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In 2009, a positive impression was gained by the bookmaker through a relaunch of their online presence, drawing upon their previous experience in the field. This revamp of their internet platform proved to be successful, further solidifying their position in the industry.

With outstanding performance in the website usability test category, Interwetten, the Austrian bookmaker, takes the lead in terms of page loading times as well. Boasting an impressive rating of 87% and a highly favorable evaluation, this online bookmaker enables users to swiftly pursue any betting tip that comes their way.

Despite the animated indications of the current highlights in the betting action and the dynamic typography during the ongoing live events, the structure of Interwetten's online platform exhibits virtually no lag when accessed with a typical internet connection in most attempts. Apart from its visually appealing design, the platform stands out for its effortless navigation and high level of user-friendliness, all while maintaining a swift performance.

Placing bets on Interwetten is just as quick and easy as finding the desired selection. One notable advantage of this bookmaker compared to others is the smooth operation of live betting. Despite the brief wait when opening the live console, with the request to "please wait a moment," there is absolutely no risk for placing bets on events happening in real-time.

And, most importantly, thanks to the One Click Bet option, the website provides a great opportunity to quickly submit a valid betting slip. Once the function is enabled and a wager is set, the user, as the name suggests, can place their bet with just one click.

Overall, when it comes to speed and duration of website loading time, the Austrian bookmaker Interwetten is among the best in the market. The only downside, compared to the top-ranked Bet365, is the slightly longer opening time of the live betting console. Nevertheless, from this standpoint, the Interwetten website is highly recommended for sports bettors even during periods of increased demand for their services.

Full overview of Interwetten's test results.

Test area Score Evaluation Review
Overall rating: 89 % very good Interwetten experiences
Betting odds: 86 % very good Interwetten betting odds
Betting offer: 91 % terrific Interwetten betting offer
Live betting offer: 88 % very good Interbetting Live Betting
Deposit: 85 % good average Interwetten deposit
Payout: 88 % very good Interwetten payout
Customer service: 91 % excellent Interwetten customer service
Website service: 93 % terrific Interwetten website
Performance/loading time: 87 % very good Interwetten loading times
New customer bonus: 89 % very good Interwetten bonus
Security: 95 % terrific Interwetten facts and information
Football betting: 95 % excellent Interwetten football betting
Tennis Laws: 88 % very good Interwetten Tennis Betting
Ice hockey betting: 95 % excellent Interwetten ice hockey betting
Mobile Laws: 98 % excellent Interwetten Mobile Bets