When searching for the right betting provider, it's not just the variety of offerings or the level of odds that are crucial – safety is also a significant factor when it comes to reputable betting providers. The security aspect holds considerable importance within the realm of trustworthy betting providers.

Just like in any industry, there are some bad apples in the betting business that punters should steer clear of. The team at gambleverdict.net is here to assist in finding reputable bookmakers, ensuring that you're always on the safe side! Trust us to guide you towards reliable betting providers, keeping you in good hands at all times!

Reputable betting providers 2023 – test results

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95 /100
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95 /100
94 /100
94 /100
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94 /100
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93 /100
92 /100
91 /100
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91 /100
91 /100
91 /100
90 /100
90 /100
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89 /100
88 /100
87 /100

Let me start by saying this upfront: As seen in the individual test reports, there may be differences in quality, but all participants in the comprehensive sports betting test meet the minimum requirements without any limitations.

At each of the bookmakers we feature on our site, placing sports bets is guaranteed to be secure and reliable! This means that you can rest assured knowing that every sportsbook we recommend prioritizes safety and trustworthiness. You can have peace of mind while engaging in the exciting world of sports betting with our trusted partners. With our extensive research and selection process, we ensure that only the most reputable bookmakers make it onto our platform. So, whether you're a seasoned bettor or just starting out, you can confidently place your wagers with our recommended bookmakers. Join our community of passionate sports enthusiasts and experience the thrill of betting in a secure and reputable environment!

Test criteria for bookmaker safety

However, what exactly distinguishes a reputable betting provider? In our experience, the following nine criteria are particularly crucial.

These are the aspects that distinguish reputable sports betting providers.

Top 10 trustworthy betting providers in October 2023

Here is the new English paragraph: Quickly discover the top ten reputable bookmakers in Canada at a glance before delving into the detailed examination of our safety test's criteria and results.

  1. Interwetten (95/100 rating)
  2. Bwin (95/100 rating)
  3. She gets thirsty (94/100 rating)
  4. Bet-at-home (94/100 rating)
  5. Betway (93/100 rating)
  6. Tipwin (92/100 rating)
  7. Happybet (91/100 rating)
  8. The odds (91/100 rating)
  9. Sportingbet (91/100 rating)
  10. AdmiralBet (91/100 rating)

In the following section, we present a brief portrait of the top three reputable betting providers in the Canadian sports betting market. You can find more detailed information about each bookmaker from our security test in the respective betting provider review. Discover further insights and evaluations to make an informed decision about the best betting options available for you. Explore our comprehensive analysis and assessments to ensure a secure and enjoyable betting experience.

Bwin 🥇

The top spot is claimed by the venerable bookmaker Bwin. This betting provider, with its roots in Austria, offers an impeccable overall package. Both its longstanding tradition and the utmost security standards make it an incredibly reputable betting platform. For many years, Bwin has been highly visible in terms of marketing and sponsoring across various sports, further solidifying its trustworthiness. Partnerships with numerous sporting events and clubs serve as testament to its unwavering integrity.

When it comes to money, there's no need to worry when using Bwin. Deposits and withdrawals work seamlessly, adhering to the industry's highest security standards. There is a wide array of payment options available, including even the inclusion of PayPal. Only a handful of bookmakers can boast a partnership with PayPal, which serves as yet another testament to the trustworthiness of this betting provider.

The image of a highly reputable sports betting provider is completed by its rich history, as well as a consistent offering (see also: Bwin bonus for new customers). The provider's longstanding legacy adds to its credibility and trustworthiness, just as its enduring range of options ensures customer satisfaction. The reputable sports betting platform is characterized not only by its reliable services, but also by its commitment to providing an exceptional experience for its customers. With a focus on innovation and customer-centricity, this esteemed provider continually strives to meet the needs and preferences of its user base. By combining a solid background with a diverse selection of features, this sports betting platform delivers an unparalleled experience for both new and existing customers. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, this provider stands out as a leader in the industry, offering a comprehensive and rewarding sports betting experience for all enthusiasts.


Sehr empfehlenswert
bwin gehört zu den größten und innovativsten Sportwettenanbietern. Das Wettangebot sucht sowohl Pre-Match als auch Inplay seinesgleichen. Dazu sorgt die Börsennotierung des Mutterkonzerns Entain für ein Höchstmaß an Seriosität. Einziger Minuspunkt sind die teils langwierigen Ladezeiten.

Bet365 🥈

Bet365 is a renowned bookmaker that has been operating for decades, establishing itself as one of the largest sports betting providers globally. With a multitude of licenses, including the newly acquired Canadian betting license, this bookie guarantees a secure and regulated betting experience.

When it comes to sponsorships, the bookmaker is truly impressive. The bookmaker has established partnerships with renowned football clubs, such as Stoke City, for instance.

She gets thirsty

Die Nummer eins im großen Sportwettenanbieter-Test! Weltmarktführer Bet365 besticht mit super Quoten und einem nahezu perfekten Wettangebot. Kleine Abzüge gab es nur beim Design.

Bet-at-home 🥉

Bet-at-home, the Austrian bookie, is a seasoned player in the realm of online sports betting. Even in their early days, they made waves with their extensive sponsorships, catching attention with partnerships with Hertha BSC, Schalke 04, and Gladbach. Their experience and reputation in the industry are unmatched, and their dedication to providing top-notch betting services is evident. With an array of betting options and a user-friendly interface, Bet-at-home ensures that every user has an enjoyable and seamless betting experience. So whether you're a seasoned bettor or new to the world of online sports betting, Bet-at-home is the go-to platform to fulfill all your betting needs.

In addition to obtaining a Canadian license, going public is also an indication of security and credibility.

Bet-at-home also meets the highest standards in the industry when it comes to data protection, thereby also aligning itself with the ranks of reputable betting providers. The company ensures that customer privacy is safeguarded and adheres strictly to industry regulations. With a strong commitment to maintaining the confidentiality of user data, Bet-at-home sets itself apart as a trustworthy and reliable platform for online betting. Rest assured, your personal information is in safe hands when you choose to wager with Bet-at-home.


Der an der Börse notierte Wettanbieter aus Österreich ist für sein ausführliches Spezial- und Langzeitwetten-Angebot bekannt. Bet-at-home Livewetten und Bonus performen im Wettanbieter-Test leider unterdurchschnittlich.

New reputable betting providers

The gambleverdict editorial team regularly evaluates new bookmakers, just as they do with the long-established ones. Every aforementioned criterion is meticulously examined down to the tiniest detail.

At the culmination of our testing series, the new bookmakers will be added to the roster of reputable betting providers.

The new sportsbook is ranked among reputable betting providers based on the number of points. However, even long-standing bookmakers are regularly subjected to scrutiny. Most recently, in March 2023, Chillybet, the newcomer in the betting industry, underwent thorough testing.

Dubious betting providers

Rest assured, the editorial team at gambleverdict.net can provide reassurance. All bookmakers listed fully meet the prescribed safety standards. You can trust that every betting provider in our overview has successfully fulfilled the required security criteria.

Otherwise, these bookmakers would not receive a betting license, which is awarded according to EU law and subject to strict regulations.

In every industry, you can find bad apples. That's why it's crucial to delve into the most renowned betting providers to carefully evaluate their pros and cons. Take the time to weigh them up, as there's much at stake.

To avoid creating an account with unreliable bookmakers, it is essential to take a look at the imprint and terms and conditions. These sections usually contain the required licensing information as well. Always ensure that the betting site you choose is reputable and trustworthy by conducting this preliminary check.

How do other popular betting providers like Tipico, Bet3000, or Betway perform?

At this point, many readers may be wondering about the credibility and safety of other highly popular betting providers. We are here to provide an answer to that and also introduce the renowned betting companies Tipico, Betway, and Bet3000 in a brief overview.


Betway, originally rooted in the British Isles, has garnered a significant following in Canada. There, one can marvel at a vast selection of bets, favorable odds, an outstanding Betway welcome bonus, and a plethora of other enticing offerings.

In terms of credibility, the bookmaker excels and impresses in every aspect, demonstrating exceptional integrity. Its commitment to trustworthiness sets it apart, leaving no room for doubt. The bookie's impeccable reputation is evident in its unwavering dedication to maintaining high standards and delivering on promises. With an unwavering focus on professionalism, this bookmaker consistently proves its reliability and earns the trust of its customers. In all respects, it stands as a shining example of integrity and authenticity, instilling confidence in its users.

Whether it's data protection, sponsorship, or customer experiences - this British bookmaker excels in all categories. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to safeguarding your personal information and ensuring your privacy. Moreover, their commitment to sponsoring various events and initiatives is commendable, as it showcases their dedication to supporting worthy causes and communities. Lastly, the positive feedback from their satisfied customers speaks volumes about the exceptional service they provide. With this bookie, you can be confident in your betting experience and trust that your needs will be prioritized.


Sehr empfehlenswert
Betway, mit einer deutschen Wettlizenz ausgestattet, hat in unserem Sportwetten Vergleich bei Zahlungen und beim Kundenservice sowie im App-Test stark abgeschnitten. Das Livewetten-Erlebnis ist aber noch ausbaufähig.


Bet3000 has gained significant recognition in Canada thanks to its numerous betting shops, which also serve as evidence of the bookmaker's credibility. This further validates the reputation of Bet3000 and contributes to its overall reliability.

Bet3000 is an extremely trustworthy bookmaker due to its numerous partnerships and licenses.

When it comes to payment options, Bet3000 excels in this area as well. Alongside a wide range of payment service providers such as VISA or MasterCard, Bet3000 also offers the convenience of PayPal.

The payment behavior at Bet3000 is excellent, just like all other bookmakers tested.


Deutscher Traditions-Anbieter ohne Wettsteuer und Zahlungsgebühren, dafür aber mit einem sehr hohen Quotenschlüssel. Die mobilen Wetten haben uns aber im Wettanbieter Vergleich nicht vollauf überzeugt.


Like every other bookmaker in our bookmaker ranking, Tipico also meets all safety standards and is completely a reputable bookmaker.

The bookmaker from Canada has achieved a favorable position in the rankings thanks to its high customer numbers and extensive marketing and sponsorship activities. Over the past few years, they have made many correct moves, which is likely why they are among the most popular bookmakers.

Tipico offers a strict selection process for its partners, including PayPal as one of the payment service providers.

Test criteria for reputable betting providers

Now let's delve into the specific criteria of our individual tests, following this brief overview of our top performers.

1. Secure deposit and withdrawal options.

The cornerstone of any reputable betting provider is, of course, the process of depositing and withdrawing funds. This procedure should be as straightforward and seamless as possible in order to ensure a worry-free betting experience. Only when this aspect is handled efficiently and without any hiccups can one bet with confidence.

Ultimately, it leaves the customer with anything but a positive impression when, for instance, the payout cannot be processed or issues arise during the transaction from the bank to the betting account. It is imperative to ensure a seamless experience for customers, avoiding any potential complications that may hinder the withdrawal of winnings or disrupt the transfer of funds between accounts. Trust and reliability are key factors in maintaining customer satisfaction and fostering a sense of security in the betting process.

While it is extremely rare for reputable bookmakers to encounter technical glitches or misunderstandings that may cause difficulties with withdrawals and deposits, such instances can still occur. However, it is important to note that these issues are infrequent and do not undermine the overall reliability of trustworthy betting providers.

If something should go awry, customers can always turn to reliable bookmakers for assistance. Generally, their customer service is prompt in providing a solution in no time.

Different withdrawal and deposit options can also provide an indication of the actual credibility of a bookmaker.

Reputable betting providers exclusively feature major credit card operators like VISA, MasterCard, or Diners Club, ensuring smooth deposits and withdrawals. You can find these trusted card options only at trustworthy bookmakers who prioritize seamless financial transactions.

After all, these credit card providers are internationally recognized companies that absolutely do not need to be associated with shady bookmakers. It is important to them that their reputation remains untarnished and their customers trust them implicitly. They go to great lengths to ensure the security of their transactions and protect their users from any criminal activities. By partnering with reputable merchants and implementing robust fraud detection systems, they aim to provide a seamless and secure experience for their cardholders.

If the e-wallet provider PayPal is available, it serves as another indicator of quality in terms of security. The reason behind this is that the company is renowned for collaborating exclusively with carefully chosen and highly reputable partners.

Therefore, if PayPal is among the payment methods offered by a bookmaker, customers can rest assured that they are dealing with a reputable betting company. The same applies to those betting providers that offer the Paysafecard as a payment option.

2. Customer service helpful and competent

A smooth deposit and withdrawal process is just as essential for a reputable betting company as providing excellent customer service. After all, there is nothing worse for a customer than not having a knowledgeable point of contact when facing an issue. A competent support representative is invaluable in such situations, as they can assist and address any concerns promptly. The importance of efficient customer service cannot be overstated in the realm of trustworthy gambling platforms.

It doesn't inspire much confidence when bookmakers avoid direct contact with their customers. Therefore, having a wide range of communication options is essential. It is imperative for bookmakers to offer various means of communication to build trust with their clients.

Providing a telephone hotline (preferably toll-free) and a live chat are considered significant advantages, as they allow for real-time interaction with customers. This enables the opportunity to promptly address their inquiries and concerns, which can be highly beneficial.

If contact is only possible via email or form, several hours or even days may pass before the customer receives a response. For many customers, a quick reaction from the bookmaker is indispensable, especially when it comes to sensitive issues like money.

In this modern era, having a postal address may seem outdated, but it is still beneficial to have one as it reflects transparency on the part of the provider. However, it is equally important to find the company's address listed in the imprint section as an alternative option. This ensures that customers can easily obtain the necessary contact information and maintain a sense of trust in the business.

However, quantity alone is only half the battle. The quality of responses must also be up to par with reputable betting providers. It certainly doesn't leave a good impression when customers receive standardized or even automated feedback. But that's not all - genuine interaction and personalized assistance go a long way in building trust and satisfaction. So, it's essential for trustworthy bookmakers to prioritize not only the quantity but also the quality of their responses to ensure a positive customer experience.

That is why having a telephone hotline is a criterion for quality when it comes to security and reliability. After all, when using this method of communication, it is much more difficult to brush off customers with half-hearted answers. A hotline provides a direct and personal connection, ensuring that customer inquiries are taken seriously and addressed promptly. It instills confidence in the company's commitment to providing excellent service and support.

3. Design of the website or sports betting app

The visual appeal is not only significant when it comes to food, but also in determining the trustworthiness of a business. Would you easily purchase a brand-new car from a dilapidated car dealership around the corner? Highly unlikely.

It is no different with online sports betting. Bookmakers who present a clearly thought-out and elaborately designed online presence automatically appear much more reputable. A well-crafted and visually appealing website is essential for instilling trust in potential customers. The professionalism and attention to detail displayed by the bookmaker's online platform go a long way in establishing credibility and reliability. When users come across a website that is user-friendly, visually appealing, and seamlessly functional, they are more likely to feel confident and comfortable placing their bets. Therefore, investing time and effort into creating an impressive online platform is crucial for bookmakers looking to attract and retain customers in the competitive world of online sports betting.

While it cannot be ruled out that dubious characters may also be concealed behind a beautiful facade, the probability is high that, since a well-thought-out online presence requires significant time and money, one is likely to deal with trustworthy individuals or companies in the end. It is worth noting that even though a visually appealing website can capture attention, it is crucial to scrutinize the reputation and credibility of the parties involved. By investing resources into creating an impressive online image, it is more probable that the individuals or organizations behind it are reliable.

However, it is not uncommon for bookmakers to pay little attention to their visual appearance, even though reputable operators are pulling the strings behind the scenes. In this case, it is advisable to check the bookie's reputation.

We have compiled the best sports betting apps in our app comparison. Alongside well-established applications like the Bet365 app, you will also find newcomers such as the sports betting app from Bildbet or the Tipwin app in our comparison. Join us as we explore these exciting options for betting on sports.

4. Reputation & customer volume

Normally, it is easy to find numerous articles on the internet about the reputation of well-known bookmakers.

Especially valuable are various forum posts where bettors share their experiences with different sports betting providers. In this regard, such contributions prove to be particularly beneficial.

Reports that cast doubt on the credibility of a bookmaker tend to spread like wildfire.

If, on the other hand, it is difficult to find anything negative regarding the credibility of a bookmaker online, then in most cases you can bet with peace of mind. However, for those who are not satisfied with this alone, they can also inquire about the customer volume of individual bookmakers.

When a bookmaker boasts a significant customer base, it generally indicates that the bookmaker usually conducts itself without any wrongdoing towards its clientele. This is often a reliable indicator to determine whether a particular bookmaker is trustworthy and customer-oriented. The loyalty of a large number of customers demonstrates the positive reputation and satisfaction level enjoyed by the bookmaker. Thus, a high customer base serves as evidence of the bookmaker's commitment to maintaining fair and ethical practices in dealing with its customers.

Otherwise, the company would hardly enjoy the trust of so many bettors.

5. Advertising presence & sponsorship

Whether dealing with a reputable bookmaker or not can also be determined by their public presence. Promotional spots on television, radio, or in well-known magazines serve as a solid indicator that the provider is a completely reliable company. This ensures a high level of trustworthiness.

On the one hand, advertising campaigns of this nature require a certain amount of capital, while on the other hand, television and radio stations also have a reputation to uphold. As a result, it can be trusted that only 100% reputable providers can advertise on these platforms. This is because such advertising endeavors necessitate a certain level of financial investment, and broadcasters are concerned about maintaining their image and credibility. Therefore, advertisers can rely on the assurance that only trustworthy and reliable brands will be able to promote their products or services through these channels.

Similarly, the same applies to sponsorships. Prominent sports clubs meticulously scrutinize which company will adorn their jersey, club website, or advertising board in the future.

It comes as no surprise that bookmakers, who are able to provide the necessary capital, often list a well-known sports club as a sponsor-partner on their website. Typically, this attests to a certain level of credibility for a betting company.

The license for sports betting is a requirement for reputable bookmakers.

The cornerstone of any reputable bookmaker, however, is undoubtedly the betting license. It is essential to prioritize this aspect before anything else when looking for a trustworthy bookie.

Typically, these licenses ensure that a bookmaker adheres to certain standards and undergoes regular assessments. One of the most coveted licenses is the one issued by the Mediterranean island of Malta, which serves as the operational base for many bookmakers. It guarantees their commitment to maintaining high quality and integrity in their business practices.

The reason is obvious: If a bookmaker holds a Maltese license, it sends a clear message to the customers that they are dealing with a completely secure and reputable company. But how exactly does a bookmaker obtain such a Maltese license?

Only if operators assure compliance with EU-wide standards, will it be verified whether they actually adhere to them and meet the high requirements that bookmakers must fulfill. This ongoing scrutiny ensures that the necessary checks are carried out consistently.

While a gambling license from Malta alone is sufficient to authenticate the credibility of a betting company, larger bookmakers often possess multiple licenses, such as those from the United Kingdom. These multiple licenses serve to further validate the reliability and professionalism of the bookmaker. It is common for reputable bookmakers to obtain various licenses from different jurisdictions, demonstrating their commitment to operating in compliance with high regulatory standards. Therefore, when selecting a betting platform, it is advantageous to consider not only the Maltese license but also any additional licenses held by the bookmaker, as they contribute to building trust and assurance among customers.

Naturally, one significant hallmark for local bettors is obtaining a Canadian betting license from Schleswig-Holstein, which is set to be replaced by the all-encompassing Canadian betting license starting in the summer of 2021.

In general, it can be said that all bookmakers we compared in our test possess one or more betting licenses, ensuring there should be no concerns regarding safety and credibility. Rest assured, these operators have met the necessary requirements to provide a secure and trustworthy betting experience.

A noteworthy aspect is the recent introduction of the new Canadian betting license, which came into effect on July 1, 2021 as part of the updated gambling state treaty. Several betting providers have obtained this Canadian betting license, which will subsequently transition into a full-fledged license during the summer months.

7. Data protection and moral responsibility are of great importance to reputable betting providers.

Especially during times when hackers repeatedly access sensitive customer data from various major corporations, a reliable data protection system is indispensable. This is even more important when users provide a company with credit card or banking information.

Not surprisingly, bookmakers who care about the well-being of their customers have implemented sophisticated security systems. It is only natural for them to prioritize the safety and protection of their clientele. Hence, it comes as no shock that these bookmakers have taken the necessary steps to install advanced and intricately designed security measures. Their commitment to ensuring a secure betting experience is evident in the elaborate systems they have put in place.

Your data is secure when you use sports betting providers that have an SSL certificate.

With this, a secure connection is ensured as content only travels over the network in encrypted form, the server's identity is verified, and algorithms are used to verify that the data reaches its respective recipient completely and unaltered.

However, privacy alone is just one side of the coin. Reputable bookmakers should not only be concerned about the financial well-being of their users, but also their mental well-being. The issue of gambling addiction is particularly sensitive for gambling companies. It is crucial for them to address this issue responsibly and provide support to those in need.

It is all the more delightful when bookmakers have no qualms about taking preventive measures. Many betting providers allow users to set limits, preventing the wagers from spiraling out of control.

In times of need, reputable companies always make sure to provide a direct avenue for assistance through their website. Collaborating with social institutions also serves as a testament to the care and well-being of their clients by these betting providers. It is a clear indication that the utmost importance is placed on the health and welfare of their valued clientele.

Although it may initially seem bothersome, the majority of reputable betting companies have now adopted the practice of requiring customers to undergo an account verification process prior to their first deposit or withdrawal.

On the one hand, this measure aims to prevent fraud, while on the other hand, it guarantees that only individuals who have reached the age of 18 can place bets. The primary objective here is to safeguard against deceptive activities, simultaneously ensuring that only those individuals who have attained the age of majority, which is 18, are permitted to engage in wagering.

8. Company history & industry experience

Longevity in the sports betting industry is not only important for traditions, it also provides a significant advantage over younger competitors. A well-established company history is beneficial in the world of wagering, just as it is in sports. The longer a sportsbook operator has been successfully operating in the market, the more confidence one can have that they operate with integrity and professionalism.

New entrants in the sports betting market must earn this reputation over the course of years. Thus, delving into the annals of certain bookmakers can provide crucial clues as to whether they are a particularly trustworthy company.

Ladbrokes stands as a prime exemplar of a long-standing tradition in sports betting, and it has earned the title of the top performer in this field. Dating all the way back to 1902 (!), this titan among bookmakers has been providing betting opportunities (founded in 1886). Finally, in 1998, their successful sports betting model made its way onto the internet, expanding their reach and accessibility.

However, it is not always necessary for a company's history to date back to the previous century in order to convey credibility. After all, companies that were launched around the turn of the millennium have been making a successful impact on the sports betting market for almost two decades now. They have managed to establish themselves as reputable players in the industry, despite being relatively young compared to their counterparts with longer histories.

9. Transparency: Crucial Factor for Trustworthy Betting Providers.

In evaluating the safety and reputation of a company, factors beyond tradition and corporate history come into play. Primarily, the size and financial strength of the respective business, along with the chosen legal structure of the company, are key considerations. These additional criteria significantly contribute to the overall assessment of security and standing.

Points are awarded here, for example, to publicly traded corporations.

The reason for this is that legally, companies that are listed on the stock exchange are required to increase transparency.

Transparency not only matters to investors or shareholders but also to the average bettor, as it demonstrates credibility. An open and honest approach is essential for building trust and maintaining a reputable image. In fact, it is in everyone's best interest to seek out platforms and businesses that prioritize transparency in their operations. By doing so, individuals can make informed decisions and have confidence in the integrity of the entities they interact with. Whether it's the stock market or online betting, transparency serves as a vital indicator of reliability and trustworthiness.

To create a professional image for customers, going public is not necessarily mandatory. Transparency can be conveyed through alternative means, thus leaving room for options. There are various ways to establish credibility without resorting to an initial public offering.

The impression of a company's credibility is greatly enhanced when it provides a comprehensive company biography, which can often be found under the "About Us" tab on various betting platforms. The more detailed the information the provider includes in this section, the more professional and trustworthy they appear.

In conclusion, there are indeed numerous ways to distinguish reputable from dubious betting establishments. Of course, the nine mentioned criteria merely serve as guidelines. It is therefore not necessary for a bookmaker to fulfill all the points mentioned.