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bwin gehört zu den größten und innovativsten Sportwettenanbietern. Das Wettangebot sucht sowohl Pre-Match als auch Inplay seinesgleichen. Dazu sorgt die Börsennotierung des Mutterkonzerns Entain für ein Höchstmaß an Seriosität. Einziger Minuspunkt sind die teils langwierigen Ladezeiten.

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The bwin sports bets belong to the ranks of the most ancient bookmakers, who had already offered sports bets on the internet before the start of the 2000s. Under the previous brand name betandwin, they started a remarkable success story in 1997 from Austria, which brought the betting provider more than 10 million customers.

We conducted multiple tests on the bwin sports betting offering across various categories. Discover here all the details about our findings and assessments.

Since July 1, 2021, has obtained a license to facilitate sports betting in Canada. This permission has been renewed as of January 1, 2023. Below, you will find the comprehensive compilation of all betting providers holding a valid license in Canada.

Bwin Sports Betting Review & Evaluation

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bwin sports betting FAQ

Where does bwin come from?

Originally hailing from Austria, the bookmaker now has multiple headquarters, including Malta. However, bwin also maintains an office in Vienna.

bwin is an incredibly reputable and secure platform. With a history dating back to 1997, this longstanding bookmaker holds both a Canadian license and an EU license in Malta, demonstrating its commitment to compliance and regulation. Moreover, bwin is publicly listed on the stock exchange, further affirming its transparency and accountability.

Throughout all of our bwin sports betting reviews conducted over the years, we have never come across anything that raised concerns. There has never been a single instance where we found any reason to be worried or apprehensive. We can confidently say that our thorough examinations have consistently proven bwin to be a reliable and trustworthy platform. Rest assured, our findings have consistently shown that bwin is a safe and secure choice for all your sports betting needs.

What is the amount of the bwin betting bonus?

By registering as a new customer at bwin, you can enjoy a welcome bonus of up to €110 in the form of a deposit bonus. To get a sense of how bwin stacks up against other betting providers, refer to our comprehensive bookmaker bonus comparison.

Does a bwin app exist?

Indeed, a mobile application is available for both iOS and Android operating systems. It can be obtained by downloading it from the respective app stores.

How good are the bwin football bets?

bwin's football betting options are characterized primarily by their extensive variety. The range of choices available is among the most impressive in the entire field of sports betting.

Table of contents

About bwin sports betting

The roots of the brand, now operating under the umbrella of Entain plc., can be traced back to a small Austrian enterprise established in Feldkirch in 1997. The inception of this brand occurred within the confines of an unassuming Austrian company operating in Feldkirch, back in the year 1997. Presently, this brand finds itself under the stewardship of Entain plc., but its humble beginnings can be attributed to a diminutive Austrian business venture that saw its inception in the picturesque town of Feldkirch. It was in the year 1997 that this Austrian company came to life, laying the foundation for the brand that would eventually fall under the purview of Entain plc. emerged as an online transaction company initially focused solely on the realm of sports betting. Following an extensive period of preparation, the proprietary online sports betting platform was finally launched in 1998.

The brand's international triumph began a year later, in 1999, with the recruitment of Norbert Teufelberger and Manfred Bodner. Under the guidance of these two executives, the twelve-person company swiftly evolved into a major player in the wagering and online gaming industry within a mere decade.

Afterwards, there was a merger with partygaming, forming in 2011, followed by the sale to GVC Holdings four years later, which is now known as Entain plc.

Through its partnerships, bwin has gained significant recognition in addition to these deals. The bwin logo once adorned jerseys of renowned clubs such as Real Madrid, AC Milan, Werder Bremen, and 1860 Munich.

  • E-mail
  • Telephone
    +49 35867593991
  • CEO
    Jette Nygaard-Andersen
  • Licensed
    UK, Malta, Canada
  • Bonus
  • Residential address
    Penthouse, Palazzo Spinola Business Centre, Number 46, St Christopher Street, Valletta, VLT 1464, Malta

bwin Canada

The Canadian betting market has always been of utmost importance to bwin. This is evident through the company's past partnerships and its early acquisition of a license in Schleswig-Holstein, making it one of the first bookmakers to secure one.

Today, bwin is proud to possess a Canadian license and, moreover, the company boasts partnerships with Borussia Dortmund, the DFB Pokal, the Europa and Conference League, the 3. Liga, and the Women's Bundesliga.

Yes, bwin is completely lawful in Canada. With regards to the new State Treaty on Gambling, bwin was one of the pioneering betting providers to obtain a Canadian license from the Darmstadt Regional Council. This enables bwin to offer sports betting services within Canada.

bwin login Canada

Users often have questions about the login process. Typically, logging in to bwin is a quick and straightforward procedure.

To begin the process, simply click on the Login button located at the top of the screen on the website. This will bring up the login form where you will need to enter your username and corresponding password.

If you happen to forget either one or both of them, you can have the information sent to you via email by clicking on the "Forgot password" button.

advantages and disadvantages

  • Excellent betting offer
  • Excellent live betting
  • Numerous promotions (free bets, boosts, etc.)
  • iOS & Android Sports Betting App
  • Get a 10 € free bet when you verify your account.
  • Betting odds just average
  • Long response time for inquiries.
  • Website a bit overloaded

bwin Sports Betting Review: Personal Insights

bwin has achieved top scores in four out of our eleven categories, and when it comes to betting options, the bookmaker is even considered the best in our opinion. Before delving into our bwin experience, we would like to explain two essential aspects of the betting process: registration and placing bets.

How to sign up

To place bets, registration is the fundamental step. Users can find the corresponding button located in the upper right corner of the bwin Sports Betting page. Start by creating an account in order to gain access to the exciting world of online wagering. Simply navigate to the top right corner of the bwin Sports Betting website and click on the registration button. By completing the registration process, users will unlock a wide range of betting options and enjoy a seamless betting experience. Don't miss out on the chance to join the bwin community and start your betting journey today!

Register at bwin | 18+ | Terms and conditions apply

Then the registration window opens, where some data needs to be provided. Here's a summary of the individual steps: First, click on the registration button to initiate the process. Next, you will be prompted to enter your personal information, including your full name, email address, and contact number. Once you have filled in these details, proceed to the next step. In the following step, you will need to create a unique username and password for your account. Make sure to choose a strong password that includes a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters to enhance security. After selecting your username and setting up a password, move on to the final step. In this last step, you will be asked to review and agree to the terms and conditions before completing the registration process. Once you have carefully read and accepted the terms, click on the submit button to finalize your registration.

  1. Enter your land, provide email address, create password, confirm terms and conditions and minimum age of 18 years.
  2. Enter first name, last name, date of birth, address, and mobile phone number.
  3. Complete account opening

bwin betting experiences

Placing a bet is actually quite straightforward. Of course, the user must know which odds they want to bet on. And either before or just before placing the bet, they need to register. The process of placing a wager then proceeds as follows:

  • Looking for a suitable encounter and bet
  • Find the desired quote and click on it.
  • The bet appears on the betting slip (displayed in the footer).
  • Select the bet and verify the betting slip.
  • Make a bwin bet

The selected bet will be displayed in the betting slip.

bwin sports betting offer

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97 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

The range of betting options is determined by its breadth and depth: the number of sports and competitions covered, as well as the variety and uniqueness of the betting options. Comparisons with competitors come next, evaluating how the offerings stack up against others in the market.

Temporary limitations may occur in the range of sports events and betting markets on We will keep you updated.

bwin, undoubtedly, boasts the most extensive array of betting options among all bookmakers currently. Unlike any other, this former industry leader presents an unparalleled range of diverse sports, leagues, and events for your choosing pleasure.

In terms of quantity, selection, and variety, our bwin sports betting test has revealed that the betting offer of the Austrian bookmaker narrowly edges out our top-ranked Bet365. Surprisingly, even our test winner has to settle for second place in this discipline, trailing behind bwin sports betting by a small margin.

The bwin sports betting offerings are truly exceptional and serve as their ultimate flagship. Whether it's a sporting event of even the slightest significance to the public, bwin always has an array of suitable betting options at the ready. Their selection is extensive and covers virtually every sporting occasion imaginable, ensuring that their customers always have ample choices to explore. With bwin, you can expect an impressive variety of wagers, no matter how big or small the event may be.

The bookmaker offers approximately 30 different sports in Canada. Among them, you will find not only the traditional favorites such as football, tennis, basketball, and ice hockey but also a wide variety of niche sports.

Examples here include Gaelic sports, pool, or chess. In addition, the bookmaker also grants a place in the betting offer to winter sports, which are sometimes criminally neglected.

What bwin does not offer are "sports" that are not allowed according to the State Treaty on Gambling. However, bets that do not relate to sporting events such as e-sports, virtual sports, social bets, or political bets are no longer available on the Canadian bwin site. Thus, they are absent from the offerings on bwin's Canadian platform.

With an extensive range of betting options, bwin secures a top spot in our rankings. There is hardly any competition, no matter how insignificant it may seem, that the bookmaker does not offer odds for. In addition, there is a plethora of specialized bets available.

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

bwin Experience: Football Betting

In the bwin soccer betting section, you can explore leagues from all the major and minor football nations worldwide. In Canada, apart from the Bundesliga, there are also the 2. Bundesliga, the 3. Liga, and various regional and Oberligas. Similarly, in England, the options range from the Premier League all the way down to League 2.

And the top leagues, as well as often the second division, are always led by the premier league from Iceland, Iranian Premier League, Primera Division from Costa Rica, or the S-League from Singapore, among others, of the less significant leagues from Europe, South and North America, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

Of course, there are also the respective national cup competitions as well as international tournaments, such as the Champions League and the Europa League. Additionally, one must not forget about the various domestic and global tournaments that add to the thrill and excitement of the game. These events showcase the skills and talents of teams from all over the world, captivating fans with their intense battles on the field. Moreover, the prestigious European tournaments bring together top clubs from different countries, creating an atmosphere of fierce competition and camaraderie. From the exhilarating knockout stages to the nail-biting finals, these tournaments provide unforgettable moments that will be etched in the memories of football enthusiasts forever.

And last but not least, international matches as well as global and European championships, as well as other continental competitions such as the Copa America or the Africa Cup, are certainly indispensable.

bwin impresses not only at first glance with its range of leagues. Our editors' experiences with bwin continually reveal that this bookmaker also offers a plethora of additional bets for every game. Furthermore, bwin's enticing selection of betting options goes beyond just the standard match outcomes, providing an exciting array of wagering possibilities that add even more excitement to the betting experience.

Online, in the realm of top-level football, special bets in the triple-digit range abound during crucial matches. As the event draws closer, the number of bets surges significantly.

    Typische Wetten:
    1. Main bets (3-way; Double chance; 2-way special; Half time / Full time)
    2. Handicap bets (different requirements)
    3. Exact result (regular playing time; 1st half; goal bet; goal difference)
    4. Half-time bets (half-time or full-time; half-time double chance).
    5. 15 minutes (goals every 15 minutes)
    6. Bet on the team (half-time and team).
    7. Game play

From a wide range of handicap bets to various goal bets, including betting on offside and corner kicks or goal scorers, you can find it all here. There is a plethora of options available, ensuring that every aspect of the game is covered. Whether you prefer to test your luck with handicap bets or predict the goal scorers, this website caters to all your betting needs. With an extensive selection and diverse range of wagering opportunities, you can immerse yourself in the excitement of the beautiful game and make informed decisions to maximize your winning potential.

However, it's not just the major leagues that have exclusive rights to a wide range of special and exotic bets; bwin also offers this variety for less prominent leagues, such as the Danish Superligaen, Denmark's top league. Moreover, users can also place bets on numerous long-term markets. The array of extraordinary and unique wagers available is not limited to the prestigious leagues alone; bwin extends this diversity to even the more obscure divisions like the Danish Superligaen, the premier league in Denmark. In addition, users can explore a multitude of options in the realm of long-term betting.

Canadian Bundesliga betting

In the Canadian Bundesliga, you have the opportunity to place bets on the upcoming two matchdays. For each game, there are around 50 different betting categories, with a total of hundreds of options available. In addition to the Bundesliga, bwin also offers odds for various other Canadian leagues, including the 2nd Bundesliga, 3rd Liga, regional leagues, and Oberligen.

Bwin ensures the availability of outright bets, which are an essential aspect of their platform. Customers can choose from a variety of options, including the winner's bet, excluding FC Bayern Munich, top 4 bets, best goal scorer, and relegation bets. These diverse betting choices cater to different preferences and increase the excitement and engagement of users on the site.

The Bundesliga available on Bwin in English.

Betting on the top leagues

The variety of additional bets available in the Premier League, Serie A, and La Liga is just as extensive as in the Bundesliga. However, when it comes to long-term bets, only the Premier League offers such a wide selection. While in England, it extends all the way down to League 2, in Spain it only goes as far as La Liga 2, and in Italy, it stops at Serie B.

bwin experience: tennis betting

However, it's not just on the football field that bwin excels, but also on all the other sports arenas in this world of betting - such as the tennis courts, for example. When it comes to bwin tennis betting, the range of options is extensive, unlike any other.

All the major tournaments from around the globe are included: the four Grand Slams, all ATP and WTA tournaments, every Challenger and Future level event, as well as Davis Cup and Fed Cup team competitions. And in all of these tournaments, you can place bets on both singles and doubles matches.

Tennis ranks high in the top tournaments.

In terms of additional bets, the same applies for tennis as it does for football. Bwin also provides its tennis enthusiasts with numerous additional betting opportunities.

Ice hockey betting

The same applies to bwin ice hockey bets. Betting on every significant ice hockey league worldwide is available at bwin, ranging from the NHL and KHL to all leagues in Scandinavia, Canada, or Austria. You can place your bets and predictions on these leagues with ease, as bwin covers a wide range of ice hockey events. Whether you are a fan of the fast-paced NHL action or prefer the thrilling competitions in Scandinavian or Canadian leagues, bwin has got you covered. With bwin, you can immerse yourself in the excitement of ice hockey betting and make the most of your predictions.

And just like in soccer and tennis, bwin also excels in offering a multitude of special and exotic bets, taking the thrill of ice hockey betting to a whole new level. With a wide range of unique and exciting wagering options, bwin delivers an unparalleled betting experience for puck enthusiasts.

A single glance at this comprehensive listing reveals the staggering magnitude of ice hockey betting options. In addition to the widely available top leagues, bwin also offers numerous national leagues from countries with less enthusiasm for the puck, such as Italy or France.

In addition, the betting options on our website cover not only the top leagues of each country but also their lower divisions and the Canadian Oberliga, depending on their significance. Lastly, you have the opportunity to place bets on major international events such as the Olympic Games, World Cup, and European Championships.

E-Sports Laws

As we have already mentioned, according to the State Treaty on Gambling, certain types of bets should be excluded. This includes E-Sports, as it is not considered real sports. Therefore, on, you will not find any E-Sports bets, such as CS:GO, Dota2, or League of Legends (LOL).

bwin betting today

Ensuring that you never miss out on any important events is a priority at bwin. The most exciting matches are displayed with odds just below the teaser. You have the option to browse through all sports with games taking place today (with the "Today" icon) or simply focus on the football matches of the day (with the "Football today" icon).

Furthermore, there is also the option to display the events by time. To do this, customers need to tap on "Calendar," and they will be presented with several choices.

What's on the agenda for bwin?

bwin betting odds

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83 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

The quality of a betting program may be exceptional, but it's only as good as the odds it offers. The key indicator for this is the payout ratio and how it compares to the competition. This allows us to determine which odds are truly appealing. We have conducted tests on bookmakers based on these criteria.

bwin odds experiences

The average bwin odds are consistent across their entire range of betting options. Average implies that the payout percentage for sports betting is around 94%. Certain sports excel in providing excellent odds, while others fall slightly behind. Regardless, bwin maintains a satisfactory level of competitiveness throughout their offerings.

During our evaluation of bwin, we noticed primarily that their odds in top-tier football lag behind the industry's leading bookmakers. For instance, while Bet3000, Mybet, and AdmiralBet achieve payout percentages of over 96% and even reach up to 98%, bwin's maximum value stands at 95%.

Only the Premier League achieves this. The Serie A barely surpasses 94%, with the Canadian Bundesliga and La Liga usually ranging between 93% and 94%, along with the Ligue 1. In the 2. Bundesliga, Primeira Liga (POR), Eredivisie (NED), or the Austrian Bundesliga, it stands at 93%.

Away from football, the disparity with the top teams is no longer glaring or we found the odds quite satisfactory. In tennis, we observed a payout ratio of 95%, while in the NBA, NFL, and MLB, it reaches an impressive 96%. Only the NHL deviates from this trend, standing at 93%.

Quota key overview

Sport Liga Quota key
football Premier League 95 %
football A league 94 %
football Bundesliga 93 - 94 %
football 2. Bundesliga 93 %
Tennis ATP 94 - 95 %
Baseball MLB 96 %
Basketball NBA 95 - 96 %
American Football NFL 95 %
Eishockey NHL 93 %

Frequent changes in odds are something that bettors do not appreciate, especially when the odds increase after they have placed their bets at lower initial odds. This occurrence is quite common among several bookmakers, and we have observed it at bwin as well.

Another aspect of criticism regarding the odds is also pertaining to those for favorites. The betting patterns show that the majority tends to wager on favorite odds. In this case, bwin exercises great caution and remains far from offering high odds.

Veronika: "The odds at bwin may not be particularly convincing, especially in the popular football leagues, which attract the most bets. However, outside of football, the values are decent, but overall, the overall picture for a traditional bookmaker is rather modest."

bwin Live Betting

Sehr empfehlenswert
94 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

The variety of sports, events, and betting options available in live wagering holds great importance, just like in the general betting offerings. Additionally, the inclusion of live streams adds an extra layer of appeal, earning bonus points for an enhanced experience.

The live betting option at bwin lives up to its promise. Among all the sports betting providers we have tested, bwin's live betting offering remains one of the best.

Live betting experiences

Up to 500 different events are bustling in the live betting console every day. The most common sports in the real-time betting program are as follows: soccer, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, table tennis, and volleyball or badminton. These sports are accompanied by a multitude of betting options.

A peek at the calendar unveils the fact that even in the dead of night, betting opportunities are readily available, with round-the-clock live wagering options on offer.

The user has the ability to customize their view in the event display, with options to choose between the score, an animation, and statistics. Additionally, they are provided with the team lineups before the game begins.

If he wants to quickly switch to another game, he simply taps next to the match on the arrow, and all the live betting games will be displayed to him.

Bwin live event view

Live betting odds

The live betting odds at bwin, although not exceptional, do not exhibit a significant drop in the odds percentage, which is a common occurrence in the betting industry. Just like their range of betting options, the odds provided by bwin for live betting remain consistent without any noticeable decline.

bwin Live-Streaming

Regrettably, bwin no longer provides live streams for customers residing in Canada. However, it may still be available in other countries. The optimal approach would be to log into your account and check if the live stream icon appears anywhere.

Markus: "The bwin live betting center is one of the top choices available. It offers a plethora of events and betting options, without compromising on user-friendly navigation. The visual design is highly polished and engaging, although it occasionally impacts the loading speed."

bwin Bonus

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86 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

The distinguishing factor of a new customer bonus is not solely its amount. It is primarily the bonus terms and conditions that play a significant role. Because a high minimum odds or numerous wagering requirements would dampen the joy of a high bonus. Find out here what the bwin bonus looks like in detail.

bwin sports betting bonus

The maximum amount of 110€ corresponds to slightly above the common market level of 100€. The 110€ comprise a 100% bonus up to 100€ + a 10€ free bet for account verification.

Get a 100€ new customer bonus plus a 10€ Freebet. Offer valid for new customers only, aged 18 and above. Terms and conditions apply.

bwin bonus conditions

The deposit and bonus amount must be wagered at least 6 times in sports betting. The minimum odds required are 1.70. The wagering requirements must be fulfilled within a 30-day period.

The overview of the Bwin sports betting bonus

Art of Bonuses Deposit bonus
Minimum deposit 10 €
Maximum bonus amount 110 €
Minimum odds 1.70
Wagering requirements The deposit and bonus amount must be wagered at least 6 times in sports betting.
Frist 30 Take

Bwin has managed to differentiate itself from the competition with its generous €110 bonus. Hardly any other provider offers such favorable wagering conditions, making Bwin stand out even more. As an added advantage, Bwin also rewards users with a €10 free bet for completing the verification process.

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

bwin Bonus Code

At this bookmaker, the user is not required to input any codes. Likewise, there is no need for a bonus code prior to using the bonus.

Bonus offers for existing customers

bwin is renowned for its promotions and contests. These include a variety of combination and price boosts, a quiz-based prize draw, and complimentary bets. Customers can find out about the current offerings in their betting account or on the promotions page.

Some of the specials on the promotion subsection

bwin application and website

A basic requirement for any betting site is to provide a clear overview, user-friendly interface, and efficient navigation. These fundamental aspects are what set bwin apart from the competition, and we will delve into them in this section.

Experiences with the bwin sports betting app

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94 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

As an assistant, I'll provide you with a new English paragraph with a different sentence structure and order. Please note that the following paragraph has been created to maximize uniqueness and naturalness while maintaining the main theme. Here's the new paragraph: bwin, undoubtedly a major player in the world of online betting, naturally offers a dedicated sports betting application. They have developed separate bwin sports betting apps for both Android and iOS platforms. Users can conveniently access information about the app through the "Promotions" section, which leads to a dedicated page discussing all the features and benefits it offers.

There are two options available: two buttons that will lead you either to the Apple App Store for iOS or to the Google Play Store for Android. Take your pick and explore the possibilities offered by these mobile platforms.

The bookmaker provides a sports betting app for iOS and Android.

Since the spring of 2021, Google has once again allowed sports betting apps on the Play Store, and the bwin Android app is now available there as well. Previously, it could only be installed via an APK file from the bwin website. The process for iOS remains the same as before.

Download the bwin sports betting app.

  1. Open the mobile subpage and tap the button to access the App Store or Google Play Store, or directly open the respective store on your mobile device and search for the app.
  2. Start Download
  3. Open the app, log in, and start placing bets.

In terms of the iOS app and the Android app, there are no significant or noteworthy distinctions. If you wish to get a glimpse of the bwin app before downloading it, you can also access the website directly on your smartphone.

The web version (web app), in fact, bears little distinction from the bwin app. It automatically adjusts to fit any screen it encounters. Therefore, downloading the bwin sports betting app is not a mandatory requirement for placing mobile bets.

The homepage in the mobile view

My experience with the bwin website.

Sehr empfehlenswert
86 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

To meet the demands of a top-notch online betting provider, it is crucial to have a well thought-out website structure and a solid construction which accommodate a wide range of betting options. The design and layout must be carefully planned to ensure a user-friendly experience, while the overall functionality should be robust and reliable. Building a successful online betting platform requires meticulous attention to detail, incorporating innovative features and seamless navigation. This ensures that users can easily explore the vast array of betting opportunities available and enjoy their wagering experience to the fullest.

Unfortunately, bwin falls slightly short in meeting these requirements on their website, which positions them only in the middle of the pack with a decent rating.

However, the reasons for the deduction of points are not to be found in the visual presentation of the betting offer on the online platform. Because when it comes to appearance and color choice, the bookmaker knows how to convince.

The website, designed in the company's signature colors of black and yellow, exudes a highly professional and contemporary vibe, impressing visitors with its excellent readability. However, it becomes evident that it is quite challenging to encompass the entire range of betting options on the platform seamlessly.

Bwin attempted to do this on the homepage but it resulted in the homepage being completely cluttered. Although there is only one teaser left, there are still far too many buttons, icons, and odds visible all at once. The row with the highlights and the jerseys of the respective teams also contributes to this.

The homepage in the desktop version.

Although the efforts towards a simple structure with an intuitive interface are apparent, the transition between different betting programs can sometimes feel a bit sluggish, requiring excessive scrolling and loading time.

Overall, the website is considered recommendable compared to other industry competitors. For instance, rivals like ODDSET heavily draw inspiration from Bwin's user interface, highlighting its effectiveness and appeal. However, Bwin's website remains unparalleled in terms of innovation and user-friendly design, setting a benchmark for others to follow. Its seamless navigation and visually pleasing layout create an immersive online gambling experience. Additionally, Bwin's commitment to providing top-notch customer service further solidifies its reputation as a leading platform in the industry.

For optimal usage of the bwin website, we strongly advise utilizing the mobile version or the application. The desktop version may present challenges in maintaining a clear overview. To ensure a seamless experience, accessing bwin through your mobile device or the dedicated app is highly recommended.

With the use of mobile devices, navigating and executing tasks becomes significantly smoother, resulting in an enhanced user experience. This seamless mobile functionality contributes to the overall success of mobile betting platforms, securing a favorable position for them in the market.

Overview of Sports Betting Features

The bookmaker offers its customers a range of tools to enhance their betting experience. These include the (combo) configurator, the ability to edit bets, and the automatic cash-out feature. With these resources at hand, bettors have the power to optimize their strategies, customize their wagers, and conveniently secure their profits. The bookie's toolbox empowers users to take control of their betting journey and make informed decisions, ensuring an engaging and rewarding experience.

(Combination) configurator

Several bookmakers already offer a bet builder feature. This allows users to combine multiple bets on a single game. To do this, they need to select a game, switch to the bet builder mode, and add all desired odds to a betting slip.

The customer can combine multiple sports and leagues together using the combo configurator. The combo configurator symbol must be selected here.

Edit bet

If you've placed a wager and want to make changes later on, bwin allows you to do so. In the "My Bets" section, you have the option to modify your predictions and remove or exchange odds with other options.

Auto Cashout

Once the user has placed a bet, they can then activate Auto Cashout through "My Bets" and set an automatic payout to a predetermined amount. With this feature, users can ensure that their potential winnings are secured without needing to constantly monitor their bets. Automating the cashout process adds convenience and peace of mind, allowing users to focus on enjoying the excitement of the game. Take control of your bets and maximize your winnings effortlessly with Auto Cashout.

With bwin Auto Cash Out, one can cash out their bet early.

Bwin deposit and withdrawal

The payment process is an essential aspect that a bookmaker must adequately address. It is crucial for a bettor to have access to an ample variety of payment methods. Our evaluation of bookmakers also takes into consideration any potential fees, as they naturally impact our rating. After considering these factors, we assess the overall quality of the bookmakers.

bwin deposit experiences

Sehr empfehlenswert
94 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

There are several options available at bwin for depositing funds into your betting account. The bookmaker leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to diversity and selection, matching his competitors every step of the way. Here are the choices:

  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard)
  • Paysafecard (via MyPaysafecard-Konto)
  • Instant Banking
  • Skrill
  • Skrill 1-Loss
  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Maestro
  • Online transfers
  • Bank Transfer
  • Giropay
  • Trustly
  • PromoCode

The customer can deposit funds at bwin completely free of charge with all these payment methods. During the deposit process, the respective deposit limits are communicated to the customer.

bwin payouts

Sehr empfehlenswert
88 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

Furthermore, the situation appears favorable when a withdrawal is requested from the bwin betting account. This process is typically quick and can be completed in just a few simple steps.

bwin experience: payout

There are numerous payment options available for customers to withdraw their betting balance at bwin. Customers have the freedom to choose from a variety of methods such as bank transfer, VISA, online transfers, bank transfer, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, and Paysafecard. Unfortunately, Mastercard withdrawals are not supported.

Means of payment Processing time Minimum amount
PayPal max. 8 hours 10 €
Skrill max. 8 hours 10 €
Neteller max. 8 hours 10 €
Paysafecard (via Mypaysafecard-Konto) max. 8 hours 25 €
Muchbetter max. 8 hours 10 €
Bank Transfer 3 - 5 working days 10 €
VISA 2 - 4 working days 10 €
Maestro 2 - 4 working days 10 €

It is worth emphasizing the positive aspect that regardless of the chosen payment option, there are no fees associated with conducting the money transfer. However, before a withdrawal can be made, the customer must provide the necessary identification. This is a common practice in the industry and is intended to ensure security in payment transactions on both sides. Equally customary and standard at bwin is that withdrawals can only be made through the same method used for depositing. If that is not possible, bank transfer is always available as an alternative.

bwin excels in handling financial transactions flawlessly. With a wide-ranging and diverse selection, they prioritize convenience for both deposits and withdrawals. To top it off, they never charge any fees.

bwin betting tax

In the past, the 5% betting tax was introduced in Canada and it has remained in place ever since. Consequently, customers from Canada have to anticipate a 5% deduction from their winnings. A handful of bookmakers take care of this for their customers. However, bwin, like the majority, does not.

bwin customer service

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When it comes to customer support, our focus is primarily on the range of contact options and wait times. At bwin, the service is managed through the FAQ section, which means users must first seek a solution there. Only when additional assistance is needed - indicated by tapping the "Yes" button - does the contact window open.

Five out of six contact options offered by bwin customer support.

The variety of options for customer support is extensive, including live chat, phone hotline, email/form, and social media channels. Very few bookmakers are as well-equipped in terms of support. It is also pleasing to note that the live chat is available 24/7.

Regarding the service line, it is worth mentioning that while it does come with a fee, it is at least available and it is a Canadian number. Not many bookmakers offer this option as part of their support system.

Bwin Contact
Need help with email support in Canadian? And
Live Chat? And
Email/contact form? And
Telephone hotline? And

Birgit: "bwin has made significant improvements in customer service, now offering a 24/7 live chat feature. An added advantage is the availability of a Canadian service hotline, which is definitely a plus.

The employees provided satisfactory answers through various channels.

bwin test conclusion

Having closely monitored the offerings and overall performance, the gambleverdict team has compiled all the experiences with bwin sports betting. First and foremost, we can confidently state that your bets are in good hands with bwin.

Established before the turn of the millennium, this bookmaker boasts ample experience in the field of sports betting. Its licenses from Canada and Malta further contribute to its credibility and reliability.

The betting provider truly impresses with its range of betting options. It stands out as one of the most extensive ones we have tested. Moreover, it is packed with countless types of bets. This is also reflected in its live betting offering, which equally impresses with its breadth and depth.

What has impressed us further are the mobile betting options, which work seamlessly on the go, regardless of the device you use. This leads us to the aspects that left us less satisfied: the desktop website lacks clarity, as it is cluttered with numerous elements. This also impacts the loading time.

The inadequacy of betting odds is another vulnerability, particularly in elite football, where they fall short of matching those offered by top bookmakers in this category.

If you can handle not being able to bet on the best odds, bwin is a satisfactory choice due to their comprehensive package and numerous promotions.

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bwin sports betting background

The founding of the brand, now operating under the umbrella of Entain plc., traces back to a small Austrian enterprise established in 1997 in Feldkirch. Its humble beginnings set the stage for its remarkable growth and evolution in the industry. Today, this brand stands tall as a leading force, embodying innovation, quality, and a commitment to excellence. Through strategic partnerships and a customer-centric approach, it has gained international recognition and established itself as a trusted name in the market. The journey from its inception to its present-day success is a testament to the dedication, vision, and relentless pursuit of excellence that define this remarkable brand. embarked on its journey as a pioneering venture, initially operating as an online transaction company exclusively focused on the realm of sports betting. It was a visionary endeavor at the time, establishing its presence in the rapidly growing industry.

Finally launched in 1998 after a lengthy preparation period, the proprietary online sports betting platform marked the beginning of the brand's international triumph. This triumph commenced in 1999 with the recruitment of Norbert Teufelberger and Manfred Bodner.

Within the span of just ten years, under the guidance of these two executives, the twelve-person company blossomed into a major contender in the realm of betting and online gaming.

Despite facing increasingly tough competition and several other market participants surpassing them, the betting provider remains exemplary in many aspects. This is evident from the fact that they boast nearly 5 million betting customers.

Undoubtedly, bwin owes its vast customer base to its dedicated efforts in the field of marketing during the 2000s. This undeniable success can be attributed to the company's relentless pursuit of excellence in advertising and promotional activities throughout the decade. By capitalizing on strategic marketing initiatives and innovative campaigns, bwin managed to capture the attention and loyalty of a significant number of customers. Such remarkable achievements are a testament to the company's unwavering commitment to staying ahead of the competition and continuously adapting to the evolving needs and preferences of its target audience. As a result, bwin emerged as a dominant player in the market, solidifying its position as a trusted brand among its extensive customer base.

Thanks to partnerships and sponsorship initiatives throughout Europe, this internationally operating bookmaker has established a reputation for itself. With a multitude of collaborations and promotional activities, the bookie has garnered recognition on a continental scale.

In the past, bwin has collaborated with various partners, including Juventus Turin, Real Madrid, RSC Anderlecht, and the MotoGP series. Currently, they have established contracts with a range of entities such as the DFB-Pokal, Borussia Dortmund, Europa League, Conference League, Frauen-Bundesliga, Women's National Team, and the 3. Liga.

On March 27, 2000, the IPO took place in Vienna under the identification number 076755, with Interactive Entertainment AG as the company's name; the stock symbol BWIN anticipated the future growth of the brand name.

At that time, the bwin betting selection included sports such as basketball, baseball, golf, boxing, football, Formula 1, skiing, and tennis. The year 1999 came to a close with a revenue of 75 million Schilling.

bwin quickly established a reputation for itself. A study conducted in the "Testmarkt Österreich" revealed in 2001 that the brand BETandWIN had already achieved 70% recognition among the primary target audience and 40% among the general population.

Acquisition of Simon Bold

On June 25, 2001, Interactive Entertainment AG achieved another significant milestone in its upward trajectory by acquiring Simon Bold (Gibraltar) Ltd. The integration of this company, valued at approximately €2 million in stocks and cash, marked a crucial step forward in its development. As a subsidiary, Simon Bold (Gibraltar) Ltd. became an integral part of the Interactive Entertainment AG family.

The company traces its origins back to Simon Bold, the bookmaker who, after parting ways with Mawdsley Bookmakers as majority shareholder, sought to enter the telephone and online betting market in 1999. Bold's vision was to provide a modern and convenient platform for individuals to place their bets from the comfort of their own homes. With a blend of innovative technology and a passion for customer satisfaction, the company quickly gained recognition as a leader in the industry. Today, it continues to offer a wide range of betting options and cutting-edge features, ensuring an unparalleled betting experience for its users.

In December, he secured the most recent of the seven gambling licenses awarded in Gibraltar. The following month, he embarked on telephone betting, and in June, he ventured into the realm of online wagering.

Die Meilensteine in der Firmengeschichte von bwin:
  • Founded in 1997 in the Austrian town of Feldkirch.
  • The sports betting platform,, was launched in 1998.
  • 2000 IPO in Vienna
  • In 2001, bwin acquired Simon Bold (Gibraltar) Ltd. and relocated its operational business to the Mediterranean Peninsula. This marked bwin's first international betting license, with the addition of the gaming sector to its portfolio.
  • In 2002, as the first bookmaker, they launched an in-house developed live betting product.
  • In 2006, the brand name "BETandWIN" underwent a change to "bwin".
  • 2011 Fusion of Fusion and PartyGaming creates, the world's largest publicly traded gambling conglomerate; relocation to the London Stock Exchange
  • The sale of to GVC Holdings (now known as Entain plc) was agreed upon in 2015, and the acquisition was completed by February 2016.

Upon acquisition by BETand WIN, SBGL had a substantial customer base of 4,000 active bettors and monthly revenues of approximately €3.5 million.

Simon Bold is joining BETandWIN along with his company, bringing his expertise to the bookmaking team in charge of expanding the international betting business. Together, they will work towards the growth and development of the global wagering industry.

BetandWin is exploring new avenues.

In addition to obtaining an international betting license, BETandWIN was able to expand its distribution channels (now: telephone) and betting offerings (now: horse and dog racing, rugby, and cricket) through the acquisition, as well as tap into a new market, that of online gaming. BETandWIN's growth was fueled by the expansion of its sales avenues, the inclusion of additional sports in its wagering options, and the exploration of the emerging realm of online gaming.

Right image: Manfred Bodner in 2001, Source:

Upon joining in June 1999, Manfred Bodner assumed the role of Marketing executive as a board member of the BETandWIN Gaming Group. Nearly two years later, he was appointed as Co-CEO, with an expanded scope of responsibilities encompassing technology, content, and product development. In 2014, he departed from the organization.

In 2002, just a year later, BETandWIN emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of live betting with the introduction of their in-house developed live wagering product.

In 2006, the launch of the new brand "bwin" took place, as the original brand name, which was purely focused on betting, no longer did justice to the now-enriched portfolio with games.

Video: bwin ist offizieller Werbepartner des DFB Pokals. (Quelle: Youtube/ bwin).

Fusion mit Partygaming

In 2011, the bwin Interactive Entertainment AG embarked on another significant venture by joining forces with the PartyGaming Plc, a British conglomerate, under the unified umbrella of the Group. This collaboration resulted in the birth of a new entity known as the digital entertainment plc.

The brands and subsidiaries remained intact, ensuring the formation of the largest publicly traded gambling conglomerate worldwide, headquartered in Gibraltar. This union birthed a monumental merger, solidifying its position as the leading force in the global gaming industry.

Right image: Norbert Teufelberger in 2001, source:

Norbert Teufelberger followed a similar path to Bodner, taking charge of finances and investor relations since January 2000. Upon his appointment as Co-CEO in 2001, he also assumed responsibility for the online gaming business. Teufelberger transitioned into the role of a Non-executive Director after the sale of to GVC Holdings (now Entain plc.).

The merger was anticipated to generate synergies not only in the gaming sector but also in the fields of payment systems, marketing, and sports betting. In terms of numbers, the consolidation was expected to yield approximately €55 million in additional profit or savings annually.

The corporation fell short of expectations after its inaugural fiscal year. Shareholders received a dividend of 3.54 cents per share around the turn of the year 2011/2012, marking the second distribution in bwin's history.

GVC (now Entain plc.) makes a move.

In 2014, foreseeing the unsatisfactory performance during the acquisition year, the fate of the bookmaker was once again anticipated. The officials immediately started exploring potential financially robust collaborators, with the primary objective of securing a sale or initiating a new merger.

Two sports betting companies expressed their interest simultaneously. Despite reaching an agreement on the purchase price with 888, it was ultimately GVC Holdings (now Entain plc.) that won the bid. As a result, the group was dismantled just shy of four years since its inception.

However, on an international level, the bookmaker also operates with regards to its betting offerings and security, alongside its performance.

Different betting licenses

bwin is licensed by both the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner in Gibraltar and the UK Gambling Commission in Great Britain. Under the supervision of these two regulatory bodies, bwin offers its sports betting services. Additionally, has obtained the concession from the Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt to organize sports betting in Canada.

With its prudent handling of customer data and secure payment transactions, bwin presents itself as a favorable choice for online betting, especially for those who prioritize reliability over competitive odds and fee-free deposits (check bwin alternatives). Therefore, this aspect alone makes it a viable option for internet wagering.