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Discover here the top-rated Paysafecard bookmakers that offer secure online payment options for sports betting. Renowned betting platforms like Bet365, bwin, and betway allow users to make easy deposits using Paysafecard. Learn about the key factors to consider when choosing a Paysafecard bookmaker and find out which ones are the most reliable. Safeguard your transactions and enjoy a seamless sports betting experience with these trusted Paysafecard bookmakers.

Important information regarding Paysafecard: The new gambling agreement in Canada stipulates that anonymous deposits with Paysafecard will no longer be possible at betting providers with future Canadian licenses. It is necessary to comply with the new regulations and ensure transparency in financial transactions. This change aims to enhance player protection and prevent potential illegal activities. We kindly ask our valued customers to familiarize themselves with alternative deposit options available to enjoy a seamless gaming experience. Our customer support team is available to assist you with any inquiries or concerns you may have regarding this matter. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in adhering to the updated regulations.

Instead, a mypaysafecard account is mandatory. Since some bookmakers have already applied for a license, this regulation has been in effect for them since September 15, 2020. Find out which bookmakers are affected here.

Top betting providers accepting Paysafecard

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With 650,000 points of sale worldwide, available in 50 countries, the Paysafecard stands as one of the most popular and successful prepaid payment options on the internet. In the year 2018 alone, it facilitated a staggering 130 million transactions. This impressive global reach ensures convenient and secure online transactions for users across the globe. Whether you're shopping, gaming, or making other online purchases, the Paysafecard provides a reliable and hassle-free way to pay.

Speed, anonymity, and security are the defining characteristics that set this service apart. These qualities are highly valued by customers in the realm of sports betting. A bookmaker should be able to provide what customers appreciate.

When conducting research on the various bookmakers, it becomes apparent that the majority of them rely on the prepaid card known as paysafecard when it comes to financial transactions. By delving into the realm of online betting, one can observe that paysafecard has established itself as a popular and widely accepted method for making payments. Utilized by a multitude of bookies, this prepaid card offers users a secure and convenient way to fund their betting accounts. With its widespread adoption, it becomes clear that paysafecard holds a significant role in the realm of online betting, providing users with a trustworthy and efficient means of conducting financial transactions.

Discover everything you need to know about Paysafecard sports betting in our 2024 review - from the reasons behind its popularity to the advantages and disadvantages it offers, as well as potential payouts and much more. Get all the insights you need to make informed decisions and maximize your betting experience with Paysafecard. Stay ahead of the game and stay informed with our comprehensive Paysafecard sports betting guide for 2024.

Sports betting with Paysafecard:

Advantages and disadvantages of sports betting with Paysafecard.

  • Simple and fast payment options available on the internet.
  • No fees are usually charged by the bookmaker when using their services.
  • The money is instantly credited to your betting account upon deposit.
  • Paysafecard is a secure payment option.
  • Paysafecard is available both online and offline.
  • Most bookmakers offer Paysafecard as a payment option.
  • No account or credit card data required.
  • Withdrawals can only be made using a MyPaysafecard account.
  • There is no anonymity when using a MyPaysafecard account.
  • Paysafecard has limitations, preventing high deposits from being made.
  • Charges for withdrawals of paysafecard to a bank account.

How do sports betting with Paysafecard work?

Depositing funds to your betting account with Paysafecard is a breeze, whether you prefer using a Paysafecard voucher or your mypaysafecard account. It's a straightforward process that allows you to conveniently and securely add money to your betting account. Whether you choose to enter the voucher code directly or log in to your mypaysafecard account and make a transfer, Paysafecard ensures a seamless experience. With multiple options to suit your preference, depositing funds for sports betting has never been easier with Paysafecard.

The prerequisite is that the selected bookmaker accepts Paysafecard as a payment method.

  • Once you have logged in, simply select the "Deposit" option.
  • Afterwards, one chooses the paysafecard sports betting option.
  • One specifies the desired amount and a Paysafecard window opens.
  • In that place, the user enters the 16-digit code or, in the case of a mypaysafecard account, provides the username and password and confirms the deposit.
  • All information is displayed in an overview, and the transaction is completed by selecting "OK."

My Paysafecard-Konto

For those bookmakers who have applied for a Canadian license, a mypaysafecard account is required when depositing with Paysafecard. In this case, there is no need to enter a PIN. Payment is made here using a username and password.

You can accumulate balance on this account using multiple Paysafecards simultaneously. This implies that you are not limited to the highest value Paysafecard of 100 euros.

Once you have successfully registered on and uploaded the purchased Paysafecard pins, the process of depositing funds with a betting provider is as follows:

Once you have selected paysafe as your preferred payment option for placing bets and entered the desired amount, you will be redirected to the paysafecard website. Instead of entering the PIN, simply input your username and password. After confirming the amount, the payment will be successfully processed.

Paysafecard credit

When making a deposit with Paysafecard for sports betting, it is not necessary to transfer the entire Paysafecard balance to the account. It is also possible to deposit less.

However, it is not possible to deposit more than the maximum value of the card. If you wish to deposit more than, for instance, 100 euros (the maximum value of a Paysafecard), you have two options. You can either purchase additional Paysafecards and deposit them gradually, or you can create a MyPaysafecard account.

You have the opportunity to collect and deposit PIN codes from Paysafecards, allowing you to transfer up to 1000 euros at once. Gather those codes and unlock the potential to move a substantial amount of money effortlessly. Don't miss out on this convenient and secure method of transferring funds. Take advantage of the simplicity and ease of the process and start making larger transactions today.

How can I obtain the Paysafecard?

To acquire the Paysafecard, one can purchase it at various retail outlets. The most convenient method to locate the nearest option is by entering one's postal address on under the "Find Retail Outlets" section. This will display all the nearby merchants available.

A point of sale can be a grocery store, post office, pharmacy, gas station, newsstand, or tobacco shop, among others. You can also locate a point of sale using the paysafecard app.

  1. Betway

    • Bookmakers with a Canadian betting license
    • Good favorite odds

Terms and conditions apply | 18+ | Exclusive offer for new customers

To acquire a Paysafecard online, users have the option to purchase it through the epin webshop website. Registering on the platform is a prerequisite, but fear not, as the process is completely free of charge. Within this webshop, individuals can effectively procure a paysafecard PIN, granting them access to its various benefits.

Costs and fees for Paysafecard.

The majority of bookmakers do not charge any fees when using paysafecard. However, there are a few that do impose them. There are no costs incurred when using paysafecard itself.

Operating a my-paysafecard account or using the app is free of charge. However, if a Paysafecard remains unused for a period of one year, meaning the balance is not utilized for 12 consecutive months, fees will be incurred.

From the 13th month onwards, a monthly charge of 3 euros will be applied to the remaining balance. Costs may also be incurred for the Mypaysafecard account: if no transactions are made for a year, a fee of 2 euros will be imposed. Rest assured, we prioritize transparency and fairness when it comes to our users' financial transactions. Therefore, it's essential to be aware of these charges to make informed decisions regarding your account. We strive to provide a seamless and convenient experience for all our users while maintaining a reliable and secure payment platform.

If you wish to transfer money from your my paysafecard account to your bank account, fees will also apply, amounting to a maximum of 7.50 euros. These fees are also applicable when you want to withdraw remaining balance from a Paysafecard.

Additional charges apply to payments made abroad when the provider's currency does not match that of the paysafecard.

Additionally, it is possible that, depending on the betting provider, fees may be incurred for Paysafecard payments.

Betting provider Paysafecard deposit

The user has three options for making a Paysafecard deposit.

  1. He pays using a Paysafecard.
  2. the MyPaysafecard account or
  3. MyPaysafecard-Mastercard ein.

As mentioned earlier, the process for the regular prepaid Paysafecard goes as follows: simply enter the 16-digit pin code. On the other hand, with the MyPaysafecard account, you can upload multiple purchased codes.

To utilize these options, however, the input of a username and password is required. Another alternative is the MyPaysafecard Mastercard, which also entails the need for registration.

The MyPaysafeCard Mastercard offers the convenience of loading multiple codes. By accumulating codes, users can deposit more than 100 euros into their prepaid card. With the MyPaysafeCard account and MyPaysafecard Mastercard, it becomes possible to top up the card with various codes. This allows for more flexibility and a higher deposit limit.

When making a deposit using Paysafecard for sports betting, there's no need to exhaust the entire balance of the card right away. It is possible to make multiple deposits with a single card until it is completely depleted.

If the user is unsure about the remaining balance on their card, they can check their current balance on the paysafecard website's homepage.

Sports betting deposit bonus Paysafecard

There is no specific bonus exclusively for bets with paysafecard. However, most bookmakers typically accept Paysafecard as a deposit method within the context of a new customer betting bonus. Naturally, this is subject to the condition that paysafecard is a partner of the betting provider.

When it comes to making deposits eligible for bonus participation, there are a few things to consider. It is important to note that only a Paysafecard can be used for bonus deposits, so it is crucial to determine the desired amount beforehand.

Paysafecard sports betting payout

Certain betting providers also allow withdrawals with Paysafecard for sports betting. However, this requires having a MyPaysafecard account, as it is not possible to withdraw money directly to a Paysafecard.

If you don't have this account, you won't be able to make withdrawals using Paysafecard either. In such a situation, users must resort to alternative withdrawal methods, typically opting for the conventional bank transfer.

For a MyPaysafecard account, however, personal information needs to be provided again.

Because the bookmaker must be able to ascertain that the owner of the betting account and the owner of the MyPaysafecard account are one and the same person, it is crucial to establish their identity. This ensures a secure and trustworthy betting experience for all users. By verifying the connection between these two accounts, the bookmaker can maintain a transparent and fair environment for online betting. Therefore, it is essential for users to provide accurate information and ensure consistency between their accounts to avoid any potential issues.

Withdrawal of Paysafecard to a bank account

If one wishes to withdraw a Paysafecard balance to their account, specifically to their bank account, they must provide Paysafecard with their name, a copy of a photo identification, and their bank details. However, fees are incurred during this process.

Paysafecard's website states that for each withdrawal, a processing fee of 5% of the requested amount - up to a maximum of 7.50 euros - will be deducted directly by Paysafecard.

If you wish to withdraw any remaining balance from your prepaid card, the funds will be transferred to your bank account within 2-3 business days. This applies in the same manner. Once the request is made, the money will promptly appear in your bank account within a span of 2-3 working days.

Paysafecard sports betting review

For users who enjoy placing smaller bets of up to 100 euros, the Paysafecard presents an ideal payment method. With this option, it is not possible to transfer more than 100 euros to your betting account. The Paysafecard offers a convenient way for bettors to control their spending and limit their wagers to lower amounts. This ensures responsible gambling practices and allows users to manage their budgets effectively. By utilizing the Paysafecard, users can enjoy the thrill of betting without the risk of overspending.

Users will certainly appreciate the anonymity it offers since they only have to enter a pin code during the deposit process, without providing any personal information. It is a feature that prioritizes privacy and ensures a secure user experience.

However, with Canadian licensed bookmakers, anonymity is no longer guaranteed, as the new gambling contract stipulates that it must be evident when making a deposit that it is the account owner who is depositing. Therefore, opening a mypaysafe account is mandatory. This applies to several top betting providers such as Bet365, Interwetten, or Betway.

For those weather enthusiasts who wish to deposit more than 100 euros at once, this account is an absolute must. It is the only way to transfer larger amounts to your sports betting account.

Our verdict: The Paysafecard continues to make waves in the world of sports betting. The question is, will customers of licensed Canadian bookmakers who prefer making small deposits and value anonymity as a crucial factor switch to another payment method?

Sports betting with Paysafecard

Paysafecard betting provider

Sports betting with Paysafecard as a deposit option is highly popular among bettors. It's no wonder that virtually every reputable bookmaker includes Paysafecard as a payment method in their offerings.

However, potential fees are important to consider. Even newer betting providers such as Tipwin or Chillybets offer Paysafecard as a payment option. It is crucial to be aware of any charges that may apply.

Some bookmakers charge fees for deposits on occasion. In terms of limits, the minimum deposit starts at the smallest possible value of a Paysafecard, specifically 10 euros.

The use of paysafecard for betting will immediately catch the customer's attention due to the fact that it is typically only used for making deposits. Just like with Bwin, a paysafecard account is required for withdrawals.

However, only a few bookmakers accept this method, and on top of that, they also charge fees for it. It is important to note that not all bookmakers offer this payment option, and those who do might impose additional charges.

The Best Sports Betting Providers with Paysafecard

Paysafecard at Bet365

Bet365, one of the top bookmakers in our comprehensive evaluation, impresses in all categories, including its payment options. The English betting provider excels in every aspect and offers a wide range of payment methods, including the Paysafecard.

Deposits can already be made starting from 5 euros. Since Bet365 has positioned itself for a Canadian license, Canadian customers must already handle deposits through a mypaysafecard account. Withdrawals to a MyPaysafecard account are also possible. No fees are charged for deposits and withdrawals.

Terms and conditions apply | For new customers only | 18+

Paysafecard at Betway

Betway delivers a commendable performance according to our experience and also impresses with its payment options. Among the providers, the Paysafecard also appears.

Betway has also applied for a Canadian license, which implies that deposits can only be made through mypaysafecard. There are no charges involved. Withdrawals are not permitted at Betway.

Terms and conditions apply | New customers only | Must be 18 or older

Paysafecard at AdmiralBet

AdmiralBet, an Austrian bookmaker, is truly impressing with its remarkable performance and also showcasing its prowess in the payment department. This bookmaker is also catering to the needs of punters by offering the payment option Paysafecard.

At AdmiralBet, only deposits via Paysafecard are accepted. However, these can be made starting from a value of 1 Euro. Just like all other deposits at AdmiralBet, adding funds to your betting account using Paysafecard is completely free of charge, without any additional fees or expenses.

Terms and conditions apply. Offer valid for new customers only. Must be 18 years or older.

Paysafecard Bay Pay

At Betano, you'll discover a diverse range of payment options available. The inclusion of Paysafecard is noteworthy as well. With this prepaid card, you can deposit up to 1,000 Euros, and the best part is that Betano doesn't charge any fees for it.

Payouts through Paysafecard are not available at Betano, this sports betting provider. As an alternative, you can opt for the traditional method of bank transfer.

Terms and conditions apply. Limited to new customers aged 18 and above.

Paysafecard at Bet3000

Bet3000, the Canadian bookmaker, impressed us greatly during our tests and also excels in terms of payment options. The payment provider offering includes the Paysafecard, a popular choice among customers.

To deposit funds at this bookmaker, Canadian customers will require a mypaysafecard account. Deposits can be made starting from 10 euros, and no fees are involved. However, it is important to note that withdrawals cannot be processed using Paysafecard at Bet3000.

Terms and conditions apply. Offer valid for new customers aged 18 and above.

Paysafecard at Neobet

At Neobet, a fresh and emerging betting provider, customers are already spoiled with a wide range of payment options. Amongst these, the inclusion of Paysafecard is indeed a no-brainer. Rest assured, this newcomer has prioritized convenience and flexibility to cater to all your financial preferences.

However, the maximum deposit amount is limited to €500 via the Mypaysafecard account. There are no fees associated with the payment process.

If you wish to make a withdrawal, you will need to utilize a different payment service from Neobet's range of options, as withdrawals through Paysafecard are not available on their platform.

Terms and conditions apply. Offer available to new customers only. Must be 18 years or older.

Experiences in betting with Paysafecard

What is the Paysafecard?

The Paysafecard is an online prepaid payment method and the global leader in prepaid solutions. With over 650,000 retail locations worldwide, users can conveniently purchase a Paysafecard worth 10, 25, 50, or 100 Euros in advance, with the corresponding value instantly available on the card.

Afterwards, users can utilize the available balance to make payments on countless online stores by entering the 16-digit card PIN. The payment is processed instantly, and the funds become immediately accessible on the internet.

Paysafecard, along with the two e-wallets Skrill and Neteller, is part of Paysafe Holdings UK Limited.

Take a brief glimpse into the beginnings of Paysafecard: Established in 2000, Paysafecard was born in Vienna. During its initial two years, it embarked on its journey in Austria and Canada.

Starting in 2004, the option to purchase Paysafecard online became available. The year 2006 witnessed the expansion of Paysafecard throughout Europe, reaching new markets and customers. Just one year later, Paysafecard achieved a significant milestone, with over 10 million transactions successfully completed.

In 2008, the company obtained a license from the British financial regulatory authority, granting them the authority to issue electronic money and provide payment services across Europe. This license has enabled paysafecard to offer its services and expand its reach beyond national borders.

From 2009 onwards, Paysafecard has been consistently recognized with multiple awards on an almost yearly basis. These accolades include titles such as "Top Prepaid Entity," "Finest Solution for Online or Mobile Commerce," and "Exemplary Digital Currency." The accessibility of Paysafecard spans across an impressive 50 nations.

Paysafecard PayPal difference

In general, it is possible to make online payments with Paysafecard and PayPal. The distinction lies in the level of anonymity, which is only applicable to deposits. However, for customers from Canada, this anonymity is no longer available when dealing with bookmakers who have applied for a Canadian license.

You can conveniently purchase the Paysafecard at a retail store and make anonymous deposits into your betting account using the card's pin code. Registration with Paysafecard is not required for this process.

As previously mentioned, all one needs is the PIN, without any personal information required. Unlike PayPal, where one has to sign up and provide banking or credit card details, this information is not shared by PayPal, although it is stored for record-keeping purposes.

Betting with Paysafe: Ensuring the Safety of Paysafecard

The entrepreneurs behind Paysafecard possess two decades of expertise in the prepaid industry. A subsidiary of paysafecard holds an e-money license and a Mastercard license. They have amassed extensive experience over the course of 20 years in the field of prepaid solutions. A subsidiary of the paysafecard company is authorized with both an e-money license and a Mastercard license, showcasing their commitment to financial services. With a wealth of knowledge in the prepaid sector, Paysafecard's founders bring a deep understanding of the industry to their endeavors. A testament to their dedication is the subsidiary's possession of not only an e-money license but also a Mastercard license.

The prestigious e-money license is granted by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), signifying that Paysafecard must adhere to strict regulations and comply with rigorous guidelines. An array of accolades awarded to the company serves as a testament to Paysafecard's credibility and integrity. It is a reflection of their steadfast commitment to providing reliable services and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism.

In addition to the anonymity factor, the use of Paysafecard for payments eliminates the need for any personal information or bank account details. Moreover, the predetermined maximum value of the card (up to 100 euros) ensures that users always have control over their expenditures.

Buy Paysafecard

Easily head to the petrol station, purchase a Paysafecard, and enter the code at home when depositing into your betting account to start wagering. With Paysafecard sports betting, you can deposit anonymously and swiftly with the bookmaker. For users content with amounts up to 100 euros, this is a fantastic deposit option.

However, if you wish to deposit more and also withdraw some funds using this method, you will have to accept the additional effort of registering for a MyPaysafecard account, which inevitably results in the loss of anonymity.

You also have the option to purchase the Paysafecard online, specifically from the provider at their designated PIN Code Shop. Instead of buying a physical card, you can obtain a Pin Code that can be redeemed during your purchase.

However, a unique re-registration is required here as well, which naturally eliminates anonymity. Payment methods to purchase a Paysafecard in the shop include credit card, bank transfer, or instant transfer via Klarna.

Conclusion regarding Paysafecard sports betting.

When it comes to deposits, Paysafecard sports betting is unparalleled. Obtaining a Paysafecard from a retail outlet allows for lightning-fast, secure, anonymous, and typically free deposits.

Unfortunately, when it comes to withdrawals, one must resort to an alternative method, which, regrettably, is no longer as swift as before.

If, however, one wishes to primarily deposit amounts quickly and easily (up to a maximum of 100 euros), bet immediately, and can bear the withdrawal issue, then Paysafecard is definitely a very good choice. The condition for this, however, is that the customer from Canada does not place bets with a future Canadian licensed bookmaker.

Paysafecard FAQ

Is the Paysafecard secure?

Yes, because there is no need to input personal information to use the card. Only the 16-digit code is required. However, it is important not to share this code with anyone else. Anyone who knows the code can use it.

Where can I purchase a Paysafecard?

There are numerous points of sale such as supermarkets, drugstores, tobacco shops, post offices, etc. The most convenient method is to enter your postal code on online, and the nearest points of sale will be displayed.

Is it possible to purchase Paysafecard online?

That's definitely feasible. In this scenario, you can acquire an online pin, which enables you to conveniently make online payments thereafter. Further details can be found in the article above.

Is there a Paysafecard bonus available for sports betting?

There is actually no additional bonus when using Paysafecard. However, you can contact the customer support of the bookmaker for this reason. When it comes to a new customer bonus, our experience shows that deposits with Paysafecard are also eligible for it.

Does Paysafecard offer a Paysafecard application?

Yes, you can download them from both the Google Play Store and the App Store. This allows you to load Paysafecard pins onto your MyPaysafecard account more quickly.

Can you withdraw money anonymously with Paysafecard?

No, that's not possible. You can only make a withdrawal with a MyPaysafecard account, which requires providing personal information.

How long does it take for withdrawals with Paysafecard?

If you wish to withdraw funds from your MyPaysafecard account to your bank account, it will take approximately 2 to 3 business days. Take note: there will be charges amounting to a maximum of €7.50 for the withdrawal process.

Can you withdraw Paysafecard credit to PayPal?

It is impossible to withdraw remaining credit from a Paysafecard or a my paysafecard account, except by transferring it to one's bank account.

Redeem with €5 Paysafecard?

To purchase the Paysafecard, customers have the option to do so with a minimum amount of €10. It's important to note that cards with lower values are not available. However, it is not necessary to spend the entire amount in one transaction; customers can choose to use only a portion of the funds for each payment.

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