Endurance is key when it comes to the long-term betting type: The level of excitement is significantly lower compared to bets from other categories, but it requires sports fans with a strong betting spirit to have stamina. However, if rewarded with a correct prediction, attractive betting winnings are usually within reach.

Long-term bets, as the name suggests, involve predictions that are only settled after several weeks or even months. The duration of these bets spans a considerable period of time, focusing not on specific matches or individual game encounters, but rather on bets that transcend seasons or encompass entire tournaments.

Long-term bets are a staple in sports betting, offering exciting opportunities to predict outcomes far in advance. Examples of such bets include wagering on the future champion, predicting the winner of a cup, betting on the ultimate victor of the prestigious Champions League, or even speculating on the next European or world champion. These types of bets allow punters to immerse themselves in the anticipation and thrill of long-term events, adding an extra layer of excitement to the world of sports betting.

Bet365, the winner in tests, offers a long-term bet on the Bundesliga season champion (screenshot from 07.06.2024).

Since sports bettors often have to be patient to find out if their wager was successful or not, this type of betting is generally not considered a top choice among the bets placed. This requires a certain level of patience, making it less appealing to most bettors.

The number of bets on a long-term winner in all sports betting is estimated to be in the minimum range, usually only in the per mille range of total bets placed. The only exception may be bets on the European football champion, World Cup predictions, or goal scorers in a major football event. The majority of wagers are spread out across various outcomes, making it challenging to predict a long-term winner in most cases. However, when it comes to high-profile football tournaments or events, such as the European Championship or World Cup, there is a higher likelihood of bets being placed on specific winners or top goal scorers.

Betway Long-Term Bet World Cup 2024 - the wait for the evaluation of a tip shortly before the start of the tournament is shorter than that of a bet on the champion of a Bundesliga season.

Attractive outsider odds

Finding attractive odds is often possible for some underdogs in the title race, as bookmakers generally prioritize updating the odds for daily events over long-term bets due to their relatively longer duration and lower significance.

Since sports betting providers generate a significant portion of their betting turnover with the favored teams, it is not to be expected from the start that there will be particularly attractive odds (for example, on Bayern Munich or PSG as champions) - and even when odds are shortened, it often affects the favorites first. Therefore, it is important for bettors to seek out opportunities with underestimated teams or those that are considered underdogs. This can potentially lead to higher odds and, subsequently, more lucrative winnings. By examining match statistics, team form, and other relevant factors, bettors can make more informed decisions and identify potential value bets. Additionally, staying updated on injuries, suspensions, and other team news can provide valuable insights and give bettors an edge in their predictions. So, while favorites may seem like the obvious choice, exploring alternative options can often yield more favorable odds and increase the chances of a successful bet.

It is hardly worth betting on the favorites. However, it is definitely worth taking a look at the odds offered by international bookmakers for the wider circle of favorites. Comparing these odds can be quite beneficial.

The perfect timing for a long-term bet.

Having a keen sense is crucial when it comes to choosing the best time to opt for a long-term bet, as that is when the targeted odds are naturally at their peak. It's all about having the right intuition.

Because a tip well in advance on a team or player can, on the one hand, yield a higher odds than right before the start of the tournament. On the other hand, it may happen that the odds increase for various reasons. You never know when a sudden shift in the market might occur, making it beneficial to place bets early on. Additionally, by staying informed and analyzing the current form and performance of teams and players, you can identify potential opportunities for advantageous betting odds. It is crucial to keep track of any relevant news or updates that might influence the odds, as this can provide you with a betting advantage. Remember, being proactive and staying ahead of the curve can greatly benefit your betting strategy.

This is particularly true when the user does not bet on a favorite. For instance: Typically, most bets on a tournament winner come in shortly before the tournament starts.

When bets are primarily placed on the top favorites, bookmakers lower their odds, causing the odds on other teams to rise. Consequently, the betting landscape shifts, creating new potential opportunities for bettors seeking value in underdog teams. This dynamic process ensures that the odds reflect the collective decisions of bettors, balancing the market and fostering a fair and competitive environment. As a result, astute bettors can capitalize on these fluctuations, strategically positioning themselves to maximize their potential returns. By closely monitoring these odds movements, bettors can effectively navigate the ever-changing landscape of sports betting and make informed decisions based on the prevailing market sentiment.

Current long term bets

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