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bwin gehört zu den größten und innovativsten Sportwettenanbietern. Das Wettangebot sucht sowohl Pre-Match als auch Inplay seinesgleichen. Dazu sorgt die Börsennotierung des Mutterkonzerns Entain für ein Höchstmaß an Seriosität. Einziger Minuspunkt sind die teils langwierigen Ladezeiten.

Bwin was founded in 1997 and has since become one of the leading providers of online sports betting.

Over the course of many years, through a myriad of marketing endeavors, the Austrian bookmaker has achieved an exceedingly high level of recognition.

Bwin has been ubiquitous in football sponsorship for many years, with its black-and-white-yellow logo adorning the jerseys of AC Milan and even Real Madrid, among others. Especially in the realm of football sponsorship, Bwin has left an indelible mark throughout the years. The AC Milan and Real Madrid jerseys proudly showcased the distinctive black-and-white-yellow emblem, symbolizing the longstanding partnership between Bwin and these renowned clubs.

Therefore, the football expertise of the betting company giant should be beyond question.

Does Bwin's extensive betting offering make them one of the top players in the industry when it comes to football betting?



In this comprehensive review, we aim to delve into the depths of this matter, as betting on football matches constitutes the pivotal aspect of any bookmaker's portfolio. After all, for numerous bettors, the football department serves as the decisive factor when it comes to choosing the right betting provider. Our analysis will thoroughly explore the finest nuances of this realm, shedding light on the various aspects that contribute to the overall betting experience. By examining the diverse range of offerings, customer service quality, and additional features, we will ascertain the most suitable platform for all football enthusiasts seeking their ideal betting companion.

Just by glancing at the Bwin website, it becomes evident that the Austrian bookmaker revolves everything around the beautiful game. The focus of this Ösi-betting platform lies solely on the round leather.

The advertising video from Bwin clearly focuses on football.

Video: Bwin ist offizieller Werbepartner des DFB Pokals. (Quelle: Youtube/ Bwin).

Football betting program

Bwin offers a wide range of football betting options, covering leagues from all major and minor football nations across the globe. Whether it's continents apart or within the same region, Bwin's football selection caters to all. This comprehensive assortment ensures that football enthusiasts have a plethora of choices when it comes to placing their bets.

Betting can be placed on football leagues as low as the fourth or even partially fifth tier in key European football countries like Canada, Spain, Italy, or England. These nations offer a wide range of opportunities for enthusiasts to engage in wagering, extending beyond the top divisions. From local grassroots competitions to semi-professional leagues, the options for football betting are abundant in these countries.

Therefore, even the Canadian sports bettor, who enjoys exploring regional markets, will find a highly appealing selection - from the Bundesliga all the way down to the regional leagues. From "smaller" football nations like South Korea, Latvia, or Colombia, at least the first and sometimes even the second division are included in the range of options.

Additional cup competitions such as the DFB-Pokal, FA Cup, Coppa Italia, Copa del Rey, and others, as well as cross-border competitions like the Champions League and Europa League in Europe, add to the mix. These respective cup tournaments, along with the intercontinental competitions, contribute further to the excitement and prestige of the football season. The DFB-Pokal, FA Cup, Coppa Italia, Copa del Rey, and various other cup competitions, as well as the renowned Champions League and Europa League in Europe, serve as additional platforms for clubs to showcase their skills and compete for glory. These tournaments, spanning different countries and continents, enrich the football landscape and provide fans with thrilling matches and memorable moments. The DFB-Pokal, FA Cup, Coppa Italia, Copa del Rey, and other domestic cup competitions, in conjunction with the continental tournaments such as the Champions League and Europa League, offer an array of captivating football encounters that captivate fans worldwide. These tournaments serve as complementary events to the regular league fixtures, providing clubs with additional opportunities to demonstrate their prowess and claim coveted titles.


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The same applies to international matches or global competitions, whether it be the World Cup, European Championship, Copa America, or Africa Cup. It goes without saying that these events hold immense significance for both players and fans alike, representing the pinnacle of competition on a global scale. With countries from around the world coming together to showcase their skills and vie for the ultimate prize, these tournaments captivate audiences and foster a sense of national pride. Beyond the realm of club football, these international encounters provide a unique platform for players to represent their respective nations and leave a lasting mark in the footballing world. From the nail-biting qualifying rounds to the thrilling knockout stages, these tournaments never fail to deliver excitement and drama, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. Furthermore, they serve as a testament to the unifying power of sports, transcending borders and bringing people together in celebration of the beautiful game.

Therefore, at Bwin, there should be something for every football enthusiast, catering to their preferences, regardless of the time of day or night.

Additionally, it is noteworthy that numerous games in the Bwin football selection are already available at least one week before the start of the match, providing ample time for sports betting enthusiasts to make their choices. This allows plenty of room for selection, ensuring that bettors have the freedom to explore their options.

The vast array of additional betting options offered by Bwin demands a significant amount of time. Few other providers can match the sheer number and variety of additional types of bets available. Remarkably, this bookmaker does not compromise on the quality of its mobile application either. The Bwin app provides users with the same extensive selection of wagers as the website platform.

Among the most popular additional bets are:

  • Disability Laws
  • Result bets
  • Corner kick bets
  • Offside bets
  • Betting on goalscorers

In the major and most significant leagues, these special and unique bets extend well beyond the 100 mark. There is an abundance of diverse and distinctive wagering options available, surpassing expectations and offering an extensive range of choices. The variety and depth of these exclusive bets go beyond mere numerical boundaries, providing enthusiasts with an unparalleled betting experience. Delving into a realm of endless possibilities, these extraordinary bets captivate and intrigue, elevating the thrill and excitement of sports betting to new heights.

It's noteworthy that this multitude of bets is not limited to the top European leagues. Additional wagers abound even in less significant league matches, be it in Europe, South America, Africa, or Asia. What's remarkable is that there is an abundance of supplementary bets available for matches in all these continents. It's interesting to observe how these additional betting options are not solely focused on the prominent European leagues but extend to matches in other regions as well, including South America, Africa, and Asia.

Long-term bets are becoming increasingly popular in the world of sports betting, and Bwin can also satisfy long-term betting fans. This is because bets on the championship title are possible in many leagues, and in the major leagues, bets on relegation or promotion are also offered.

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Football betting odds

Bwin's football betting options appear quite impressive at first glance. They offer a diverse array of football choices, catering to every preference and providing a rich football buffet. There are plenty of variations to choose from, ensuring that there is something for everyone's taste.

However, for it to taste just right, the odds also play a crucial role. They are the seasoning that truly enhances the flavor of sports betting, but unfortunately, Bwin falls slightly short in that department. The odds can be measured using the key to the odds. This calculates the payout rate that a bookmaker offers to its customers. For instance, if the odds key is set at 90 percent, it means that 10% of the wagers placed will be retained by the bookmaker.

That means: The higher the percentage of the odds key, the better it is for the bettors. The odds key is a crucial factor in determining the potential payout for successful bets. A higher odds key implies that the bookmaker is offering more competitive odds, giving bettors a greater chance of winning larger payouts. It is important for bettors to compare odds keys across different bookmakers to ensure they are getting the best value for their bets. By finding bookmakers with higher odds keys, bettors can maximize their potential winnings and increase their overall profitability.

In our evaluation, Bwin exhibits a marginally lower odds percentage, approximately 93 percent, as per our assessment. However, this variation is primarily observed in the prominent leagues, including the Bundesliga, Premier League, Serie A, Primera Division, and the Champions League.

Bwin falls short of the top positions, where giants like Bet365 and Tipico consistently hover around 96 percent. In fact, this percentage even climbs higher during high-profile matches. Bwin has some ground to cover to catch up with the leaders in the industry.

Bwin lags behind other top bookmakers in terms of payout percentage, even when it comes to Premier League games, where it only reaches approximately 93 percent. Bwin's payout rate falls significantly short compared to its competitors.

In some instances, the odds drop for games from less prominent leagues - this can even occur at top-rated bookmakers with high odds.

In the Canadian Regionalliga or the Irish Premier League, Bwin sometimes falls below the 90 percent mark, while other platforms like Bet365 consistently maintain a range of 91 to 94 percent.

Due to the comparatively low odds ratio, rare are the instances of Bwin offering maximum odds for favorite victories, just as it is uncommon for them to provide such odds for outsider predictions. Only in the case of draws do the odds occasionally surpass those of other bookmakers.

Football live betting

The expansive betting selection offered by Bwin in its main section caters to every betting preference, leaving no desires unfulfilled. However, customers are presented with merely average betting odds.

Does this ambivalence continue with Bwin Live Betting? We have examined it.

The centerpiece of Bwin is their Live Betting Center. The "Overall Overview" lists all the games currently taking place. Even on a Monday morning, you'll find plenty of games from Asia or Australia here.

Clicking on the encounter will direct you to the detailed view, allowing you to closely track the match.

In the center, all betting options for this game are featured, neatly organized into their respective categories.

Bild oben: Live Wetten sind bei Bwin aufgrund des Live Centers echtes Erlebnis. Es ist attraktiv und modern gestaltet und dazu gibt es neben dem Ergebnis auch viele statistische Zusatzinformationen.

On the right sidebar or in the center (depending on the display format), the game progress is intricately animated, enabling real-time monitoring of the gameplay. Certain games even offer the option to watch them via live streaming.

In addition to the score, you can also find all the relevant information under the "Statistics" tab, including the number of yellow and red cards, corner kicks, and even substitutions. Furthermore, you will discover an array of facts and figures pertaining to the game, allowing you to delve deeper into the intricacies of the match. Explore this section to gain insights into the overall performance of the teams and the various events that unfolded on the field.

In short, the stage is set. And the customer can fully capitalize on it, because Bwin also offers a wide range of games in the field of live betting. The feast is ready, and the client has the opportunity to seize it, for Bwin caters a vast selection of games in the realm of real-time wagering. The table is set, and the customer has the chance to make the most of it, as Bwin also presents an extensive array of games in the domain of live betting. The banquet is prepared, and the client has the ability to exploit it to the fullest, as Bwin additionally provides a vast assortment of games in the realm of real-time gambling. The stage is prepared, and the customer has the liberty to take full advantage, as Bwin also boasts a wide variety of games in the sphere of live betting.

In essence, all the bets that can be placed before the kickoff are also available as live bets. Therefore, at Bwin, you can truly bet around the clock, every day of the year. Especially since there is also a wide range of additional bets for every game.

However, the odds remain conservative both before and after the kick-off.

While it is common for real-time betting to see a decline in odds, Bwin is known to offer mediocre odds even before the game starts. In the live mode, these odds further plummet.

In some cases, the Bwin live betting odds fall slightly below the 90 percent mark, often surpassing it just marginally.

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Conclusion on Bwin's football betting options

Bwin impresses with an incredibly extensive selection of bets - not only in terms of breadth, with league matches from all over the world, but also in terms of depth, offering all major and minor additional wagers. With an impressive range of betting options, Bwin caters to both casual bettors and avid enthusiasts, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Whether you're interested in placing traditional wagers on popular sports or seeking out unique and unconventional bets, Bwin has you covered. The diverse betting program is a testament to Bwin's commitment to providing a comprehensive and satisfying betting experience for its customers.

This applies to both pre-match and live betting at Bwin. The Austrian bookmaker demonstrates why it boasts over 20 million customers worldwide. However, not everything that glitters is gold. The major downside of Bwin's football bets lies in the odds, which remain only average both before and during a football match.



All test results from Bwin at a glance.

Test area Score Evaluation Review
Overall rating: 83 % gut Bwin experiences
Betting odds: 72 % average Bwin betting odds
Betting offer: 97 % excellent Bwin betting offer
Live betting offer: 94 % terrific Bwin Live Betting
Deposit: 78 % good average Bwin deposit
Payout: 82 % gut Bwin payout
Customer service: 71 % average Bwin customer service
Website service: 81 % gut Bwin Website
Performance/loading time: 78 % good average Bwin loading times
New customer bonus: 84 % gut Bwin Bonus
Security: 94 % terrific Bwin facts and information
Football betting: 91 % terrific Bwin football betting
Tennis Laws: 90 % terrific Bwin Tennis Betting
Ice hockey betting: 92 % terrific Bwin ice hockey betting
Horse betting: 83 % gut Bwin horse betting
Mobile Laws: 92 % terrific Bwin Mobile Bets

Read the comprehensive Bwin review for detailed information.