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  2. bwin

    Canadian license

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  3. Interwetten

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For a comprehensive ranking, including detailed evaluations and test reports of all sports betting providers, you can find the complete list in the grand ranking on gambleverdict.net by clicking here:

Sports betting provider comparison 2024

When embarking on the quest for reliable sports betting providers, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the vast array of diverse offerings and choices, thus leading to potential confusion.

The important role played by gambleverdict.net's comprehensive sports betting comparison becomes evident right here: Within our website, you will discover a diverse range of reputable bookmakers who are licensed in Canada. Our team continuously and extensively evaluates and compares these bookmakers across multiple categories. Initially, we provide a brief overview of the results.

The top 10 sports betting providers in October 2024

  1. 🥇 She gets thirsty (92/100 Score) – 100€ Wettcredits*
  2. 🥈 Bwin (91/100 Score) - Get a 110€ Bonus, including a Freebet.
  3. 🥉 Interwetten (91/100 Score) – 100€ Bonus
  4. Beta (91/100 Score) – 100€ Bonus
  5. ODDS (90/100 Score) – 100€ Bonus
  6. Betway (90/100 Score) – 100€ Kombi-Joker
  7. Bet3000 (89/100 Score) – 100€ Bonus
  8. Happybet (89/100 Score) – 100€ Bonus
  9. Neobet (89/100 Score) – €50 or €100 bonus
  10. Bet-at-home (88/100 Score) – 100€ Bonus

New paragraph: Get up to €100 in bet credits for new customers at bet365. Deposit a minimum of €5 to qualify. Bet credits will be available for use after bets totaling the qualifying deposit amount have been settled. Certain minimum odds, betting, and payment method exclusions apply. Any winnings exclude the use of bet credits. Terms and conditions, including time limits, are applicable. Registration is required.

Sport betting providers ranked lower in our rankings also have their own strengths and can definitely be worth a visit or an interesting alternative to the top providers in the sport betting test. Therefore, we highly recommend taking a look at the detailed test reports and experiences before making a decision on a specific bookmaker. Make sure to check out our comprehensive reviews and assessments in order to choose the right bookmaker for you.

Canada's Sports Betting Comparison

The top bookmakers from our comprehensive test can confidently be considered the best in Canada as well. While most of the tested online betting providers have their headquarters or roots abroad, we naturally take into account and appreciate a Canada-oriented approach in our tests, such as the quality of their Bundesliga betting offering.

A separate comparison platform for Bundesliga betting is not necessary, as we already take it into account anyway. So there is no need for you to look for another sportsbook comparison specifically for Bundesliga bets. We have already done the work for you. Our comprehensive analysis and evaluations cover all the major betting sites, ensuring that you have access to all the relevant information you need to make informed decisions. Rest assured that we have considered the Bundesliga and its unique characteristics in our comparisons, so you can trust our recommendations for the best betting options available.

However, it is worth mentioning that all bookmakers aiming to establish themselves in the Canadian market already offer an adapted and tailored range of services. If we focus solely on bookmakers with Canadian roots, it is worth noting that Bet3000 stands out as the most impressive option.

Sports betting comparison Paypal

PayPal is a preferred payment provider among bettors, although not all bookmakers offer PayPal as a payment option. We present below a list of the most popular sports betting providers that accept PayPal as a payment method.

The most popular sports betting providers with PayPal in 2024.

  • She gets thirsty
  • AdmiralBet
  • Bet3000
  • Beta
  • Betway
  • Bet-at-home
  • Bwin
  • Happybet
  • ODDS

You can find the complete list of all sports betting providers that accept PayPal in our article on PayPal bookmakers.

An Overview of Online Betting

The popularity of online sports betting continues to rise, which naturally fuels the competition among bookmakers for bettors. This ongoing battle for customers keeps the industry in constant motion.

On the one hand, new providers continuously enter the market, while on the other hand, established betting companies face increasing competition to attract as many betting customers as possible. Additionally, the pressure to convince a large number of customers to place bets is growing among the well-established betting providers.

Sport betting comparison: What is the best betting platform?

When evaluating online platforms for betting, it is crucial to consider various criteria in order to answer the question of which bookmaker is the right choice. There are several factors that play a role in determining the suitability of a betting provider. It is essential to assess the reliability and reputation of the platform, as well as its user-friendliness and available features. Additionally, the range of sports and betting options offered should be taken into account. By thoroughly analyzing these aspects, one can make an informed decision and select the most suitable betting platform.

Certainly, the terms of payment, as well as the user-friendliness and transparency when betting, play a crucial role here. The ease of use and transparency when placing bets are undoubtedly vital factors that influence one's choice. The pivotal role of payment conditions cannot be overlooked, alongside the crucial aspect of user-friendliness in the realm of betting. It is undeniable that the terms of payment, coupled with the ease of use and transparency in wagering, hold immense significance in this context. The user-friendliness and transparency involved in the process of betting are undeniably substantial, with payment terms also playing a significant role.

In our assessment, the top bookmakers from our bookmaker comparison also provide the most robust betting platforms.

Online sports betting experience

Placing bets on a PC or smartphone lacks the camaraderie and social aspect of betting in a physical bookmaker's shop. The thrill of being surrounded by fellow bettors, engaging in lively conversations, and sharing the excitement is incomparable. In a bustling betting establishment, there's a sense of belonging and unity that cannot be replicated through virtual platforms. The vibrant atmosphere, with its mix of anticipation and jubilation, adds an irreplaceable charm to the whole experience. So, if you're looking for more than just wagering, immerse yourself in the lively ambiance of a traditional betting shop.

Despite everything, online sports betting is increasingly surpassing traditional betting.

The increasing popularity of mobile betting has led to a greater number of bets being placed on handheld devices. This trend can be attributed to the continuously improving online betting experience.

The betting providers continually enhance their offerings, making them more enticing for players and consequently gaining more popularity. As their services become increasingly professionalized, they attract a growing number of enthusiasts. This trend reflects the industry's commitment to providing an engaging and rewarding experience for gamblers.

Online sports betting Canada 2024

The increasing enthusiasm of Canadians for placing sports bets has turned online sports betting in Canada into a highly competitive industry. Hence, authorities have been working for years to regulate the sports betting market in the Federal Republic. It has been a long-standing effort by lawmakers to establish a framework for the sports betting sector in Canada, aiming to create a fair and transparent environment for both operators and bettors alike. The goal is to strike a balance between consumer protection and the promotion of responsible gambling, ensuring that the market operates in a manner that is socially responsible and economically viable. The ongoing discussions and legislative initiatives reflect the government's commitment to addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by the rapidly expanding online sports betting market.

The regulation was officially completed on July 1, 2021, with the issuance of a Canadian sports betting license. In Canada, online sports betting is now 100% legal. However, when choosing a sports betting provider, it is important to pay attention to the bookmaker's betting license.

Only betting providers with a Canadian license from the Halle Gambling Authority are allowed to offer sports betting in Canada. All betting providers on gambleverdict.net are reputable and hold a valid Canadian betting license.

Sport betting providers with a Canadian license:

  • Novo Interactice GmbH, also known as Admiral Sportwetten GmbH.
  • 888 Canada Limited
  • bet-at-home.com Internet Limited
  • Betkick Sportwettenservice GmbH, also known as Betano, is a renowned company in the sports betting industry.
  • Betway Limited
  • BV (Canada) Ltd. ( PictureBet )
  • Bwin (Canada) Ltd.
  • Cashpoint (Malta) Limited, also known as Merkur Sports,
  • Chilling Cheetah Limited
  • Greenvest Betting Limited ( Neobet )
  • Hillside (Sports) ENC operates under the brand name Bet365.
  • I.B.C. Sportsbetting Ltd.
  • IBA Entertainment Limited, known as Bet3000,
  • IBID Malta Limited ( DAZN BET )
  • Interwetten Gaming Limited
  • ITSP Services GmbH
  • NetXBetting Ltd.
  • Oddset Sports Betting GmbH
  • PlayCherry Limited
  • RULEO Alpenland GmbH, also known as Mybet,
  • Solis Ortus Service Limited - a company dedicated to providing exceptional services.
  • Ladbrokes (Canada) Ltd.
  • Sportingbet (Canada) Ltd.
  • Tipico Co. Ltd.
  • Tipwin Limited
  • Torro Tec Limited
  • Trinity Bet Operations Limited, a company specialized in betting activities, Happybet )

Source: Halle Gaming Authority

Sports betting providers without Oasis

With the issuance of Canadian betting licenses, an increasing number of individuals are in pursuit of sports betting providers devoid of OASIS. We strongly discourage engaging with such bookmakers. OASIS, also known as LUGAS, is a player protection program that oversees and monitors the gambling behavior across multiple betting providers, serving the purpose of guarding against gambling addiction, among other things.

All Canadian-licensed sports betting providers are required to participate in this program. In Canada, online betting providers without OASIS are not allowed and therefore considered illegal.

Since July 1, 2021, the licensing of online sports betting has been in effect.

The Glücksspielstaatsvertrag, abbreviated as the State Treaty on Gambling, came into effect in Canada on July 1, 2021. This marks a significant milestone for the country as it strives towards a nationally unified licensing system for sports betting providers. Canada has taken a major stride forward in implementing the Glücksspielstaatsvertrag, which aims to establish a consistent framework for licensing sports betting operators across the nation. This monumental move highlights the country's commitment to regulating the gambling industry and ensuring a fair and secure environment for both operators and consumers alike. By implementing the Glücksspielstaatsvertrag, Canada aims to streamline the licensing process and create a level playing field for all sports betting providers.

The conditions for betting portals in Canada have undergone significant changes, resulting in a different landscape.

Because of the strict requirements attached to the licensing process, attaining or already possessing the concession for facilitating online betting entails significant alterations in player protection, betting options, betting limits, and advertising. It is imperative for providers seeking or holding the license to implement substantial modifications in these areas.

In our comprehensive guide to sports betting in Canada, you can discover detailed information about the latest updates and find a complete list of all licensed Canadian bookmakers. Access invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of the industry and explore the changes that have taken place. Our Sportwetten Canada Ratgeber provides accurate and up-to-date information that will help you navigate the world of online betting with confidence. Whether you are a seasoned bettor or just starting out, our guide offers a wealth of knowledge to enhance your sports betting experience. Stay informed and make informed choices with our trusted resource.

The best online betting providers

The betting industry is in a constant state of flux. Wagering providers constantly vie for new customers, employing innovative tactics to entice them. They are continuously devising fresh incentives to capture the attention of potential punters.

However, there are several sports betting providers that can be considered among the top due to their expertise, customer focus, and high standards of performance. These bookmakers have established themselves as reliable choices for sports betting enthusiasts.

Bet365, Bwin, and Interwetten are certainly among the top online betting providers.

The top online bonus offers

The promotions offered by betting providers are subject to change from time to time. However, we closely monitor these changes and continually update our information regarding the bonuses offered by each betting provider.

We diligently update the ranking of the top betting bonus offers to ensure that it consistently reflects the best available deals. Rest assured, you can rely on our up-to-date information to discover the most enticing offers out there.

Advantages of online betting compared to traditional betting

More and more people are naturally gravitating towards online betting, and it's not without reason. The growing popularity of online betting can be attributed to several factors when compared to the more traditional form of wagering at physical bookmakers' shops.

Online betting offers several advantages over traditional betting methods.

  • You can place online bets from anywhere.
  • Online, there is a convenient selection from a variety of online betting providers.
  • The range of available bets is superior.
  • Online bookmakers offer appealing bonus offers.
  • Live bets can be placed without any waiting time or potential delay.
  • The betting can take place 24/7 and is not limited to specific opening hours.
  • It is possible to conveniently place your bet and invest a short amount of time.

Sports betting providers with the best odds

In our odds evaluation test, subtle details played a pivotal role. Emerging as the victor is the Canadian bookmaker Bet3000, closely followed by Bet365 and Betano.

93 /100
91 /100
Sehr empfehlenswert
90 /100
Sehr empfehlenswert
89 /100
88 /100
Sehr empfehlenswert
88 /100
88 /100
Sehr empfehlenswert
86 /100
86 /100

Commercial Content | 18+ | Please refer to the terms and conditions for participation.

This is how we compare sports betting providers.

We value transparency. It is crucial for readers to understand the testing process. Here is a brief insight into how the comprehensive sports betting comparison is created:

100% sports betting expertise

Nowadays, more than 3000 pages of pure expertise are completely available to interested individuals on this website, free of charge. Included are not only our main test reports on numerous sports betting providers, but also detailed reviews on odds or live betting. In addition, there are clear explanations, tips, and advice, as well as industry news and current promotional offers.

Our System Bet Calculator is undoubtedly a valuable tool for all betting enthusiasts. It allows you to effortlessly calculate potential profits or losses of system bets, providing a user-friendly and cost-free experience. This feature is designed to simplify the process of determining your possible outcomes, ensuring that you have all the necessary information at your fingertips. With our System Bet Calculator, you can navigate the world of betting with ease and confidence, making informed decisions based on accurate calculations.

Furthermore, readers have the advantage of being able to access exclusive sports betting bonus offers, such as those for the Canadian Bundesliga, which we continually provide thanks to our reputation and connections in the betting industry. Moreover, our extensive network and expertise allow us to consistently present these lucrative opportunities to our valued audience. Additionally, by leveraging our established relationships and industry knowledge, we are able to offer our readers unique and enticing promotions that enhance their overall betting experience. These exclusive bonuses are specifically tailored to meet the needs and preferences of our dedicated sports betting enthusiasts, ensuring they have access to the most lucrative and rewarding offers on the market. Accessing these exceptional promotions through our platform adds an extra layer of excitement and value to the sports betting experience, elevating it to new heights.

However, we ensure 100% objectivity and impeccable research in our online sports betting comparison, whether it involves popular bookmakers like Bwin or Betway sports betting, or newer ones that must prove themselves in the fiercely competitive betting market. Regardless of whether it's the well-established giants or the up-and-coming contenders, we guarantee unbiased and thorough analysis to provide you with the most accurate information.

This is how our sports betting provider test works.

  • All the providers on the pages of gambleverdict.net have a high level of security and reliability.
  • We only test those betting companies that have long-term experience and an excellent reputation in the betting industry.
  • New betting offices need to prove themselves in the market for a while before they are considered by our test editorial team.

10 test categories in sports betting comparison

We thoroughly evaluate each provider using our proven testing procedure in the ten most significant categories that are crucial for assessing online betting. Our comprehensive approach ensures that we leave no stone unturned when it comes to determining the quality and reliability of each platform. By carefully examining factors such as user experience, payment methods, customer support, and overall safety, we guarantee that our recommendations are based on a comprehensive analysis. With our tried and tested methodology, we strive to provide accurate and unbiased information to assist you in making informed decisions in the ever-evolving world of online wagering.

Our sports betting comparison puts each of the 10 categories through independent testing to determine their individual results. These results are then combined to generate an overall score for each candidate and their corresponding ranking among the top betting sites.

  • Betting odds
  • Betting offer
  • Live Bets
  • Customer service
  • Betting account deposits
  • Betting account payouts
  • Website service
  • Website loading time
  • New customer betting bonus
  • Security and seriousness

With this transparent approach, we lay the foundation for a meaningful comparison of the top online sports betting portals currently available on the market! By employing this transparent methodology, we ensure that users have all the necessary information to make informed decisions when selecting the best online sports betting platform. Our aim is to empower users with the knowledge they need to confidently navigate the vast array of options and choose the portal that suits their individual preferences and requirements. Through our rigorous analysis and evaluation, we strive to provide users with a comprehensive overview of the strengths and weaknesses of each online sports betting portal, enabling them to make a well-informed choice.

Some test areas are extensive and cannot be fully and comprehensively covered in a single report.

For instance, we thoroughly evaluated the betting options provided by each operator, focusing specifically on different sports categories. Consequently, we crafted our own firsthand reports on football betting, tennis wagering, eSports betting, live betting, and so on.

Video: How can I find the right online sports betting provider?

Table of Contents: The comprehensive sports betting test

Information about sports betting comparison

  1. Which online sports betting provider suits me best?
  2. How can gambleverdict.net assist me in choosing a bookmaker?
  3. What references does the major sports betting test have?
  4. How exactly does the testing process of each betting website work?
  5. How meaningful is the overall rating in the sports betting comparison?
  6. The winners in each category of the tests.
  7. How current are the test reports for each sports betting provider?

Sports betting basics

  1. What are sports betting and who is allowed to offer sports betting?
  2. Who is eligible to participate in sports betting?
  3. How secure and trustworthy are online sports betting platforms?
  4. What should beginners and newcomers pay special attention to?
  1. What are the largest sports betting providers worldwide?
  2. What is the size of the sports betting market in Canada?
  3. What role do new providers play in the Canadian betting market?
  4. Which providers have a Canadian sports betting license?

Frequently asked questions about sports betting

  1. Which online sports betting options are particularly popular in Canada?
  2. Which are the best providers for football betting?
  3. Is it recommended to open multiple accounts with more than one sports betting provider?
  4. What advantages do online betting have over traditional betting shops?
  5. Since when have online sports betting been around?
  6. Why do you have to pay 5% betting tax in Canada?
  7. Are there any betting websites where you can place tax-free bets?
  8. Is it worth considering bonus offers in sports betting comparisons?
  9. Why is it necessary to provide personal information when opening a betting account?
  10. How can one top up a betting credit without any fees?
  11. Is there a foolproof sports betting strategy?
  12. How does the comparison of sports betting providers work?
  13. What is the demand for online sports betting during the Covid pandemic?

Information on sports betting comparison

In the next segment, we will address all inquiries that may arise concerning the extensive comparison of sports betting. Here, you will discover the origins of our testing and experiential reports, how to interpret the outcomes, and the most effective way to utilize our information resources. Take advantage of this invaluable opportunity to enhance your understanding and make informed decisions.


Which online sports betting provider is the best match for me?

To be able to answer this question, it is crucial to establish beforehand the specific quality attributes that hold utmost significance to you when it comes to a betting website.

Are you in pursuit of the finest odds for betting, is an appealing welcome bonus of significance to you, does the bookmaker need to offer a multitude of deposit methods, or are swift withdrawals a necessity for you in any case?

The more precise you can define your respective desires and visions, the more confident you will be in finding the online provider that is tailored to your needs, without taking any risks when choosing an online sports betting provider.


How can gambleverdict help me with online betting?

We have tailored our testing process to cater to the diverse preferences of the numerous betting enthusiasts and offer a systematic guidance in finding the top online bookmaker. Our focus lies on providing comprehensive evaluations of various operators, ensuring that you make an informed decision. With our expert analysis, you can confidently navigate the vast array of options and select the ideal platform that aligns with your individual needs and preferences. Let us be your trusted companion on this exciting journey of discovering the best online betting provider.

At our platform, we go beyond mere evaluation and ranking of online sports betting portals. The entire testing process is broken down into numerous individual steps, making it completely transparent and easily traceable. Each aspect is meticulously scrutinized, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive assessment.

Our team of experts in the field of online betting comprises our test editorial staff. Each editor possesses extensive experience in the sports betting industry.

Several of our employees have previously worked in various fields and positions at various sports betting providers, thereby also possessing a wealth of insider knowledge from the betting industry. With diverse backgrounds and experience, our team members bring a unique perspective to our work, ensuring that we stay ahead of the game in the world of sports betting. From marketing to customer support, our well-rounded team is equipped to provide top-notch services and insights to our clients. Trust in our expertise and let us help you navigate the exciting world of sports betting with confidence.

Click on the team photo above for more information and a brief biography of each member in our editorial team.

At the conclusion of each entry on gambleverdict.net, you will also discover a brief profile of the respective author – hence, every review can be attributed to a specific editor with well-defined expertise in the realm of sports betting!


3.) What references does the comprehensive sports betting test have?

Since 2010, we have been reporting on the world of betting and regularly putting numerous market participants to the test. Our thorough evaluations ensure that we provide accurate and reliable information to our readers. By scrutinizing the industry and its various players, we aim to assist bettors in making informed decisions. Over the years, our commitment to delivering comprehensive assessments has solidified our reputation as a trusted source in the betting community. Count on us to keep you updated with the latest developments and trustworthy reviews.

Thanks to our comprehensive and unbiased test reports, we have established ourselves as a trusted authority in the Canadian-speaking media landscape when it comes to online sports betting. Our reviews are known for their quality, transparency, and objective evaluation, making us a go-to resource for all things related to wagering on sports online.

On occasion, various media outlets approach us, seeking our opinions and assessments, quoting us, commenting on our insights, and, if necessary, linking to us as a source for intriguing news and contributions within the field of sports betting. You can find a small selection of our related references in the graphic on the left side.

The betting companies themselves always keep our pages on their radar to assess their own performance in the individual test categories compared to the competition and, if necessary, make improvements and optimizations to their online sports betting sites. They constantly monitor our pages to gauge their own performance in each test category against their rivals, allowing them to identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments to enhance their online sports betting platforms. With an ever-watchful eye, the betting firms themselves closely follow our pages, enabling them to evaluate their own performance across various test categories and make any necessary enhancements or optimizations to their online sports betting platforms. Constantly vigilant, the betting companies themselves diligently monitor our pages to assess their own performance in different test categories, ensuring they can make any required improvements and optimizations to their online sports betting websites.

If you have any inquiries regarding any topic from the fascinating world of betting, require specific details about any sports betting provider, or simply wish to provide feedback or suggestions about our pages, feel free to contact us anytime via telephone (toll-free hotline) or email. We are always here to assist you!


4.) How does the test of each betting site work exactly?

We do not test all providers. Before our specialized editorial team begins the actual testing of online sports betting, the respective candidate is first examined for generally important data and facts.

We delve into the company's history and the individuals involved, carefully examining their financial background and the existing licenses of the betting firms. Our thorough analysis explores the past of the enterprise, as well as the track record and credentials of the key individuals. We pay close attention to the financial aspects, scrutinizing their background and verifying the validity of the licenses held by the wagering companies.

This preselection has the significant advantage that all bookmakers listed on our site are guaranteed to be secure, reputable, and trustworthy, so there is no need to have any concerns in this regard!

In order to ensure our readers are always informed, we continuously examine and evaluate new online providers. However, only a few of these emerging bookmakers, such as Tipwin or Neobet, meet our rigorous quality standards.

Once we deem an online provider to meet our stringent criteria for safety, trust, and reliability, we commence the standardized testing process.

Now, the test subject will undergo a thorough examination in the ten key areas that define a reputable online betting provider, as determined by us. The evaluation process will rigorously assess the candidate's performance in each of these essential categories, ensuring that only the highest standards are met. The following are the ten criteria for top-notch online sports betting:

Test criteria:
The odds provided by bookmakers in their program of betting lines.
The range and depth of betting options
The in-play betting options available in the real-time betting program.
Customer service and contact options
Deposits into a betting account with the provider
Payouts of betting winnings and betting credits
Operating and user-friendliness of the betting website
The offered betting bonus for new customers.
The loading times of the bookmakers
Safety, trust, and credibility in betting.

After conducting a comprehensive examination, the insights and experiences gained will subsequently be documented in the respective test reports, accompanied by an appropriate evaluation.

The evaluation of online sports betting is indicated as a percentage, with a perfect performance of the providers in a test area receiving a rating of 100%. The rating system allows users to quickly assess the quality and reliability of different platforms. It provides a comprehensive overview of the strengths and weaknesses of each provider, enabling bettors to make well-informed decisions. By considering factors such as odds, variety of sports, user interface, and customer support, the evaluation takes into account the overall user experience. It serves as a valuable tool for both beginners and experienced bettors, ensuring that they choose the best platform suited to their preferences and requirements.

However, reaching the benchmark of 100% in our rigorous testing process is hardly attainable; any potential weakness of a betting website, no matter how insignificant, is penalized with a corresponding deduction of points. It is a challenging task to achieve perfection in our assessments, as even the slightest flaw can result in a reduction of points for a given wagering platform.

To add more than just the raw data and provide a descriptive assessment to the test results, we have illustrated the percentage rating of the bookmakers as follows: In order to give a comprehensive overview of their performance, we have carefully evaluated various aspects such as odds, customer service, and user experience. Based on these criteria, each bookmaker has been assigned a percentage score that reflects their overall quality. This approach allows users to easily compare and understand the strengths and weaknesses of different bookmakers, making it simpler to find the right one for their betting needs. By combining quantitative data with qualitative analysis, we aim to provide a comprehensive and informative evaluation of the bookmakers in question.

Score: Evaluation:
95% bis 100% excellent
90% bis 94% terrific
85% bis 89% very good
80% bis 84% gut
75% bis 79% good average
65% bis 74% average
60% bis 64% weak average
under 60% weak

The table depicts the eight-step evaluation process for all test reports on gambleverdict.net.

Important Notice: In order to generate as objective test results as possible, each betting provider is evaluated by multiple individuals within our testing editorial team. We take great care in ensuring an unbiased assessment from various perspectives.

To ensure an unbiased evaluation as a whole, our team assigns the ten individual test categories in sports betting comparison to different editors, thus minimizing the risk of subjective judgments. This approach eliminates the possibility of a single reviewer influencing the overall assessment.


5.) How meaningful is the overall rating in the sports betting comparison?

At the completion of our expert editorial team's testing activities, the evaluations from the individual sector results are added up, thereby creating the overall rating for the respective online betting providers.

The leading online providers can certainly be described as the top sports betting providers, as they possess the greatest strengths in each test category and, conversely, the fewest weaknesses that would lower the overall result. Consequently, these providers stand out from the competition by offering exceptional services and demonstrating unparalleled expertise. With their comprehensive range of features and impressive track record, they have earned the reputation of being the most reliable and trustworthy in the industry. In summary, these providers have mastered the art of delivering an unparalleled sports betting experience, making them the preferred choice for enthusiasts worldwide.

However, we always recommend to all online sports betting enthusiasts not only to rely on the overall result, but also to compare the test reports of the individual betting sites. It is essential for anyone interested in online sports betting to carefully assess the reviews of each betting platform, in addition to considering the final outcome. Even though the final outcome is important, it is equally crucial to take into account the evaluations and assessments provided in the test reports of the respective betting websites. We strongly advise all fans of online sports betting to not solely base their decisions on the overall result, but to also make a thorough comparison of the test reports for each individual betting site.

Ultimately, it may very well be the case that certain strengths or even weaknesses of the test candidates are not as relevant to individual bettors as the objective test should actually convey.

To discover the finest betting portals that cater to your specific wagering needs and personal preferences, it is advisable to meticulously examine the individual rankings and evaluations within the extensive sports betting comparison. Therefore, take a closer look at the comprehensive array of rankings and classifications in order to make an informed decision.


6.) Comparison of the top-rated sports betting providers in each category

The following table presents the top sports betting providers across the ten individual test areas.

Best betting odds 93% terrific Betting odds test
Best betting offer 97% excellent Betting offer test
Best Live Bets 98% excellent Live betting test
Customer service and contact 89% terrific Customer service test
Best betting bonus 89% very good Wettbonus Test
Best online betting site 93% excellent Betting site test
Betting account deposits 94% excellent Deposits test
Betting account payouts 88% very good Payouts test
Website Performance 88% very good Website Test
Security & seriousness 94% excellent Security test

Comments regarding the table: The test results at the top of the sports betting comparison have been achieved partly with only very small differences between them, often there is only a single percentage point between the test winner and the runner-up in the ranking.

Therefore, we suggest you take a look at the comprehensive results and reviews by clicking on the link under "all results" before making your decision based on the leaderboard.


7.) How up-to-date are the test reports of the sports betting providers?

Our team of expert editors is constantly dedicated to updating and expanding the content of gambleverdict.net. In the ever-evolving world of sports betting, an experience report can quickly become outdated, given the rapid technological advancements in the industry. We understand the importance of staying up-to-date and strive to provide you with the most current and relevant information. Rest assured that our diligent efforts ensure that you are always well-equipped with the latest insights and developments in the dynamic realm of sports wagering.

In essence, you can confidently assume that all pages on our testing portal are up to date. Consequently, the rankings in the individual lists are constantly changing, which can also have significant implications for the order in the overall rating.

Introducing a fresh candidate for testing can significantly disrupt the ranking of the top betting sites, causing a reshuffling of positions. Given that we exclusively permit reputable, trustworthy, and reliable bookmakers to undergo our testing process, even the top spots are by no means guaranteed in the long run.

Basic principles for online sports betting

The fundamental principles of our field are addressed in the following inquiries. Here, novice bettors will discover crucial foundational insight and captivating fundamental facts from the world of betting.

If you have any further inquiries or require additional information, we suggest consulting our comprehensive guidebook featuring over 50 frequently asked questions and detailed responses from our team of experts. Should you require any further assistance or desire to delve deeper into the subject matter, do not hesitate to peruse our informative compendium. For any lingering queries or the need for more in-depth insights, we advocate perusing our in-depth compendium, replete with over 50 commonly posed inquiries and exhaustive responses from our team of seasoned professionals. If there are any lingering uncertainties or the desire for more comprehensive knowledge, we urge you to explore our informative compendium that includes in-depth answers to over 50 frequently asked questions prepared by our experienced editorial team. In the event that you still possess any lingering uncertainties or necessitate additional elucidation, we strongly recommend consulting our comprehensive guidebook, which encompasses a repertoire of over 50 frequently asked questions and meticulously crafted responses by our adept panel of experts.

The topics covered in this section are chosen based on their relevance to our readers. We greatly value and frequently incorporate feedback from our customers into the planning of our content.


8.) What are sports betting and who is allowed to offer sports betting?

Sports betting, by definition, refers to wagering on the outcome of sporting events. There are three main types that can be distinguished:

Pool or totalizator bets

Placing bets with a bookmaker at predetermined odds

Place bets against each other at the betting exchange.

In pool betting, all participants contribute their wager amounts to a shared pot (pool), and the accumulated stakes are subsequently distributed among all winners. The most common instances of this type of sports betting are pari-mutuel bets at the horse racing track or the beloved football pools.

Betting with a bookmaker is primarily characterized by placing bets at predetermined odds, providing clarity about the potential payout on the betting slip at the time of placing the bet, unlike with pool betting. This type of wagering is also referred to as an Oddset bet in several countries. With fixed odds, punters can anticipate their potential winnings right from the start.

Whether it's through online platforms or at a physical betting shop, bookmaker wagers constitute the largest share of global betting turnover. While pari-mutuel betting is gradually losing significance, the surge in betting exchanges is only just getting started.

When engaging in betting activities at a licensed bookmaker's office, there is a clear distinction between the acceptance of bets and the customers placing those bets. However, in a betting exchange, such distinction does not exist. Every participant in the exchange can both place bets and accept betting tips. Essentially, the customers of a betting exchange are effectively betting against each other at pre-agreed odds.


9.) Who is allowed to participate in sports betting?

In the majority of countries, regardless of whether the wagers are offered in a betting shop or on the internet, anyone above the age of 18 is permitted to participate. Individuals below the legal age are strictly prohibited from accessing a betting establishment and are also not allowed to place any bets online.

To ensure compliance with youth protection regulations in online sports betting, it is necessary for the provider to collect and verify certain crucial personal information during the registration process for a betting account. These details are typically checked by the betting company to maintain a controlled environment.

For this reason, it may also be necessary to provide proof of identity (e.g., fax or scan of an ID card).

This verification must be completed no later than when a request for the payout of betting winnings is submitted. It is important to ensure that the verification process is carried out promptly and without delay, in order to avoid any unnecessary delays in receiving your winnings. Therefore, it is crucial to provide all the necessary documents and information as soon as possible, so that the verification can be completed smoothly. Remember that the verification is a standard procedure and is in place to protect both the players and the betting platform. So, make sure to cooperate fully and follow the instructions provided by the platform to successfully complete the verification process. Rest assured that once the verification is done, you can enjoy hassle-free withdrawals of your well-deserved winnings.

The betting providers are subject to strict regulations from the licensing authority, and if the customer is asked for identification, it should by no means be seen as harassment. On the contrary, it demonstrates that the online provider operates in a reputable manner and complies with the legal requirements for player protection. The request for identification is intended to ensure a safe and secure betting environment for all customers. Rest assured, your personal information will be treated with utmost confidentiality and used solely for verification purposes. We prioritize the protection and well-being of our customers above all else, and strive to provide a responsible and enjoyable betting experience.

For more information on this topic, please refer to the section on personal data.


10. How safe and reliable are online sports betting?

The online betting industry has undergone significant advancements over the past two decades. In the mid-1990s, there were only a handful of somewhat questionable betting companies operating primarily from Caribbean islands, catering mainly to the American market. However, since then, the landscape of online sports betting has transformed into a substantial and crucial sector of the economy.

Nowadays, the large sports betting platforms are backed by corporate-like structures, employing thousands of individuals across multiple locations. Some of these platforms are even listed on the stock exchanges of Frankfurt, London, or Stockholm. They cater to millions of betting customers worldwide, offering a constantly expanding range of diverse betting products.

Consequently, in this day and age, no one would genuinely entertain the notion of labeling the entire betting industry as untrustworthy or unsafe.

In this industry, just like any other, it is not uncommon for companies to occasionally operate in a manner that is not as ethical or correct as the majority of their competitors. However, these "bad apples" have no chance in a well-established betting market and are bound to disappear sooner rather than later, as no well-informed customer would place a bet with them anymore.

In essence, it can confidently be stated that those who adhere to the renowned and prominent names in the sports betting industry (including all providers evaluated in our comprehensive sports betting test) are dealing with entirely trustworthy and secure establishments. It goes without saying that these well-established companies have built a solid reputation over time, ensuring the utmost integrity and safety for their customers. Rest assured that by aligning yourself with these industry leaders, you are making a wise choice for an enjoyable and secure sports betting experience.

Various regulatory authorities also ensure this by imposing certain rules on licensed providers and monitoring their compliance, even threatening to revoke licenses if necessary. These supervisory bodies play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and transparency of the industry.

If a sports betting provider has been operating successfully in the highly competitive betting market for many years, it can be assumed that they know what they are doing and prioritize customer satisfaction. Their expertise and commitment to ensuring customers are satisfied make them stand out from the competition. With their deep understanding of the industry, they consistently deliver a top-notch betting experience that keeps their customers coming back for more. When you choose a seasoned sports betting provider like this, you can be confident that you are in good hands and can expect exceptional service and a seamless betting experience.

However, this does not necessarily mean that relatively new market participants cannot be trustworthy. It is important to consider that trust is built over time and through consistent actions. While established companies may have a track record and reputation in the industry, new players can also prove their trustworthiness through transparency, ethical practices, and delivering on their promises. In fact, being a newcomer can bring fresh perspectives, innovative solutions, and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. It is essential for consumers to evaluate each market participant individually and not solely rely on their age or tenure in the industry. In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, it is crucial to embrace diversity and give fair opportunities to new entrants who have the potential to disrupt the market positively.

Check out the chronicle of sports betting history to discover how long each individual betting company has been active in online betting. Find the information you need to know about the duration of their presence in the industry.


11.) What should beginners and newcomers pay special attention to?

While there might not be a fail-proof formula for guaranteed betting wins, beginners should keep a few crucial guidelines in mind to ensure a less disappointing start to the world of sports betting. It's important to note that these rules aren't foolproof, but they can greatly improve your chances of success and protect you from unnecessary losses. So, let's dive into these important principles that can help pave the way for a more satisfying betting experience.

The following 5 tips for beginners should be considered when it comes to sports betting.

  1. Take enough time when choosing the right bookmaker.
    Don't rush to choose the first provider you see in an advertisement. Take your time to compare the offers from the most important online sports betting providers, read the test reports on betting portals like gambleverdict.net, and also consider looking at comments in various betting forums to help you make a decision.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the essential types of bets and features
    The vast offerings of modern online sports betting providers can lead to choosing bet types whose rules beginners may not be familiar with. Prior to engaging, familiarize yourself with the functionality and specific provisions of the respective bet forms. For this purpose, most providers have their own help or FAQ section. Instead of starting with a more complex system bet, first acquaint yourself with the basic bets. Additionally, it is advisable not to immediately place bets on exotic sports that you have little knowledge of. Placing a simple bet on a Bundesliga game is a better choice for beginners to enter the world of sports betting.
  3. Compare betting odds and choose the best odds
    In order to be successful in the long term with sports betting, it is crucial to choose the best available odds on the market for your preferred tips. The odds represent the bookmaker's advantage and it is where the profit margin of a betting company lies. The better the selected odds are from the perspective of the bettor, the smaller the advantage of the sportsbook and the higher the chances of long-term successful betting. Therefore, it is worthwhile to consider the odds and payout rates in the same extent as bonuses and betting offers when comparing sports betting options.
  4. Obtain information about weather events.
    Before placing a bet on a team or athlete, it is important to gather as much current information as possible about the weather event in question. The goal should be to gain an informational advantage over the bookmaker. This is fundamentally possible because the bookmaker must keep track of many thousands of weather events in their offerings, while you as a betting customer can focus on a few select events and gather the best possible information about them.
  5. Defining and adhering to a reasonable budget for sports betting.
    The most important tip or basic rule, not only for beginners: establish a personal budget for your sports betting! This budget should be chosen so that you can easily handle a total loss. Once the budget is depleted, take a break until an appropriate budget is available again. Do not try to recoup lost capital by increasing your wager amounts! Betting should primarily be enjoyable, and that can only happen if the loss of wager amounts is not a problem at all.

In our category "Strategies for Successful Sports Betting," you can discover a wealth of additional information, thorough analyses, and tips, as well as a myriad of diverse tactics tailored specifically for advanced betting enthusiasts. Explore this comprehensive collection for expert insights, innovative approaches, and cutting-edge strategies, so you can elevate your wagering game to new heights.

Information, data, and facts about sports betting providers.

The section that follows delves into intriguing inquiries regarding the realm of online providers. Within this sphere, you shall find enlightening exposés and insider knowledge from our wagering industry aficionados.

This segment serves as a complement to the individual reviews, aiming to complete the overall impression of each provider. Within this section, you will discover supplementary information and facts about the test candidates that were partially overlooked during the evaluation process.


12.) Which are the largest online sports betting providers worldwide?

Sport betting, originated in England, has a rich history that has contributed to its global prominence. Unsurprisingly, the majority of the world's largest betting companies were initially from the English homeland. This dominance is a testament to the long-standing passion and expertise that the country possesses in this field. Over time, however, the landscape has evolved, and other nations have emerged as formidable contenders in the world of sports betting. Nonetheless, England remains an influential force, continuing to shape and influence the industry with its innovative approach and deep-rooted traditions.

Only Bwin, originally an Austrian company, as well as a limited range of Scandinavian competitors like Unibet, managed to prevent the complete dominance of bookmakers from the United Kingdom.

As a result of globalization and the rise of digitalization, numerous providers based in Malta have joined the ranks of the "established" bookmakers. This influx of new players is a direct consequence of the internationalization and digitization trends that have taken hold in recent years.


13.) What is the size of the sports betting market in Canada?

Until 2012, the revenue from sports betting in Canada could only be estimated due to online providers based in EU countries such as England, Malta, or Gibraltar not being required to disclose this information.

Since the implementation of the Canadian betting tax in August 2012, all betting companies operating in Canada are now obligated to disclose their revenues and transfer 5% of each betting slip to the Canadian Finance. This new regulation ensures transparency and contributes to the financial stability of the country. By adhering to these requirements, the betting industry supports the national economy and demonstrates its commitment to responsible business practices. The Canadian betting tax serves as a means to generate additional funding for various public sectors, contributing to the overall welfare of the nation. Thus, the taxation system in place not only benefits the Canadian government but also helps to maintain a fair and regulated betting environment for all participants.

As illustrated by the latest infographic below, the precise estimation of betting amounts from Canadian customers, both online and offline in bookmakers, can now be determined thanks to the resulting tax revenues.

In 2017, betting turnover in Canada reached approximately 7.6 billion euros, and the following year, it rose to 8.8 billion euros! The majority of this amount came from one of the numerous online betting providers, although a significant sum was also generated from the approximately 3,000 betting shops across the country.

However, it's important to note that this doesn't mean Canadians are spending or losing 5 billion euros per year on sports betting. The average payout rate for online bets is over 90%, which means the majority of wagered amounts are returned to customers in the form of winnings. This ensures that a significant portion of the bets placed are ultimately enjoyed by the customers as their rewards. So, while there is a large market for sports betting in Canada, it's not solely characterized by massive losses but rather by the potential for substantial winnings.

No longer playing a role in all these figures is the state provider Oddset. The non-competitive product of Oddset bet has over the years resulted in the betting cake being mostly distributed among private betting companies now.

Despite the anticipation of a decrease in the number of bookmakers due to the regulation of the Canadian market, there will continue to be a constant emergence of new betting providers, particularly online. The Canadian betting market is too large and lucrative to ignore, as the trend towards betting has been steadily increasing for years, as demonstrated by the aforementioned Statista graphic.

Including a comparison of betting providers as a helpful tool is particularly worthwhile, especially considering the ever-expanding array of online options available. With the increasing number of online providers to choose from, it is beneficial to incorporate a thorough evaluation of betting providers for guidance. It is worth considering a comparison of betting providers as a means of assistance, especially in light of the continuously growing selection of online options. Given the vast array of online providers, it is advantageous to incorporate a comparison of betting providers as a helpful resource. It is advisable to include a comparison of betting providers as a means of assistance, especially given the expanding range of online options.

For a comprehensive overview, visit our extensive sports betting comparison for Canada, featuring the country's most important and top-rated sports betting providers, available here on gambleverdict.net.


14.) What role do new providers play in the Canadian betting market?

Although the online sports betting industry in Canada is still predominantly dominated by well-established brands such as Tipico, Bet-at-home, or Bet365, new betting providers constantly enter the market, garnering varying degrees of attention with their offerings. These emerging competitors strive to attract customers by offering unique and innovative services. While some manage to make a significant impact, others may struggle to gain recognition. Nonetheless, the dynamic nature of the industry ensures a continuous influx of fresh options for sports betting enthusiasts.

Some of them will soon have to lower their sails again due to lack of success, but others manage to succeed and captivate many customers. There are those who are bound to fail once more, but there are also those who thrive and manage to win over a multitude of clients. While some of them may soon need to abandon their endeavors due to their lack of triumph, others find success and are able to enthrall a plethora of customers. Certain ventures will soon be forced to halt their operations due to their unsuccessful nature, but there are others who are able to prosper and garner the admiration of numerous clients.

On the other hand, some others make a comeback after a brief absence, like 888Sport, which was away from the scene for several years before making a comeback in this country now. Yet, there are those who resurface after a short hiatus, such as 888Sport, which had been absent for a number of years before making a return in our region. Conversely, some choose to return after a brief hiatus, just like 888Sport, which had been out of sight for several years before making a reappearance in the market. In contrast, there are those who come back after a short period of absence, for example 888Sport, which had been away from the scene for a few years until it made a comeback here.

We constantly evaluate and compile a comprehensive list of the latest entrants in the sports betting industry, presenting you with a concise overview of newly emerged bookmakers in Canada. Our diligent review process ensures that we stay up-to-date with the latest developments, allowing us to provide you with accurate and reliable information about the newest players in the market. Stay informed and discover the freshest options for your sports betting endeavors through our regularly updated collection of new betting providers in Canada.

Among them are newcomers like Bildbet or Chillybets, who are on par with established bookmakers in many areas, such as their range of bets and live betting options, leaving nothing to be desired.

Comparison of new providers in the sports betting industry.

  1. Winamax
    bis zu 100 € in Gratiswetten * 18+ | nur Neukunden | AGB beachten All terms and conditions
    • Betting without betting tax
    Testergebnis: Empfehlenswert!
    Winamax besticht vor allem mit guten Wettquoten im Fußball. Darüber hinaus übernimmt Winamax die Wettsteuer für seine Kunden. Beim Kundenservice und Zahlungsbereich sind noch ausbaufähig.

Commercial content | 18+ | Terms and conditions apply.


15.) What is the demand for online sports betting during the Covid pandemic?

The betting industry in Canada has experienced a significant decline for the first time in 2020, mainly due to the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has caused a noticeable downturn in the betting turnover, which had been steadily growing for years. This sudden setback has forced businesses in the betting sector to reevaluate their strategies and adapt to the changing landscape. The unexpected drop in betting revenue has highlighted the importance of diversification and finding alternative revenue streams. As the industry faces unprecedented challenges, it is crucial for businesses to innovate and explore new opportunities to regain momentum and thrive in this new normal.

The closure of traditional brick-and-mortar bookmakers is one of the reasons for this situation. However, the cancellation of numerous sporting events such as the Canadian handball and ice hockey Bundesliga has also created a significant void in online betting. The absence of these sports competitions has resulted in a lack of betting opportunities.

Following the resumption of activities, particularly in the Canadian football Bundesliga, it can be recapped that the demand for sports betting remains strong. The pandemic has further accelerated the shift of bets from physical bookmakers to online betting providers due to the restrictions on in-person visits to betting shops.

Forecasts indicate a growing sports betting market in Canada by 2024. Furthermore, online sports betting will play an increasingly disproportionate role in this expansion. The market is projected to experience significant growth, with a particular emphasis on the online sector.


16.) Which providers have a Canadian sports betting license?

On July 1, 2012, Canada implemented its initial amendment treaty for gambling, which aimed to issue 20 nationally recognized licenses for sports betting. This change in legislation sought to regulate the gambling industry and provide a legal framework for operators across the country. The introduction of the Glücksspieländerungsstaatsvertrag marked an important step in promoting responsible gambling and ensuring fair competition within the market. The licensing process aimed to guarantee the integrity of sports betting activities while offering consumers a safe and transparent environment to engage in their favorite pastime.

However, several gambling companies that were left empty-handed in the opaque licensing process filed lawsuits against the arbitrary selection and restriction to 20 licenses, and were subsequently granted justice by multiple courts. These companies contested the unfairness of the allocation procedure and the limited number of licenses, arguing that it hindered competition and deprived them of equal opportunities in the market. As a result, the courts ruled in their favor, recognizing the flaws in the licensing system and calling for a more transparent and equitable approach. The decisions made it clear that the authorities had to reconsider their methodology and ensure a fair and inclusive process for all interested parties.

The licensing process was subsequently halted, and the federal states have struggled for years to reach a consensus on a shared solution to the issue. Despite numerous attempts, the problem remains unresolved as each state holds its own position on the matter. This lack of agreement has resulted in prolonged uncertainty and an inability to effectively address the licensing problem.

In 2012, the state of Schleswig-Holstein took a unique approach to regulating gambling, creating a well-balanced, modern, and up-to-date licensing model. This model was deemed entirely suitable and in compliance with EU law by the European competition authorities. It is worth noting that this independent path chosen by Schleswig-Holstein demonstrates their commitment to effectively managing the gambling industry. The resulting licensing model reflects their dedication to maintaining a fair and regulated gambling environment that meets the needs and expectations of both operators and players alike.

Now, however, the path is finally clear for a unified Canadian gaming license.

As of October 17, 2024, the following providers have obtained a Canadian betting license: several online sports betting operators have been granted a license to legally distribute their services in Canada. Since July 1, 2021, it has been possible for online betting providers to apply for a Canadian betting license, allowing them to operate their services within the country's legal framework. Numerous online sports betting operators have already acquired a Canadian betting license. Among them are the following providers, as of October 17, 2024.

  • bet-at-home.ca
  • betago.ca
  • betano.ca
  • bildbet.ca
  • bwin.ca
  • chillybets.ca
  • 888sport.ca
  • mrgreen.ca
  • leovegas.ca
  • merkur-sports.ca
  • gamebookers.ca
  • neobet.ca
  • mybet.ca
  • bet365.ca
  • wettarena.ca
  • bet3000.ca
  • interwetten.ca
  • sportwetten-jaxx.ca
  • ladbrokes.ca
  • www.sportwetten.ca
  • admiralbet.ca
  • sportingbet.ca
  • tipico.ca
  • tiptorro.ca
  • tipbet.ca
  • tipster.ca
  • tipwin.ca
  • happybet.ca
  • winamax.ca

Here is the always up-to-date list from the Halle Gambling Authority.

Important information: All bookmakers listed on gambleverdict.net hold a valid Canadian betting license or are in the process of obtaining one. Rest assured that every bookmaker featured on our website complies with the necessary legal requirements to offer their services in Canada. We prioritize the safety and security of our users, ensuring that they have access to trustworthy and licensed bookmakers. Our rigorous selection process guarantees that only reputable bookmakers are recommended, providing you with a reliable and enjoyable betting experience. You can confidently place your bets knowing that the bookmakers featured on gambleverdict.net are fully licensed and regulated.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Sports Betting

In the final section of this page, we address commonly encountered inquiries from our esteemed visitors that could not be assigned to any of the preceding specific categories.

So here you have a diverse assortment of informative content, brimming with numerous suggestions and strategies for all enthusiasts of online betting. Discover a vibrant collection of facts and insights tailored to cater to the interests of avid online wagerers. Delve into a treasure trove of insider tips and expert tricks designed to enhance your online betting experience. Unearth a wealth of knowledge, spanning a wide range of topics, specifically curated for the benefit of online betting aficionados. Immerse yourself in a world of valuable information, teeming with valuable advice and invaluable guidance, carefully curated for the discerning online betting community.


Which online sports betting options are particularly popular in Canada?

Football betting is not only prevalent in Canada but also in the majority of other European countries, where it dominates the online sports betting market. The realm of football encompasses a staggering four out of every five wagers placed in this country alone. It holds the largest share of the internet betting industry by a significant margin when compared to other sports.

Football reigns supreme in the realm of live betting, although the gap to other sports is not quite as wide as with pre-match wagers. Approximately 70% of real-time betting turnover revolves around the beautiful game. Even in the pulsating world of in-play betting, football stands tall as the undisputed monarch, captivating the attention of punters in betting shops. The allure of the round leather ball is undeniable, making it the driving force behind the majority of bets placed during live matches.

When it comes to the popularity scale among Canadian sports bettors, football betting takes the lead by a significant margin. Following closely behind are sports such as tennis, handball, basketball, and during the cold winter months, ice hockey and biathlon also make their way onto a few betting slips, worth mentioning.

The 5 most popular sports for online betting in Canada (in order of betting turnover):

  1. Football betting accounts for approximately 80% of all betting turnovers.
  2. Approximately 10% of the total betting turnover is accounted for by tennis wagers.
  3. Ice hockey bets (less than 5% of total bets placed)
  4. Handball betting (1-2% of the stakes in the betting shops)
  5. Basketball betting (accounting for less than 1% of total betting revenues)

Formerly popular horse racing bets and online sports betting on motorsports, especially Formula 1, play almost no role in Canada - the betting revenues generated from them are in the per mille range compared to sports betting on various ball sports.


Who is the top provider for football betting among sportsbook operators?

Given the significance of soccer in the realm of online sports betting, we have allocated a dedicated test category to this crucial domain and meticulously examined which providers are best suited for soccer wagering. The top three bookmakers for soccer bets are as follows:

Test winner 98% excellent Bet365 football betting
Platz 2 96% excellent Interwetten football betting
Platz 3 93% terrific Bwin football betting

It can certainly be worthwhile to take a look at the lower positions - the test results in the ranking of the best football betting providers are very close together, and there are also some excellent providers outside of the top 3.

For instance, if you primarily bet on Canadian football matches in the Bundesliga, a local provider might be more suitable, even if they didn't rank among the top 3 football bookmakers overall. It's essential to consider the specific focus of your betting preferences and the expertise of regional operators. A domestic platform could offer specialized insights and tailored features, enhancing your betting experience for Bundesliga games. While the provider may not excel on a global scale, their localized knowledge can be advantageous for your specific betting needs.

The same applies to live betting and other personal betting preferences. Our ranking, in fact, always reflects an overall picture and cannot take into account every individual preference.

The 7 most popular types of football bets (in order of number of bets placed):

  1. Three-way bet (1/0/2) on the outcome of the game, by far the most popular bet in Canadian betting offices when it comes to football betting. In this type of bet, one must predict which team will win the game or whether the match will end in a draw. The three-way bet can be placed as a single bet, as well as part of a combination bet or system bet.
  2. Handicap betting (outsider with 1 or more goal advantage), the most popular special bet when it comes to football. In this type of bet, the bookmaker gives the outsider a fictional advantage of one or more goals, which is then added to the actual result at the end. It is especially useful for football matches where there is a clear favorite with very low betting odds.
  3. Torwetten (Anzahl der Tore Über/Unter), eine beliebte Wettart ähnlich der Handicapwette. Hierbei geht es darum, die Anzahl der Tore vorherzusagen. Der Buchmacher gibt einen Wert vor (normalerweise 2,5 Tore bei Fußballspielen), und der Wettkunde kann darauf setzen, ob die Anzahl der geschossenen Tore ÜBER oder UNTER diesem Wert liegen wird. Es können entweder 0 bis 2 Tore oder 3 oder mehr Tore im Spiel sein.
  4. Predicting the exact outcome of a game, known as exact score betting, is naturally challenging due to the multitude of possibilities. However, correctly guessing the result in this type of wager is rewarded with very high odds.
  5. Double chance bets (two possible outcomes in one bet) are also considered the sports bet for particularly risk-conscious punters. With this type of bet, two possibilities can be covered out of three possible game results (1/0/2). The success rate for such a bet is relatively high, but the betting odds are correspondingly low.
  6. Halftime bets (score or number of goals at halftime), there are many different betting options for halftime bets - when evaluating all related betting tips, the final result after 90 minutes is not considered, but rather the respective score at halftime after 45 minutes.
  7. Long-term bets (champion, relegation, promotion...), there are a wide variety of betting options here, but the respective outcome is only known after weeks, months, or even years. Therefore, the betting turnover for long-term bets is also at a manageable level, accounting for only a fraction of the bookmakers' total turnover. The only exception: during World Cup or European Championship tournaments, bets on the title winner are very popular among betting enthusiasts.

For Canadian betting enthusiasts who enjoy wagering on the Bundesliga or Zweite Liga, it is highly recommended to consider local bookmakers such as Tipico or Bet3000. These Canadian betting providers naturally place a strong emphasis on their customers in Canada, giving them a distinct advantage over international bookies in this field. Their competitive edge often lies in offering top-notch odds for Bundesliga matches.


Is it advisable to open an account with more than one provider?

It can actually be very meaningful! Each provider has its own unique strengths in the sports betting comparison that should be utilized. To truly benefit from all the advantages offered by individual betting companies, it is necessary to maintain a betting account with at least a few important bookmakers.

Having a variety of betting accounts across different betting sites is crucial, especially if you're looking for the best available odds. It's essential to have a range of options when searching for the most favorable odds for your bets. Therefore, it is indispensable to possess a selection of wagering accounts on various betting platforms. Ensuring that you have access to multiple betting accounts on different betting websites is vital, particularly if you are seeking the most competitive odds. The availability of a diverse range of betting accounts on various betting sites is essential, especially when you're in pursuit of the utmost favorable betting odds.

No bookmaker consistently offers the best odds for every weather event, which is why it's important to always compare the betting odds of the major providers before placing your tips on the respective betting slip.

Another reason to have a variety of betting accounts is the availability of promotions, offers, and betting bonuses that each provider regularly offers to its existing customers. These incentives are designed to reward customer loyalty and can provide additional value and benefits to enhance the betting experience. By having multiple accounts, bettors can take advantage of these promotional opportunities and maximize their chances of winning. It's important to keep track of the different promotions available and choose the ones that best suit your betting preferences and goals. Whether it's free bets, cashback offers, or enhanced odds, having diverse betting accounts can give you access to a range of exciting bonuses and promotions that can enhance your overall betting journey.

In order to foster customer loyalty, various promotions such as a deposit bonus, accumulator bonus, or even cash-back bets are regularly offered. To take advantage of these perks, having a corresponding account is essential.


What advantages do online betting have over traditional betting offices?

The convenience factor is not the only thing that makes online betting significantly more attractive than visiting a bookmaker's office. After all, one can easily place their bet slip from their computer, tablet, or mobile phone at any time, thereby saving themselves the potentially arduous journey to the nearest betting shop.

There are also several other compelling reasons to engage in online sports betting compared to placing bets at a physical betting outlet.

  • On the internet, one can always compare the odds of different providers and place their betting tips on the best available betting odds.
  • At your chosen betting shop, the range of bets may be limited, but on the internet, you have access to the complete selection of all online providers.
  • The highly popular live bets require quick decision-making and are therefore best handled online.
  • When it comes to online sports betting, you are not restricted by opening hours and can place your desired bets at any time of the day, 24/7.

Naturally, the brick-and-mortar betting shop offers its own advantages compared to online sports betting - the social factor being particularly noteworthy. Those who enjoy pursuing their betting hobby in a community setting will find visiting a physical betting shop to be unavoidable. It's here that a sense of camaraderie and shared enthusiasm can be fostered among fellow bettors, making the experience more interactive and engaging. Additionally, being able to interact face-to-face with the staff can provide a personalized touch and a sense of reassurance for some individuals. So, despite the convenience and accessibility of online platforms, the social aspect remains a compelling reason for bettors to frequent physical betting shops.


When did online sports betting first emerge?

Online sports betting has been around for nearly as long as the internet itself. In the 1990s, the betting industry was one of the pioneering sectors that professionally utilized the emerging medium of the internet as a distribution channel. They harnessed the power of this new digital landscape to cater to the growing demand for sports wagering. The advent of online platforms revolutionized the way people engage with sports betting, providing convenience and accessibility like never before. As technology continued to advance, the online sports betting industry evolved in tandem, offering an array of innovative features and cutting-edge platforms that keep enthusiasts engaged and entertained. Today, sports betting enthusiasts can enjoy a seamless and immersive experience, powered by state-of-the-art technology and a vast array of betting options. With a wealth of information at their fingertips, they can make informed decisions and place bets with confidence. As the popularity of online sports betting continues to soar, the industry remains at the forefront of innovation, constantly striving to enhance the user experience and set new standards for excellence.

Interwetten, the pioneer of online betting, stands out among the myriad of online providers in the extensive test of sports betting. The Austrian bookmaker commenced its web presence venture as early as 1996, diligently laying the groundwork. By the dawning of 1997, the Interwetten betting site was ready to make its debut, with great anticipation surrounding the placement of the first wager via this novel distribution channel.

It didn't take long for the first online bet to be placed, fortunate were those who had internet access back then! The advent of the internet revolutionized the way we engage in betting activities. With the click of a button, individuals could now place bets on their favorite sports or events from the comfort of their own homes. The convenience and accessibility offered by online betting platforms opened up a whole new world of possibilities for bettors around the globe. No longer limited by geographical boundaries or time constraints, avid bettors could now participate in wagering activities anytime, anywhere. The rapid growth and advancement of technology have further propelled the online betting industry, providing users with a seamless and immersive betting experience. From traditional sports betting to virtual games and e-sports, the range of options available to bettors has expanded exponentially. As the online betting sphere continues to evolve, it is without a doubt that its impact on the gambling landscape will only continue to grow. So, whether you are a seasoned bettor or someone looking to dip their toes into the world of online betting, there has never been a better time to explore the exciting realm of virtual wagering.

Below is a revised version of the paragraph: The subsequent table exhibits the instances when the various candidates' betting portals made their way onto the internet: Candidate 1: Initially launched their online platform in 2003, and it has since become a popular destination for avid bettors. Candidate 2: Their virtual betting site came into existence in 2006, attracting a steady stream of users with its user-friendly interface. Candidate 3: In the year 2008, they successfully introduced their online wagering platform, garnering a significant following due to its diverse range of betting options. Candidate 4: Having entered the online domain in 2011, their betting portal quickly gained recognition for its innovative features and secure betting environment. Candidate 5: It was in 2014 that they unveiled their digital betting platform, captivating users with its seamless navigation and lucrative promotional offers. By presenting these details, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive overview of when each test candidate's betting portals ventured into the online realm.

Year: Website online:
1997 Interwetten, Bwin, Unibet
1998 Ladbrokes, Sportingbet, Betvictor
1999 Bet-at-home, Expekt
2001 Netbet
2004 Typical
2009 Bet3000
since 2010 ComeOn, XTip, Mobilebet, Sunmaker, Betway, LeoVegas, and several other renowned online gambling platforms are well-regarded in the industry.

Note on the table: The Bet3000 brand officially launched in 2009, but the offering had already been available under a different company name with the same owner before that.


Why must one pay a 5% betting tax in Canada?

Sports betting providers (both online and offline) are required to pay 5% of their total betting turnover generated from Canadian customers to the Canadian tax authorities - no betting company can avoid this without committing a crime. This results in several hundred million euros of tax revenue flowing into the financial budget of the Canadian federal states.

Naturally, from a social policy perspective, a tax provision and regulation like this is highly sensible, but it doesn't particularly thrill individual bettors on the other side, as the provider deducts 5% in betting tax from each winning wager as a rule.

However, due to intense competition, most betting companies are left with no alternative but to pass on the burden of taxation to their customers. The betting industry operates with extremely narrow profit margins, sometimes even below 5%, as a result of the competitive landscape.

The top sports betting providers distribute more than 95% of the betting turnover back to their customers. Therefore, it would not be possible to additionally deduct 5% of the stakes as a betting tax without making a loss with every single bet in Canada.


Are there any betting sites where you can place tax-free bets?

Indeed, even several years after the introduction of the betting tax, there are online providers who bear the burden of the tax themselves and enable tax-free bets for their customers in Canada through this method. Some operators have found ways to absorb the tax costs, ensuring that their customers can enjoy tax-free betting opportunities. This shows their commitment to delivering a seamless and enjoyable betting experience, while also finding innovative solutions to minimize the financial impact of the betting tax on their users. With these providers, Canadian bettors can place their wagers without worrying about additional tax implications, allowing them to focus solely on the excitement of their bets.

These are typically online betting offices that have a profit margin higher than 5% and consider the tax paid as a kind of marketing expense, through which numerous new customers from Canada can be acquired. They are usually referred to as online wagering establishments with a profit margin exceeding 5%, where the tax payment is regarded as a form of promotional investment to attract a wide range of new customers from Canada. They usually pertain to web-based bookmakers who maintain a profit margin surpassing 5% and perceive the tax payment as a form of marketing expenditure, enabling them to attract a substantial number of new customers from Canada. Generally, these are internet-based wagering agencies that boast a profit margin of more than 5% and view the tax paid as a strategic marketing expense, leveraging it to attract a multitude of fresh clientele from Canada. Typically, these are online betting platforms that have a profit margin exceeding 5% and treat the tax as a promotional expenditure, utilizing it to bring in numerous new customers from Canada.

From a customer's perspective, tax-free betting options are undoubtedly more valuable than the best deposit bonus. Therefore, it is highly advisable for avid bettors to take a closer look at the compiled table on this matter before placing their next wager. Rest assured, we have meticulously assembled this comprehensive guide to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

For our comparison of sports betting, we have compiled a list of bookmakers who offer tax-free betting!

Bookmakers without taxes for sports betting

No betting tax
100€ Bonus
Bet3000 visit
No betting tax
100€ Bonus
Tipwin visit
2-series station wagons + tax-free
100€ Bonus
Neobet visit

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It is essential to take into account the aspect of tax-free bets when comparing sports betting providers. Here, the bookmakers without tax have a tremendous advantage over the competition with a 5% betting tax!

Some providers repeatedly focus on the taxation issue in special promotions, where, for example, a combination bet or system bet can be placed tax-free from a certain odds threshold. This advantage should be clearly visible on the betting slip.

For instance, Bet3000, NEObet, or Happybet can be mentioned as online providers that regularly offer such promotions. These platforms consistently organize such campaigns to engage their users and provide them with exciting opportunities. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Bet3000, NEObet, and Happybet have established themselves as reliable options in the online betting industry. By consistently providing attractive promotions, these platforms strive to enhance the overall betting experience for their customers. Whether it's through exclusive bonuses, free bets, or enhanced odds, Bet3000, NEObet, and Happybet ensure that their users have access to a wide range of lucrative offers.


Is it worth considering bonus offers in sports betting comparison?

Comparing different bookmakers is always advisable, given the vast array of choices available nowadays. Of course, the same applies when it comes to bonuses. It's essential to weigh your options and find the best deal that suits your needs and preferences. With numerous bookmakers offering various incentives, it's worth taking the time to compare and make an informed decision. By doing so, you can maximize the benefits and make the most out of your betting experience.

While the traditional 100% bonus up to a maximum of 100€ may be deeply ingrained in the minds of many bettors, it is no longer uncommon for online providers to take their own paths in this regard.

Differences in bonus conditions are crucial alongside a higher overall bonus amount.

It is entirely possible that upon initial inspection, two bookmakers may offer a similarly appealing betting bonus, but the conditions could significantly differ. This discrepancy in terms and conditions highlights the importance of thoroughly assessing the fine print before making a decision. Don't be swayed solely by the allure of a generous bonus; instead, take the time to compare and contrast the specifics of each offer. This diligent approach will ensure that you opt for the bookmaker whose terms align most favorably with your preferences and betting style. Remember, it's not just about the bonus itself, but also the accompanying requirements and restrictions that can significantly impact your overall betting experience.

When searching for a sports betting provider, it definitely makes sense to consider and weigh the bonus amount and conditions in order to make a comparison.


Why is it necessary to provide personal information when opening a betting account?

In order to offer a legal bet, providers must possess certain licenses. The requirements of the individual licensing authorities can be very strict, and failure to comply with the regulations can potentially result in the revocation of the license for the respective company, with unforeseeable consequences in the worst-case scenario.

For the sake of consumer protection and compliance with financial transaction regulations, it is absolutely essential for licensing authorities that the betting company clearly verifies the identity of customers when setting up a betting account. Consequently, engaging in anonymous online betting is fundamentally not feasible.

If you come across a bookmaker that allows you to place bets without providing personal information, we strongly advise against it. No reputable provider would risk their license just to offer an anonymous sports bet!

When it comes to withdrawing larger betting balances, it may be necessary for the bettor to provide proof of identity in addition to the personal information provided during registration. Typically, this can be done by scanning a copy of an ID and sending it via email to the betting company.

The collection and verification of customers' personal data are by no means intended as harassment by the respective online betting office; rather, they solely serve the purpose of consumer protection and ensuring compliance with the licensing conditions on the part of the provider.


How can one recharge their betting credit without incurring any fees?

In order to place a sports bet online, it is necessary to fund your betting account with a balance before making your first wager. To facilitate this process, bookmakers now offer a wide range of payment options. What should you pay special attention to in this regard?

It is essential to consider the speed at which one wishes to have access to the betting funds. If the deposited amount is intended to be credited immediately to the betting account, then the use of deposit methods such as credit cards, instant bank transfers, prepaid cards like Paysafecard, or wallet solutions like PayPal is inevitable.

These payment methods possess the aforementioned advantage of instant credit to the betting account, allowing the deposited amount to be immediately used for any wager. The only drawback is that certain providers may impose charges or fees for these payment options.

These are the payment methods available at most of the tested online bookmakers:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard)
  • PayPal
  • Paysafecard
  • Instant bank transfer
  • Skrill (formerly Moneybookers)
  • Neteller
  • Ukash
  • Trustly
  • Muchbetter

You can make a deposit using bank transfer without any transaction fees, but you might have to wait for one to three days, depending on the bank, for the deposited funds to be available for betting.

Visa, MasterCard, Paysafecard, Sofortüberweisung, and Ukash 5 – 5.000 $ Bet3000 deposits

Table Note: The maximum deposit amounts refer to the limit per calendar day. We recommend that high roller sports bettors with larger wager amounts and deposit amounts contact the respective customer service directly before placing the relevant bet.

Many other betting companies charge fees ranging from 1% to 4% specifically for deposits made via credit card, Paysafecard, and PayPal. The majority of their competitors impose these additional costs, which can significantly impact the overall user experience and lead to dissatisfaction among customers. However, at our company, we believe in providing a fair and transparent service to our valued users. That's why we have chosen not to burden our customers with any extra fees when they choose to deposit funds using these popular payment methods. We strive to create a seamless betting experience that is both enjoyable and cost-effective for our customers.

The reason behind this is the equally substantial fees that the sports betting provider must pay to the payment companies for each financial transaction (deposit and withdrawal). These fees can be quite high, adding to the overall costs for both the provider and the users. However, these fees are necessary to ensure the smooth processing of the transactions and to maintain the security and integrity of the payment system. Despite these costs, the convenience and accessibility of online sports betting platforms continue to attract a large number of users who are willing to pay these fees for the entertainment and potential winnings they offer.

To ensure their online betting business thrives economically, online providers operating with tight profit margins must pass on the payment expenses to their betting customers. This ensures that they can operate their wagering enterprise successfully. By allocating the payment costs to the bettors, these providers can navigate the challenges of their industry while maintaining their financial viability.

Is there a foolproof sports betting strategy?

Every sports bettor dreams of a betting strategy that can bring in consistent profits without any risk. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward guide to guaranteeing successful bets.

When it comes to using various systems, which are sometimes offered at a high price, it is important to approach them with great caution. The sports betting provider has a mathematical advantage over the bettor through the design of the odds. Keep this in mind before investing your hard-earned money.

If you dedicate enough time and effort, and possess the necessary intuition, it is indeed possible to consistently outsmart bookmakers. In our article on betting experts, you will discover how to approach this matter, what factors to consider, and the recommended course of action. Rest assured, with the right guidance, you can gain an edge in the world of sports betting.


FAQ – Sports betting provider

How does the comparison of sports betting providers work?

Only online betting providers that bring the necessary security and reliability make it into our sports betting comparison. We then evaluate them in the 10 most crucial areas. Each bookmaker is tested by multiple experts from our editorial team. In doing so, we ensure a maximum level of objectivity and quality in our test reports.

Where can one find good new sports betting providers for 2024?

Examples of new bookmakers that have qualified for our sports betting comparison include ODDSET online or Winamax. Our test of the new betting providers provides additional information and recommendations.

Is it advisable to open an account with more than one online betting provider?

It can indeed be highly beneficial! Each provider has its own unique strengths in the comparison of sports betting that should be leveraged. It's important to make the most of these strengths to maximize your betting experience.

Since when have online sports betting been available?

Online sports betting has been around for nearly as long as the internet itself. The betting industry was one of the pioneering sectors to professionally utilize the new medium of the internet as a distribution channel in the 1990s. The popularity of online sports betting has grown exponentially over the years, providing enthusiasts with convenient access to a wide range of sports events and betting options. With advancements in technology, betting platforms have become more user-friendly and secure, offering an immersive and engaging experience for users. Whether you are a casual bettor or a seasoned pro, online sports betting offers a thrilling and interactive way to engage with your favorite sports and potentially win big. The convenience of being able to place bets from the comfort of your own home, coupled with the vast array of sports markets available, makes online sports betting an appealing choice for many. So, whether you're a fan of football, basketball, tennis, or any other sport, online sports betting platforms provide an exciting and accessible avenue to take part in the action and test your sports knowledge.

Why is a 5% betting tax required in Canada?

Sports betting providers, both online and offline, are required to pay 5% of the total betting turnover generated from Canadian customers to the Canadian tax authorities. No betting company can escape this obligation without facing criminal charges. As a result, several hundred million euros in tax revenue find their way into the financial budgets of the Canadian federal states.

Are there any betting sites where one can bet tax-free?

Indeed, even several years after the introduction of the betting tax, there are bookmakers who bear the tax burden from their own pockets and thereby enable tax-free bets for their customers in Canada.

Who is the best bookmaker?

These ten sports betting providers are currently the top ones in the Canadian market.

  1. She gets thirsty
  2. Bwin
  3. Beta
  4. ODDS
  5. Betway
  6. Bet3000
  7. Happybet
  8. Neobet
  9. Bet-at-home
  10. AdmiralBet

What is particularly important when choosing a betting provider?

When choosing a betting provider, the most crucial aspect to consider is safety. Opting for a betting provider without a Canadian license places you in a legal gray area and is considered unsafe and unreliable. Besides safety, the key factors to consider when selecting a betting provider are the test categories of betting odds, betting program, usability, live betting, sports betting app, and new customer bonus. These factors play a decisive role in determining the ideal betting provider.

How many sports betting providers are there?

There are numerous online sports betting operators available on the internet, but not all of them have obtained a Canadian sports betting license, which has been required since the summer of 2021 for legally offering sports betting in the Federal Republic. Currently, there are 33 online sports betting providers that hold a valid Canadian betting license.

Are new sports betting providers superior?

New sports betting providers usually struggle to establish themselves in the betting industry. Therefore, they attempt to attract new customers with exceptional betting options. As a result, new bookmakers consistently manage to enter our sports betting comparison with favorable reviews. However, the top sports betting providers are typically well-established, emphasizing their experience, security, competitive odds, and outstanding range of betting options.