Happybet ist mit einer deutschen Wettlizenz ausgestattet und bietet einen 100 € Neukundenbonus. Der junge Bookie erhält schon jetzt das Prädikat “Empfehlenswert”, muss sich aber besonders bei den Livewetten noch verbessern, um mit den ganz Großen der Branche mithalten zu können.

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Happybet, the sports betting provider also known as HPYBET, was founded in 2011 by Oliver Fröhlich. In addition to its online sports betting offering, it operates several betting shops in Canada and Austria.

Happybet has secured a Canadian license, establishing itself as one of the pioneers in the industry. Our team thoroughly examined Happybet, evaluating it across various categories.

Happybet.ca has obtained a license to facilitate sports betting in Canada since July 1, 2021. The renewal of this authorization took place on January 1, 2023. Below you can find a comprehensive compilation of all bookmakers licensed in Canada.

Happybet test rating

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Happybet FAQ

Is Happybet reputable?

Yes, the bookmaker holds licenses in Canada and Malta, prioritizing the safety of young individuals and players. The protection of personal information is also highly emphasized, with a strong commitment to safeguarding your data.

Is there a Happybet chat available?

Certainly! Here's a completely different English paragraph for the new website: Indeed, establishing contact with Happybet can be done through their live chat feature. However, it is important for users to be logged into their betting account in order to access this option.

Where are the Happybet branches located?

Happybet betting shops can be visited in Canada and Austria. One well-known branch is the Happybet Frankfurt store. You can find a wide range of betting options and excellent customer service at this location. Happybet is known for its fair odds and reliable payouts. Whether you are a seasoned bettor or new to the world of sports betting, the staff at Happybet Frankfurt will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect bet. So, if you're looking for a thrilling betting experience, make sure to visit the renowned Happybet Frankfurt shop.

How does a Happybet deposit work?

Customers interested in placing bets have a range of options available for making deposits. PayPal, Paysafecard, credit card, bank transfer, instant transfer, and Giropay are all at your disposal. Choose the method that suits you best and enjoy a seamless betting experience.

What is the deal with Happybet franchise?

Happybet Franchise offers the Happybet Shop, which you can find as a bookmaker's office in Canada. If you're planning to open a betting shop, Happybet is the perfect partner for you.

Table of contents

About Happybet

Happybet, formerly known as HPYBET, was established in 2011, but took a hiatus from the Canadian market in 2017 to enhance its marketing strategies and revamp its website. In 2018, the provider made a comeback with a fresh new design under the name of HPYBET.

After being acquired by the Snaitech Group from Italy in 2021, the betting provider is once again operating under the "old" name Happybet. However, the name HPYBET has not completely disappeared, as can be seen from the website's internet address and elsewhere on the webpage.

Trinity Bet Operations Ltd, the company responsible for the bookmaker, is based in Malta. The provider holds a license from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), obtained from there. Additionally, Happybet has been granted the Canadian betting license by the Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt.

The sports betting provider additionally has over 100 betting shops in Canada and Austria.

  • E-mail
  • Licensed
    Malta, Canada, Österreich
  • Bonus
  • Residential address
    Center Dome, Level 1, Triq Il-Bazilika, Il-Mosta MST 3291, Malta

Happybet Canada

Happybet is a Canadian bookmaker founded in Frankfurt by Oliver Fröhlich. Since 2018, after a period of inactivity, the bookmaker has made a comeback in the Canadian market.

HPYBet gained recognition through its network of betting shops and past sponsorships of FC St. Pauli and Bayer Leverkusen. Currently, HPYBet is actively involved with AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Austrian Bundesliga club SV Ried. The bookmaker's reputation has been established through its physical betting locations and partnerships with prominent football clubs. In addition to its previous collaborations, HPYBet is now focusing on fostering relationships with the Italian and Austrian football giants.

Happybet is the official betting partner of AC Milan.

Yes, Happybet is completely legitimate in Canada. The provider has been granted the new Canadian sports betting license for 2021 in accordance with the State Treaty on Gambling. As a result, the bookmaker is legally offering its services to Canadian players, allowing them to place their bets within the bounds of the law.

Happybet login Canada

Logging in on the Happybet page is quickly done. Here is a detailed description:

  1. Visit the homepage of Happybet and click on the person icon in the top right corner.
  2. You will then be asked for your username and password.
  3. After entering, you can click on "login" and you will be logged in.

Access your Happybet account by logging in | Must be 18 or older | Terms and conditions apply

Advantages and Disadvantages of Happybet

  • Happybet assumes the betting tax for combination bets.
  • Convincing sports betting app
  • Easy operation of the website
  • High Minimum Odds for Bonuses
  • Few payment options
  • Thin live betting offer

HPYBET test experiences

We have thoroughly tested Happybet in eleven categories (betting options, betting odds, best sports betting bonus, etc.) multiple times. To provide you with an overview: the bookmaker performs reasonably well and achieves a similar score as many other competitors.

However, something is missing when it comes to top bookmakers like Bet365, Bwin, or Betway, who, unlike HPY Bet, are also traditional bookmakers. They lack a certain element.

Before delving into the outcomes of Happybet, let us first acquaint you with the fundamentals of betting, such as registration and placing bets.

How to register a Happybet betting account

You can create an account as follows:

  • Visit the website and click on the blue "Register" button.
  • Window 1, enter login details: username, password, email, and phone number.
  • Enter personal data into window 2: first name, last name, date of birth, nationality, and address.
  • Accept window 3, privacy policies, and minimum age of 18, and complete registration.

Open an account at Happybet | 18+ | Terms and conditions apply.

Here is how to place Happybet bets.

  1. Proceed with the Happybet login.
  2. Choose a sport on which you want to place your bet.
  3. Afterwards, select the team or athlete and the game.
  4. Now you need to click on the odds to add them to your betting slip.
  5. The betting slip is indicated by the shopping cart symbol and is clearly visible at the top. Click on it.
  6. The betting slip opens, enter the desired amount and finally place your bet.

The Happybet betting slip

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

Happybet betting offer

87 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

We delved into the variety of sports and types of bets offered by Hpybet in its betting options. Following that, we examined how Hpybet fares against its competitors in the betting market. It was intriguing for us to explore and compare the range of sports and types of bets available. We also took a close look at Hpybet's performance relative to other players in the betting industry.

Temporary restrictions may occur in the range of sporting events and betting markets on happybet.ca. We will keep you updated on any changes. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

With a total of 20 to 25 sports available, the range of betting options offered by Hypbet is quite compact, but it covers all the essentials. However, they're not the only ones in this arena. The leading contender in this category, Bet365, boasts over 30 sports in their repertoire. Close behind are others like bwin or Bet-at-home, offering just under 30 sports to choose from.

You can naturally place most of your Hpybet sports bets on football. Following that, sports such as tennis, basketball, and ice hockey are available. Exotic sports like Australian Football or Futsal are also present. The top bookmakers offer even more options (e.g., water polo, speedway, or bowls).

To find out the specific sports available at Happybet, users can easily navigate through the sports list. Alongside, they can also view the number of online bets for each sport at that moment.

Sports at Happybet

Regarding the sports categories, it is important to mention that due to the Canadian Interstate Treaty on Gambling, E-Sports and political betting are not permitted to be offered. You can find more information here.

Happybet football betting

Football is the number one sport at almost every bookmaker, including this betting provider. In addition to the top leagues and several other European leagues, lesser-known ones like the Pakistani Premier League or the second Argentine League are also featured. Various betting options are available for football enthusiasts, covering a wide range of matches and tournaments.

The football selection is therefore satisfactory. The variety of betting options is also pleasing. Here, the user is presented with a large amount. The best way to get an overview is by tapping on the respective betting category. All bets within the category will then be displayed.

Types of bets in football

With the league's increasing popularity, the variety of betting options decreases. Nevertheless, all European leagues are rich in offerings. This holds true, for instance, for the Icelandic or Croatian leagues.

Place your Bundesliga bets at Happybet.

Happybet takes great care and dedication in providing a multitude of betting options for the Canadian Bundesliga. Alongside the traditional wagers, they also offer a variety of long-term bets, such as season-long head-to-head matchups and predicting the top team from a selected group of teams. Rest assured, Happybet ensures a diverse and exciting experience for Bundesliga enthusiasts.

In addition to the Canadian Bundesliga, there are other leagues such as the 2nd Bundesliga, 3rd Liga, Regionalliga, and the DFB-Pokal. These competitions also offer a wide range of betting options. When it comes to the Regionalliga, we have only identified those in Bavaria. Rest assured that there are plenty of exciting wagering opportunities across all these football tournaments.

Betting on the Bundesliga

Betting on the Top Leagues

The top leagues in England, Italy, Spain, and France are equipped with a wide variety of betting options. In England, the lower divisions are also well covered, allowing bets to be placed all the way up to the National League.

In Italy, the competition extends down to Serie C, while in Spain, La Liga 2 remains alongside the renowned La Liga. Similarly, in France, there exists not only Ligue 1 but also Ligue 2 and the National League.

Happybet betting today

Happybet displays its daily bets on its website under the category "Most Popular Games." Users can choose to view these bets for each specific sport. Live betting events, although not immediately visible, can be accessed through the Live-Icon in the footer.

Current bets of the day

To display bets of the day in a different way, users can utilize the feature known as Quick Links. By tapping on "Betting," they can find this option easily. Subsequently, it will be displayed at the top. This option ultimately reveals all the games scheduled for today or the following day.

Quickly access all games scheduled for today and tomorrow via the provided quicklinks.

eSports offer

Happybet has removed esports betting from its betting program, as mentioned, due to the State Treaty on Gambling. This implies that Canadian customers must forego betting on Dota 2, CS:GO, or League of Legends. However, this applies to every bookmaker with a Canadian license.

Timo: "The typical bettor can find all the necessary sports in the HPYBET betting offering. However, if you prefer betting on more exotic sports, it would be advisable to consider Bet365, bwin, or Sportingbet. Nevertheless, the variety of betting options available is undoubtedly excellent."

Happybet Betting odds

85 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

The odds are a crucial criterion when deciding on a bookmaker. The true quality of the odds is demonstrated by the so-called payout percentage and also by comparison with the competition. We have thoroughly examined Happybet in these aspects.

Happybet odds experiences

Happybet positions itself in the midfield with an average odds margin of 94-95%. The top bookmakers achieve values of over 96%. However, this bookmaker reaches the 96% mark in top football leagues such as the Bundesliga, La Liga, Premier League, Serie A, and the Champions League. Its odds are competitive and attractive, making it a reliable choice for sports betting enthusiasts.

Other European leagues are slightly behind. Examples include the Dutch Eredivisie and the Portuguese Primeira Liga, both operating at 95%. The Belgian First Division A and the Austrian Bundesliga follow closely at 94%, while the Danish Superligaen achieves a solid 93%. Leading bookmakers in football odds, such as Bet3000, even reach a key of up to 98%.

In other sports, a different outlook emerges. When it comes to tennis, we could only ascertain a success rate of 94% at a Grand Slam tournament. Similarly, in major US sports such as the NBA, NFL, and MLB, the odds tend to be just average.

Happybet odds key overview

sport Competition Quota key
football Bundesliga 96 %
football 2. Bundesliga 95/96 %
football Premier League 96 %
football The league 96 %
football A league 96 %
Tennis ATP Tour 94 %
Eishockey OF THE 93 %
Handball HBL 93 %
Basketball NBA 94 %
American Football NFL 92/93 %

In terms of comparing football odds with the competition, Happybet performs admirably and consistently offers higher rates for the favorites. They excel at providing favorable odds that are always within the realm of higher values. One can easily find Happybet among the leaders when it comes to offering lucrative odds for the favored teams. Their commitment to providing competitive rates sets them apart from their competitors. Happybet consistently delivers superior odds that are sought after by both seasoned bettors and newcomers. You can rely on Happybet to offer attractive odds that enhance your chances of winning.

Happybet excels in offering competitive odds only in top-tier football matches, while its odds for tennis, ice hockey, US sports, and other sports are just average. As a result, it secures a place in the middle of the rankings.

Happybet Live Bets

84 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

When it comes to the range of betting options, the same factors apply to live betting: the number of sports, competitions, and games covered is crucial. Equally fascinating are the types of bets available. In contrast to the regular betting program, HPYBET may lose a few points in this area.

Experiences with live betting on Happybet

When it comes to live betting, HPYBET doesn't exactly shine. Although the major sports and games are available here as well, overall, the offering fails to match up to most of the bookmakers we've tested. In terms of variety and quality, it falls short of the mark.

One of the distinguishing features of a good live program is the availability of 24/7 live betting, which unfortunately HPYBET does not offer. Regardless of the time of day, their offering falls behind others in the industry.

On the flip side, bettors of top competitions in popular sports like soccer, tennis, ice hockey, handball, or basketball need not fret. These are also featured in the live program. As for the variety of betting options, the selection is equally impressive for events in these sports.

In the realm of in-play betting, there are not only the "regular" bets but also wagers like predicting the winner within the remaining time of the game. Even novices in the live betting domain will easily navigate through the user-friendly interface and adapt swiftly.

Even in its mobile view, Happybet's live betting center is impressive.

Live betting odds

After successfully implementing the relaunch in Canada, Happybet was able to increase its odds from 92% to 95%. The live odds, however, are slightly lower, which is also the case with other sports betting providers.

The odds margin for live betting stands at approximately 92% for popular competitions, while it can drop below 90% for niche sports. In highly anticipated events, bookmakers strive to offer competitive odds and maximize the potential winnings for bettors. However, when it comes to less mainstream sports, the odds might be slightly lower to reflect the lower demand and market liquidity. It is important for punters to consider these variations in odds and make informed decisions based on their knowledge of the sport and the prevailing market conditions.

Watch live streams and stay updated with real-time results

Happybet offers live streaming, including streams for La Liga and Ligue 1. A streaming icon indicates which events are accompanied by live images.

When it comes to live results, you can get an overview of the ongoing games and their current scores. This gives you the opportunity to react and place a live bet during the match. Stay up to date with the latest action and make the most of your betting experience.

HPYBET tends to neglect live betting in comparison to its competitors. While the selection is decent during peak hours on Saturdays and Sundays, it is not particularly extensive at other times.

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

Happybet Bonus

85 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

A welcome bonus is like the initial scent that a bookmaker can leave. To make a bonus convincing, the amount of the bonus, the number of turnovers, and the minimum odds should all work together. And of course, the user should not be overwhelmed.

Happybet new customer bonus

The remarkable inclusion in HPYBET's portfolio, the Happybet new customer bonus, presents an enticing opportunity for new customers to reap the rewards. This generous offer boasts a 150% deposit bonus, extending up to a maximum limit of 100 Euros. HPYBET is proud to present this highly sought-after bonus, positioning itself at the forefront of the betting industry.

The bonus doesn't stand out as anything special, and the terms and conditions don't contribute to making it one of the best bonuses, in our opinion.

Typically, similar deposit bonus offers only provide a doubling of the deposited amount. Examples of this include the ODDSET bonus or the Bet3000 bonus. Other types of bonuses might exist, but they differ in their terms and conditions. For instance, some promotions may offer a percentage increase rather than a straightforward doubling. It's important for players to carefully review and compare the various bonus offers available to find the best option that suits their needs.

For new customers only. Terms and conditions apply. Must be 18 years or older.

Happybet bonus conditions

To qualify for the bonus, the customer must make a minimum deposit of 10 Euros. Subsequently, they are required to wager the deposit amount once and the received bonus amount six times through sports betting. If they aim to attain the maximum bonus of 100 Euros, they will need to deposit approximately 67 Euros and surpass a total turnover of 600 Euros.

There is no need for a Happybet promotional code to claim the bonus. A minimum odds of 2.00 applies to all seven designated implementations.

Happybet Bonus: 150 % bis 100 €
Bonus Art: New customer bonus
Bonus Code: not necessary
Minimum deposit 10 €
Wagering requirements: 1 deposit, 6 bonus, within 90 days.
Minimum odds: 2,00

The Happybet bonus of 150% up to 100 euros already surpasses the standard bonus of 100% that is commonly found in the online betting industry. However, the requirement of seven rollovers at a minimum odds of 2.00 is quite challenging.

Several bookmakers impose lower minimum odds on their customers. Therefore, the bonus can be found at the bottom of the rankings.

Happybet Bonus for Existing Customers

Apart from the new customer bonus, we did not find any other promotions at Happybet. Although there is detailed information about free bets under the "Bonus" section, we were unable to discover any. This could be due to the fact that the bookmaker informs customers directly via email or their betting account.

Discover the Happybet mobile application and website

User-friendly betting websites are crucial both on desktop and mobile devices. The emphasis lies on the importance of having a clear overview, ease of use, and seamless navigation. Did Happybet manage to fulfill these requirements? Let's take a closer look to find out.

Happybet app experiences

87 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

A bookmaker can gain extra points by offering a native sports betting app, which is a fantastic feature. Happybet also provides its customers with such an app, available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

The Android app can now be found on the Google Play Store. Google has recently resumed allowing sports betting apps, but only after they have undergone a security check. Previously, these apps were available for download as APK files on the bookmaker's websites.

The Happybet Android App can be found in the Google Play Store.

Download Happybet app

  1. Open the Apple App Store for iOS or the Google Play Store for Android.
  2. Type "Happybet" into the search field.
  3. The application is displayed and can be downloaded and installed.

In addition to the native application, there is also the alternative of using the mobile-optimized website without any need for downloading. This website automatically adjusts itself to fit any screen size. Regardless of the specific mobile version the user prefers, they can perform all the functions available on the desktop as well.

Operating the website is extremely straightforward. The mobile version has a clear layout, featuring the betting slip at the top, followed by teasers and odds below. Finally, in the footer, you will find the menu bar, where you can access all sports and competitions under the "Betting" section.

Website experiences

87 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

The website underwent a complete overhaul in 2017 and returned after a year-long absence from the Canadian betting market. Its navigation is user-friendly and it stands on par with its competitors.

The color scheme and design are well-executed. Navigating the website is intuitive, and the blue-gray theme creates an inviting atmosphere for betting. Additionally, the three-column layout, commonly seen among online sports betting platforms, makes it easier for users to find their way around. The visuals are kept to a minimum, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Happybet desktop website

HPYBET stands out from its competitors by offering a native app, surpassing those who rely solely on a web app. There are very few flaws with the app, and it impresses with its user-friendly interface. The desktop version is also commendable, as it is easy to navigate and visually organized.

Happybet Deposits & payouts

When assessing the category of deposits, we have taken into account the number and variety of payment options, as well as potential fees. It is also essential to consider how our offerings compare to those of other bookmakers.

Happybet deposit experiences

83 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

At Happybet, you'll have the luxury of choosing from a limited selection of payment options. These methods encompass credit cards (Visa and Mastercard), bank transfers, instant bank transfers, Giropay, and Paysafecard. The best part? No fees are associated with any of these options. However, one notable absence among the available payment methods is the inclusion of eWallets like Skrill or Neteller.

On the flip side, Hpybet has made a move by introducing PayPal, thus enhancing its deposit options and catering to the preferences of its users. This online payment service is widely recognized as the most popular method for transactions on the internet.

Find out about the limits in our table here, for more information, check out our Happybet PayPal review.

Provider Method Expenses Length of time Min. € Max. €
Visa no immediately 10 10.000
Master Card no immediately 10 10.000
Giropay no immediately 20 10.000
Bank Transfer no immediately 10 10.000
Instant bank transfer no immediately 20 1.000
PaySafe Card no immediately 10 10.000
PayPal no immediately 10 1.000

Happybet payouts experience

83 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

There are fewer available choices when it comes to withdrawals. Because in addition to instant bank transfer and Giropay, the Paysafecard is also eliminated. In the end, PayPal, bank transfer, and credit card are the remaining options. Withdrawals are also free of charge.

Happybet disappoints in terms of deposit and withdrawal options, as they offer limited choices compared to many other bookmakers who have around 10 options available. However, it is worth mentioning that they did make an improvement by adding PayPal as a payment method.

Happybet betting tax

Since 2012, every sports betting provider has been required to pay the betting tax to the Canadian treasury. Fortunately, there are a handful of sports betting providers who willingly absorb either all or a portion of the 5% tax. Hpybet is proud to be among them, taking care of the betting tax for you when it comes to combination bets.

Happybet Customer service

86 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

The number of contact options is crucial when it comes to customer support. Following that, the waiting time and the competence of the service representatives also come into play.

Happybet's customer service can be reached either through email or live chat. These two channels are essential for today's sports betting provider. Unfortunately, a toll-free telephone hotline is not available. However, each customer inquiry is treated individually and the staff is extremely friendly.

Regarding the live chat feature, it should be noted that it is accessible only when logged in, and its availability is from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily.

The customer support can be reached via mobile through the "Account" option in the footer.

Happybet contact overview

Hpybet Contact
Need email support in Canadian? And
contact form No
Live Chat And
telephone hotline No

Gerald: "The main contact options available are email and live chat. The staff provides satisfactory responses, and the waiting time is acceptable. However, there is room for improvement in the live chat hours, as some competitors offer 24/7 support."

Happybet test conclusion

Overall, we can give a positive verdict on Happybet, even though the bookmaker is far from reaching the level of the top sports betting providers in terms of offerings. The essentials and a bit more are present, but the leading bookies, on the other hand, boast a wider range of sports or consistently higher odds.

The variety of payment options available leaves much to be desired, as they are lacking in comparison to other aspects of the website. On the other hand, the live betting program offers a decent selection of events that are available around the clock. Additionally, the bonus offered is quite generous, amounting to 100 euros and requiring six turnovers at a minimum odds of 2.00. However, improvements in the payment methods aspect are necessary to meet the standards set by other features of the website.

Happybet excels in its well-structured website and customer support with a live chat feature, which they have mastered. It is worth noting the outstanding mobile betting experience, offering native apps that can be easily downloaded. The simplicity of their website design and the availability of assistance through live chat truly set Happybet apart. Additionally, their dedication to providing a seamless mobile betting experience by offering convenient native apps deserves special mention.

18+ | Terms and conditions apply