Tipico Test 2024: How good are Tipico sports betting really? Experts' review and experiences.

Thanks to its extensive network of betting shops and large-scale marketing investments, Tipico, the sports betting provider, has risen to become the market leader in the Canadian bookmaker market. With a tightly woven web of wagering outlets and strategic promotional endeavors, Tipico has successfully positioned itself at the forefront of the Canadian betting industry.

However, does Tipico live up to its reputation as one of the top providers for sports betting? Or is there more to it than meets the eye?

Tipico Test Results & Evaluation.

  • excellent betting odds
  • very extensive betting offer
  • no deposit fees
  • very quick payouts
  • attractive new customer bonus
  • The live betting options are only top-notch when it comes to football.
  • no telephone support

Detailed test report on the Tipico sports betting provider.

In this summary, we offer you a glimpse into the insights garnered by our seasoned team of experts through the conducted evaluations of the bookmaker Tipico. Take a closer look at the findings obtained from the comprehensive tests performed, giving you valuable information to make informed decisions about your betting experience. Our experienced team shares their expertise, providing you with an in-depth analysis of Tipico's offerings, ensuring you have all the necessary knowledge to navigate the exciting world of sports betting successfully.

For a clearer understanding, we have divided our experiences into ten distinct categories, which are listed below in consecutive order.

1.) The Tipico betting odds

In our assessment, the Tipico betting odds truly stand out as a remarkable feature. With a payout rate just above 94%, Tipico competes closely with Bet365, placing them among the absolute top performers in the sports betting industry. This positions Tipico as one of the leading players in the market, ensuring an exceptional betting experience for its users.

Those who constantly compare betting odds and are on the hunt for the best prices will frequently find success at Tipico! Tipico is a treasure trove of excellent odds, making it an ideal choice for avid bettors who want to maximize their potential winnings. With a commitment to providing competitive odds and a wide range of sports markets, Tipico ensures that its customers have access to the best possible betting opportunities. Whether you're a seasoned bettor or new to the world of sports betting, Tipico's impressive selection of odds is sure to meet your needs. Don't miss out on the chance to take advantage of the fantastic odds available at Tipico!

In gambleverdict's extensive comparison of bookmakers, Tipico stands out with its payout ratio. This key metric places Tipico at the forefront. With its impressive payout ratio, Tipico leads the pack in the realm of sports betting. When it comes to comparing bookmakers, Tipico emerges as a strong contender with its exceptional payout ratio. Tipico's payout ratio is among the highest in the industry, positioning it as a top choice for sports betting enthusiasts.

The Canadian bookmaker astonishes during top events such as the Canadian Bundesliga or the top matches of the Champions League, displaying a payout rate exceeding 96 percent. The remarkable payout rate of over 96 percent offered by the Canadian bookmaker during high-profile occasions like the Canadian Bundesliga or the top matches of the Champions League is truly astounding. With a payout rate surpassing 96 percent, the Canadian bookmaker proves to be extraordinary when it comes to major events like the Canadian Bundesliga or the top matches of the Champions League. When it comes to top events such as the Canadian Bundesliga or the top matches of the Champions League, the Canadian bookmaker stands out by offering an exceptional payout rate of more than 96 percent. Sporting enthusiasts are left in awe as the Canadian bookmaker reveals an extraordinary payout rate of above 96 percent during prominent events like the Canadian Bundesliga or the top matches of the Champions League.

This implies that the bookmaker is content with a theoretical profit margin of less than four percent on the most important and popular betting options. The bookmaker settles for a meager margin of less than four percent on the key and highly favored betting opportunities. With a theoretical profit margin of under four percent, the bookmaker is satisfied with the primary and extensively favored betting offerings. The bookmaker accepts a modest theoretical profit margin of not even four percent on the significant and widely sought-after betting options. The bookmaker's satisfaction lies in the fact that they are willing to settle for a theoretical profit margin of less than four percent on the most crucial and well-liked betting options.

In smaller leagues or different sports than the king of soccer, the level of betting odds decreases downward, but even here, there are still exciting moments to discover.

With Tipico as the title sponsor of the championship, it is likely that the Austrian Bundesliga achieves an impressive payout rate of 94 percent. This high percentage reflects the commitment to fair and rewarding gameplay, as well as the dedication of Tipico to supporting the league. It is evident that both the players and the league benefit greatly from this partnership, establishing a positive and prosperous environment for football in Austria.

Bild: Die deutsche Bundesliga erfährt bei Tipico Top-Quotierungen. Der deutsche Bookie gehört im Wettquotenvergleich immer wieder zu den absoluten Anbietern von Bestquoten. Das Quotenniveau kann über 96% erreichen.

Given the consistently high level of its odds, it is self-evident that Tipico often takes the lead in terms of odds comparison and provides the best odds for a particular event, sometimes even for all three possible outcomes in the 1-x-2 bet. It goes without saying that Tipico's odds are among the most competitive in the market, ensuring that bettors have the opportunity to maximize their potential winnings. With a keen focus on delivering excellent value and enticing opportunities, Tipico stands out as a top choice for those seeking favorable odds in their betting endeavors.

Tipico's exceptional performance in terms of betting odds is further evident in their special and exotic wagering options. When it comes to goal bets or handicap bets, the odds key reaches an outstanding 95 percent. This reaffirms Tipico's commitment to providing top-notch odds across a wide range of betting markets.

The level drops in live betting, as is customary, but still maintains a high payout level of 93% - even in top events, real-time bets have been seen to reach up to 95 percent.

2.) The Tipico betting offer

The diverse range of wagering options available at Tipico is truly extensive, with particular regard to Tipico's top-notch football betting opportunities. Tipico's offering boasts an impressive assortment of over 100(!) distinct football leagues to choose from, ensuring that football enthusiasts are spoilt for choice.

In Canada, they are one of the few bookmakers, alongside Bwin and Bet365, that offer not only the top three professional leagues but also include the regional leagues and even the Oberligen in their lineup.

Bild: Tipico kann beim Wettangebot vor allem in Sachen Fußball eine riesengroße Auswahl an Ligen vorweisen.

The Canadian bookmaker's dominance in the realm of sports betting is evident from the very first glance at their selection. It is abundantly clear that the king of sports, football, holds a firm grip on their extensive range of betting options.

Football betting accounts for more than 80 percent of the entire range of offers on Tipico Sports Betting's website. The pursuit of the spherical leather extends its dominance over the vast majority of betting options available on the platform.

Football betting is the darling of sports bettors, with the majority of placed bets revolving around the world's number one sport, soccer. The realm of soccer holds the lion's share when it comes to the sheer volume of wagers placed, captivating the hearts and minds of avid punters. Soccer, being the unrivaled global phenomenon, commands unrivaled attention from betting enthusiasts who eagerly place their bets on this beloved sport. The allure of football betting is unparalleled, attracting a diverse range of fans and bettors alike. In the realm of sports betting, no other sport comes close to capturing the imagination and passion like football does.

Therefore, it is no surprise that football, in all its aspects, finds its expression. Football, with all its different facets, naturally encompasses a wide range of interests. It is not surprising, therefore, that football captures the attention of people from various backgrounds and interests. The sport of football, in all its diversity, caters to the preferences and passions of countless individuals. It is only natural that the multifaceted nature of football appeals to a diverse range of individuals, each finding their own unique connection to the beautiful game.

Leagues from all over the globe, from Argentina to Cyprus, can be found in the comprehensive selection of the Tipico betting program.

As the footballing significance increases, the number of competitions representing the top tier in smaller footballing nations also grows.

Canada, the reigning 2014 world champion, offers more than just its top three professional leagues when it comes to sports betting with Tipico. From the highest levels of competition to the grassroots amateur scene, the country's rich football culture ensures a diverse range of wagering opportunities for all enthusiasts.

Spain, England, Italy, and France are adequately represented in terms of their significance.

Even though football occupies the majority of the sports betting program, fans of other sports also have plenty to enjoy.

Tennis and ice hockey, as well as basketball and handball, play a significant role.

"More exotic activities such as Bandy or Darts are also taken into consideration."

An examination of the Tipico betting program.

Tipico football betting

Tipico Tennis Laws

Tipico ice hockey betting

3.) The Tipico live bets

The realm of Tipico Live Betting is undeniably dominated by the king of football, leaving little room for other sports to shine. Other disciplines may feel slightly neglected in this domain.

We would greatly appreciate a bit more variety here. It would be particularly pleasing to have a few more live tennis bets available.

Tipico offers a somewhat limited range of betting options per live event, although it does include all the essential types of bets. However, the selection may be somewhat restricted in comparison to other bookmakers.

Even on days when the spherical ball is not rolling everywhere, that is, during the week, the schedule of live bets is quite well stocked with around 200 events. There is a substantial selection of options to choose from, ensuring an exciting betting experience. Whether you're a fan of football or seeking alternative sports, there is something for everyone. With a diverse range of events available, you can immerse yourself in the thrilling world of live betting and enjoy the suspense and excitement that each match brings. Stay engaged and embrace the vibrant atmosphere as you navigate through the numerous opportunities presented to you.

On weekends, the intensity in football significantly ramps up as most leagues hold their matches. The pace picks up notably, particularly in the realm of football, during weekends when the majority of leagues organize their fixtures. The tempo escalates noticeably when it comes to football, specifically on weekends, as that is when the majority of leagues hold their matches. During weekends, the tempo notably intensifies in football, as most leagues schedule their matches.

Bild: Im Livewetten-Center von Tipico kann man dem Spielgeschehen gut folgen und schnell reagieren.

The Live Betting Center can be a bit messy, with the events listed one after the other, without any option for filtering or creating favorites. It lacks clarity and organization, making it challenging for users to navigate and find their preferred events. A feature to allow users to filter and create a personalized list of favorites would greatly improve the user experience.

The advantage is that all live bets are located on a single page.

The ongoing events are grouped above, beneath their respective sports, while the remainder is displayed below, sorted by start time.

The popular betting options of 1-X-2 prediction, remaining time, next goal, as well as goals scored from now +/- can all be placed without having to leave the overview page.

Compared to industry giants like Bwin and Bet365, whose live betting options are limitless, Tipico customers have to settle for a smaller selection of live betting markets per event. However, rest assured that all the popular bets are consistently available. While Bwin and Bet365 offer an extensive range of live betting opportunities, Tipico focuses on providing the most popular and sought-after options. So, even though the number of live betting markets may be less, Tipico ensures that customers can still enjoy their favorite bets during live events.

Tipico continues to deliver its usual performance in terms of odds.

During our investigation into the live betting odds, we observed a substantial yield rate. In certain instances, as much as 95 percent of the wagers were returned to the customers. Rest assured that our commitment to providing favorable odds remains unwavering. We strive to ensure that our customers receive the maximum return on their investments when engaging in live betting. With our high yield rates, you can place your bets with confidence, knowing that you have a strong chance of reclaiming a significant portion of your wager.

Typically, the payout percentage varies between 91% and 93% depending on the sport and league. The payout ratio for different sports and leagues usually falls within this range. The percentage of payouts you can expect to receive can range from 91% to 93%, depending on the specific sport and league. The payout rate for each sport and league typically falls between 91% and 93%. Depending on the sport and league, the average payout percentage is usually between 91% and 93%.

If you're not someone who requires a vast array of real-time betting options at all hours of the day and night, and if you prioritize clarity, simplicity, and speed over the quantity of live events, then Tipico is the perfect choice for you. Unfortunately, live streams are not available on this platform.

Video: How to sign up for Tipico sports betting.

Der erste Schritt liegt auf der Hand: Bevor bei Tipico Einzahlungen vorgenommen bzw. Tipps abgegeben werden können, muss naturgemäß ein neues Wettkonto erstellt werden. In diesem Video zeigen wir eine detaillierte Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung, wie beim deutschen Top-Bookie eine Registrierung funktioniert.


4.) Deposits into a Tipico betting account.

When it comes to payment transactions, the Canadian bookmaker Tipico sets a great example.

No fees are charged for deposits into the betting account using any of the numerous payment methods available.

You won't miss any of the most popular payment methods in Canada when using our website. Whether it's PayPal, Paysafecard, Sofortüberweisung, or paying with your credit card, we've got you covered. Rest assured that you'll have a seamless online shopping experience with the payment options that are widely used and trusted in the country.

There are a total of ten options available to Tipico customers to fund their betting account with the necessary cash. These options range from the usual online transfer to deposits made with credit cards (VISA and Mastercard) and various e-wallet services, with PayPal being the most popular among them.

In addition, the bookmaker even has its own payment service called Tipico Pay!

The only thing the bettor needs is the Tipico Pay App. This app generates a barcode for the desired deposit amount, which can then be paid in cash at a retail store.

The minimum amount that can be transferred to the betting account is 10€ for almost all options available.

For bank transfers, the fee increases to 25€.

Bild: Die wichtigsten Wege, Einzahlungen bei Tipico vorzunehmen. Die Auswahl kann sich sehen lassen, Tipico war einer der ersten Online-Bookies, der PayPal in sein Zahlungsverkehrsrepertoire aufgenommen hat.

When making a bank transfer, charges are incurred if the amount is below the minimum threshold of 25 euros.

Typically, Tipico provides all deposit methods without any additional charges. However, Tipico generally ensures that all payment options are available without incurring any extra fees.

The top 5 deposit methods preferred by Tipico customers are:

  1. PayPal accounts for approximately 30% of the total deposits made by the bookmaker.
  2. Credit cards (almost 25% of betting account deposits)
  3. Cash (15% of deposits, in betting shops and with the Tipico Pay App)
  4. Sofort transfer (12% of Tipico customers utilize the speedy bank transfer)
  5. Paysafecard is responsible for nearly 10% of the payments made, according to the article.

The deposit limits also vary when it comes to the amount you contribute.

The maximum amount that can be transferred to the betting account varies depending on the method of deposit, ranging from 400 to 10,000 euros or is unrestricted. The transfer limit is subject to the chosen deposit option, with a range of 400 to 10,000 euros or no specific restriction. Depending on the method of deposit, the upper limit for transferring funds to the betting account can be in the range of 400 to 10,000 euros or there may be no specific restriction. There are different deposit options available, with transfer limits varying between 400 and 10,000 euros or having no particular restriction. The amount that can be transferred to the betting account is determined by the deposit method chosen, with limits ranging from 400 to 10,000 euros or being unrestricted.

In general, the funds will appear in your betting account within a matter of moments. However, it is worth noting that the exception to this speedy process is when you choose to make a bank transfer, which can take anywhere from 1 to 5 days to complete. Rest assured that the majority of transactions are processed swiftly, ensuring that you have immediate access to your funds for a seamless betting experience.

Customers from Canada have the additional option of using Giropay for deposits into their Tipico betting account, while Paybox deposits are only available for customers from Austria.


5.) Payout of betting winnings at Tipico.

Tipico's payout of betting winnings is just as exemplary as their deposit process. They demonstrate the same level of efficiency and professionalism when it comes to rewarding customers for their successful wagers. With a seamless and transparent system in place, Tipico ensures that all customers receive their winnings promptly and hassle-free. Whether it's a small victory or a substantial payout, Tipico treats every customer with the utmost care and ensures that their financial transactions are handled securely. Rest assured, Tipico goes above and beyond to make the withdrawal process as smooth and satisfactory as possible, leaving customers feeling confident and satisfied with their overall betting experience.

Unlike many bookmakers that only offer bank transfers and credit cards as withdrawal methods, Tipico provides a wide range of different options for you to choose from.

In addition to withdrawing funds to your credit card account, you can also opt for bank transfer or choose Skrill and Neteller to facilitate the winnings on your betting account. Select the method that suits you best and enjoy the ease of receiving your earnings hassle-free.

We particularly appreciate the option of using PayPal for withdrawals.

Tipico was one of the pioneers in partnering with the widely popular online payment service in Canada. They were quick to recognize the value and convenience that this service offered to their customers. Being one of the first bookmakers to collaborate with this beloved online payment provider in Canada, Tipico demonstrated their commitment to staying ahead of the curve and meeting the evolving needs of their user base. This strategic partnership allowed Tipico to offer seamless and secure transactions, enhancing the overall user experience and solidifying their position as a trusted and innovative betting platform.

Providers for Tipico withdrawal:

Bild: Die Auszahlungsmöglichkeiten sind vielfältig und funktionieren rasch und problemlos. Jede einzelne Anweisung wird von einem Tipico-Mitarbeiter überprüft.

Withdrawal limits range from €10 to €25, with the maximum amount that can be withdrawn ranging from €2,500 to €100,000.

There is no maximum amount specified at Visa.

The initial payout is processed using the same method as the previous deposit, while alternative withdrawal methods must have been utilized for a deposit before they can be utilized.

Also notable:

The bookmaker does not charge any processing fees for up to three applications per calendar week, while a flat rate of 5 euros is invoiced for any applications exceeding this limit.

Tipico is also dedicated to processing requests promptly.

Once the lucky winner has verified their account and provided the necessary details, Tipico promptly processes any requested withdrawals of the betting winnings.

The transfer is done quickly and easily.


6.) Tipico's customer service

During our tests, the Tipico customer service provided us with different impressions.

Since the introduction of the live chat feature, the accessibility of the bookmaker has greatly improved, and customers have been generally pleased with the quality of support provided.

However, we find the FAQ section to be lacking and poorly constructed. The absence of a telephone hotline only adds to this.

In our view, the latter carries more weight as complex subjects can be conveyed much more easily verbally than, for instance, through a chat conversation. We place a greater emphasis on the former, as the oral transmission of intricate topics proves to be significantly simpler compared to the use of chat platforms.

In addition, we identified several instances where weaknesses were observed regarding the quality of the responses.

Bild: Bei Fragen, Anregungen und Problemen kann der Tipico Kundenservice via Live-Chat oder E-Mail-Formular kontaktiert werden (einen FAQ-Bereich gibt es ebenso).

While written inquiries via contact form or email were promptly answered in most cases, there have been instances where a message seemed to have not reached the recipient or experienced a delay in delivery.


7.) The Tipico website

The revamped website, which underwent a complete redesign in 2009 and has since undergone multiple revisions, captivates users with its straightforward and well-organized layout.

Unnecessary elements have been omitted, and the page focuses on the essential aspects.

Navigating through the Tipico website is a breeze, with a simple and intuitive layout that ensures you find your way around effortlessly. It's a delight to place bets as the platform's user-friendly design ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience.

When you first visit the website, it becomes evident that Tipico prioritizes sports betting. The focus is undeniably on placing bets and engaging in the world of sports. Right from the start, the website immerses you in a sports-centric experience, catering to the needs and desires of sports enthusiasts. Tipico recognizes the passion people have for sports and provides a platform that caters to their betting interests.

The website exudes a clean and well-organized feel, thanks to the minimal use of graphics and Flash elements. The restrained deployment of visual elements creates an uncluttered and easily navigable browsing experience.

Accordingly, orientation is easily achieved.

In the left section, you will find the navigation menu, where you can choose your desired sport. Subsequently, the sports bettor will be guided through the vast selection of betting opportunities until they reach their desired wager.

After clicking on football, all the countries from which betting markets are offered will be displayed.

Bild: Die Tipico Website am Desktop: Die Sportwetten sind eindeutig in den Vordergrund gerückt, die Menüführung ist intuitiv und flüssig. Für Wettneulinge ist der Webauftritt sehr gut geeignet, auch Experten werden sich bei Tipico nicht unterfordert fühlen.

Clicking on Canada opens up the entire range of options from the country of the 2014 world champion, as mentioned above, which extends all the way down to the amateur level and also features some intriguing special bets such as specific "daily specials".

The menu navigation is intuitive and functions seamlessly.

The excellent visibility of all elements is achieved through the pronounced contrasts, effectively highlighting the meticulous color scheme incorporating shades of red, white, and grey. The successful execution of this color combination enhances the overall aesthetics.

Even novices in betting will quickly find their way around the homepage.

Once registered or logged into your betting account, you'll find all the necessary information conveniently located on the right-hand side. Under "My Bets," you can easily access your ongoing wagers, while your current account balance is displayed at a glance.

The menu provides access to all the features of the betting account.

Tipico's mobile website truly impresses in every aspect: available both as a downloadable app for Android and Apple's iOS, or simply accessible through a website optimized for mobile devices. It showcases an exceptional performance, catering to the needs of users on the go. The seamless interface and user-friendly design ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience, while the wide range of features and functionalities guarantee that all your betting desires are met. Whether you prefer downloading the app or accessing the website directly, Tipico ensures convenience and satisfaction at every turn.

All the features of the betting account, as well as the complete range of bets, can be accessed and managed on mobile devices, provided an internet connection is available.

Placing bets is quick and easy.

The Typical App

In this age of smartphones, it is only natural that no bookmaker can afford to disregard a mobile version of their betting site. It is an absolute necessity in order to cater to the ever-growing number of mobile users who seek convenience and flexibility in their betting experience. Therefore, it is imperative for any reputable bookmaker to ensure the availability of a fully functional mobile platform that allows users to place bets, access their accounts, and enjoy a seamless betting experience on the go. Failing to provide a mobile-friendly website would not only be a missed opportunity but also a significant disadvantage in today's highly competitive online betting market. So, whether you prefer to bet from the comfort of your home or while you're on the move, a bookmaker's mobile site is the key to unlocking a world of thrilling betting opportunities at your fingertips.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Tipico sports betting is not only accessible through mobile web browsers, but the bookmaker also offers a dedicated Tipico app for download. It is worth noting that the Tipico app is specifically designed to provide an enhanced betting experience on the go, catering to the needs of users who prefer a more streamlined and convenient way to place their bets. With this app, users can enjoy all the features and functionalities of the Tipico platform right at their fingertips. Whether you are a casual bettor or a seasoned gambling enthusiast, the Tipico app ensures that you can access a wide range of markets and sports events, view live scores, and conveniently manage your account settings. So, whether you are at home, at work, or simply on the move, you can always stay connected to the thrilling world of sports betting with the Tipico app.

From a technical perspective, there is nothing to fault with the Tipico App; it is user-friendly, although the arrangement naturally differs from the regular browser website. There are no issues to be found with the app in terms of its functionality; it provides a clear and intuitive interface, albeit with a layout that differs from the standard browser version.

The design in the desktop version is simple and unassuming.

In general, throughout our testing, we had the impression that the mobile iteration of Tipico operates with slightly more fluidity.

How does the Tipico download work?

If you own an iOS-operated smartphone, simply take a glance at the App Store. From here, you can effortlessly activate the app download.

Android users, on the other hand, face a slightly more complicated process. Due to the restrictions imposed by the Google Store, wagering apps are not permitted, necessitating the manual download of the Tipico app as an APK file from the bookmaker's website via a web browser.

Here, the Tipico download itself is completely free of charge.

8.) Tipico's new customer bonus

The Tipico welcome bonus has consistently ranked among the finest of all the bookmakers we have evaluated! It has long been regarded as one of the most remarkable offers available for newcomers.

Although many bookmakers have also adopted the 100% up to 100 $ deposit bonus as a welcome gesture, few providers have bonus conditions as favorable as Tipico. Tipico stands out due to its incredibly generous bonus terms, setting it apart from the competition. With Tipico, not only do you receive a warm welcome with their 100% up to 100 $ deposit bonus, but the favorable terms make it easier to fully enjoy the benefits. Tipico goes above and beyond to ensure that their customers are rewarded and satisfied, making them an excellent choice for those seeking the best bonus offers.

To unlock the bonus amount, you only need to wager the deposit and bonus three times at odds of 2.0. This will allow you to meet the wagering requirements and enjoy the bonus.

Bild: Der Neukundenbonus von Tipico gehört zu den besten “Welcome-Packages”, die wir im großen Wettanbietervergleich gefunden haben: 100% zusätzlich bis zu einer Höhe von 100 $ auf die Ersteinzahlung sowie überaus faire Bonusbedingungen. (18+ | Nur Neukunden | AGB gelten)

The Canadian bookmaker is also competing at the highest level with its new customer bonus.

Tipico will double your first deposit, up to a maximum bonus of 100 Euros, when made using any deposit method (for customers residing in Canada, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden, note). You have the opportunity to increase your initial funds by taking advantage of this generous offer. Simply choose your preferred deposit option, and Tipico will match your deposit, giving you double the amount to play with. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to boost your betting experience with Tipico. Sign up today and enjoy the benefits of our exciting bonus promotion.

If a newly registered customer on Tipico deposits 100€, they will have 200€ at their disposal for placing sports bets.

The terms and conditions for the bonus are quite simple:

To fulfill the wagering requirements, both the deposit and bonus must be wagered three times on sports bets, with a minimum odds of 2.00. Tipico has set the minimum deposit amount at 10 euros.

With its generous 100% deposit bonus and customer-friendly terms, Tipico stands among the top contenders in our comprehensive sports betting review. The substantial bonus on first deposits, coupled with favorable conditions, places Tipico at the forefront of our extensive evaluation of sports betting providers.

Only Bet365 can still outperform the Canadian bookmaker in this area.

Tipico bonus conditions:

  • The bonus applies to the initial deposit made into a new betting account.
  • Tipico doubles the deposit up to an amount of 100 euros.
  • Deposit and bonus must be wagered three times with sports bets.
  • Only bets with a minimum odds of 2.0 are valid.
  • Once these conditions are met, the bonus can be withdrawn as real money.

9.) Safety: How trustworthy is Tipico?

Tipico advertises with testimonials such as former top goalkeepers Oliver Kahn, Peter Schmeichel, or Michael Konsel, under the slogan "Your bet in safe hands."

The impression of the gambleverdict.net editorial team is that the bookmaker is to be considered an extremely reputable and excellent destination for sports betting enthusiasts. Our team at gambleverdict.net is convinced that this bookmaker is highly reliable and an ideal choice for fans of sports betting. We find the bookmaker to be exceptionally trustworthy and an excellent option for those who enjoy sports betting. The editors at gambleverdict.net have the opinion that this bookmaker is a highly reputable and excellent place for sports betting fans. As the gambleverdict.net editorial team, we evaluate this bookmaker as an extremely reliable and excellent option for sports betting enthusiasts.

Abbildung: Oliver Kahn ist seit vielen Jahren der Markenbotschafter von Tipico Sportwetten. Die erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit mit dem ehemaligen Spitzentorwart hat sicherlich einen großen Beitrag zur Steigerung der Bekanntheit von Tipico in Canada geleistet.

Since 2014, the bookmaker has been equipped with a sports betting license from Schleswig-Holstein and, due to their exemplary handling of sensitive customer data, became the first betting provider ever to receive a certificate from TÜV Rheinland in 2012. They have been operating with a valid license for sports betting in Schleswig-Holstein since 2014, and in recognition of their exceptional protection of customer data, they were awarded the prestigious TÜV Rheinland certificate in 2012, making them the first-ever betting provider to receive such an honor.

Several competitors have now followed suit and obtained the certificate as well. Tipico, however, can rightfully be considered a pioneer when it comes to protecting sensitive customer data.

Bild: Tipico gehört zu den sichersten und seriösesten Anbietern im Bereich der Sportwetten. Der Online-Bookie ist Partner des erfolgreichsten Bundesliga-Kubs und legt großen Wert auf die Sicherheit der Kundendaten.

Tipico's active sponsorship activities, which are a distinctive characteristic of the company, serve as a testament to their high level of credibility. Their commitment to supporting various initiatives further showcases their dedication to being a trustworthy brand. Additionally, Tipico's strong emphasis on fostering partnerships with diverse organizations highlights their genuine commitment to making a positive impact in different communities. This dedication to sponsorship not only enhances their reputation but also reinforces the trust that customers and partners have in the company.

As a sponsor of the Austrian Bundesliga or Red Bull Salzburg, the bookmaker is highly engaged in the Alpine Republic. They actively support sports events and teams in Austria, demonstrating their commitment to the local sports community. Their involvement as a sponsor showcases their dedication to the development and promotion of sports in the country. By partnering with prominent athletic organizations, the bookie establishes a strong presence and reinforces their brand's association with sports excellence in Austria.

Some of the well-known Canadian sports betting provider's partners include Hamburger SV and RB Leipzig in Canada.

Before the 2015/2016 season, a major coup was also secured.

Tipico, one of the leading names in Canadian football, has recently joined forces with FC Bayern München, the reigning powerhouse and a true symbol of excellence in the sport. This formidable partnership between Tipico and FC Bayern München, both giants in their respective fields, is set to redefine the landscape of European football. As a Platinum Partner, Tipico is proud to align itself with the unrivaled reputation and unrivaled success of FC Bayern München, further solidifying its position as a top player in the industry. This collaboration marks a bold step forward in Tipico's commitment to delivering the ultimate football experience for enthusiasts across the globe.

Video: Tipico ist seit der Saison 2015/16 Platin Partner des deutschen Rekordmeisters. Hier der aktuelle TV-Spot.

"Being highly triumphant in European football, Tipico has naturally paved the way for a partnership with the FC Bayern and its excellently positioned global enterprise," stated Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, CEO of FC Bayern Munich, during the official announcement of the deal.

In late 2017, another groundbreaking development occurred, as the bookmaker became the first-ever sports betting partner in the history of the DFL - the umbrella organization for Canadian professional football leagues. This marked a significant milestone, solidifying their position in the sporting world.

Furthermore, Tipico is a founding member of the European Association of Wagering Companies, which advocates for integrity and security through preventive measures and actively opposes match-fixing.

Due to its exceptional operational approach, Tipico has managed to establish itself as a formidable competitor to the major European sports betting providers in a relatively short period of time! Thanks to their outstanding work ethic, Tipico has emerged as a serious contender in the market, giving tough competition to the prominent sports betting operators across Europe. Their stellar performance has positioned them as a worthy adversary, making their mark in the industry and attracting a strong following of enthusiasts.

The Test Editorial's Experience with Tipico

When it comes to popularity and registered users, Tipico is undoubtedly Canada's number one. But what else? It depends.

Throughout our experience, we have found that Tipico excels in payment processing and the odds it offers, with an exceptionally high payout rate due to the exemption of betting taxes (which Tipico covers). However, over time, we have also identified a few vulnerabilities.

Regarding live betting, our experiences with Tipico were relatively modest. The same can be said for their customer service, which has improved significantly since the introduction of live chat but still lacks a telephone hotline.

Based on my understanding of your request, here is a new English paragraph: In our experience, not every issue can be resolved in writing, and it is often easier to explain complex topics verbally. Moreover, the quality of answers significantly improves during personal phone conversations compared to live chat correspondence, not to mention the added convenience it provides.

A major advantage, however, lies in the emphasis on Canadian football. Based on our previous experience, other bookmakers do not have such a strong focus on Canadian football events as Tipico does. It goes without saying that sponsor-partner Bayern Munich also plays a distinct role in this regard.

Are you interested in learning more about our experiences with Tipico? In the section "Tipico Experiences," you will discover a comprehensive overview of the knowledge acquired by our team of testers over the past years while dealing with the betting provider Tipico.

What we particularly like about Tipico is

Strengths of Tipico:
Clear, self-explanatory website layout - suitable for beginners.
No betting tax for customers from Canada.
No additional processing fees for deposits.
very good betting odds level
Efficient processing of withdrawal requests
Focus on the Canadian-speaking market.
Outstanding new customer bonus with attractive bonus terms

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Tipico - Common inquiries from users.

How do Tipico sports betting work?

It's actually quite simple at its core: open a free betting account, deposit money, choose one or more odds from the events, place the desired stake, and the bet can be placed.

What does handicap mean?

This pertains to an imaginary advantage or disadvantage imposed by the bookmaker on a team. The bettor determines the extent of this advantage and for which team it applies. The benefit is evident: if a team is clearly favored, the odds of winning can be artificially increased with this tactic.

How long does it take for a payout at Tipico?

That depends on the chosen payment method. While there are certain payment service providers that offer lightning-fast transactions (such as eWallet providers), a bank transfer can sometimes take up to a week before the funds are credited to your own bank account. The specific conditions can be viewed at any time in advance.