Here is a free system bet calculator presented by gambleverdict, allowing you to easily calculate your desired system bets. With this tool, you can effortlessly determine the outcome of your selected system bets. Prepare to have your betting experience improved with this user-friendly system bet calculator provided by gambleverdict. Start calculating your system bets today and maximize your chances of winning.

Simply select the desired system, enter your stake and odds, click/tap on "Calculate," and voila! The different betting combinations and potential winnings/losses will be displayed right before your eyes.

System bet calculator

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System betting calculator explanation

Now, here is a brief and straightforward guide for you:

  1. Selecting a desired system - this is how you determine how many out of how many tips must be correct (2 out of 3, 3 out of 4, 2 out of 4, 3 out of 5, etc.)
  2. If desired, you can add one or more banker bets (banker bet = a selection that must be correct, otherwise the entire system is lost).
  3. Enter total stake
  4. Enter the odds for each individual tip.
  5. By clicking or tapping on the checkbox to the right of the quote, you can test what happens to your system when the respective selection is incorrect or correct.
  6. Click/tap on “Calculate”.

After the calculations performed by the system bet calculator, you will discover the following information within the results:

  • Presentation of all individual combination bet lines that make up your system bet.
  • The odds of each individual tip and the overall odds of each combination.
  • The winnings of individual combinations.
  • Total profit/loss of the system bet (net profit/loss)
  • Payout amount
  • On the desktop, the stake per combination is also displayed, which is determined by the total stake and the number of lines in the system (stake/combination = total stake/number of lines).

The entered data (system, usage, rates) provided at the top will remain intact even after clicking/tapping on "Calculate" and viewing the results.

In order to recalculate your system bet using the system bet calculator, you have the flexibility to make even minor adjustments to your system. For instance, you can modify the odds, add or remove a checkmark for a correct or incorrect tip, or make any other small changes to your system. Once you've made these modifications, you can proceed to recalculate the system bet using the system bet calculator.

The process can, of course, be repeated as many times as desired.

Curious about determining the number of individual combination bets in a given system? Look no further! Allow us to provide you with the answer right here:

How many rows does my system bet consist of?

The number of individual combination bets or lines that make up your system will only be displayed by our system bet calculator after clicking or tapping on the red "Calculate" button.

For your convenience, gambleverdict has now created the following table to provide you with a clearer overview of the number of individual combinations that make up the most important and commonly played system bets:

System Number of bets
2 aus 3 3 Wetten
2 aus 4 6 Wetten
3 aus 4 4 Wetten
2 aus 5 10 Wetten
3 aus 5 10 Wetten
4 aus 5 5 Wetten
2 aus 6 15 Wetten
3 aus 6 20 Wetten
4 aus 6 15 Wetten
5 aus 6 6 Wetten
2 aus 7 21 Wetten
3 aus 7 35 Wetten
4 aus 7 35 Wetten
5 aus 7 21 Wetten
6 aus 7 7 Wetten

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What are system bets?

System bets are highly popular among sports bettors and are naturally offered by all reputable bookmakers. It's no surprise, as they enable bettors to significantly reduce the risk of losing their entire stake. Good bookmakers understand the appeal of system bets and ensure they are available to their customers. By placing multiple bets within a single system, bettors can diversify their wagers and increase their chances of winning. This strategy not only enhances the excitement of sports betting but also allows bettors to exercise more control over their potential losses. With the flexibility and potential rewards that system bets offer, it's no wonder they have become a preferred choice for many sports enthusiasts.

By placing a system bet, you essentially place multiple individual combination bets, with the possibility that (depending on the system) one or more tips may go wrong, thereby reducing potential losses. This betting technique allows for a more diversified approach, offering a safety net for any potential setbacks. Unlike traditional single bets, system bets provide a cushion against unfavorable outcomes by spreading the risk across different combinations. Consequently, even if some of your predictions don't pan out, your overall losses will be minimized. So, whether you're a seasoned bettor or a newcomer to the world of gambling, system bets can be an effective strategy to mitigate risks and enhance your chances of winning.

The downside is that the profits are not as high as with a regular accumulator bet, where all selections must be correct. However, this also means that the potential losses are lower. It's a trade-off between higher possible winnings and a higher level of risk. So, while the returns may not be as substantial, the likelihood of winning is greater, making it a more conservative option for bettors. It all depends on your personal preferences and appetite for risk.

Here is a detailed explanation of how system bets work in general: