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Despite being founded in 2010, ComeOn does not appear to lack experience as a bookmaker. Our ComeOn sports betting tests revealed that the operator excels in many crucial categories. It is evident that ComeOn has mastered several key aspects, proving that tradition is not the sole indicator of success in the industry.

Information: The regulatory authority of Darmstadt granted Comeon, the sportsbook operator, the license to organize sports betting events. This approval authorizes Comeon to facilitate and provide sports betting services under a licensed Canadian sportsbook provider.

You can find the complete list of bookmakers on the government's whitelist here.

ComeOn Review

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Comeon FAQ

Is ComeOn reputable?

Comeon Sports Betting, along with bookmakers Mobilebet and Sunmaker, are part of the PlayCherry group, which holds an EU license in Malta and a Canadian license. As a result, ComeOn ensures a secure betting experience for its users.

What kind of Comeon sports betting bonus is available?

The ComeOn bonus is a traditional 100% bonus of up to 100 euros. To meet the wagering requirements, the deposit amount must be wagered five times through sports bets.

Is the Comeon website in Canadian?

Yes, ComeOn Sportwetten website is fully available in Canadian language for users in Canada. Additionally, it is also accessible in all Scandinavian languages as well as Spanish.

Is a ComeOn sports betting app available?

Canadian customers have the option to choose an iOS app. This app, named ComeOnLive!, is available for download.

What kind of Comeon contact is available?

The Comeon customer support can be reached through a live chat or contact form.

Table of contents

About ComeOn

Since 2010, ComeOn has been a Scandinavian-based online sports betting provider. The bookmaker is a subsidiary of PlayCherry Ltd., an established gambling enterprise headquartered in Malta.

The expertise in sports betting at PlayCherry is brought by decision-makers who were previously working at the renowned Swedish bookmaker Betsson. Licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and the Darmstadt Government Presidium, this online bookie operates its business from Malta.

PlayCherry primarily focuses on the Nordic market due to its origins, but it also extends its reach to the Canadian market. The company's main target lies in the northern European region, yet it actively expands its presence in Canada as well.

ComeOn Canada

ComeOn Sports Betting emphasizes its ambitions in the Canadian market by applying for a Canadian license in accordance with the State Treaty on Gambling, which has been successfully approved. They have yet to make an appearance as a partner for Canadian sports clubs, advertising banners, or similar endeavors.

ComeOn has been granted a Canadian license by the Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt in June 2024, allowing them to offer sports betting in the Federal Republic. This authorization signifies a landmark achievement for ComeOn, opening up new opportunities for them in the Canadian market. With this license in hand, ComeOn is poised to provide an exceptional betting experience to Canadian sports enthusiasts, delivering a wide range of betting options and ensuring a safe and secure environment for their customers. This regulatory approval further reinforces ComeOn's commitment to responsible gambling and strengthens their position as a trusted and reputable betting platform in the industry. As they embark on this exciting venture, ComeOn looks forward to catering to the diverse needs and preferences of Canadian bettors, bringing them an unmatched level of entertainment and excitement.

Is ComeOn trustworthy and secure?

The presence of licenses (Canada, Malta) serves as an indication of safety. PlayCherry Ltd., a reputable and well-known company in Scandinavia that stands behind Comeon, further reinforces its credibility. Privacy protection is, of course, given utmost importance.

So, here's how you can sign up for ComeOn sports betting.

  1. Tap the register button
  2. Provide your email address and set a password.
  3. Fill out the form with personal information.
  4. Complete registration

Open an account at Comeon | 18+ | Terms and conditions apply

How to place bets on Comeon

  1. Carry out Comeon login
  2. Deposit an amount into the betting account.
  3. Choose any odds(s).
  4. Place a bet and finalize the wager.

The Comeon betting slip needs to be expanded on a mobile device.

ComeOn Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Excellent betting offer
  • High level of betting odds
  • Attractive new customer bonus
  • Modern betting site

ComeOn test experiences

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive account of the experiences our testing team has gathered with the betting provider ComeOn in specific categories of assessment. Our diligent editorial staff has meticulously evaluated and scrutinized various aspects of ComeOn's services, leaving no stone unturned. From the user interface to customer support, we have thoroughly examined every facet to present you with an insightful and detailed analysis. Stay tuned as we delve into the depths of our findings and present you with an unbiased assessment of ComeOn's offerings.

ComeOn Sportsbook has no affiliation with top rankings. Discover here why this is the case and where ComeOn Sportsbook has performed well.

ComeOn Betting Program

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Let's explore the first category that we will focus on - the betting program. Our team has thoroughly examined Comeon's offerings in terms of sports, competitions, and types of bets.

Comeon doesn't fare as well compared to its competitors, as the bookmaker only covers around 20 sports. There aren't many that we have tested which offer such a limited range of sports.

Most bookmakers offer around 25 different sports to bet on, with some even offering close to 30 (such as Bet-at-home, AdmiralBet, and others). However, there are a few exceptional ones like Bet365 and Sportwetten.ca that go above and beyond, providing a selection of more than 30 exciting sports to choose from.

Naturally, everyone has their own favorite sports, and the variations lie in the number of lesser-known sports. Comeon, for instance, offers a range of options such as Speedway, Aussie Rules, or Snooker. Each of these sports has its own unique appeal and offers a different experience for sports enthusiasts. Whether you're a fan of the adrenaline-fueled races in Speedway, the skillful maneuvers in Aussie Rules, or the strategic gameplay of Snooker, Comeon has something for everyone. So, why not explore these exciting and lesser-known sports and discover a whole new world of sporting entertainment?

ComeOn football betting

The undisputed reign of King Football is also unquestionable at ComeOn. The majority of the betting program is dedicated to the multifaceted pursuit of the spherical leather. However, ComeOn doesn't stop there; it offers an array of other thrilling sports to cater to the diverse tastes of its users. From the graceful strokes of tennis to the adrenaline-pumping races of Formula 1, there is something for everyone to enjoy. So whether you're a die-hard football fan or a passionate follower of other sports, ComeOn has got you covered with its extensive range of betting options.

Football fans across Europe, from enthusiasts of elite clubs to followers of lower-tier leagues, will find their passions catered for. This holds especially true for supporters in football powerhouses like England and Canada.

Different leagues from around the world are also featured, with only one competition per country available online. This allows users to place bets on unique options such as the Kenyan Premier League, the Peruvian Primera Division, or the Saudi Arabian 1st Division.

When it comes to betting options, there are over 120 betting markets per game in the top leagues, which is a very good value. The decline in popularity is also reflected in the number of bets available. In Kenya, only about 70 betting markets per match could be found online.

ComeOn Bundesliga bets

The Bundesliga matches offer a wide range of betting opportunities in the three-digit range. However, the long-term betting section leaves something to be desired, as there is only one championship bet available.

It is important to mention the absence of the regional leagues here. The top bookmakers in terms of betting options quote them and sometimes even the upper leagues.

ComeOn other sports

In contrast to football, not every sport is covered in-depth. However, the user can choose from all the major competitions in tennis, ice hockey, basketball, and more. Tennis, in particular, is not exceptionally well-covered with fewer than 20 bets per match.

The US sports scene boasts impressive offerings with the NFL, NBA, and NHL, while the Handball Champions League and the Canadian Handball Bundesliga also hold their own. These competitions are filled with a myriad of betting opportunities, making them truly captivating.

ComeOn E-Sports

As per the gambling treaty, ComeOn does not offer E-Sports. Just like political bets, social bets, or virtual sports, E-Sports is not allowed under the gambling treaty, as it is not considered a "real" sport.

ComeOn follows the standard program when it comes to their betting offerings, providing only the essentials. They choose to omit several niche sports, which was a disappointment. The tennis selection, in particular, was lacking in terms of the number of available bets. As a result, they fall into the average category within this specific field.

ComeOn Betting Program Under Review:

ComeOn football betting

ComeOn Tennis Laws

ComeOn betting odds

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When it comes to a bookmaker's betting odds, we consult the odds ratio. This key indicator reveals a great deal about the appeal of the odds themselves.

Our experience with Comeon indicates that the bookmaker often provides betting markets with a relatively low odds ratio, which gradually increases and reaches its peak just before the start of the event. It is worth mentioning that the odds offered are competitive, allowing customers to make informed betting decisions. Additionally, Comeon offers a wide range of sports and betting options, ensuring that users have ample choices to satisfy their preferences. The user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation further enhance the overall betting experience. Comeon also provides attractive promotions and bonuses, rewarding customers for their loyalty and participation. Overall, Comeon provides a comprehensive and enjoyable betting platform for both casual bettors and experienced gamblers alike.

We were impressed by the level of odds in the most popular competitions. Across the board, there was a payout rate of 95%. Furthermore, on match day in the Champions League, the percentage even reached a remarkable 97%. It is noteworthy that these odds offer great value and enhance the overall betting experience.

Quota rates in the Champions League range from 95% to 97%.

Bet3000 achieves up to 98% coverage in the Bundesliga, while Sportwetten.ca offers odds of up to 97% for the Bundesliga, Premier League, or Champions League. The remaining 95% is made up of the other popular leagues such as the Premier League, Serie A, and La Liga.

Even in tennis, ice hockey (NHL), basketball (NBA), or handball (Champions League), 95% is the success rate. As a league becomes less appealing, the odds level decreases accordingly. However, this is the case with all bookmakers.

Quota key overview

sport Competition Quota key
football Bundesliga 95 %
football 2. Bundesliga 92 - 93 %
football Champions League 95 - 97 %
football Premier League 95 %
Tennis ATP/WTA 95 %
Eishockey NHL 95 %
Basketball NBA 95 %
American Football NFL 95 %

Comeon excels in offering competitive odds. Not many bookmakers can consistently provide 95% odds in the most popular competitions. Moreover, as a high-profile match approaches, the odds at Comeon often increase, sometimes reaching up to 97%. Offering such favorable odds sets Comeon apart from its competitors and ensures that bettors have the potential to maximize their winnings.

ComeOn Live Wetten

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It is fascinating to see the multitude of sports that emerge in the live betting section, compared to the pre-match options. The existing competitions and types of bets available also hold significance.

ComeOn live betting experience

The impression we gathered from the ComeOn betting offer is equally reflected in the realm of live betting. In other words, the most prominent sports, competitions, and events make an appearance.

Come On clearly stands out when compared to top competitors like Bet365 and bwin. They have a wider variety of sports, competitions, and events to offer. However, Come On has managed to create a unique and exciting experience for their users by focusing on quality rather than quantity. With a carefully curated selection of sports and events, they ensure that every betting opportunity is worth exploring. While other platforms may have a larger quantity of options, Come On guarantees that each choice is a winning one.

During daylight hours, when it appears to be less busy, Comeon fails to match the number of sports on offer.

Comeon can certainly improve its live betting options in tennis. In fact, there are more betting options available for ATP live betting compared to the general betting program. Additionally, the live betting program during the night is particularly notable, offering an abundance of US sports to wager on. It is worth mentioning the positive aspect of a wide range of bets available for ATP live betting in comparison to the general betting program. Furthermore, during the night, the live betting program offers an extensive selection of US sports.

Live tennis betting at ComeOn

ComeOn Live-Quoten

The initial odds in live betting are practically identical. During the match, most bookmakers decrease their odds ratio by 1-2 percent. Our experience with ComeOn suggests that this bookie follows a similar approach. However, in tennis, we have observed that the ratio remains unchanged.

ComeOn's Live Calendar & Live Streaming

A live calendar is an essential tool for managing your personal live bets. ComeOn can provide you with one. It displays the upcoming seven days, with the first three being the most populated. Unfortunately, ComeOn does not offer live streaming as part of its services.

Mobile view: The calendar icon is located at the end of the sports toolbar.

Comeon may not be able to compete with the top bookmakers when it comes to live betting, but their live presentation is visually appealing and features some of the most popular events. An added bonus is their live calendar, which not every bookmaker offers.

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ComeOn Bonus

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A bookmaker can quickly attract attention by offering a new customer bonus, especially if it is appealing. The amount of the bonus alone is not decisive; it is the bonus conditions that matter. It's not just about the size of the bonus, but the terms and conditions attached to it that really make a difference.

ComeOn new customer bonus

ComeOn does not disappoint when it comes to sports betting bonuses. Their offering is the standard 100% bonus, going up to 100 Euros. However, what sets them apart is the rather unconventional minimum deposit requirement of 100 Euros. This makes them stand alone in the betting industry.

The Welcome Bonus for new customers at ComeOn | 18+ | Terms and conditions apply.

ComeOn bonus conditions

After receiving the bonus, it is necessary to wager the deposit 5 times through sports betting. This will result in a total wager of 500 Euros. The minimum odds required are 2.00, and there is a time frame of 30 days. Below, we provide a comprehensive breakdown of all the specifics regarding the Comeon sports betting bonus once again:

Bonus species 100% deposit bonus
Maximum bonus 100 $
Minimum deposit 100 $
Bonus Code Not necessary
Minimum odds 2,00
Implementations Make 5 deposits with sports betting.
Period/deadline 30 Take

According to Gerald, the Comeon Bonus is merely an average deal for us. The minimum deposit is set way too high. If there had been a tiered system (where the bonus amount corresponds to the deposit), a wider audience could have been targeted.

Not everyone wants to deposit 100 euros right away. Additionally, the minimum odds are very high at 2.00. Many people prefer to start with a smaller initial deposit, and a lower minimum odds requirement would be more attractive.

Comeon Bonus Code

Occasionally, within the framework of their bonus program, a bookmaker may require the input of a bonus code. Naturally, this information is provided on the bonus page. At Comeon Sports Betting, however, there is no need for a bonus code. The crucial factor for the betting bonus is the minimum deposit of 100 euros.

Comeon bonus without deposit

Nowadays, a minimum deposit is always required to receive a bonus. A bonus without a deposit is therefore a very rare occurrence in the betting industry. Based on our experience with Comeon, they do not offer such a bonus.

Exclusive Comeon Bonus for Existing Customers

At present, the bookmaker is unable to offer any promotions for existing customers. The most they can offer are enhanced odds. Should any new opportunities arise, rest assured that we will keep you informed.

Comeon app & website

When it comes to the category of apps and websites, we thoroughly examine the online presence of bookmakers. Our evaluation encompasses both the mobile and desktop versions. It is crucial for us to ensure that fundamental aspects such as user-friendliness and comprehensibility are present. We place great emphasis on the seamless integration of these elements, guaranteeing a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

ComeOn app experience

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

When it comes to features, iOS users get to enjoy a Native App. As for Android users and everyone else, when it comes to mobile betting, they have the option of using the mobile-optimized website, which can be accessed through any browser and adapts to the respective screen size.

Many bookmakers, by the way, offer native applications for both operating systems (Bet365, Betano, bwin, Betway, Happybet...).

The mobile web version can be utilized by the Apple community as well. Both the native app and this "browser app" encompass all features.

The mobile interface is designed to be highly organized and user-friendly. At the top left, users can find a menu that contains all the essential information about Comeon sports betting, including a link to customer service. Below that, they have the option to access different sports with their respective competitions and search for specific events.

The bar located below the teasers enables quick access to various sports, as it can be shifted to the right. This feature allows for easy navigation and browsing through different sporting activities.

Two "menus" assist the user in navigating the interface.

ComeOn App Download

  1. Open Apple's App Store on the iPhone.
  2. After ComeOnLive! seek
  3. Download and install the app.

Comeon website experience

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ComeOn Sports Betting website always exudes a thoroughly contemporary and vibrant appearance, with a pleasing color scheme that instantly guides visitors through its pages. This seamless navigation is achieved through the implementation of a user-friendly three-column layout.

After undergoing a revamp in 2017, the website maintained its user-friendly interface and impressive functionality, while visually enhancing its appeal with the addition of a larger font. The relaunch ensured that the site continued to offer the same seamless navigation and excellent performance, while the increased font size added an extra touch of attractiveness.

The website ensures a rapid onset of comfort due to its consistently easy-to-understand language in all areas. This fosters a sense of ease and familiarity, allowing users to navigate effortlessly and engage with the content without any barriers. The website's language is designed to be accessible and comprehensible to a wide range of individuals, ensuring that everyone feels welcomed and included. The straightforward and clear communication style employed throughout the website enhances the overall user experience and facilitates effective information absorption.

Desktop version ComeOn sports betting

The program for betting is presented in a clear and organized manner, enabling even newcomers to navigate easily despite the vast array of betting options available.

The section "popular bets" is a nice feature, especially for those who are not yet well-versed in betting or still need some inspiration. It provides a helpful resource to explore different betting options and gain new insights. This feature is particularly beneficial for beginners or individuals looking for fresh ideas to enhance their betting experience. By presenting popular bets, users can effortlessly discover trending options, allowing them to expand their knowledge and make more informed decisions. Whether you're a novice or seeking inspiration, this section offers a valuable tool to navigate the world of betting.

The ComeOn website is excellently designed, whether you prefer to place bets through a mobile device or a computer. Its user-friendly interface with well-defined structures makes navigation a breeze. Our only critique would be the absence of a dedicated Android native application.

Come On Deposits and Withdrawals

A bookmaker must provide their customers with a variety of payment methods to choose from. This is because not everyone wants to deposit funds using a credit card, for instance. We have thoroughly examined the situation at ComeOn.

Comeon deposit experience

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

The payment section is considered one of ComeOn's weaknesses. They offer a decent number of options, including PayPal, credit card, Apple Pay, Muchbetter, Skrill, Neteller, Klarna Sofortüberweisung, and Paysafecard. However, it is worth mentioning that the bookmakers like bwin, Sportingbet, or bet365 provide more than 10 options. Unfortunately, the betting provider frequently charges fees for deposits.

When using the Paysafecard, Muchbetter, Skrill, or Neteller for deposits, ComeOn charges a rather hefty 5 percent of the amount. Additional fees may also apply when using credit cards or Apple Pay.

Means of payment Limits fees
Visa Min. 10 €, max. 2000 € up to 2.5% *
Master Card Min. 10 €, max. 2000 € up to 2.5% *
Apple Pay Min. 10 €, max. 1000 € up to 2.5% *
Klarna immediately Min. 9 €, max. 2000 € no
PayPal Min. 10 €, max. 3000 € no
Neteller Min. 10 €, max. 10.000 € 5 %
Skrill Min. 20 €, max. 10.000 € 5 %
Muchbetter Min. 10 €, max. 2000 € 5 %
Paysafecard Min. 20 €, max. 2000 € 5 %

The fees are determined based on the deposit amount: €0 - €250: 2.5%; €250 - €3000: 0% | As of October 2024, these rates apply.

Most bookmakers strive to avoid burdening their customers with fees, which is why this particular bookie does not fare well in comparison to its competitors.

Comeon payout experience

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

Customers have the option to withdraw funds using various payment methods such as credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and Muchbetter. It is important to note, however, that fees apply during the withdrawal process.

At Skrill, Neteller, and Muchbetter, the withdrawal fee stands at 5%, while for credit cards, it ranges from 1% to 5%. Moreover, there is an additional charge of 5 euros for the third withdrawal in a month.

Markus: "Comeon's weak point lies in its payment system. Numerous fees are charged, which can potentially drive away prospective customers. This could potentially deter potential customers due to the high number of fees."

ComeOn betting tax

At ComeOn Sports Betting, just like with all other betting providers in Canada, a 5% betting tax is applicable for each bet. This tax is either deducted upfront or only when there is a winning bet. Some select bookmakers cover this tax for their customers. More information can be found in our article "Tax-Free Betting."

ComeOn customer service

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When it comes to customer service, our primary focus is on the available means of contact provided by a bookmaker. In times like these, we believe that every bookmaker should ideally have a live chat feature.

The customer service of ComeOn is presented quite decently and can serve with a live chat (available daily until 11:00 p.m.) and an email contact. This provides a solid foundation.

For instance, take Sportingbet, bwin, or Bet-at-home, they excel in this regard by offering an extra telephone hotline. To access the customer service via mobile devices, simply tap on the menu located at the top left corner.

Please provide your name and email and initiate a live chat.

Comeon Contact
Support in Canadian: And
Email/Form: And

Live-Chat: And
Telephone hotline No

Comeon is meeting expectations with its email support and live chat services. While a phone hotline is not a requirement, extending the availability of the live chat during nighttime hours would be beneficial.

ComeOn test conclusion

At ComeOn, there is occasionally a significant disparity between the performances in our categories. We were particularly impressed by the consistently high odds and the user-friendly interface of the mobile betting. The odds consistently maintained a high margin, and the mobile betting offered an intuitive and effortless experience.

We find the customer service with live chat and the usability of the website to be satisfactory. What Comeon should consider is the payment process. In our opinion, too many fees are being charged, which doesn't align with our preferences.

The activation of the sports betting bonus requires a minimum deposit of 100 euros, which is also less convincing. The important aspects of the betting offer and live betting are highlighted, but many competitors are better positioned.

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