This email not only contains the customary congratulations for opening your account but also includes a link that serves as the confirmation for your email address. This step is commonly referred to as verification. We are here to assist new customers with the verification process as well. You can find all the necessary information regarding this in the upcoming chapter.

Verifying your Bet-at-home betting account

Creating an account and registering with Bet-at-home took us slightly over a minute during our testing. We took the time to carefully read and verify the provided information once more. Any mistakes made during this process could potentially lead to difficulties during withdrawal or the necessary account verification later on.

The same applies to creating an account with deliberately false information. This betting account cannot be verified as it requires identification documents. If these documents do not match the account owner's details, it will be nearly impossible to get the deposits refunded.

To access the actual process, click on the verification link provided in the email. Bet-at-home offers three distinct options to unlock your betting account.

  • Online banking - This method is carried out by means of electronic devices such as computers or smartphones, allowing individuals to manage their bank accounts, make financial transactions, and access banking services through the internet. Giropay ID Processed and recommended by bet-at-home as one of the quickest methods. Simply log in with your online banking credentials, and you're done. The identity is then verified, as a valid ID was already presented during account opening.
  • For identification purposes, a valid identification document needs to be photographed and uploaded. It is important that the document is a photo and not a scan, and that all four corners are visible. After the upload, facial recognition is conducted to ensure that the person who uploaded the ID is indeed the person depicted on the ID.
  • SCHUFA Check - This verification process may take a bit longer than the two previously mentioned. Additionally, there is a restriction that only allows betting with a limited budget. To complete the check, simply enter the house number and confirm the previously entered data for verification.

One of these three methods can be used to verify the account. After that, the bet-at-home registration is completed, and the betting account is opened. Following that, new customers can proceed with the initial deposits and fill out the betting slip.

You can find detailed information about the available payment methods at Bet-at-Home by referring to the comprehensive review on this matter. Discover the various options for conducting financial transactions on the platform through the in-depth analysis provided. Uncover the wide range of payment solutions that Bet-at-Home offers by delving into the extensive examination presented in the comprehensive review. Gain insights into the diverse array of payment options at your disposal when engaging with Bet-at-Home by exploring the detailed analysis outlined in the comprehensive review. Dive into the comprehensive review to learn about the extensive range of payment methods offered by Bet-at-Home and select the one that best suits your needs.

Bet-at-home Registration - Experiences & Tips for Login

Rarely have we been able to open a betting account so quickly and easily. With just a few steps, one is already in the midst of the Bet-at-home registration, which is also beautifully presented, by the way. Without extensive searching, one knows exactly what to do next. The type of verification that works easiest for each sports bettor can be chosen according to preference.

The verification email was promptly received, along with the link and the account number. In case any issues arise, the previously provided number can assist the support team in checking the current registration status and providing assistance with the completion process.

For new customers only. Terms and conditions apply. Must be 18 or older.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Common inquiries about the Bet-at-home registration

❓ What should one do when encountering an issue during the registration process?

When going through the registration process, you shouldn't encounter any major issues. You'll be guided to fill in the required fields and assisted in choosing a password. However, if you do happen to face any difficulties, the customer service is here to help. At Bet-at-home, there are various ways to reach out to the support team and ask any questions you may have.

Is the verification of the betting account mandatory?

Once you have created your betting account, a verification email containing a link will be sent immediately. To open the account, it is essential to verify it promptly. For this purpose, there are various options available to prove your identity, such as Giropay ID, scanning your identification document, facial recognition, and also using SCHUFA.

Can the betting account be used immediately after registration?

No, because the sports betting account is only available after complete verification.

Does the bonus have to be activated immediately upon registration?

The activation of the Bet-at-home welcome bonus does not require a bonus code; instead, it can be claimed after making the first deposit, provided that it is at least 10 euros. Detailed information on this can be found in the review of the Bet-at-home welcome bonus.