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Which bookmaker has the finest selection of live betting options? Within this section, you will discover the most up-to-date ranking of the top bookmakers when it comes to live wagering:

The test results regarding live betting:

98 /100
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94 /100
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88 /100
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LeoVegas and Mr Green, two well-known bookmakers, are currently undergoing the application process for the new Canadian betting license. Both companies are eagerly seeking approval to operate legally in the Canadian market. The competition is fierce, as they vie for the opportunity to offer their wide range of betting options to Canadian sports enthusiasts. With their strong reputations and track records of providing exceptional services, LeoVegas and Mr Green are confident that they meet all the necessary criteria to obtain the coveted license. As the application process unfolds, both bookmakers are dedicated to demonstrating their commitment to responsible gambling practices and ensuring a safe and enjoyable betting experience for their customers.

It is safe to assume that the mentioned bookmakers will soon receive confirmation for the Canadian sports betting license. Until then, customers can continue to take advantage of the bookmakers' services.

Commencement of the live betting offering

Shortly after the turn of the millennium, the pioneers among online bookmakers came up with and executed the idea of sprucing up the portfolios of betting platforms, providing users with a truly unique way to experience the thrill of wagering.

What we mean to say is this: No longer could a prediction be made solely before the start of the event, and then one would simply have to wait for the outcome. Tips were also made possible during the game.

Nowadays, live betting has become an integral part of every bookmaker, and they are constantly striving to outdo each other in terms of the variety and execution of these bets. The implementation and range of live betting options have reached unprecedented levels, leaving no room for doubt about their significance in the betting industry.

The Live bets were tested in this manner

The test editorial team has developed criteria for evaluating real-time betting offers that are essential to users and allow for an assessment and comparison of the quality of live betting options offered by various bookmakers. This enables users to make informed decisions and choose the best bookie for their live betting needs.

When evaluating an offer from a bookmaker, the analysis of what is presented is traditionally the main focus. When it comes to live betting, however, it is important to examine a particular question from various perspectives: What is being offered?

The categories considered for testing live bets are as follows:

  • What does the betting program have to offer in terms of scope and time factor?
  • What can be bet on in real-time - that is, what betting options are available to the user?
  • How does the level of odds behave in live betting? How does the bookmaker manage to adjust the odds under time pressure?

Finally, an assessment of the quality of the various live betting centers at different bookmakers is derived from the answers to these questions and the key aspect of preparation.

The more diverse the range of sports, events, and games, or the more appealing the odds, the higher the points awarded in the sports betting review for this category. It is essential to have a wide selection of sports disciplines and an exciting variety of games and events to capture the interest of bettors. Moreover, offering competitive odds is crucial in attracting users and enhancing their betting experience. Therefore, in evaluating sports betting platforms, these factors are given significant consideration and are taken into account to ensure a comprehensive and fair assessment.

The live betting program

The initial and decisive aspect in assessing a bookmaker's performance in terms of live betting is, naturally, the betting program. What does that mean exactly? It's quite simple: the actual selection on offer.

The interconnectedness and globalization of our world have facilitated the dissemination of information, ensuring that we are always aware of any sporting event taking place on our planet, regardless of the discipline.

If this event is not only at a professional level but also generates interest, it is fundamentally qualified to actively shape the world of sports betting.

Bet365 Live Betting Center (iPad screenshot taken on June 21, 2022)

The result: Almost every bookmaker who values their live betting options offers around-the-clock betting opportunities in their live betting center. This leads to a situation where virtually all reputable betting providers pride themselves on providing non-stop live betting possibilities.

Typically, these events are dominated by soccer matches, with a strong inclination towards live betting on tennis and various other ball sports. Furthermore, real-time wagering on tennis and other ball sports is highly favored among punters. Soccer games usually take the lead, while live betting on tennis and other ball sports is also a popular choice. In addition, real-time betting on tennis and other ball sports is widely embraced, making them major attractions in the betting world.

The range of sports and events available seems incredibly diverse. Bookmakers who successfully implement this in their live betting centers earn points compared to other betting providers. Therefore, the opportunities for different sports and events appear to be extremely varied, resulting in bookmakers receiving recognition and gaining an advantage in the industry.

The focus lies on several criteria in this regard:

  1. Number of live events per day.
  2. Number of different sports
  3. Games and tournaments from various leagues and skill levels.

The variability among real-time betting options can be quite significant, particularly when it comes to selecting sports wagers outside of football and tennis, as well as incorporating smaller events into the betting lineup. The fluctuation range between various betting offers in this realm is quite notable. This specifically pertains to the assortment of sports bets beyond the realms of football and tennis, and the integration of smaller-scale events into the overall betting program.

Bookmakers that offer the same level of quality for in-play tips as they do for pre-match sports betting are awarded extra points in the rating. The entire range of pre-match sports bets should be available for in-play tips to receive these additional points.

The various betting options available in live mode.

The nature of live betting presents additional opportunities beyond the betting options that can already be placed pre-match. This characteristic allows for a wider range of possibilities to be explored, granting bettors more choices to consider and engage with during a live event. In addition to the regular wagering options available beforehand, live betting introduces an exciting dynamic that enhances the overall betting experience.

The reason for this is quite simple: while before the kickoff, one can only place bets on fixed elements of the sport, the bookmakers can adjust their betting options during the game in response to the events happening on the field.

Betway conjures up a plethora of live tennis bets from their sleeve.

Therefore, there are numerous opportunities for sports enthusiasts to place bets on specific elements of the game, tailored to the particular sport. Betting aficionados can explore a wide range of possibilities, allowing them to wager on various aspects and intricacies of the game. This grants them the chance to delve deeper into the sport of their choice, placing bets on specific elements that capture their interest. Such a diverse array of betting options caters to the diverse preferences of sports enthusiasts, ensuring an engaging and tailored betting experience.

The range of options offered by betting operators seems to have no limit - because some bookmakers offer a betting option for almost every whistle on the field. The variety of choices available is seemingly endless, with numerous opportunities to place bets throughout the game.

The strength or weakness of a bookmaker in relation to live betting lies precisely in the variety of betting markets available for each sport. While some bookmakers offer over 50 betting options even for smaller, less significant games, others only provide the standard main bets. It is this diversity of betting markets that sets bookmakers apart and determines their strength or weakness in the realm of live betting.

Diversity ultimately implies more than just providing users with an extensive selection, but also securing a favorable rating within the sports betting test category. It's about offering a wide array of options, ensuring that users have ample choices at their disposal, and striving to achieve a positive evaluation within the sport wagering test section.

Those bookmakers who boast an almost infinite variety of options on their betting platforms are duly rewarded with points.

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The live betting odds

Engaging in live betting entails a substantial degree of excitement and thrill. Furthermore, quick decisions must be made in favor of or against a prediction. The level of anticipation and adrenaline rushes to new heights as you watch the game unfold in real-time. With each passing moment, the outcome becomes more uncertain, adding to the exhilaration. It is a test of wit and intuition as you analyze the unfolding events and swiftly react to them. The dynamic nature of live betting keeps you on the edge of your seat, making it an electrifying experience that avid sports enthusiasts relish.

Given the time constraints and the plethora of game-related information, there is limited mental space available to ponder upon the quality of betting odds.

There are two factors that come into play when it comes to the allocation of points regarding the odds. It is all the more reason to thoroughly examine and research this aspect in a test, so that the user ultimately knows where they stand.

  • "The first point naturally focuses on the quality of the betting odds themselves. These are determined by the bookmakers based on numerous factors such as team performance, recent form, and market demand." The calculation of the payout ratio has been made comparable. .

    This value provides information about the percentage of betting stakes that remain with the bookmaker or are paid out as winnings.

The leading bookmakers in terms of live betting performance achieve results of up to 95% or even 96% during top events, showcasing their exceptional value. With a keen focus on real-time action, these top-rated platforms consistently deliver high odds that maximize the potential returns for bettors. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and extensive market analysis, these bookmakers ensure that their customers have access to the most accurate and competitive live betting odds available. This commitment to excellence positions them as trusted partners for sports enthusiasts seeking an immersive and rewarding betting experience.

In addition to the peak values, further samples from various sports and different performance levels were taken to assess the betting odds. The variation in the decline of odds with decreasing performance level is also considered as one of the criteria in the extensive sports betting test.

  • The second point addressed relates to a typical characteristic of live betting: It is well known that live betting thrives on speed. However, the user can only quickly react to various game events if the betting provider does so as well.

At bwin, changes in odds are indicated by arrows pointing upwards or downwards.

In order for bookmakers to meet the special requirement criteria for live betting, it is also essential to promptly react to actions on the field and adjust the betting offer and odds accordingly.

This is also a significant technical challenge, among other things.

Bookmakers that promptly adjust their odds to match the course of the game provide users with the ultimate betting experience. Additionally, the technical implementation and user labeling also play a crucial role in this aspect.

Most often, changes in odds for live betting are indicated by arrows and color-coded markings.

If a quota is currently being adapted, this bet cannot be placed at the moment. The blocking is also visually indicated (usually with a lock).

Service for live betting

In order to gain great feedback from users and test editors, it is of little use to online bookmakers with a reputation if they can present a comprehensive betting program with impressive odds but fail to present it in a customer-friendly and service-oriented manner. Even though they may offer a wide range of betting options with attractive odds, it will hardly benefit bookmakers who are popular and well-regarded if their presentation lacks customer-friendliness and a service-oriented approach.

Because those who want to place live sports bets have little time to spend searching for deals or information and betting options on the betting platform.

Therefore, it is essential for the evaluation of the betting providers to have a high level of usability and an intuitive structure of the live betting center.

The evaluation of live bets is influenced by the following five factors:

  1. Calendar for event overview
  2. Display options
  3. Receive information through live scores and statistics.
  4. Streams and live images
  5. Usability and betting

1.) Calendar for event overview

The majority of bookmakers provide an incredible range of various sports and games in the realm of live betting. To keep track of it all and, above all, not to miss out on a specific event, it is important to maintain an overview.

Numerous bookmakers focus on optimal preparation and provide a calendar that displays several days in advance, or at the very least all the betting options for the next 24 hours. They prioritize thorough planning to ensure that users have access to all the necessary information and can make informed decisions. This approach allows bettors to stay updated on upcoming events and increases their chances of placing successful bets. By offering this comprehensive overview, bookmakers aim to enhance the overall betting experience for their customers.

888Sports Live Calendar

Ideally, this calendar should be equipped with a filtering or search function to expedite the user's access to the desired information about upcoming live events. With the aid of such a feature, users can swiftly navigate through the calendar and find the specific details they are seeking, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

However, points in the assessment of live bets can be earned not only for that purpose. Additional information about available live streams or similar features also contributes to the bookmaker's score. These details are credited to the bookmaker's account in the evaluation.

2.) Design & Presentation

While the calendar provides an overview of upcoming betting opportunities, real-time betting places particular emphasis on keeping track of all current events of interest. It is important to stay up to date with the latest happenings in order to make informed decisions and capitalize on favorable betting situations. With real-time betting, you can immerse yourself in the excitement of ongoing events and take advantage of any unexpected twists and turns. Stay tuned and be ready to seize the moment with our dynamic platform that brings you closer to the action.

There are significant variations in the implementation here, which should primarily cater to the user's preference. Betting providers who want to play it safe in this regard opt for uniqueness and allow the sports bettor to decide for themselves how they would like it.

Customer-oriented bookmakers design their live betting centers in such a way that the sports bettor can choose from various perspectives. In this case, individual events or betting options can be the driving force behind the decision.

Various presentation options for live betting:
  • Calendar Overview: Events sorted by date and time.
  • Event view: all currently ongoing live events listed
  • Single view: a single selected event is displayed with all betting options and information.
  • Multi-view: multiple selected live events are displayed side by side with various information.

Event view at Bet-at-home

In many cases, search functions are also available, which show the quick path to the desired offer. Sometimes, personalized views can also be made in one's own betting account, but registration on the betting platform is essential for this.

3.) Obtain information through live scores and statistics.

For those bettors who approach their betting selections in a serious manner, having information about the match and the teams is essential. This is particularly true for live betting, as decisions are made based on the most recent events. After all, staying up-to-date with the current happenings is crucial when it comes to making informed choices.

Sport betting providers have also recognized this. A clear trend towards expanding the current flow of information has been evident in recent times.

Nowadays, every reputable bookmaker has equipped their live betting service with a range of tools designed to assist users in making their betting decisions. These tools are specifically tailored to offer valuable insights and guidance to users, ensuring they can make informed choices when placing their bets.

The dissemination of this information is remarkably diverse – ideally, bookmakers even offer multiple channels within their in-house live betting center to disseminate up-to-date information. It is crucial for them to present these details in various ways, ensuring a comprehensive coverage of all aspects. By utilizing a range of mediums, such as live streaming, real-time statistics, and expert analysis, they can effectively provide their customers with a wealth of information to enhance their betting experience.

There are a variety of options available for this purpose, including match statistics, a live score board, animated graphics that depict the game action, or even live tickers that document events through commentary.

Bet365 live statistics screenshot taken on 21.06.2022.

A note should be mentioned here for users who enjoy disabling the computer's speaker:

Several of the tested live betting centers have the capability to transmit not only visual information but also auditory signals. With a variety of options available, these centers offer a comprehensive experience that appeals to both sight and sound. By incorporating audio cues into the betting process, users can receive real-time updates and notifications in an engaging and immersive manner. This innovative feature adds an extra layer of excitement and convenience, enhancing the overall betting experience for users. Whether it's the roar of the crowd or the commentator's insightful analysis, these auditory signals provide an additional dimension to the live betting experience. Users can stay connected and make informed decisions, all while enjoying the thrilling atmosphere of live sports events.

A defined sound is used to indicate goals or other game-changing events. This becomes especially useful when tracking multiple events or working in different browsers or windows.

4.) Streams and live images

In addition to a variety of data, real-time scores, and up-to-date game statistics, there is just one option for users to gain a truly immersive experience of the gameplay and the crucial aspects that are of interest for live betting: live footage.

These can often be found on television during major events that are of local interest to sports bettors. If the desired football or tennis match or the desired sports event is not broadcast live on television, some bookmakers can provide a solution!

The availability of this service to customers has become an indispensable aspect in evaluating real-time sports betting, as several betting providers, particularly those at the forefront of live betting offerings, offer this feature.

Live-Streaming bei AdmiralBet

Excursion on Livestreaming on the Internet:

The term "stream" is the anglicized word for the use of videos on the internet. Nowadays, various platforms and TV stations offer media libraries that allow users to consume videos or broadcasts in real-time or on-demand via the internet. These services enable individuals to watch videos or live streams at their convenience, providing a flexible and personalized viewing experience.

This upward trend is evident in the increasing usage of various services, ranging from television series to movies and sports broadcasts. It is noteworthy that this trend applies to both mobile devices and desktop computers or internet-connected televisions. The inclination towards accessing and enjoying these offerings is on a clear rise for users across different platforms.

This trend does not spare the world of online sports betting either. Especially in the realm of live betting, it is crucial to always stay updated and have knowledge of all events happening on the field. This trend has also made its way into the realm of online sports betting, specifically in the area of live betting. It is of utmost importance to be well-informed and aware of all the occurrences on the game field.

Livestreams cater to this desire for up-to-the-minute information and are considered essential by many betting companies. The range of offerings, however, can vary greatly among different bookmakers.

The decision to engage in real-time betting with a bookmaker can be significantly influenced by the information regarding the availability of live footage and the priority events being shown. Consequently, such details play a crucial role in determining whether or not to opt for live wagering.

Many bookmakers choose to unveil their selection of live streams exclusively to those users who are registered on the betting platform or have an active betting account.

This implies that within a certain period of time, a bet must have been placed or an equivalent amount of credit must be available in the betting account.

5.) Usability & Wettabgabe

Customer-friendliness is an essential aspect that cannot be overlooked when summarizing. This holds particularly true when it comes to placing bets. The convenience and ease of bet placement should always be a top priority. It is crucial to ensure that customers have a seamless and hassle-free experience when wagering. Prioritizing user-friendly interfaces and intuitive features fosters a positive betting experience. The goal is to make the process as effortless and straightforward as possible, leaving customers satisfied and eager to return.

The smooth and seamless execution of real-time transactions is crucial in the world of live betting, where every second counts. It is imperative to eliminate delays and cumbersome obstacles that may hinder the process. After all, in the realm of live wagering, mere seconds can make or break the outcome.

Some bookmakers offer options to expedite the process of placing bets. This is achieved through pre-settings on the betting slip, so that ultimately only the prediction and possibly the corresponding wager need to be defined.

Quick tip for fast betting on Bet3000.

Such preferences may include the acceptance or refusal of any changes in odds, regardless of their direction. Users have the flexibility to define their own thresholds for what they consider acceptable alterations in odds. Additionally, the system allows users to set their preferences for the types of odds changes that they are willing to tolerate. Whether it is an increase or decrease in odds, users can customize their settings accordingly. The platform ensures that users have complete control over their betting experience by allowing them to dictate the parameters within which they are comfortable.

If the conclusion of bets and the settlement of bets can be done quickly and easily, like at Bet3000, the sports betting provider can expect good ratings from the gambleverdict editorial team.

The exponential rise in the usage of portable devices, such as smartphones and tablets, has led to a significant increase in the number of live bets placed on the go through these gadgets. One might even describe it as a burgeoning trend.

As a result, the bookmakers are obliged to optimize their betting program – particularly their in-play bets – for smaller screens. This leads to the necessity of streamlining their wagering options and tailoring them to the specific needs of mobile users. Consequently, the focus shifts towards creating a user-friendly interface that ensures seamless navigation and enhances the overall betting experience on handheld devices. By doing so, they can cater to a wider audience and provide an enjoyable and convenient betting platform for users with limited screen space.

The mobile sports betting segment, although not specifically addressed in this context, is of importance for the live betting offering. However, a comprehensive analysis will be conducted as part of the evaluation of mobile wagering options.

Those bookmakers who can bring the perfect combination of wide and diverse selection of bets, attractive odds, and high level of convenience and service to their betting platform, are the ones that score the most points in the comprehensive live betting test.

Bet365 is currently dominating the field and can almost snatch up the maximum number of points, thus earning itself the title of the top scorer in the Live Betting category.


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