Während steuerfreie Kombis, eine riesige Wett-Auswahl sowie vielfältige Zahlungsmöglichkeiten unsere Experten im Test überzeugt haben, ist das Quoten-Niveau sehr bescheiden.

Sportingbet was one of the pioneers in the online sports betting industry, allowing users to place their bets as early as the late 1990s. This undeniably positions the English bookmaker as a trailblazer in the field.

A few years back, when the internet was still in its early stages, there were only a handful of betting providers available for the interested customers to choose from. Among these were Interwetten, Bwin, and Unibet.

William Hill and Ladbrokes were among the pioneers in the English betting market, being among the first traditional bookmakers to make their wagers available online. It was around this time that Sportingbet also launched its betting portal.

In the early days of sports betting in the United Kingdom, horse racing took center stage, but now football has emerged as the clear favorite among bettors.

As anticipated from a British bookmaker, Sportingbet offers not only horse and dog racing but also an ample selection of sports such as rugby, darts, cricket, and snooker. However, football takes the center stage in the wide array of betting options provided by Sportingbet.

Bet on football from around the world at Sportingbet.

Sportingbet leaves very little to be desired in this field. You can place bets on football matches from all around the globe. Not only are the international top events such as World and European Championships, as well as the Champions League and Europa League extensively covered, but also a myriad of other exciting tournaments. Sportingbet ensures that football enthusiasts have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to betting on their favorite teams and players.

Furthermore, the betting program features numerous domestic leagues across all continents. Ranging from the English Premier League to the Bundesliga and top leagues in Spain and Italy, extending to Austria and Switzerland, and even including Finland or Cyprus.

The website offers betting options not only on the top leagues from Brazil and Argentina but also on games from leagues in North America, Asia, or Africa that are available. It's worth noting that the sorting in the Canadian version of the site may take some getting used to.

Auch auf Spiele in weit entfernten und weniger bedeutenden Fußballnationen kann bei Sportingbet in gehobener Qualität und Quantität gewettet werden.

Especially when it comes to top nations, games from their respective top divisions are not the only ones on offer. In Canada, the range of matches spans from the 1st to the 3rd league and even extends to the regional leagues in some cases.

English football offers an even wider range, allowing bets on matches from the seventh and eighth divisions. However, when it comes to smaller leagues, the English provider is content with offering bets on the highest tier of each league.

There are numerous specialized bets available even in minor leagues.

However, it is not just the breadth of the betting options that impresses at Sportingbet; the range of additional betting opportunities beyond the traditional three-way bet is more than remarkable. Furthermore, the sheer variety of wagering possibilities offered by this platform is truly exceptional, leaving players spoilt for choice. Moreover, Sportingbet goes above and beyond to provide a diverse array of betting markets, catering to the preferences and interests of all types of bettors. It is worth noting that Sportingbet has curated a selection of unique and innovative betting options, ensuring that users are always engaged and entertained. With such an extensive and captivating range of betting opportunities, Sportingbet truly stands out from the crowd.

In national and international top leagues, a vast array of specialized bets is available, numbering in the triple digits. The selection encompasses a variety of outcome and handicap bets, as well as diverse variations of goal bets.

Im Bereich der Spezialwetten stehen bei Sportingbet auch Varianten zur Auswahl, die bei anderen Wettanbietern nicht – oder nur selten – zu finden sind.

From halftime bets to over/under bets, there is a wide range of options available on our website. You can even place wagers on who will score the first goal in a match. Additionally, you have the opportunity to predict which event (goal, corner kick, free kick, throw-in) will occur in the 5th minute.

The range of offerings is often complemented by bets on goal achievements by specific players. However, this type of betting is mostly reserved for the top leagues in England and Canada. Such wagers add an extra layer of excitement to the game, allowing fans to place their bets on the goal-scoring prowess of individual players. These bets provide an opportunity for fans to showcase their knowledge and prediction skills, as they analyze the form, stats, and playing style of the players before placing their bets. While the outcome of a match depends on the collective efforts of the team, betting on specific players' goal achievements adds an additional element of anticipation and engagement for the passionate football enthusiasts. It's a thrilling way to enhance the overall betting experience and immerse oneself in the world of football.

Unlike other online bookmakers, Sportingbet's range of additional betting options does not significantly decrease even for smaller leagues. This means that even games in the Austrian Bundesliga, the Swiss Super League, and even the top division in Iceland can offer a three-digit number of football bets.

Even in the cup competition in Morocco, the Tanzania Premier League, or the Super League of the youthful FIFA member Kosovo, there are no noticeable limitations in the betting offerings of Sportingbet. Rest assured that you can enjoy a wide range of options when it comes to placing your bets, regardless of the specific tournament or league you are interested in. Sportingbet strives to provide a comprehensive betting experience that caters to the diverse preferences of its customers.

Top for long-term and live betting

Sportingbet offers a remarkably extensive selection of long-term wagers. Not only can you bet on the champions of various nations, but you can also place bets on teams that might face relegation or achieve specific rankings. Their range of possibilities is truly generous.

Sportingbet stands out in the realm of English football by offering an extensive range of options in this regard. This feature sets the British bookmaker apart from many competitors who only include a limited number of long-term bets in their offerings.

Sportingbet's presentation of its football betting program on the website often appears somewhat outdated compared to some newer bookmakers. This is likely due to the English bookmaker's minimal changes to its overall appearance in recent years.

However, Sportingbet demonstrates that there is another way on the same website when it comes to live betting. This section is becoming increasingly important for bookmakers as many customers utilize the technological capabilities, particularly smartphones, to place bets on the go. This showcases the shifting landscape of the betting industry and the adaptation to meet the needs of modern bettors.

At Sportingbet, customers are provided with extensive information on ongoing football matches, many of which are accompanied by live streams, making it significantly easier to make informed betting decisions. These live streams and comprehensive match details provide a valuable resource for bettors seeking to enhance their wagering experience. With the aid of these insights, punters can confidently place bets, armed with a deeper understanding of the current football landscape. Sportingbet ensures that its customers have access to all the necessary tools and resources to make well-informed and strategic betting choices.

Bei den Livewetten muss Sportingbet den Vergleich mit der Konkurrenz nicht scheuen.

Furthermore, in terms of the range of betting programs and the variety offered by Sportingbet, only Bet365 or Bwin can compete. The website's excellent performance is particularly notable, despite the abundance of information provided.

The odds as the only weak point.

When it comes to the advantages of football betting from Sportingbet, the members of the test editorial team at are hard-pressed to find any reasons for criticism. With a plethora of benefits to offer, Sportingbet leaves little room for reproach. The test editors at have found very few flaws when it comes to the football betting options provided by Sportingbet. The numerous merits of the platform have left the members of the test editorial team at with little to complain about. There are hardly any drawbacks that the members of the test editorial team at can point out when it comes to the football betting features offered by Sportingbet.

However, the search for it eventually comes to an end when it comes to assessing the respective betting odds. Because, in the comparison of odds across sports, Sportingbet only performs averagely compared to its betting company competitors.

Bei der Höhe der Wettquoten liegt Sportingbet auch bei Top-Events wie den Spielen der Bundesliga etwas hinter den Besten der Wettbranche zurück.

This mainly concerns the pre-match bets, which fall short of the top values offered by other providers, with an odds key of approximately 93 percent.

In live betting, however, the disparity is not as significant, as most bookmakers tend to lower their odds quite noticeably, whereas Sportingbet does so to a lesser extent. The discrepancy diminishes when it comes to live wagering, as a majority of bookies substantially reduce their odds in this domain, whereas Sportingbet does so to a lesser degree. Conversely, the contrast becomes less pronounced in live betting, as the majority of bookmakers lower their odds quite markedly, albeit to a lesser extent at Sportingbet. On the other hand, the distinction in live betting is not as prominent, since many bookmakers drastically decrease their odds, although to a smaller extent at Sportingbet. However, in live betting, the disparity is not as substantial, as most bookmakers tend to lower their odds significantly, although to a lesser extent at Sportingbet.

When considering the overall performance of Sportingbet in the realm of football betting, it is worth noting that the weaknesses in odds do not significantly tarnish the excellent impression left by this English bookmaker. It must be acknowledged that while the odds may have some shortcomings, they are not enough to detract from the overall positive experience provided by Sportingbet. In fact, the bookmaker's comprehensive offerings, user-friendly interface, and impressive range of markets more than make up for any potential drawbacks in odds. Therefore, despite the imperfections in this particular aspect, Sportingbet remains a top choice for football betting enthusiasts.

All the test results of Sportingbet summarized in one place.

Test area Score Evaluation Review
Betting odds: 73 % average Sportingbet betting odds
Betting offer: 93 % terrific Sportingbet betting offer
Live betting offer: 90 % terrific Sportingbet Live Betting
Deposit: 95 % excellent Sportingbet deposit
Payout: 88 % very good Sportingbet payout
Customer service: 82 % gut Sportingbet customer service
Website service: 81 % gut Sportingbet Website
Performance/loading time: 82 % gut Sportingbet loading times
New customer bonus: 82 % gut Sportingbet Bonus
Security: 94 % terrific Sportingbet facts and information
Football betting: 92 % terrific Sportingbet football betting
Tennis Laws: 84 % gut Sportingbet Tennis Betting
Ice hockey betting: 75 % good average Sportingbet ice hockey betting
Horse betting: 71 % average Sportingbet horse betting
Mobile Laws: 87 % very good Sportingbet Mobile Betting

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