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Betway, mit einer deutschen Wettlizenz ausgestattet, hat in unserem Sportwetten Vergleich bei Zahlungen und beim Kundenservice sowie im App-Test stark abgeschnitten. Das Livewetten-Erlebnis ist aber noch ausbaufähig.

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Betway, launched in 2006 as a traditional online bookmaker, boasts years of weathered experience. The Brits have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the field. No other betting provider is as proactive when it comes to sponsoring, which has greatly contributed to Betway's widespread recognition.

We have thoroughly examined the bookmaker in several categories. You can find our Betway experiences here in this comprehensive sports betting test.

From July 1, 2021, has obtained a license to facilitate sports betting in Canada. This authorization has been renewed as of January 1, 2023. Below, you will find the comprehensive lineup of all bookmakers licensed in Canada.

Betway test review

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Betway FAQ

How good is Betway?

Betway is one of the top-rated providers of sports betting that we have thoroughly assessed. This British bookmaker impresses primarily with its comprehensive offering and boasts minimal shortcomings.

How can I contact Betway?

Betway customer service can be reached through various channels: email, live chat, and telephone hotline are available options for customers.

Is there a Betway application available?

Yes. A Betway Android app is available in the Google Play Store, and there is also a Betway iOS app in Apple's App Store. You can find the Betway mobile application for Android devices on the Google Play Store, while iPhone and iPad users can download the Betway iOS app from Apple's App Store. Both apps provide seamless access to a wide range of betting options, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of sports betting and online casino games anytime, anywhere. Take advantage of the convenience and flexibility offered by the Betway mobile apps to stay engaged with your favorite sports events and exciting casino games on the go. Download the Betway Android or iOS app today and experience the ultimate mobile gaming experience with Betway.

Where can the Betway login be found?

To sign up with Betway, simply click on the "Log In" button. During this process, you will need to create a username and set a password.

What is the Betway betting club?

If the customer is registered in the betting club, they can secure two €5 free bets on a weekly basis. To do so, they must place combination bets of at least €25.

Table of contents

About Betway

Betway Limited, headquartered in Malta, is the driving force behind the brand Betway. Operating on a global scale, the Super Group is the parent company responsible for the online gambling conglomerate.

Betway operates sports betting from its major locations in London, Madrid, Guernsey, and Malta, catering to a wide range of languages and under the supervision of eight European regulatory authorities, including those from the UK, Malta, and now Canada.

Betway is also known for being a sponsoring partner of numerous clubs, competitions, or associations in various sports.

  • E-mail
  • CEO
    Anthony Werkman
  • Licensed
    Canada, Malta, UK
  • Bonus
  • Residential address
    9 Empire Stadium Street, Gzira, GZR 1300, Malta

Betway Canada

Betway considers the Canadian market to be of immense importance. This is evident from their possession of the Canadian license and their involvement in various sponsorship activities within Canadian football. Currently, the bookmaker is a proud partner of top-tier club Eintracht Frankfurt and second-tier club Schalke 04.

Previously, Hertha BSC, VfB Stuttgart, and Werder Bremen were part of the equation. Equally present, Betway is involved in the tennis tournaments held at the Rothenbaum in Hamburg, as well as in Stuttgart and Halle.

Yes, Betway is completely legitimate in Canada. As one of the pioneers in the industry, the bookmaker obtained the Canadian license issued by the Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt. Previously, the EU license based in Malta was the key requirement for offering sports betting in compliance with regulations.

Is Betway reputable and secure?

Betway is one of the most reputable and secure bookmakers in the industry. Its extensive partnerships with numerous sports organizations around the globe and possession of multiple licenses are a clear testament to its credibility.

The bookmaker is committed to promoting responsible gambling and is a member of either the Canadian Sports Betting Association (DSWV) or the International Betting Integrity Association. Additionally, the bookie places significant emphasis on advocating for responsible gaming.

Betway Login

If the user wants to place bets on their mobile device and lands directly on the Betway sports betting page (there is also a homepage before that with a visible button), the Betway login is not visible.

Hidden in the top right corner behind the bet slip icon, you'll find the Betway login button conveniently positioned at the top right.

The login is concealed behind the bet slip icon | 18+ | Terms and conditions apply

Here is how to sign up for Betway.

To create a betting account at Betway, you'll need to provide certain information.

  1. Visit Betway and click on the "Register" button in the footer (via mobile device).
  2. Provide personal information: Name, date of birth, nationality, place of birth.
  3. Select user account data: username and password, along with email address
  4. Enter contact information: address and telephone number.
  5. Confirming terms and conditions and minimum age of 18 years.
  6. Use the confirmation link in your email inbox.
  7. Access your betting account and complete the verification process.

The registration button in the footer | 18+ | Terms and conditions apply

How to place bets on Betway

Placing a bet is just as simple and quick. The logged-in user can do it immediately or via the bet slip. It is advisable to double-check the bet shortly before its completion. Prior to that, the process goes like this:

  1. Browse through the betting program and select the desired odds.
  2. After tapping on the odds, they appear on the betting slip. The betting slip needs to be opened separately.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to wager and place your bet.

The bet slip must be opened in the top right corner | 18+ | Terms and conditions apply.

Betway Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Good favorite odds
  • Very good customer service
  • No deposit fees
  • Easy website operation
  • Canadian betting license
  • Average odds key
  • loading time

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

Betway test experiences

Betway, the British bookmaker, performed admirably overall, and this greatly influenced the overall rankings. Their exceptional performance secured them a prominent position within the top 5.

Discover how Betway performed in each category by reading our comprehensive Betway review. We provide detailed insights on their performance in various areas, including bonuses, which you can explore further by referring to our in-depth sports betting bonus comparison. Find out everything you need to know about Betway and make an informed decision before placing your bets. Experience the best in online betting with Betway!

Betway betting program

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88 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

We evaluated the betting program primarily based on the available sports, competitions, and types of bets. Throughout the process, we consistently looked at the offerings of our competitors. Our main focus was on examining the range of sports available, the variety of competitions included, and the different types of bets that could be placed. We carefully considered the offerings of other companies in order to ensure that our own betting program was comprehensive and competitive.

Temporary limitations may occur in the range of sports events and betting markets on We will keep you updated.

Betway's range of betting options is quite extensive, offering more than 25 sports to cater to a wide audience. In terms of sheer quantity, only Bet365 manages to surpass this with over 30 sports, according to our rigorous tests.

The bookmaker refrains from narrowing down to popular sports, but instead offers deals on less popular sports such as Gaelic sports, Australian football, or any form of winter sports. They cater to a wide range of sporting interests, ensuring that enthusiasts of diverse disciplines can find something to their liking. From the thrill of Gaelic sports to the intensity of Australian football, or even the adrenaline-pumping world of winter sports, this bookmaker has got it all covered. Whether you're a fan of traditional favorites or seeking something off the beaten path, their comprehensive offerings provide a platform for everyone to indulge in their sporting passions.

The abundance of offerings in the sportsbook extends even to its depths, where numerous special deals pertaining to individual teams, sports officials, or players catch the eye. Remarkably, a myriad of exclusive promotions await, ensuring a truly immersive and captivating betting experience. Explore the depths of our sportsbook and uncover the multitude of opportunities that await you.

Betway experiences: football betting

On the website, you will find an extensive selection of football matches, featuring not only the popular European and South American leagues but also competitions from countries that may not be on everyone's radar. From the A Division in Nepal to Division 1 in Saudi Arabia, we bring you exciting matches from across the globe. Explore the unexpected, broaden your football horizons, and discover new teams and talents that will leave you captivated. Immerse yourself in the world of football beyond the usual suspects and experience the thrill of lesser-known leagues that are full of surprises. Join us in celebrating the diversity of this beautiful game and uncovering hidden gems on the pitch.

There are several online competitions available in the top European countries. Undoubtedly, England is the undisputed leader in this regard. The British provider offers a whopping 15 competitions for users to choose from. In Canada, Spain, and Italy, there are at least three competitions each, with the added feature of regional leagues being included in Canadian football betting options.

When it comes to long-term bets, England is also on top with numerous specials such as placement bets, best team per region, player of the year, and more. In the remaining top leagues, only a championship bet can be found as an outright option.

Some bookmakers are falling short in comparison to Betway, and this is not only limited to those focused on Canada. Betway outshines several competitors in various aspects. With a wide range of betting options and exceptional odds, Betway ensures an unmatched betting experience for its users. Additionally, the platform provides a user-friendly interface and seamless navigation, making it effortless for bettors to explore the vast array of sports and markets available. Betway also stands out in terms of customer support, offering prompt assistance and resolving queries effectively. Moreover, Betway's commitment to responsible gambling ensures the well-being of its users, setting it apart from other bookmakers.

The various types of bets available provide a wide range of options, with the matches in the top leagues being the most well-stocked. You can find a comprehensive selection of wagering opportunities, ensuring that there is something for everyone. The matches in the premier leagues are particularly abundant with enticing betting options, offering a thrilling and diverse betting experience.

Betway's Pre-Match football offering is infused with multiple special bets, and here are a few examples:

  • Profit margin - by what goal difference does the winner win? 1/2/3/4 or more goals.
  • When will the host score their first goal? 1st half/no goal/2nd half
  • Does the team lead at halftime but lose the game? Yes/no.
  • If it is a draw at halftime but ends with one team winning,
  • Handicap betting with customized advantages for underdogs or favorites.
  • Does the team score an even or odd number of goals? Even/Odd

Betway Bundesliga betting

Bundesliga bets have everything a football fan needs, offering a wide range of options. However, it's possible that some things may require waiting until the day of the match. Take, for instance, the goalscorer bets. The 2nd and 3rd leagues are no less diverse in terms of betting options when compared to the Bundesliga.

The bookmaker's pre-match statistics presented to its users are noteworthy. However, the downside is the associated loading time, which can be quite annoying when switching from event to event.

Statistics in the mobile event view | 18+ | Terms and conditions apply

What we miss are the team specials (how many competitions a club wins) about Bayern Munich. The Canadian record champions are conspicuously absent, while all the top clubs from England, Italy, Spain, and France are represented.

Betway experience: tennis betting

Tennis, being the second most popular sport after football, holds a significant position at the British bookmaker's platform. Their tennis offering extends beyond the usual ATP, WTA, Challenger, and ITF series. They also include the UTR, along with betting options for exhibition matches and special bets like predicting the player who will score the most aces in a given season.

When it comes to types of bets, there is an abundance online. Even in the less popular tournament series, there are wagers available for each match such as sets played, winner of sets 1, 2, and 3, set and game handicap, total number of games, and exact outcome.

Betway Experience: Ice Hockey Betting

When one thinks of ice hockey, the geographical eye first wanders to North America or the northern regions of Europe. Russia, too, comes to mind as a spontaneous destination. And if that wasn't enough, several European countries join the mix, including France, Switzerland, Belarus, Austria, and, of course, Canada.

In Canada, the DEL 2 is also recognized alongside the DEL. The number of betting options available is quite satisfactory. By the way, users can also place bets on players who will be honored at the NHL Awards.

Betway other sports

The range of sports offerings, including basketball and handball, is truly impressive. However, entertainment bets, political bets, and e-sports are no longer available online in Canada. Even combat sports like the UFC are no longer represented. The reason for this is the new Canadian State Treaty on Gambling, which does not consider these things as legitimate sports.

Betway ESports

Canadian customers and clients are receiving discouraging news regarding eSports. Currently, it is impossible for individuals in Canada to place bets on eSports.

For years, the renowned British bookmaker was widely regarded as one of the top betting providers for eSports. However, with the recent regulatory changes in Canada concerning sports betting, the online bookmaker has temporarily suspended its eSports offerings in the country.

Austria's Betway customers can still place bets on eSports. Various tournaments and leagues for classic eSports games such as CS:GO, Dota 2, Rainbow Six, or League of Legends (LoL) are available. They provide a wide range of options for passionate gamers looking to join the action.

Betway's range of betting options has everything that a good offer needs: a wide variety of sports, numerous competitions, and an extensive selection of different types of bets. With an abundance of sports to choose from, you'll find all your favorite sporting events, whether it's football, basketball, tennis, or any other popular sport. Moreover, Betway offers a multitude of competitions, ensuring that there is always something exciting to bet on. From major leagues to local tournaments, you can explore a diverse range of betting opportunities. Additionally, Betway provides a vast array of bet types, allowing you to customize your betting experience. Whether you prefer simple win/lose bets or more complex options like accumulators or handicaps, Betway has you covered. With such a comprehensive and varied betting offering, Betway ensures that every bettor can find something that suits their preferences.

A drawback for Canadian customers is the absence of e-sports and martial arts due to licensing reasons - because when it comes to these aspects, the bookmaker is THE ultimate specialist. It's unfortunate news for Canadian clients as e-sports and combat sports are not available due to licensing restrictions, which is precisely where the bookmaker excels.

Betway training spot with West Ham United players (Source: Youtube/Betway)

Betway betting odds

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88 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

The bookmaker's betting odds are akin to the vital core of their operations. A high payout ratio and deviation from the norm are what distinguish excellent odds. It is crucial for bettors to seek out bookmakers that offer competitive odds, as this can significantly impact their potential winnings. By analyzing the odds offered by different bookmakers, bettors can identify the ones that provide the best value for their wagers. It is important to bear in mind that odds can fluctuate depending on various factors such as market trends, team performance, and betting volume. Therefore, staying informed and regularly comparing odds can be beneficial for maximizing potential returns.

Betway odds experiences

Betway exhibits inconsistency when it comes to betting odds. Typically, odds are determined by the popularity of the competition, but that is not always the case with this British bookmaker.

In football, the Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, and Premier League achieve a payout rate ranging from 95% to 96%. This level of performance is quite satisfactory, actually. However, the Champions League falls slightly behind at 94%. The Europa League, on the other hand, lags behind even further at 92%, being surpassed by the Belgian Jupiler Liga (94%) or the Dutch Eredivisie (93%).

Bundesliga odds with a payout rate of 95 - 96% | 18+ | Terms and conditions apply

In contrast, Bet3000 ensures top-level performance in professional soccer with a payout ratio ranging from 97% to 98%. Let's put this into perspective: when it comes to delivering the best odds in the world of elite football, Bet3000 consistently stands out. With a payout rate that surpasses industry standards, Bet3000 guarantees fairness and favorable returns for its players. Whether you're a seasoned bettor or just starting your journey in sports wagering, Bet3000 is committed to providing an exceptional betting experience. Join our platform today and enjoy the thrill of high-quality betting with impressive payout rates.

Away from the round leather, the focus should be on the remarkable 96% in the NFL or NBA. However, the NHL falls short with a maximum of 92%. The dominance of these sports leagues is truly noteworthy.

In tennis, we have observed values ranging from 94% to 96% during ATP and WTA matches, which, in our opinion, is yet again highly impressive. We are constantly amazed by the level of skill and dedication exhibited by these athletes. The precision and accuracy they demonstrate on the court is truly remarkable. It is evident that they have honed their craft through years of hard work and practice. We are thrilled to be able to witness such exceptional performances and share our excitement with fellow tennis enthusiasts.

When analyzing the odds offered by the competition, we noticed that Betway has quite appealing favorite odds. Particularly, the obvious favorites such as Bayern, Real Madrid, Manchester City, or PSG, among others, are quoted above average, enticing bettors who enjoy combining multiple bets.

Betway odds key overview

sport Land Liga Quota key
football GER Bundesliga 95 - 96 %
football GER 2. Bundesliga 93 - 94 %
football ENG Premier League 95 - 96 %
football Europa Champions League 94 %
Tennis Welt ATP/WTA 94 - 96 %
American Football USA NFL 96 %
Basketball North America NBA 96 %
Eishockey North America NHL 92 %

Betway's odds vary greatly, showing inconsistency. The NFL odds, however, stand out as truly exceptional. The European top leagues also rank relatively high, although there is room for improvement in the Champions League and Europa League.

Betway live betting

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88 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

When it comes to live betting, the same criteria that apply to the betting program become relevant: the number of sports and competitions available and the variety of betting options offered. It's crucial to consider the breadth of sports covered and the range of wager types available when assessing the live betting category.

Betway live betting experience

The significance Betway bestows upon Commonwealth sports is evident from the array of live events available. It is clear that they prioritize these sporting disciplines, showcasing their commitment to fostering and promoting the unique athletic endeavors of Commonwealth nations. From thrilling cricket matches to exhilarating rugby showdowns, Betway ensures that fans of these sports are well-catered for. Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Commonwealth sports with Betway's exceptional live event offerings.

While in other places, the "gaps" beside the "major" sports such as soccer, tennis, Formula 1, basketball, and ice hockey are filled with golf and handball, here you can also bet on Australian football, cricket, rugby league, rugby union, and Gaelic sports.

On an average weekday, Betway's live betting center offers events from around 10 different sports, which is quite impressive compared to its competitors. When it comes to live betting, the top performers are Bet365 and bwin, considered the "star pupils" in this field.

At Betway, the action never stops, even during the nighttime hours. They have you covered with extensive coverage of US sports, along with exciting events from South America such as soccer and basketball. Plus, there are plenty of other thrilling options to choose from. Don't miss out on the non-stop excitement at Betway, day or night!

When it comes to betting options, the bookmaker does not disappoint either. The number of live bets can easily rival the pre-match offering.

Betway experiences: live odds

Having a quick understanding is also necessary when it comes to assessing the betting odds. In general, Betway is known for its decent odds, although it is unlikely to be considered among the leading ones in the market.

Similarly, the realm of live betting operates in much the same way: reliable odds are generally provided. However, it is not uncommon among bookmakers for these odds to be a few percentage points lower than the initial ones.

Betway Live Calendar & Live Streaming

The information regarding upcoming live games does not resemble a live calendar. Unfortunately, the live betting center does not display more than the games of the next day. Betway does not offer live streams.

The "Upcoming" option displays the live events until the next day inclusive | 18+ | Terms and conditions apply.

Betway's performance is certainly commendable, although there are competitors who offer more than Betway does. Betway excels in offering a variety of sports, not just the popular ones. Additionally, there are plenty of betting options available. However, a notable drawback is the absence of a live calendar.

Betway Bonus

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82 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

As part of our sports betting evaluations, we also focus on the welcome bonus. Within this section, we meticulously analyze the bonus amount and the associated terms and conditions, while simultaneously juxtaposing our findings against those of other bookmakers.

Betway new customer bonus

When signing up with Betway, players are entitled to a welcome bonus. The bookmaker currently offers an exclusive bonus for gambleverdict readers. This unique promotion, known as the Betway Combo Joker, provides a cashback of up to 100 euros.

If the user plays a combination with at least three tips and they lose, they will receive a free bet worth up to 100 euros as a refund.

Betway welcome bonus offer is exclusively available for new customers. The terms and conditions apply, and one must be 18 years or older to qualify.

Betway bonus conditions

The minimum deposit is set at €5. The Betway Combo Joker must be played within 30 days of the initial deposit. Deposits using Rapid Transfer will not be accepted.

If the customer loses the combination bet, they will receive a free bet equal to the deposit amount. This must be used within 7 days.

Betway Bonus: A Comprehensive Overview
Art of Bonuses Earn up to 100 Euros as a Cashback Bonus.
Bonus Code not necessary
Maximum bonus 100 $
Minimum deposit 5 $
Wagering requirements Place a combination bet with a minimum of three tips.
Minimum odds no
Bonus Frist 7 days for the free bet offer

Not many bookmakers offer a cashback bonus. Betway, on the other hand, takes a different approach and places emphasis on combination bets. Veronika is delighted to see this new direction, as it provides an added incentive for bettors. By focusing on combination bets, Betway offers a unique and exciting way for customers to enhance their betting experience. This innovative feature sets them apart from other bookmakers and highlights their commitment to customer satisfaction. Veronika believes that this approach will resonate with bettors looking for something different and rewarding.

The user can take advantage of this appealing offer and place bets without any risk. On one hand, they have the opportunity to secure a substantial profit with a high combination odds, or on the other hand, they can exit the game without incurring any losses using the 100 $ cashback.

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

Betway betting bonus alternative

If you're not interested in taking advantage of the Betway Combo Cashback Bonus, you still have the option of opting for the original 100% bonus of up to 50 euros on your first two deposits (minimum deposit of 10 euros each time).

Both bonuses must be fully wagered within 30 days. In order to meet this requirement, you need to wager the amount six times on sports bets with a minimum odds of 1.75.

Bonus offers for existing customers

Betway has a lot to offer its loyal customers. They have multiple odds boosts, such as a team victory with over 3.5 goals in the game. Additionally, they have the special "Lead Wins" feature, where you can win your NFL or NBA bet even if the chosen team loses after being in a clear lead. And to top it off, they have the Free Bet Club and specifically for Canadian customers, the "4 Goal Scorer" promotion.

Betway Wettclub

Anyone can sign up for this club and secure two free bets of 5 euros each on a weekly basis. By placing combination bets (with a minimum of three selections) worth at least 25 euros and a minimum cumulative odds of 3.00, the user becomes eligible for this promotion. The bets must be settled between Saturday and Friday.

Place bets and collect free bets on kombis. Must be 18 or older. Terms and conditions apply.

4 Snaps

The "4 Sharpshooters" special is exclusively available to customers residing in Canada. This exciting game offers users the chance to win a whopping €100,000. To emerge victorious, participants must accurately predict the first goal scorers in four selected matches.

Betway app & website

Betway app experiences

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89 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

When it comes to the Betway application, users have a myriad of options to choose from. They can avail themselves of the native applications designed specifically for iOS and Android, which are readily available for download. Alternatively, they can opt for the browser-based application, which requires no download and can be accessed effortlessly. Rest assured, regardless of the chosen route, Betway ensures a seamless and efficient user experience.

In Canada, since May 2021, Android users can easily download the Betway app from the Google Play Store. For those who own iPhones or iPads, the Betway app is readily available for download in the AppStore.

The Betway Android application is available on the Google Play Store. Users must be 18 years old or above. Terms and conditions apply.

If you don't see the app in the Playstore in your country, Betway has a solution for you - a specially developed APK file. This file allows Android users to download the app directly. You can find the APK file on the website of the British bookmaker.

No application is actually required in principle. The website, in fact, is optimized for mobile and differs only slightly from the sports betting app.

When it comes to functionality, everything can be done on the go, such as registration, depositing, unlocking bonuses, or requesting withdrawals. You have the flexibility to manage all these tasks while you're out and about.

The mobile betting platform is well-organized in terms of structure - encompassing teasers, a sports selection bar, favorites, the day's prominent games, and a footer that provides access to various offers. In this way, users are effectively guided towards their desired destination. Furthermore, located at the top left, there is a menu featuring an overview of the betting account, customer service, and more.

18+ | Terms and conditions apply. Discover the streamlined mobile version, where the menu is conveniently placed on the left, the search function on the right, and enticing offers await you in the footer.

However, our concern lies with the loading time, which we have already addressed elsewhere. Whether accessed through the app or on the desktop, the intricate graphics require several moments to load before they are displayed.

Betway Experience: Website

Sehr empfehlenswert
86 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

The visual aspect of Betway's website is consistently harmonious, primarily utilizing the colors white, black, gray, and green, all adhering to a clear and well-defined concept. Of course, whether it appeals to individual tastes is always subjective.

The user interface is logically organized, and all features are intuitively designed and seamlessly integrated into a coherent framework. Within the sports betting menu, located beneath the "Highlights" section on the left side, the bookmaker prioritizes sorting options by popularity, favoring an alphabetical arrangement.

After selecting the sport and competition, the events unfold on the middle section of the page. If you wish to delve further into the betting markets for a particular event, you will be redirected to a new page where you will find the list of betting options.

The promotional teasers displayed in the middle and right sections seem slightly oversized. Please note that this content is intended for individuals who are 18 years or older, and it is subject to the terms and conditions.

One noticeable aspect that stands out in general is the generous allocation of space on the Betway website. This, if you will, is perhaps the sole drawback of the new web presence. After all, this compromises clarity. In practice, it is far more practical to have as many contents as possible compactly presented.

The teasers in the center and on the right side are given a lot of space, which they actually don't need. Space that they don't really require in terms of functionality and attention-grabbing effect.

When it comes to mobile betting, Betway excels with its native apps designed specifically for iOS and Android devices. These apps provide an optimal user experience, ensuring seamless navigation and ease of use. Additionally, Betway's mobile website is visually appealing and well-organized, further enhancing the overall user experience. As a result, Betway consistently ranks among the top performers in the industry when it comes to mobile betting platforms.

In terms of the desktop version, we were generally satisfied with the presentation. The only real drawback is the loading time, which arises due to intricate graphics.

Betway Deposit & payout

We prioritize offering a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options in our payment system. It is important for us that our customers have different types of options available to them. We strongly believe that bookmakers should refrain from charging fees for these services.

In order to place a bet, your personal betting account needs to have sufficient funds. You can fund it using various online payment methods, such as credit card payment, bank transfer, prepaid card, or even by transferring funds from your e-wallet. Make sure that your account has enough balance to cover your bets and enjoy a seamless betting experience.

Betway deposit experience

Sehr empfehlenswert
90 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

Typically, the British bookmaker does not impose any processing fee on deposits. Betway Sports also provides the widely popular payment service provider PayPal in Canada.

It is important to note that a minimum requirement of 10 euros per transfer applies to most deposit options. Depending on the chosen method, there might also be a specific processing time to consider.

While money transferred via e-wallets, for example, appears almost immediately in the betting account, bank transfers take several working days to process.

Note: In Canada, a maximum deposit of 1000€ per month is allowed for online bookmakers. The so-called LUGAS limit can be increased with proven creditworthiness.

The most popular payment methods used by Canadian Betway customers, ranked by the number of transactions, are as follows:

  1. Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard)
  2. Digital wallets (such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, or Muchbetter)
  3. Bank transfer and instant bank transfer, Trustly
  4. Paysafecard (Prepaid card with credit up to 100 euros)
  5. Alternative payment methods (such as Rapid Transfer)

Betway payout experiences

Sehr empfehlenswert
87 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

Usually, Betway withdrawals are processed free of charge. A minimum withdrawal amount of 10 euros is generally established. As is common practice, the requested withdrawal amount is typically transferred using the same method (bank transfer, credit card, etc.) as the deposit was made before.

Payout options overview

Provider Method Expenses Length of time Min. € Max. €
Visa no 3-5 workdays 10
Visa Electron no 3-5 workdays 10
PayPal no 1-2 workdays 10
Entropy no 3-5 workdays 10
Skrill no 1-2 workdays 10
Neteller no 1-2 workdays 10
Transfer no 5-7 working days 10

An additional delay must also be expected for the very first withdrawal. Betway carries out an identity verification process for security reasons. Consequently, there will be a verification of identity as the first payout is processed.

Furthermore, the bookmaker reserves the right to request identification documents at a later stage before processing any withdrawals. This will be done whenever the requested amount exceeds 2,000 euros.

Betway proves its worth when it comes to payment transactions. There is an abundance of deposit options available, including the inclusion of PayPal. Furthermore, all payment processes are free of charge. The range of options for withdrawals is also commendable. Consequently, Betway stands among the top contenders in the realm of payment services.

Betway betting tax

The 5% betting tax for Canadian customers also applies at Betway. This means that the bettor can expect a deduction of 5% in case of a winning bet. Only a few bookmakers cover the betting tax for their users. To find out who they are, check out our article "Tax-Free Betting."

Betway customer service

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88 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

In the customer service category, let's explore the various ways to get in touch. In today's age, we believe that every bookmaker should provide a live chat option. Taking into account the convenience it offers, engaging in real-time conversations with customer support representatives is a must-have. It not only enhances the overall customer experience but also ensures prompt assistance for any queries or concerns that may arise. Additionally, having a live chat feature fosters a sense of trust and reliability, enabling bookies to establish strong connections with their clientele.

Betway's Canadian customer support is equipped with a live chat and a form, providing a solid foundation. Within the chat, Canadian-speaking staff members are available daily from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., ensuring prompt assistance and support.

Betway contact overview
Support in Canadian? And
Contact form/email? And
Live Chat? And
Telephone hotline? No

Equipped solidly with a form and live chat, the customer service falls short of reaching the top spot in this category. There are bookmakers, such as Bet365 and bwin, who offer a service hotline and/or a live chat available 24/7, including during the night.

Betway test conclusion

Betway may not be a pioneer in the bookmaking industry, but the British company has successfully built a substantial community of bettors. This can be attributed to their comprehensive package that lacks significant weaknesses.

The extensive selection of betting options, both for pre-match and live events, appeals to users in terms of quality and variety. While the odds may vary, the presence of high favorites' odds serves as a compelling argument in favor of Betway. This betting platform caters to a wide range of preferences, ensuring an engaging and rewarding experience for all users.

The free payment system is well-equipped, showcasing the solid customer service through a live chat.

When it comes to bonuses, there are more appealing options in the industry, but our verdict remains positive due to the low minimum odds. As for the website itself, whether on a desktop or mobile device, we were equally satisfied. However, the loading times were a point of criticism for us here.

Lastly, we would like to highlight the promotions available to our loyal customers. The numerous incentives demonstrate the bookmaker's commitment to providing value to its clientele.

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