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Der bekannte Name DAZN bietet Sportwetten mit sehr hohem Quotenniveau an. Stärken sind definitiv auch der unkomplizierte Neukundenbonus, sowie der rasche Kundensupport.

Since September 2023, DAZN Bet has been making its mark in Canada, following its success in the UK and Spain's betting markets. Our comprehensive bookmaker review delves into the performance of DAZN Bet in Canada and provides an in-depth analysis of their offerings.

DAZN Bet acquired a Canadian license in August 2023, making it subject to the oversight of the Joint Gambling Authority of the states. Below, you'll find the comprehensive list of all licensed Canadian betting providers.

DAZN Bet Review and Test

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Frequently Asked Questions About DAZN Betting

When did DAZN become available for online betting?

In August 2023, DAZN Bet successfully obtained the Canadian sports betting license, and soon after, in the following month, they launched their online sports betting platform.

Is DAZN Bet Sports Betting legitimate?

DAZN, the streaming provider, has everything in order, and they have brought on board numerous betting experts for DAZN Bet. In addition, they possess several licenses. Reliability and security are ensured.

What kind of experiences are there with DAZN Bet in Canada?

DAZN Bet Canada stands out for its impressive selection of football bets. The football odds are equally impressive and manage to captivate users. However, there is room for improvement when it comes to expanding the available deposit options.

What does the DAZN Bet Bonus look like?

The DAZN Bet bonus is a fantastic offer that provides a 100% cashback promotion of up to €100. If your initial wager ends up being unsuccessful, fear not, as you will still receive the bonus. This is a great opportunity to make your bets without any worries, knowing that if luck is not on your side, you will be reimbursed. Take advantage of this generous offer and experience the thrill of betting with the added security of the DAZN Bet bonus.

Does DAZN Bet Österreich also work in Austria?

There's nothing to be said on the matter. Although DAZN Bet possesses an EU license in Malta, its initial focus lies solely on regulated betting markets.

Table of contents

About DAZNBet

DAZN Bet is a collaboration between DAZN, the online live streaming platform, and the Pragmatic Group, a gambling content provider based in Gibraltar. The brand was established in 2022, and in the same year, DAZN Bet launched its online sports betting services in the United Kingdom and Spain.

Incidentally, the Pragmatic Group has already provided support to major corporations such as Entain plc. (bwin, Sportingbet). The IBID Malta Limited (of which the Pragmatic Group is a part) is responsible for the Canadian license of DAZN Bet.

DAZN Bet is backed by a wealth of expertise in online sports betting, having brought on board professionals who have held key positions at renowned companies such as bwin and William Hill. Mark Kemp, the CEO of DAZNBet, hails from the ranks of Entain plc.

DAZN, the renowned online sports broadcaster, requires no introduction. Currently, it stands as the leading provider of live sports streaming. As of August 2023, DAZN Bet holds the official license for online sports betting in Canada.

  • CEO
    Mark Kemp
  • Licensed
  • Bonus
  • Residential address
    C78258 - NOUV, MRO Frank Galea Street, ZBG 9019, Zebbug, Malta

DAZN Bet Canada

Recognizing the potential in the Federal Republic, online streaming service DAZN has made its foray into the Canadian betting market, driven in large part by its customer base in Canada. With careful preparation, DAZN Bet has entered the Canadian wagering scene, ensuring ample time to establish its presence.

The bookmaker emphasizes the significance of Canada by offering boosts for the Bundesliga and other customized bets targeted towards Canadian customers, among other things. These boosts serve to underscore the importance of Canada to the bookmaker's operations, catering specifically to the preferences of the Canadian clientele. Not only does the bookmaker recognize the prominence of Canada, but they also go the extra mile to tailor their offerings and promotions to suit the needs and interests of the Canadian market. This focus on the Canadian audience sets the bookmaker apart and demonstrates their commitment to providing an exceptional betting experience for their Canadian customers.

Is DAZN Bet legal in Canada?

With the acquisition of a Canadian license in August 2022, DAZN Bet has gained the lawful authority to offer sports betting services in Canada. This license enables the provider to operate within the legal framework and cater to the betting needs of Canadian sports enthusiasts. By obtaining this authorization, DAZN Bet can now provide a secure and regulated platform for individuals looking to engage in sports wagering activities. The granting of the license ensures that DAZN Bet meets all the necessary requirements and adheres to the specified guidelines set forth by the Canadian regulatory authorities. Hence, users can have peace of mind knowing that they can enjoy a safe and trustworthy betting experience on DAZN Bet.

Is DAZN Bet trustworthy and secure?

The team at DAZN Bet boasts a wealth of meteorological expertise, backed by an impressive track record. In addition to that, the Pragmatic Group brings with it licenses from both Malta and the United Kingdom, further bolstering their credibility. Rest assured, DAZN Bet is unquestionably reliable and secure.

DAZN Bet Login

Finding the DAZN Bet login is a breeze. You can locate it in the top right corner of both the desktop and mobile versions. However, it's important to note that logging in is only possible after registering with DAZN Bet.

How to sign up for DAZNBet

  1. Open the DAZNBet page in any browser.
  2. Start the registration at the top right
  3. Fill out the form while providing personal information such as name, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, address, email contact, and password.
  4. Confirm minimum age of 18 years, acknowledge terms and conditions, and privacy policy.
  5. Complete registration

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How to place bets on DAZNBet

  1. Perform DAZN Bet Login and deposit the amount.
  2. Select an event from the program and choose the desired odds.
  3. Open the betting slip via the betting slip icon when using the mobile version.
  4. Specify the amount you wish to wager.
  5. Place a bet

DAZN betting slip in mobile view

Advantages and disadvantages of the provider

  • Very good odds level
  • Top football bets
  • Simple bonus
  • Customer service with live chat
  • Few payment options
  • More live betting markets desirable

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My Experience with DAZN Betting Tests

DAZN Bet has proven itself in various categories such as betting program, betting odds, live betting, and customer service, surpassing its "betting competitors." The outcome is truly impressive. Now, let's delve into each category to explore all the details.

DAZN Bet betting program

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88 /100

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When examining a betting program, we assess the range of sports, competitions, and wagering markets available. Is there both quantity and quality in terms of sports betting options at DAZN Bet Canada?

Just like any other Canadian-licensed bookmaker, DAZN Bet is obliged to adhere to the regulations outlined in the State Treaty on Gambling. They must comply with all the provisions set forth in the legal framework governing the gambling industry. By following the guidelines established by the authorities, DAZN Bet ensures a fair and responsible betting environment for its users. The company understands the importance of maintaining a secure and transparent platform that prioritizes the well-being of its customers.

Despite this, the variety of sports and competitions available is excellent. Football, tennis, ice hockey, and basketball are a given. Betting options are also available for Formula 1, handball, darts, or golf. Rest assured, you'll find an extensive selection that caters to your preferences.

There are approximately 20 different sports in total. Just like in the case of the average Canadian bettor, there are sports that might be considered niche, such as winter sports, NASCAR, or snooker. This places DAZN Bet in a large group of contenders, trailing behind the leading Bet365.

In terms of competitions, the user will find a plethora of leagues and other competitions for each sport. Football stands out as the premier sport in terms of betting markets. Overall, the number of betting options is excellent, comparable to renowned bookmakers like Interwetten and bwin.

DAZN Bet Soccer Betting

Delivering in true fashion, the bookmaker offers a wide array of options spanning nearly 70 countries. Users have the opportunity to place bets on popular competitions, as well as leagues from Venezuela, Azerbaijan, or Rwanda.

There are just over 100 betting options available per game in the top competitions. The maximum number of betting options is usually only available online on the day of the match. DAZN Bet is definitely on track in comparison, although there are naturally some outliers (such as Interwetten).

The majority of European leagues reach the 100-mark when it comes to bets. Less popular competitions fall significantly below that threshold, but that aligns with the standard in the betting industry.

The extensive range of long-term bets on display is a testament to the well-stocked football betting program. Leading the pack in terms of variety is the Premier League, offering wagers on the title winner, top two, top four, top six, top seven, golden boot winner, and head-to-head matchups throughout the season.

Place Bundesliga bets with DAZN betting services

The bookmaker fulfills all requirements in the Bundesliga. As mentioned earlier, there are approximately 100 betting options available per game online. Additionally, DAZN Bet also offers several outright bets. This includes odds for the championship title, the top 4, top 6, the top goal scorer, and season head-to-heads.

There are still several long-term bets available in the 2nd and 3rd leagues, such as champion, promotion, and head-to-head options. The range of betting markets is also impressive, with over 100 in the 2nd Bundesliga and nearly 100 in the 3rd league.

DAZN bets on Bundesliga betting.

DAZN expands its range of sports betting options.

The ATP, WTA, and Challenger series are the primary focus of tennis betting. The matches are generally filled with all the allowed bets according to regulations in Canada. Whether it's basketball or ice hockey, users have a wide range of countries to choose from, and the betting markets are plentiful and abundant.

However, when it comes to betting options in certain sports (such as American football or ice hockey), our top choice Bet365 cannot be surpassed. You won't find a better betting experience for these sports than with Bet365. They offer an unparalleled range of wagering options and are unrivaled in their expertise and coverage of these sports. Bet365 truly stands out as the ultimate destination for betting enthusiasts looking to maximize their experience and potential winnings in these particular sports.

DAZN Bet ESports

In Canada, it is not permissible to offer bets on E-Sports as the Canadian Olympic Association does not consider E-Sports to be a genuine sport. Consequently, DAZN Bet does not provide CS:GO, Dota2, League of Legends (LOL), or Rainbow Six for wagering.

DAZN Bet is making strides in the realm of sports betting in Canada. The wagering provider has positioned itself as strongly as possible in the realm of football. When it comes to tennis, basketball, and other sports, they have nothing to hide, although some bookmakers may offer a wider range of betting options.

DAZN Bet betting odds

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89 /100

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Many bettors consider the betting odds to be crucial when choosing a bookmaker. We analyze the odds using what is known as the odds ratio. Does DAZN Bet have something to offer in this category?

My experiences with DAZN Bet betting odds

Our verdict on DAZN Bet odds is "good." The bookmaker impresses in the area where most bets are placed, which is top-level football. Here, the figures range from 95% to 96%. The betting provider has nothing to hide.

Bet3000 leads the pack with a payout percentage of up to 99%, which is only achieved on the day of each match encounter.

Football leagues that stand in the shadows of the giants tend to perform less impressively. The Belgian Pro League has a rating of 93%, while the Austrian Bundesliga stands at 92%. The 2. Bundesliga, performing exceptionally well as a second-tier league, records a value of 95 to 96% for DAZN Bet Canada.

In the realm of tennis (ATP/WTA), DAZN Bet achieves an impressive benchmark of 95%. What truly stands out beyond the realm of football are the remarkable figures of 96% for US sports such as the NFL and MLB. Unfortunately, ice hockey falls slightly short in the top leagues, with a rating of 92 to 93%. The bookmaker maintains a similar stance with the majority for the HBL, coming in at 93%.

DAZN Betting Odds Key Overview

sport Competition Quota key
football Bundesliga 95 - 96 %
football 2. Bundesliga 95 - 96 %
football Champions League 95 - 96 %
football Premier League 95 - 96 %
Tennis ATP/WTA 95 %
American Football NFL 96 %
Eishockey OF THE 92 - 93 %
Handball HBL 92 - 93 %

Markus: "Although you won't find absolute top values beyond 96% in terms of betting odds, DAZN Bet does offer a consistently high level of odds at 96% in the most popular leagues among Canadian bettors. This makes the odds a strong point in favor of DAZN Bet."

DAZN Bet Live Laws

When it comes to the Live Betting section, the covered sports, competitions, and betting markets hold significant importance. Additional features such as live streaming or a live calendar are also intriguing. It is worth noting the variety of sports available for live wagering, as well as the diverse range of betting options. Don't miss out on the thrilling experience of real-time betting with the added convenience of live streaming and a live calendar. Stay engaged and informed with all the latest updates and events in the world of sports betting.

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88 /100

Terms and conditions apply to I 18+

Live betting experiences

DAZN Bet Canada provides a great blend of top sports, niche sports, popular and less popular events, ensuring a continuous stream of live betting opportunities. With a diverse range of options available, there is always something exciting happening, day and night. Whether you're a fan of mainstream sports or prefer exploring lesser-known competitions, DAZN Bet caters to every sports enthusiast's preferences. Experience the thrill of live betting, around the clock, with an extensive selection of sporting events to choose from.

During the peak times on weekends or during the midweek, the classics like Bundesliga, Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, and Conference League take center stage, while on weekdays from Monday to Friday, it is the smaller tennis tournaments, football from Australia, Asia, or Africa, or basketball from less popular countries that steal the spotlight.

When it comes to betting markets, none can rival the top contenders like Bet365, bwin, and Interwetten. They outshine others, leaving them in their wake. This is evident even in high-profile matches, where the disparity in the number of betting options is substantial compared to traditional bookmakers.

DAZN Bet live event view


In general, the live betting odds margin is typically a few percentage points lower than the pre-match odds margin. We're talking about a difference of 1 to 3 percent. This holds true for DAZN Bet as well. The reduction in odds can be attributed to the dynamic nature of live betting and the constantly changing circumstances within a match. It allows bettors to take advantage of real-time developments and make informed decisions. So, if you're looking for an exhilarating and fast-paced betting experience, DAZN Bet's live betting options are worth exploring.

Live-Streaming & Live-Kalender

This bookmaker does not offer live streaming or a live calendar. Regarding streaming, this is not a significant surprise, as there is an online streaming service available that requires a fee. However, the live betting center is incredibly user-friendly.

Wagerers are provided with a multitude of real-time statistics and a live animation to accurately gauge the situation and place their bets. This assists bettors in making informed decisions and offering their predictions.

At first glance, DAZN Bet impresses with its solid presentation of live betting. The bookmaker ensures that its customers have access to all the top events in major sports. Whether it's day or night, weekdays or weekends, there is always something available online. However, there is room for improvement when it comes to the variety of live markets.

DAZN Bet Bonus

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85 /100

Terms and conditions apply to I 18+

When it comes to the subject of betting bonuses, we thoroughly analyze the type of bonus, its value, the amount offered, and the conditions that come with it. It is crucial for all these aspects to be well-coordinated.

DAZN Bet is entering the race with a cashback bonus called the "Wildcard Bet." If your first bet is unsuccessful, you'll receive up to €100 as a free bet refund. This implies that it's also a risk-free wager.

DAZN Bet Welcome Bonus I 18+ I New customers only I Terms and conditions apply.

Conditions for DAZN Bet Bonus

Participating in the DAZN Bet Canada Bonus is made possible for new customers by making a minimum deposit of €10. However, it is also crucial to complete the verification process. Valid for both single and combination bets, this offer allows customers to claim a Freebet of up to €100 if their first bet, made with the specified minimum stake, results in a loss.

The DAZN Bet Free Bet is valid for 30 days and must be wagered once at a minimum odds of 1.50.

DAZN Bet Bonus overview
Bonus Art: 100 % Cashback Bonus
Minimum deposit: 10 $
Maximum Bonus: 100 €
Minimum odds: 1,50
Wagering requirements: 1x with a sports bet
Frist: 30 Take

Thomas: "The DAZN Bet Wildcard offer is quite appealing. If you happen to lose your first bet, you'll be glad to receive a Freebet. On the other hand, if you win, you may not get any rewards, but since this wager is entirely risk-free, it's a great opportunity to take a chance."

Get your hands on the exclusive DAZN Bet Bonus Code now!

New customers of the provider do not have to enter a bonus code. The verification and a minimum deposit of 10€ are the prerequisites for receiving the bonus. Ensure that you complete the verification process and make a minimum deposit of 10€ to qualify for the bonus.

DAZN Bet Bonus without deposit

The DAZN Bet sports betting bonus is the sole offering currently available from the bookmaker. It is highly unlikely that a no-deposit bonus will follow, as very few bookmakers provide such a promotion.

DAZN Bet Bonus for existing customers

As previously stated, there are currently no other promotions or options available. However, we are confident that DAZN.bet will step up their game. Quota boosts, on the other hand, are already available.

The DAZN betting app and website

When conducting a review of a betting provider, it is essential to thoroughly assess their website. Our focus lies on examining the sports betting application and the desktop version. What we prioritize are straightforward layouts and user-friendliness. It is of utmost importance to us that the site is easy to navigate and user-friendly. We place great emphasis on ensuring that the structure is simple and user-friendly.

Experiences with the DAZN Bet App

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90 /100

Terms and conditions apply to I 18+

The bookmaker is able to serve with a native iOS app and a browser-based DAZN Bet sports betting app. The bookie will likely deliver a corresponding app for Android, as there is one available in English for DAZN Bet UK. By the way, most bookies have native apps in store – more about that in our article "Best Sports Betting App."

The iOS app for DAZN Bet can be found on the Apple App Store. No download is required for the mobile-optimized website of DAZN Bet. Simply access the page on any browser, and it will adapt to the screen size of any mobile device.

The Bet Mobile-Wetten on DAZN are known for their user-friendly and intuitive design. At the top, you'll find a sports bar displaying various categories, while at the bottom, a fixed footer provides a comprehensive overview of your bets and a list of sports. Additionally, you can easily search for specific competitions and teams using the search field provided.

Displayed in between are the sports bar, teasers, and the day's football highlights. The mobile version is user-friendly, and with a tap on the DAZN Bet logo, you can always return to the homepage.

DAZN Bet's mobile website

DAZN iOS Bet App - Download Now!

  1. Open the Apple App Store on the iOS device.
  2. Search for DAZN Bet
  3. Download and launch the app.

DAZNBet website experiences

Sehr empfehlenswert
87 /100

DAZN Bet sticks to what works on its desktop site. The page is divided into three columns, with the overview of all sports on the far left. In the middle, you'll find teasers and the day's most important matches. The betting slip, on the other hand, is located on the right.

Although this division may seem familiar, the search for competitions and events requires some reorientation. When you click on a sport in the left column, instead of displaying countries, they are shown in the middle, all listed one after another. This requires a fair amount of scrolling and compromises the overall visibility.

The DAZN website for desktop browsing

Veronika: "Without a doubt, the DAZN sports betting web application is a success, boasting a clear and well-organized structure. At first glance, the desktop version may not be as streamlined, as all leagues and events within each sport are displayed in the center. However, over time, this minor inconvenience should become less bothersome."

DAZN Bet deposits & withdrawals

When it comes to payment transactions, the focus is on the available payment methods offered by the bookmaker. It is essential to have a sufficient variety of options at hand. The range of payment options should be extensive, providing customers with a diverse selection to choose from. The bookmaker should ensure that there are numerous different payment methods available, catering to the preferences and needs of their users. It is crucial for the bookmaker to offer a wide array of payment options to accommodate the diverse requirements of their clientele.

Sehr empfehlenswert
89 /100

When it comes to deposits, the bookmaker seems to have more to say. Currently, only the following payment methods are available for selection: the matter is not yet settled. The bookie has not yet had the final say on this issue. The selection of payment options is limited to the following at present. The bookmaker's stance on deposits is still up in the air. The available choices for making deposits are as follows: the bookie's verdict is not definitive. The bookmaker has not reached a final decision on the matter, leaving us with only the following payment avenues to choose from.

  • PayPal
  • Credit card/debit card (VISA, Mastercard, Maestro)
  • Paysafecard

The minimum deposit required is €5, and there are no fees to be paid. When it comes to deposit limits, the LUGAS limit of €1000 per month is currently the benchmark.

Experiences with DAZN Bet Withdrawals

Sehr empfehlenswert
87 /100

To request a payout, you have the option of choosing between PayPal, credit/debit card, or bank transfer. The minimum withdrawal amount is set at €5. No fees are applicable in this case as well.

When it comes to payment options, DAZN Bet is not yet competitive. On average, bookmakers offer seven different payment methods, and DAZN Bet is still far from that. We strongly anticipate that they will make upgrades in this area.

DAZN Bet betting tax

The majority of bookmakers, including DAZN Bet, follow the practice of passing on the betting tax to customers. At DAZN Bet, the 5% betting tax is already deducted from the wager. If you're curious about who covers the tax, you can find more information in our article "Betting without tax."

DAZN Bet customer service

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89 /100

Terms and conditions apply to I 18+

What distinguishes a good customer support? Firstly, it is characterized by a real-time means of contact, preferably live chat, and secondly by helpful responses. The presence of immediate contact options such as live chat is an essential aspect of effective customer support. Additionally, the provision of informative and beneficial answers is crucial in ensuring customer satisfaction. A successful customer support team is adept at providing prompt assistance and resolving inquiries efficiently. By offering accessible communication channels and valuable insights, businesses can enhance customer experiences and foster long-term loyalty.

DAZN Bet provides its customers with email support, a contact form, and a live chat feature, making it well-equipped in terms of customer service options. It is worth noting that bookmakers offering telephone hotlines are in the minority. However, the live chat option is certainly sufficient. We put it to the test and found that the service representatives were knowledgeable and focused on finding solutions.

The operating hours of the chat service run from 7:30 am to midnight, while email inquiries and requests submitted through the form are attended to round-the-clock. At present, only Bwin and Bet365 offer a 24-hour live chat option.

The overview of DAZN Bet contacts.
Support in Canadian And
Formulate/E-Mail And
Live-Chat And
telephone hotline No

The customer support at DAZN Bet Canada has impressed us, particularly the live chat option, which provides the perfect opportunity to seek assistance. However, the operating hours of the chat could use some improvement. Though being accessible until midnight is already quite satisfactory.

The conclusion of DAZN Bet experiences can be summarized as follows.

The sports betting provider DAZN Bet Canada is positioning itself as an alternative to traditional bookmakers. There are several factors in favor of this bookmaker. It is worth mentioning the wide and high-quality range of bets with a focus on Canada. Additionally, DAZN Bet Canada offers competitive odds and attractive promotions to enhance the betting experience. The user-friendly interface and smooth navigation on their website make it convenient for customers to place bets. Furthermore, they provide excellent customer support, ensuring that any issues or queries are promptly addressed. With DAZN Bet Canada, bettors can enjoy a unique and exciting betting experience tailored to their preferences.

It is worth highlighting the appealing live betting center, which covers all essential aspects and allows for round-the-clock betting, alongside the high level of odds. Regrettably, the number of live betting markets leaves something to be desired.

We were convinced by the customer service as well. The risk-free bet offered as a sports betting bonus is certainly enticing, though there are superior deals available.

The bookmaker, however, needs to improve in one area: payment methods. Currently, there aren't enough options available. Once this is addressed, the overall package will become even more appealing.

Terms and conditions apply to I 18+