Best betting providers October 2023

  1. 92 /100

    She gets thirsty

    Canadian license

    92 /100
    • An enticing bonus in betting credits.
    • Unparalleled array and depth of betting options
    • Very high quota level
    • No service hotline
    18+ | Terms and conditions apply
    • Best live betting provider
    Testergebnis: Hervorragend!

    Bet365 emerged as the undisputed winner in our comprehensive comparison of betting providers.

    Bet365, the global market leader, captivates users with its exceptional odds and an almost flawless range of betting options. The only minor drawback lies in the design aspect.

  2. 91 /100


    Canadian license

    91 /100
    • Excellent live betting
    • A multitude of free bets, boosts, and more.
    • Wagering Application for iOS & Android
    • Betting odds just average
    18+ | Terms and conditions apply
    • World-renowned brand with exceptional features.
    Testergebnis: Sehr empfehlenswert!

    bwin is one of the largest and most innovative providers of sports betting. Its range of betting options, both pre-match and in-play, is unparalleled. Moreover, the listing of the parent company Entain on the stock exchange ensures the highest level of credibility.

    The slightly disappointing aspects are the improvable odds and occasionally long loading times.

  3. 91 /100


    Canadian license

    91 /100
    • Fast payout of betting winnings
    • Get the best odds for betting on football favorites.
    • an outstanding selection of live betting options
    • Outsider odds only average
    18+ | Terms and conditions apply
    • Top odds for favorite tips
  4. 91 /100


    Canadian license

    91 /100
    • Excellent betting odds
    • Strong betting bonus
    • Live chat and callback service
    • No live stream available
    18+ | Terms and conditions apply
    • Callback service from customer support
    • WhatsApp Support
    Testergebnis: Sehr empfehlenswert!

    Betano excels in multiple areas, ensuring a favorable assessment of its quality. Their recall service, coupled with competitive odds on top-tier events and regular promotions for existing customers, contribute to this positive verdict.

    Abzüge gibt es bei den Zahlungen, wo Betano für nicht-angemeldete Kunden kaum Infos preisgibt.
  5. 90 /100

    DAZN Bet

    Canadian license

    90 /100
    • Football Betting Specialist
    • Creating quotes is a highly demanding task.
    • Easy bonus & customer promotions
    • It would be desirable to expand the payment providers.
    18+ | Terms and conditions apply
    • Streaming providers with a high-quality betting portfolio and top odds.
    Testergebnis: Sehr empfehlenswert!

    DAZN, the online streaming service, has expanded its portfolio in Canada to include the sports betting market and is welcoming its customers with a generous cashback bonus. With this exciting addition, DAZN aims to provide an all-encompassing experience for sports enthusiasts, allowing them to not only enjoy their favorite games but also engage in the thrill of sports betting. By offering a cashback bonus, DAZN is ensuring that its customers feel valued and rewarded for their loyalty. This strategic move highlights DAZN's commitment to continuously enhancing its services and providing innovative opportunities for sports fans to elevate their entertainment experience. Don't miss out on this unique chance to immerse yourself in the world of sports and reap the benefits of DAZN's new sports betting feature with a fantastic cashback bonus awaiting you!

    DAZN Bet, a relatively new player in the sports betting industry, has quickly established itself as a commendable choice for enthusiasts. Right from the start, they have showcased a remarkable performance, earning the well-deserved accolade of being highly recommended. Despite their youthful presence, DAZN Bet has managed to make a strong impression, proving their mettle in the competitive world of sports betting. Their commendable efforts and excellent track record have garnered praise from both experts and customers alike. With a dedication to providing an exceptional betting experience, DAZN Bet sets itself apart from the rest, making them a top-notch option worth considering.

  6. 89 /100

    The odds

    Canadian license

    89 /100
    • Customer support with live chat
    • Betting offerings - primarily Canadian football
    • User-friendly mobile betting app
    • Live betting and odds are average.
    18+ | Terms and conditions apply
    • An institution in Canada with extensive experience in the betting market.
    Testergebnis: Sehr empfehlenswert!

    Oddset is a well-known and traditional bookmaker in Canada, primarily operating in brick-and-mortar establishments until now. By offering an extensive program that has a strong emphasis on football and providing excellent service, they have successfully transitioned to the online platform.

    However, the live bets and also the performance of the odds could still improve a bit.

  7. 89 /100


    Canadian license

    89 /100
    • Excellent betting odds
    • No betting tax
    • Fee-free deposits
    • Betting offer just average
    18+ | Terms and conditions apply
    • Canadian quality with regular top odds
    Testergebnis: Empfehlenswert!

    Bet3000, a renowned Canadian bookmaker, stands out with its exceptional odds. Furthermore, they generously cover the betting tax and do away with any payment fees.

    Only the mobile bets did not fully convince us during our test.

  8. 89 /100


    Canadian license

    89 /100
    • No betting tax on combination bets
    • Convincing sports betting app
    • Simple operation of the website
    • A high minimum odds requirement for bonuses.
    18+ | Terms and conditions apply
    • Large selection of football betting options.
    Testergebnis: Empfehlenswert!

    The renowned bookmaker Happybet, also recognized as HPYBET, boasts a Canadian betting license and presents an enticing new customer promotion of €100. With its commitment to responsible gambling, Happybet ensures a secure and enjoyable betting experience for its users. Whether you're a seasoned bettor or new to the world of sports betting, Happybet's extensive sportsbook and user-friendly interface provide a seamless platform to explore and wager on a wide range of sporting events. Join now to take advantage of their generous welcome bonus and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of online sports betting.

    The young bookmaker is already deemed "commendable," but he must improve specifically in live betting to be able to compete with the industry's titans. He has the potential to become a formidable player in the market, but honing his skills in real-time wagers will be the key to reaching the top. With dedication and strategic enhancements, he can elevate his status and stand shoulder to shoulder with the giants in the field.

  9. 89 /100


    Canadian license

    89 /100
    • Mobile betting is made easier with the introduction of a native app.
    • 2 new customer bonuses to choose from
    • Excellent customer support with the inclusion of a live chat feature.
    • Betting odds just average
    18+ | Terms and conditions apply
    • Holders of the new Canadian betting license
    Testergebnis: Empfehlenswert! is among the group of emerging sports betting providers. Undoubtedly, the exceptional odds on Bundesliga bets and the offering for mobile users attest to the prowess of this bookmaker.

    The website's design may appear overwhelming, but it does offer a unique and unconventional bonus offer. There is room for improvement in terms of the website's user experience, as it can be quite overwhelming.

  10. 88 /100


    Canadian license

    88 /100
    • Extensive betting offer
    • Competent customer service
    • Very good website performance
    • Betting odds not outstanding
    18+ | Terms and conditions apply
    • Top destination for long-term bets and humorous wagers
    Testergebnis: Empfehlenswert!

    Bet-at-home is one of the most esteemed bookmakers from Austria, renowned for its comprehensive selection of specialty and long-term betting options. Being a publicly listed betting provider, this bookmaker has gained recognition for its extensive range of specialized bets and long-term wagering opportunities. It is well-known for its detailed assortment of specialty and long-term bets, making it a preferred choice among bettors. With a strong presence in the industry, Bet-at-home has established itself as one of the top bookmakers in Austria, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of its customers. The company's offering of extensive special bets and long-term wagering options has contributed to its reputation as a reliable and trusted betting platform.

    Unfortunately, the odds and live betting performance at Bet-at-home are below average when compared.

  11. 87 /100


    Canadian license

    87 /100
    • Excellent betting program
    • Impressive ratings in top football leagues.
    • Live-Wetten mit Live-Streams
    • On average, odds outside of football are mediocre.
    18+ | Terms and conditions apply
    • Experienced bookmaker with well-known partners
    Testergebnis: Empfehlenswert!

    Behind AdmiralBet lies a true heavyweight in the form of Novomatic, a publicly traded Austrian company. And it pays off handsomely: in the form of a generous €200 bonus for new customers, delivered in three easy steps.

    There are minor deductions in the areas of payment options and customer service.

  12. 86 /100


    Canadian license

    86 /100
    • Good favorite odds
    • Very good customer service
    • Fee-free deposits
    • Average quota key
    18+ | Terms and conditions apply
    • Bookmakers with a Canadian betting license
    • Good favorite odds
    Testergebnis: Sehr empfehlenswert!

    Betway, a classic online bookmaker, was established in 2006. With a valid Canadian betting license, this betting provider has excelled in payment methods, customer service, and app functionality.

    Only the live betting experience and the odds percentage could use some improvement.

  13. 84 /100


    Canadian license

    84 /100
    • No betting tax
    • Clear website
    • Sufficient live betting offer
    • Betting options expandable
    18+ | Terms and conditions apply
    • Tax-free betting
    Testergebnis: Empfehlenswert!

    Tipwin impresses primarily with its user-friendly betting platform and its assumption of the betting tax. This allows beginners in the world of betting to have an excellent introduction. The clear layout of the betting platform, coupled with the inclusion of the betting tax, makes Tipwin an ideal choice for novices looking to start their betting journey.

    Due to the limited options for live betting, the bookie is not recommended for advanced users.

  14. 83 /100


    Canadian license

    83 /100
    • Excellent betting offer
    • Excellent live betting
    • Fee-free deposits
    • Currently no new customer bonus
    18+ | Terms and conditions apply
    • For Canadian bettors, the betting tax is waived for combinations of 3 or more.
    Testergebnis: Empfehlenswert!

    Sportingbet impresses our test experts with tax-free combination bets, a huge selection of bets, and diverse payment options.

    On the other hand, the level of odds turns out to be modest. Additionally, the absence of a current welcome bonus leads to negative points.

  15. 83 /100


    Canadian license

    83 /100
    • Tax-free betting
    • New customer bonus in free bets
    • Good ratings in top football matches
    • Limited withdrawal options.
    18+ | Terms and conditions apply
    • Betting without betting tax
    Testergebnis: Empfehlenswert!

    Winamax stands out with competitive odds, particularly when it comes to its wide range of football bets. Moreover, the bookmaker excels in not charging any betting tax to its customers.

    However, to enhance the customer service experience, it would be beneficial to incorporate a live chat or hotline feature. Moreover, there is room for improvement in terms of the available payment methods.

  16. 83 /100

    Canadian license

    83 /100
    • Impressive ratings in top-tier football
    • Live chat and telephone hotline
    • The wagering tax is deducted from the stake.
    • Mediocre ratings beyond the realm of football.
    18+ | Terms and conditions apply
    • Top ratings in Europe's top leagues.
    Empfehlenswert!, the sports betting provider, holds a valid Canadian betting license and presents an attractive welcome bonus of €100 for new customers.

    The young bookmaker is already receiving the accolade of "commendable," but needs to improve, especially in terms of odds outside their main focus on football.

Commercial Content | 18+ | Please refer to terms and conditions.

What is a bookmaker?

At a bookmaker, individuals have the opportunity to place bets on the outcome of specific occurrences, such as predicting the winning football team or the outcome of a political election. People can engage in the excitement of wagering on diverse events and exercise their analytical skills in making accurate predictions. The platform offers a range of options for bettors to participate in, ensuring a thrilling and diverse betting experience. Whether it's the anticipation of a sporting event or the intrigue of a political race, a bookmaker provides the perfect platform for individuals to embrace the uncertainty and potential rewards of their predictions.

Depending on the level of risk, the bettor is offered a potential profit by the bookmaker, whose amount is based on the offered odds or the probability of occurrence. The wager placed by the bettor is met with the bookmaker's promise of a potential payout, which is determined by the odds being offered or the likelihood of the event happening. The bookmaker provides the bettor with a prospective return on their investment based on the odds presented or the anticipated probability of the outcome. The potential profit for the bettor is determined by the bookmaker, who offers a reward based on the odds provided or the probability of the event occurring. The bookmaker offers the bettor a potential gain, the magnitude of which is determined by the odds offered and the likelihood of the event happening.

The bookmaker acts as a sort of intermediary, providing the betting platform (website), the betting program, and the odds. They act as a facilitator in the realm of wagering, offering a platform for individuals to place bets on various events. The betting platform, which is made available by the bookmaker, allows users to explore the diverse range of betting options and place their wagers accordingly. Moreover, the bookmaker also ensures that odds are provided, enabling bettors to assess the likelihood of a particular outcome. Through their services, the bookmaker plays a vital role in the betting industry, connecting bettors with the necessary tools and information to engage in the thrilling world of wagering.

In the past, the primary business of sports betting providers was mainly focused on webshops, where bookmakers welcomed their betting customers. However, this has now largely shifted to the online realm, with the internet playing a pivotal role.

Canada used to have a monopoly on the betting market not too long ago. However, with the opening up to private bookmakers, those days are long gone, and betting can now be offered completely legally in this country, as long as certain rules are followed.

To comply with the main theme while ensuring maximum uniqueness for Google, here is a new English paragraph: Owning a valid Canadian betting license is an essential requirement. The betting license issued by the Halle Gambling Authority holds nationwide validity in Canada and upholds the strictest criteria primarily aimed at ensuring player protection. The LUGAS system monitors and enforces compliance with the gambling laws by automatically detecting any violations. This IT-based system plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity of the gambling industry.

The latter is also a concern for us: In our 2023 ranking of betting providers, we only include reputable bookmakers with a valid Canadian license, ensuring that interested individuals are shown only the top sports betting providers with no unpleasant surprises looming.

On July 1, 2021, the RP Darmstadt issued licenses for the first time. Currently, the Halle gambling regulatory authority is responsible for granting sports betting licenses in Canada.

A few Canadian sports betting providers have already obtained a license and had to implement several modifications to their sportsbooks. Detailed information regarding these changes and a comprehensive list of all licensed Canadian betting providers can be found in our sports betting Canada guide.

All bookmakers with a Canadian license:

  • Novo Interactice GmbH, formerly known as Admiral Sportwetten GmbH.
  • 888 Canada Limited
  • Internet Limited
  • Betano is the sport betting service offered by Betkick GmbH.
  • Betway Limited
  • BV (Canada) Ltd. ( PictureBet )
  • Bwin (Canada) Ltd.
  • Cashpoint (Malta) Limited, also known as Merkur Sports,
  • Chilling Cheetah Limited
  • Crazybuzzer
  • Gamebookers (Canada) Ltd.
  • Greenvest Betting Limited ( Neobet )
  • Hillside (Sports) ENC, also known as Bet365.
  • I.B.C. Sportsbetting Ltd.
  • IBA Entertainment Limited, also known as Bet3000,
  • IBID Malta Limited ( DAZN Bet )
  • Interwetten Gaming Limited
  • NETXBetting Ltd. ( )
  • RULEO Alpenland GmbH, also known as Mybet,
  • Ladbrokes (Canada) Ltd.
  • Sportingbet (Canada) Ltd.
  • Tipico Co. Ltd.
  • Tipin Ltd.
  • Tipwin Limited
  • Torro Tec Limited
  • Trinity Bet Operations Limited (the company) has recently announced its latest financial results for the fiscal year. Happybet )

Source: Joint Gambling Authority of the States

Comparison of Online Betting Portals - Review of Betting Providers

Our sports betting comparison reveals that the winner, with an outstanding score of 92%, is Bet365. Undoubtedly, it has rightfully earned the title of the top bookmaker. Moreover, resting on its laurels is not an option for Bet365. On the contrary, it must consistently defend its position time and time again.

Despite facing increasingly tough competition, traditional bookmaker bwin solidifies its position as a close contender to the Brits with an impressive 91% rating, successfully defending its second place in the sports betting provider rankings.

Currently, Interwetten, a sports betting provider highly regarded in Canada, has secured the third position in our comparison of betting providers for 2023, achieving an impressive 91% rating.


Who are the top betting providers in 2023?

The ranking of top bookmakers is fluid and subject to change based on the performance of individual bookmakers. The editorial team at gambleverdict regularly tests all bookmakers, resulting in periodic alterations and adjustments to the bookmaker ranking.

For quite some time now, the British bookmaker Bet365 has impressively maintained its top position in our rankings. It's truly remarkable how steadfastly they've held onto their spot.

The following overview presents a quick glance at the top ten sports betting providers for the Canadian-speaking region in a concise manner (as of October 2023).

Top 10 betting providers for Canada

  1. She gets thirsty – Rating 92/100
  2. Bwin – 91/100 points
  3. Interwetten – 91/100 points
  4. Beta – 91/100 points
  5. DAZN Bet – 90/100 points
  6. The odds – 89/100 points
  7. Bet3000 – 89/100 points
  8. Happybet – 89/100 points
  9. Neobet – 89/100 points
  10. Bet-at-home – 88/100 points

Canadian Sports Betting Providers: Bookmakers from Canada

For over a decade, has been assisting bettors from Canada (+ DACH region) in discovering a secure and thrilling weather experience. Naturally, the focus lies on the performance of the originally Canadian bookmakers. Ensuring a safe and exciting betting experience has been our mission for more than ten years, catering specifically to bettors from Canada and the DACH region. It goes without saying that we pay special attention to the performance of the Canadian bookmakers. We take pride in helping bettors from Canada and the DACH region find a secure and thrilling betting experience for over a decade. The spotlight is always on the performance of the bookmakers who originated in Canada. With more than ten years of experience, has been a trusted platform for bettors from Canada and the DACH region, delivering a secure and exhilarating betting experience. The focus remains firmly on the performance of the original Canadian bookmakers, ensuring a top-notch betting experience.

Canadian-made sports betting options are relatively scarce compared to international competitors in 2023. However, the selection of Canadian bookmakers is quite impressive. Our current top three bookies in Canada, namely Bet3000, AdmiralBet, and NEObet, all come from esteemed betting houses such as Springer or Admiral, which have been offering licensed bets in Canada since the 1960s.

Best Canadian betting providers

  1. The odds (90/100 points)
  2. DAZNbet (89/100 points)
  3. Bet3000 (89/100 points)
  4. Happybet (89/100 points)
  5. NEObet (89/100 points)
  6. XTiP (86/100 points)
  7. Mybet (83/100 points)

New betting providers 2023

The editorial team at regularly evaluates and assesses new bookmakers. If these bookmakers meet our strict quality criteria, we include them in our comparison of betting providers. Our aim is to provide our readers with accurate and up-to-date information, ensuring that they have access to the highest quality bookmakers in the market. As the sports betting industry evolves, we remain dedicated to testing and reviewing new players in the field to guarantee the best possible choices for our users.

These fresh tested bookmakers have made it into our ranking.

Our team of expert testers at carefully evaluates each betting provider before considering them worthy of our recommendation. Only those that meet our high standards will have a significant presence on our website. It is our priority to ensure that our users have access to reliable and trustworthy options for their sports betting needs. Rest assured, we strive to maintain the utmost integrity in our assessments and only endorse those platforms that we truly believe are deserving.

Gambling sites that are integrated into our portal for the bookmaker comparison, thus meet all the minimum requirements for a trustworthy partner in the realm of online sports betting.

How does the registration process work for online betting providers?

To place bets online, you will need to have a betting account with your preferred provider. Opening such an account is a simple and quick process that can be completed in just a few steps. The setup and management of a betting account are absolutely free in all cases.

Once your betting account is set up, you can proceed to make your initial deposit in order to fund your balance. Typically, there are several payment methods available for this purpose, and most bookmakers also offer a welcome bonus for your first deposit.

Once the payment has been received by the bookmaker and a corresponding account balance is displayed, bets can be placed at the betting office. The betting stakes are deducted from the account balance, while betting winnings are credited to the betting account.

If there is a balance on the betting account, it can, of course, be withdrawn at any time. To do this, one simply needs to navigate to the "Withdrawal" section on the bookmaker's website and choose the desired payment method. This way, the winnings from bets can also be quickly and effortlessly converted into cash online.

Here are the 5 steps to getting started with your first online bet:

  1. Choose the best betting provider that suits your betting preferences
  2. Select the section "Sign Up" or "Registration" on the provider's betting website.
  3. Choose the personal data for opening the betting account.
  4. Top up your betting account with the payment method of your choice and claim the bonus.
  5. Access the preferred betting offer and place the desired bets.

Our editorial team at gambleverdict has a recommendation for all the sports betting enthusiasts out there who love placing system bets. Right here, we have a handy system bet calculator that allows you to calculate potential winnings and losses of system bets quickly and effortlessly. It's a perfect tool to enhance your betting experience and make informed decisions. Give it a try and take your system betting game to the next level!

*Note terms and conditions | 18+

Bookmakers without Canadian betting tax.

Since July 1, 2012, the amendment to the Canadian State Treaty on Gambling has been in effect, providing a clear legal framework for the uniform taxation of sports betting. This revision ensures that all sports wagers are subject to consistent taxation as mandated by law.

Since the implementation of the new legislation, all betting transactions generated in Canada are now subject to a 5% betting tax. It is the responsibility of each betting provider to remit the tax funds to the Canadian finance department.

However, it is the case that numerous bookmakers calculate with extremely narrow profit margins, which sometimes only reach the 5 percent threshold. These bookmakers employ careful financial planning, striving to maximize their profits by keeping their profit margins as slim as possible. This approach allows them to attract a larger customer base and offer competitive odds to their clients. Despite the slim profit margins, these bookmakers aim to provide top-quality services and maintain a sustainable business model. By operating with such low profit margins, they prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to build long-term relationships with their clients. This dedication to customer service sets them apart in the highly competitive betting industry.

In order to meet financial obligations, it is imperative for the majority of bookmakers in 2023 to either pass on the tax burden to their betting customers in some manner or take into account the tax implications when designing the odds. Therefore, it is crucial from an economic standpoint for most betting providers in 2023 to either transfer the tax burden to the customers in some way or consider it when formulating the odds. Consequently, due to economic reasons, it is crucial for the majority of bookmakers in 2023 to either transfer the tax burden to the betting customers in some form or take it into account when designing the odds. Hence, it is of utmost importance for most betting operators in 2023 to either pass on the tax burden to their customers in some way or factor it into the odds formulation, based on economic considerations.

Some bookmakers deduct the tax from the stake at the time of placing the bet, while others only tax the winnings. However, even today, there is still a small selection of betting sites in Canada where you can place bets without being taxed and at reasonable odds!

Best tax-free betting provider in Canada:


As of October 2023, you can find additional information regarding tax-free betting providers in this article. Explore this post for more insights on bookmakers exempt from taxation. Discover valuable details about wagering platforms that do not require you to pay taxes. Uncover comprehensive information about tax-free betting websites in this informative piece. Gain more knowledge about tax-free bookmakers by diving into this article. Delve into this post to find out more about betting operators that operate without charging taxes.

Comparing betting providers - How gambleverdict evaluates

Every bookmaker possesses distinct strengths as well as one or two weaknesses, which are uncovered in our sports betting test and elaborated on in the test reports – hence, it is worthwhile to compare the comprehensive reviews of individual sports betting providers before settling on one's personal favorite. It is, therefore, a prudent move to peruse the detailed evaluations of each sports betting provider before making a choice in order to determine the best fit according to one's preferences.

We will continue to monitor all the online bookmakers in this comparison regularly, updating the test reports and adjusting the ratings if necessary, in case any changes occur.

The ranking of the top sports betting providers always corresponds to the current state and may change from time to time. The same naturally applies to the overview of betting bonuses.

*Note terms and conditions | 18+

New betting operators are generally considered for our evaluation only if they possess a certain level of expertise in the sports betting industry and have been active in the market for a minimum period of time. We ensure that we thoroughly assess their experience and track record before including them in our testing process. It is important to us that the operators we review have a proven track record and are well-established in the industry, guaranteeing a reliable and trustworthy betting experience for our users.

In the realm of betting, stability and security are absolutely crucial quality criteria. We cannot sufficiently evaluate these attributes or provide a recommendation or guarantee for very young or completely unknown betting sites.

When evaluating the individual test candidates, it is crucial to consider their ratings in the various test categories, in addition to their overall placement in the extensive bookmaker comparison. The assessments in the specific test categories play a significant role in this regard.

Depending on personal preferences, the defined areas may appear more or less relevant. Therefore, we suggest not only relying on the final ranking as a selection criterion but also considering the test results of the 2023 bookmakers in the individual categories when making a decision.

All service providers who meet these minimum requirements will then undergo a comprehensive testing process, which can take several weeks to months. A thorough examination will be conducted to ensure that all standards are met and that the highest level of quality is maintained. This meticulous evaluation process guarantees that only the most qualified candidates will be selected. Rest assured that every aspect of the service will be scrutinized in order to provide the best possible experience for our users.

To ensure utmost transparency in the test results, every candidate must go through the same standardized testing stations set up by our editorial team. We maintain uniformity by subjecting all participants to identical evaluation procedures, promoting fairness and consistency throughout the process. Our commitment to impartiality guarantees a level playing field for all contenders, allowing for accurate and reliable assessments. By adhering to these stringent guidelines, we strive to provide our readers with the most trustworthy and objective reviews possible.

The providers are evaluated in a total of ten different test areas and assigned points based on their performance.

The final placement of each candidate in the bookmaker comparison by is determined by the overall sum of the points scored, ultimately resulting in the final test result.

The betting market is constantly evolving, with new bookmakers joining the established betting offices on a regular basis. Of course, we thoroughly examine these newcomers for various quality indicators. Rest assured that our comprehensive assessment ensures only the highest standards are met.

If a new bookmaker meets our strict criteria for inclusion in the bookmaker comparison, we expand our list of test candidates to be monitored.


Who will be included in our bookmaker test?

To be eligible for our sports betting comparison, all bookmakers must meet a set of fundamental minimum requirements. These prerequisites are crucial for admission into our testing process.

Before we embark on a comprehensive test, we ask ourselves these 7 questions:

  1. How long has the test candidate been active in the sports betting market?
  2. What is the company's registered office and licensing status?
  3. Who are the individuals behind the betting company?
  4. Is the complete range of bets available in Canada?
  5. Does an extensive test review of the provider offer added value to our readers?
  6. Does the bookmaker meet the high quality requirements of our testing team?
  7. Will the provider still play a role in the betting market in a few years' time?

Our editorial team commences the preparations for the testing procedure only when these inquiries are satisfactorily addressed to our contentment.

For several weeks, the operational aspects of the provider's betting website will be thoroughly tested, from registration to placing the initial wager and receiving the winnings. This comprehensive evaluation entails repeatedly simulating real-time usage of all available features.

The experiences gained from this process are then compiled in a structured manner to create comprehensive reviews of each provider.

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"What distinguishes a good betting provider?"

Each sports betting provider has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, which can be objectively identified in some cases (such as the odds offered), but also subjectively determined in others. Evaluating these aspects requires a careful analysis, taking into account various factors like user experience, customer support, and available betting options. While some may prioritize competitive odds, others may value a user-friendly interface or a wide range of sports markets. Ultimately, it is important for bettors to consider their own preferences and priorities when choosing a sports betting platform.

In order to thoroughly cover the wide range of diverse characteristics and effectively evaluate them, we have devised our standardized testing procedure, incorporating individual categories to ensure accurate assessments.

No matter how diverse the individual bookmakers may be, our editorial team's ongoing testing has consistently identified certain quality characteristics in which truly excellent betting providers can strongly excel. These distinguishing features, which our team has carefully observed, greatly contribute to the overall assessment of bookmakers in terms of their performance and reliability. Thus, while each bookmaker may have their own unique strengths and weaknesses, our rigorous testing process seeks to uncover those key qualities that set apart the truly exceptional ones.

Accordingly, the best betting providers possess the following characteristics:

  • Extensive range of betting options with various live bets available at competitive odds.
  • A vast selection of diverse betting options and special wagers are available.
  • Solid betting odds with a high payout rate and strong favorite odds.
  • Easy and quick-to-use websites, especially when placing bets
  • Various payment options to top up your betting account
  • No expenses or fees for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Fast, reliable, and hassle-free payout of betting winnings.
  • Regular promotions and bonus offers for new and existing customers
  • mobile betting via Sports betting app or a compatible site for mobile devices

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Comparing betting providers - why it's worth it.

The abundance of sports betting providers increases almost on a daily basis. Even for professionals like us, it is not easy to always keep track. Therefore, a comparison of the top bookmakers saves you a significant amount of time.

By comparing bookmakers on our platform, you can discern what matters to you and what doesn't, ultimately determining which bookmaker suits you best. Find out what's important to you and what isn't by evaluating different betting providers on our portal. Discover the bookmaker that aligns perfectly with your preferences and needs. Assessing various wagering platforms through our website will help you identify the ideal bookmaker that caters to your specific requirements. Uncover your priorities and make an informed decision about the most suitable bookmaker for you by utilizing our platform to compare different betting providers.

Some people are in search of the highest odds, while others desire a wide selection of Bundesliga bets. Certain individuals are into niche sports, while others have a penchant for live betting on US sports during the night. In all of these instances, multiple bookmakers are equally suitable.

However, even small details can make a difference: these could be extraordinary special bets, the option to deposit via PayPal, a wide range of promotions and competitions, or live streams dedicated to a specific league. The possibilities are endless.

To narrow down the bookmakers and identify the ONE, comprehensive research is necessary. At gambleverdict, we take on this task for you. We are dedicated to conducting thorough investigations in order to provide you with the most reliable information. Our team works diligently to filter through the vast array of options and present you with the top choices. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we aim to assist you in finding the perfect bookmaker that suits your preferences and needs. Trust us to navigate through the sea of possibilities and deliver tailored recommendations tailored to you. Let us do the legwork, so you can focus on enjoying your sports betting experience to the fullest.

Furthermore, rest assured that in our comparison, you will only be presented with legal, reputable betting providers that are licensed in Canada. You can always trust that we have thoroughly vetted each and every one of them.

Why aren't there more providers in our bookmaker comparison?

As we have previously stated, our primary focus lies in evaluating trustworthy and secure bookmakers. Given the specific legal situation regarding sports betting in Canada and the current existence of a Canadian license, we have directed our attention toward bookmakers that cater to the Canadian betting market. It is of paramount importance to ensure the safety and integrity of the betting experience for Canadian bettors, and our rigorous testing process reflects this commitment. Rest assured that our recommendations are tailored to meet the unique requirements and regulations set forth in the Canadian betting landscape.

This implies that in our tests, you will only find those betting providers who have already secured a Canadian license or are currently striving to obtain one. By doing so, we ensure that you can register with these bookmakers in Canada without any concerns.

If you're searching for a completely legitimate sports betting provider in Canada, then you've come to the right place. is the only platform that offers such a wide range of bookmakers with Canadian licenses. Rest assured, you'll find everything you need for your sports betting endeavors right here.

Your benefits at is one of the most reputable comparison portals when it comes to online sports betting. Trust and reliability are of great importance to us. That's why we provide you with a sense of security by selecting and thoroughly examining only reputable bookmakers in advance.

Our team of experts in the field of sports betting possess the essential knowledge and extensive experience in the industry. When conducting our assessments, they approach their work with objectivity and transparency, thoroughly evaluating each bookmaker across multiple categories, and doing so repeatedly.

As we prioritize up-to-dateness, we place great emphasis on the fact that bookmakers can improve or deteriorate. Regularly, we review our reports once again, re-examine facts, and make adaptations if necessary. Our commitment lies in staying current and ensuring the information we provide is accurate.

Keep yourself informed about the latest happenings in the sports betting industry, including new trends, exciting promotions, and unique betting opportunities, by exploring our "Bookmaker News" section. Our team of dedicated editors ensures that you stay up to date with all the developments, providing valuable insights into Bundesliga predictions and much more. Stay connected and be in the know with our informative content.

If you have any doubts about sports betting, our guide pages are the perfect place to turn to. You'll find useful resources like a betting glossary, an informative betting assistance section, and even a system bet calculator. Furthermore, our team of experts is readily available to assist you with any additional questions you may have through email or our toll-free hotline.

Who tests the betting providers?

They possess a deep understanding of the realm of sports betting and comprehend the crucial elements that drive this industry. Several among them have acquired hands-on experience in various capacities within the realm of wagering, such as bookmakers, public relations experts, and even high-level executives. As a result, they bring forth a distinctive and specialized expertise to the table.

Alongside these enthusiasts are sports journalists with a passion for betting, professional bettors, or odds aficionados with a knack for statistics and analysis. They all come together, driven by a shared love for the thrill of wagering.

This creates a fantastic blend of experts who analyze every bookmaker from various perspectives and provide you with all the essential information from the world of sports betting. With a diverse range of professionals offering their unique insights, you can trust that you will receive comprehensive and valuable guidance regarding the betting industry. Our team comprises individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, ensuring a well-rounded approach to delivering the latest updates, trends, and tips in the world of sports wagering. Count on us to keep you informed and equipped with the necessary knowledge to make informed betting decisions.

If you'd like to get to know our writers better, take a look at our About Us page!

Top-rated betting providers based on test categories.

As an ethical and top-notch evaluation, our bookmaker examination is divided into several subcategories. There are valid reasons behind this approach because even if a bookmaker appears to perform better overall, it does not necessarily mean that it automatically becomes the optimal choice for every bettor among the betting providers in 2023.

The overview reveals which betting providers have performed the best in each category:

🏆 Best betting provider She gets thirsty
📊 Highest betting odds Bet3000
🆕 Best new betting provider DAZN Bet
⚽ Largest betting offer Bwin
📅 Best Live Bets She gets thirsty
📞 Top customer service Interwetten
📥 Test winner deposits Bwin
📤 Test winner payouts Interwetten
🧭 Website service Interwetten
🚀 Website loading times Bet-at-home
💸 Best betting provider bonus Interwetten
🔐 Test winner security She gets thirsty
📱 Best betting provider app Interwetten

It's interesting how one tipster may prioritize the betting program, while another may prefer a good bonus instead. It's important to know how various bookmakers perform in different sub-categories.

A detailed description of each test criterion will follow afterwards.


Our criteria for testing betting providers

Our 10 criteria for comparing sports betting:

  1. Betting odds
  2. Betting offer
  3. Live Bets
  4. Customer service
  5. Betting account deposits
  6. Betting account payouts
  7. Website service
  8. Website loading times
  9. New customer bonus
  10. Security and seriousness

The overall ranking in the bookmaker comparison

Frequently asked questions from our visitors.

In the following section, we provide a comprehensive and extensively tested overview of's extensive and well-established test-driving process!

We explain the crucial 10 criteria that determine the evaluations in the bookmaker comparison and elucidate the precise procedures in every individual test area.

By meticulously detailing the test procedures for each individual bookmaker, one can comprehensively track the specific criteria upon which the respective evaluations were based. The transparent and elaborate descriptions provided enable a precise understanding of the assessment process. With this level of transparency, it becomes possible to discern the intricate factors that contribute to the final ratings.

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1.) Betting odds

One crucial aspect to consider when evaluating a reputable betting provider is the range of odds available on their platform. The availability of odds on the betting site is a key criterion in determining its quality.

One aspect we have examined here is the offered odds ratio - which is principally decisive for determining the percentage of betting winnings to be paid out and the portion of wagered amounts that the bookmaker retains as profit margin.

The higher the odds, the more money is paid out to the betting customers and the lower the theoretical profit of the online provider. As the odds increase, the potential winnings for bettors also increase, while the profit margin for the online platform decreases accordingly. It is crucial for bettors to consider the odds offered by different providers, as they directly impact their potential returns. By choosing bookmakers with higher odds, bettors can maximize their potential winnings and improve their overall betting experience.

The bookmaker operates with an extremely high odds ratio.

Consequently, only a small fraction of the betting stakes is retained by the bookmaker as profit margin, while the majority of the revenues are distributed back to the numerous customers of the betting provider in the form of winning bets, owing to the generous odds!

Best football betting odds bookmakers in October 2023.

In addition to the highly significant odds percentage, there are also several other criteria that are relevant for assessing a bookmaker's betting odds. However, it is important to consider a range of additional factors in order to accurately evaluate the odds offered by a bookmaker.

Some of the bookmakers in 2023 have an advantage in offering highly appealing odds for popular soccer bets, making them stand out positively in the odds comparison when it comes to frequently betted favorite wins.

  1. ???? Bet3000 - Up to 98% payout on top events
  2. ???? Bet365 - Up to 98% payout on top events
  3. ???? Betano - Enjoy up to 96% payout on top events

However, an important aspect to consider when evaluating the bookmaker is whether the mentioned best odds only appear briefly in the program and are quickly changed (as sometimes seen with Bwin), or if one can consistently place bets at attractive odds until the start of the game.

When evaluating the odds provided, it is of utmost importance for Canadian betting customers to consider whether the bookmaker passes on the Canadian betting tax to the punters. This question holds significant weight in determining the value for Canadian bettors.

Seemingly inferior odds, when compared among providers, can significantly gain attractiveness if there is no 5% betting tax to be taken into account when determining the winner.

Although Bwin, the Austrian provider, may not necessarily have the most attractive odds ratio compared to other bookmakers, it consistently stands out with the highest odds for popular football bets.

For instance, Bwin offers consistent top odds for Bayern Munich victories in their betting options. The bookmakers at this renowned wagering company often take unique approaches when setting their odds, deviating slightly from the general average of the major competitors.

The timing of placing bets often determines the magnitude of the odds.

If you want to achieve the real top ratings for football matches, it often requires patience.

Some providers make the highest payouts, with payout ratios reaching up to 98 percent (representing the portion of bets that are distributed to the winners), available only a few days before the event takes place (or even on the day of the game itself). These exceptional odds are made available for a limited time window, maximizing the excitement and anticipation for bettors.

Therefore, it is advisable to regularly track the progression of betting odds at different bookmakers in order to accurately gauge the optimal moment to place your bets. Keep a close eye on the fluctuation of odds across various platforms to ensure you make the most informed decisions at the opportune time. Stay vigilant and stay ahead of the game by staying up-to-date with the ever-changing landscape of betting odds. Timing is everything, and by staying informed, you increase your chances of capitalizing on the best odds available.

High payout events are typically designed for such high payout percentages, primarily originating from the Bundesliga, Premier League, Champions League, or international national team matches.

If one chooses to get rid of their tip early and takes action a week in advance, it is often necessary to make concessions of two or three percent. Sometimes, it is wise to exercise patience and proceed with caution in such situations.

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2.) Betting offer

The breadth and depth of the offered bets are indicative of the quality of the betting options. The wider the range of bets, the more sports and events are available for wagering. The extent and variety of the betting options are key factors in assessing the competitiveness of a bookmaker. A diverse selection of sports and events ensures that bettors have ample choices and opportunities to place bets on their preferred activities. The quality of the betting offers can also be measured by the inclusion of niche sports and less popular events, demonstrating a bookmaker's commitment to catering to a wide range of interests and preferences.

The top providers offer up to 40 different sports here, with thousands of daily betting options from around the world. Embrace the excitement of wagering on a diverse range of sporting events, spanning a multitude of disciplines. Experience the thrill of placing bets on a global scale, as you immerse yourself in the vast array of opportunities presented by these esteemed providers. With a multitude of sports to choose from, each offering a plethora of betting markets, you'll find endless excitement and countless possibilities. Take your pick from an extensive selection of sports, ensuring that your betting journey is as varied and riveting as can be.

When considering the breadth of options, it is important to note the variety of betting opportunities available for each event offered by the bookmaker. Emphasis is placed on the range of diverse wagering possibilities provided for every occurrence. The bookmaker ensures a wide array of betting options and takes into account the depth of the offering. The bookmaker strives to present numerous and distinct betting choices for each event, prioritizing a comprehensive selection. Careful attention is given to the extent of the available options, ensuring a multitude of diverse betting opportunities for every event. The bookmaker places great importance on the extent of the offerings, guaranteeing an extensive range of different betting possibilities for each event.

For major matches in the most prominent European football leagues, bookmakers typically offer over 100 distinct special bets and unique wagers related to the specific event in their betting selection.

Comparing the best bookmakers has become increasingly about the fascinating range of betting options presented alongside the level of odds offered. This combination has now become a standard benchmark for assessing the quality of top-tier bookmakers.

Huge betting options have become an absolute standard in the sports betting industry.

We have also paid particular attention to the evaluation of the test candidates, specifically focusing on how distinct the betting options or odds of a particular bookmaker stand out from the competition due to unique features.

In this category, extra points are certainly awarded for exceptionally innovative or original betting options! So, when evaluating, there is definitely room for additional credit in this regard.

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3.) Live Laws

The highly popular real-time live betting generates the majority of the betting turnover for the top bookmakers. In this type of betting, wagers are not placed before the weather event but while the game or event is already in progress. The best bookmakers are already witnessing a significant portion of their betting revenue coming from these thrilling live bets. They offer punters the opportunity to actively engage and make predictions as the action unfolds, adding an extra layer of excitement to the overall betting experience.

Live betting offers stand out primarily due to a wide range of diverse sports and events, as well as attractive betting odds and numerous real-time betting options. An extensive selection of various sporting disciplines and competitions, combined with alluring wagering odds and a plethora of in-the-moment betting possibilities, is what sets exceptional live betting offers apart.

The top Livewetten providers consistently populate this section with several hundred weather events per day, allowing for the potential selection of multiple live events from the current betting options at any given time.

Similar to the "betting options" category, the Live Betting section also focuses on the number of different betting possibilities available for various events. The wider the variety and the higher the odds, the better the bookmaker performs in the comparison of betting providers in 2023.

The most popular live betting markets.

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4.) Customer Service

When encountering a question or issue with a sports betting provider, it is highly desirable to have easily accessible customer support that can provide prompt and competent assistance. It is crucial that the customer service is readily available and capable of delivering swift and knowledgeable responses to ensure optimal customer satisfaction.

We thoroughly examined here the different ways in which the respective customer service of betting sites can be reached and how effectively and promptly a response is provided. Our focus was on assessing the accessibility and efficiency of their customer support. We delved into the various methods available for contacting their support team and evaluated the speed and quality of their responses.

The availability of customer service representatives is an important factor when assessing the quality of bookmakers. However, nowadays, having a 24/7 customer support service has become a standard practice for many providers. This aspect plays a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction and receiving positive evaluations.

The functionality of the customer service in the Canadian language is a crucial aspect when evaluating a Canadian bookmaker. However, it is equally important to assess its practicality during a Canadian bookmaker test.

When it comes to providers from Austria (such as Bwin and Interwetten) or Canada (like Tipico or Bet3000), the question of origin is largely irrelevant. However, when testing the contact options of British bookmakers, we did place a special emphasis on this particular aspect.

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5.) Betting account deposits

In order to place a bet, the first step is to make a deposit into your betting account. Typically, bookmakers offer various options for topping up your account, such as Klarna, Paysafecard, or Muchbetter, which we have examined in detail. These different methods provide a convenient way for users to fund their accounts and begin placing their bets.

Of utmost significance in this context is the inquiry regarding the incurring of fees during the deposit process, or the option to place bets without any additional charges. We deduct points for any expenses or fees associated with payments.

The burden of fees when funding your betting account plays a significant role, especially for those who engage in frequent betting and place higher stakes. It is important to consider these charges, particularly for individuals who enjoy wagering in various weather conditions and those who bet larger amounts.

Expenses and fees, just like a betting tax, can directly diminish the overall success of sports betting and therefore make any seemingly high odds betting offer considerably less appealing. Consequently, it is crucial to carefully consider and compare not only the odds but also the associated costs involved in order to maximize potential profits and ensure a truly rewarding betting experience. By factoring in these additional expenses, punters can make more informed decisions and avoid any unpleasant surprises that may arise from hidden charges. So, while a seemingly attractive offer may initially catch your eye, it is always wise to take a closer look at the fine print to assess the true value and viability of the wager. Remember, making informed choices is the key to long-term betting success.

Regularly depositing substantial amounts into one's betting account and occasionally withdrawing the resulting profits from the bookmaker can be severely impacted by any transaction fees involved. Such charges have a highly adverse effect on the overall financial gains, making it essential to carefully consider and minimize these expenses.

These bookmakers do not charge any fees for deposits & withdrawals.

  • Bet3000
  • Bwin

Most betting providers do not charge any fees for deposits and withdrawals made through bank transfers. However, when it comes to using PayPal for placing bets, we observed the highest average fee burden. Rest assured, though, that the majority of bookmakers offer free and hassle-free bank transactions.

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6.) Betting account payouts

All the test candidates listed in our bookmaker comparison have a sufficient minimum level of safety and reliability. They meet the necessary standards to ensure a secure and trustworthy betting experience. Rest assured that when choosing any of these options, you can have peace of mind knowing that your personal information and funds are well protected. We understand the importance of security when it comes to online betting, which is why we have carefully evaluated each candidate to ensure they meet the highest standards.

In this category of testing, the focus is not on whether the betting winnings are paid out properly, but rather on the number and types of withdrawal options available in detail, as well as the typical duration until the betting winnings are received by the customer. The main consideration here is not the adequacy of the payout, but rather the variety and efficiency of the withdrawal methods offered, and the average time it takes for the winnings to reach the customer's account.

If we have any serious concerns about the solvency or payment ethics of a bookmaker, rest assured that we will not include them in our comparison. We prioritize the financial stability and reliable payment practices of the operators featured on our platform. It is of utmost importance to us that our users have a seamless and secure betting experience, and we carefully vet every bookmaker to ensure just that. You can trust that our recommendations are based on thorough analysis and a commitment to your satisfaction.

The providers in our assessment are all unquestionably excellent in this regard, so solvency does not play a significant role in our evaluation procedure when assessing bookmakers. Rest assured, the financial capability of these providers is beyond doubt and has no bearing on our assessment of their overall performance.

The majority of providers consider the regular bank transfer as the standard option for withdrawals, which typically takes between 2 and 4 business days due to the processing times of the respective bank.

In addition, there is also a range of alternative payment methods available, through which the betting winnings can sometimes reach the customer much faster. However, customers can also benefit from various payout options that ensure a prompt and efficient transfer of their winnings. Furthermore, users have the option to explore alternative withdrawal methods that offer quicker access to their betting profits. Moreover, there are several alternative means of payment that can expedite the process of delivering the winnings to the bettor. Additionally, customers can take advantage of diverse payout methods that facilitate the swift arrival of their betting rewards.

One of the most favored payment methods among betting customers is primarily the payment service PayPal, which allows for almost real-time transfer of funds from one account to another. However, newer alternatives such as Trustly or Muchbetter are gaining popularity among bettors as well, providing additional options for seamless transactions.

You can find in our detailed reviews the information about the different payment options offered by each bookmaker and betting provider.

It should be noted that certain withdrawal methods are only available if the betting account has been funded with the same payment method. Additionally, there may be an occasional charge incurred, as some bookmakers unfortunately still impose fees on payments.

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7.) Website Usability

Navigating the websites of most betting companies on the internet doesn't require a great deal of experience. Generally, the layout and menu structure are designed to be intuitively user-friendly by the majority of contemporary providers.

A swift, user-friendly, and intuitive betting platform is essential. We evaluate our experience with the usability and navigation of each website in this domain. It is crucial that the betting options are organized efficiently and effortlessly accessible. The ease of use and clarity of instructions play a pivotal role in providing a seamless betting experience. As part of our assessment, we analyze how quickly users can find the desired markets and place their bets with confidence.

Given the ongoing changes in website design, the pages of betting providers undergo regular re-evaluation to ensure their relevance. This is particularly important because the field of website design is constantly evolving. Therefore, periodic assessments are conducted to determine the need for any updates or modifications. The aim is to maintain a modern and user-friendly interface that enhances the overall betting experience. With these regular reviews, betting providers strive to stay ahead in the competitive online market.

To fully excel in this category, it is essential for the sports betting provider's website to be seamlessly operable, visually appealing, and free of any glitches on various portable devices. Ensuring a pleasant user experience with effortless navigation is imperative to achieve utmost satisfaction when accessing the site on mobile platforms.

Recent statistics reveal that over 80% of sports bets are now placed via mobile devices—a mobile-optimized betting platform is therefore essential to secure a top position in our bookmaker comparison! It is imperative to offer a wagering experience that is specifically tailored for mobile users, if one aims to excel in our analysis of betting providers. The growing trend towards mobile betting necessitates a seamless and user-friendly betting interface that caters to the needs and preferences of modern bettors. To stay ahead of the competition, our comprehensive evaluation considers the quality and performance of mobile betting platforms, ensuring that only the most exceptional bookmakers are featured in our rankings. Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore our carefully curated list of top-rated bookmakers, where mobile betting takes center stage. Place your bets conveniently on the go and experience the thrill of sports wagering like never before!

Most betting sites follow a similar pattern when it comes to placing bets, both in the pre-match and live betting sections. The process of submitting tips generally remains consistent across these platforms.

Selecting the desired tip by a single click will move it onto the betting slip. If multiple bets have accumulated there, in addition to single bets, there is also the option to combine the tips into a combo bet or a system bet.

Once you are content with the contents of your betting slip, you can finalize your bet by clicking on the appropriate "Place Bets" button.

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8.) Website loading times

Slow websites are irritating and diminish the joy of online betting.

We have thoroughly and repeatedly tested the response times and loading speeds of all betting sites, subjecting them to a comparison with other providers and incorporating the resulting test results into this category.

The evaluation of this category takes into account the performance of mobile betting as well. We have conducted tests on the providers' betting sites on various mobile devices. This aspect contributes to the overall assessment.

It is highly crucial, especially when it comes to the extremely delicate realm of real-time betting, that the usability of a provider's live betting feature is not compromised by slow loading times. Consequently, it is imperative for the live betting experience to be seamless and uninterrupted, allowing users to place their bets without any hindrance. Ensuring swift and efficient loading times is of utmost importance in this regard, as it directly impacts the overall user satisfaction and experience. Therefore, providers must prioritize optimizing the speed and performance of their live betting platform to deliver an exceptional user experience.

Fast loading times are a critical factor when evaluating website performance, especially in the realm of live betting where odds are constantly changing. Evaluating the performance of a website heavily relies on the speed at which it loads, particularly in the dynamic realm of live betting with its ever-fluctuating odds. Quick loading times play a vital role in assessing the overall performance of a website, especially within the context of live betting where odds continuously vary. The evaluation of website performance, specifically in the realm of live betting with its constantly shifting odds, greatly hinges on the speed of loading, making it a pivotal criterion. In assessing the performance of a website, one essential aspect to consider, especially for live betting with its fluid odds, is the rapidity with which the site loads.

In the realm of real-time sports betting, it is crucial to avoid enduring a severe competitive disadvantage against the bookmaker due to the sluggish loading times of the betting platform. Ultimately, one would not want to compromise their chances of success by tolerating such delays.

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9.) New customer bonus

This test area is particularly interesting for all first-time users of a betting offer.

All the bookmakers in our comparison offer new customers a more or less appealing betting bonus - usually in the form of an additional betting credit, depending on the amount of the initial deposit into a new betting account.

The deposit bonus is a proven method among betting providers to acquire new customers.

For example, Betano entices with a €20 bonus without requiring a deposit.

The evaluation of bonus offers is crucial, not only considering the amount credited but also the conditions and provisions associated with the bonus. We have identified significant variations between individual bookmakers in this regard, which consequently influence our assessment.

The following points should be taken into consideration when it comes to betting bonus offers:

  1. What is the percentage offered in the bonus offer? Most betting companies award the betting bonus in combination with the first deposit into a new betting account. In this case, a specific percentage of the initial deposit is credited to the account by the betting provider. Many betting sites double the amount of the first deposit, thus offering a 100% bonus.
  2. What is the maximum amount for the betting bonus? The bonus offers are limited, regardless of the amount deposited into the betting account after registration. Most betting providers have set a limit of 100 euros for their new customer bonus.
  3. What turnover conditions must be met? Before a bonus can be withdrawn as real money, the first deposit as well as the bonus itself must be wagered with sports bets. There are also bookmakers that only require the bonus to be wagered (see, for example, the) Odds Bonus The number of times the bonus amount must be wagered depends on the respective provider, ranging from 1x to 12x wagering turnover.
  4. What minimum odds must be wagered on the bonus? Most test candidates also have a specific minimum odds requirement for bonus bets. This means that not all odds from the provider's program can be selected, but only those that have a certain minimum value. If the minimum odds are not reached, the respective sports bets will not be counted towards fulfilling the bonus conditions.

While selecting the right bookmaker, it is essential to understand that a betting bonus offer should not be the sole determining factor. However, if your preferred bookmaker also provides an attractive bonus for new customers, there is no harm in taking advantage of it during the registration process or with your first deposit. Let's take Bet3000 as an example of a typical betting bonus. They offer a bonus of up to 100 euros, where the initial deposit made to a newly opened betting account is matched 100%. Before the bonus amount can be withdrawn as real money, it must be wagered several times at specific odds.

In general, the welcome bonus is typically linked to the initial deposit made into a new account with the respective bookmaker. The primary criterion for obtaining this bonus is the customer's first deposit into their newly created betting account. Generally, the welcome bonus is granted to customers upon their initial deposit being made into a newly opened betting account. Typically, the welcome bonus is awarded to customers who make their first deposit into a newly created account with the relevant bookmaker. The welcome bonus is generally associated with the customer's initial deposit into a new account with the respective sportsbook provider.

This implies that typically the initial deposit into a new customer's betting account is somehow enhanced by the bookmaker.

For instance, top-notch bookmakers multiply the sum deposited into a new betting account. This means that the amount you load into your account with a particular operator will be doubled.

While the deposit bonus has become more or less the norm among most betting providers in recent years, there are occasional exceptions when it comes to defining the offers for new customer betting bonuses. These exceptions arise from time to time, presenting unique opportunities for bettors to explore alternative promotional offers. Although the deposit bonus remains prevalent, it is worthwhile for punters to stay informed and keep an eye out for these occasional deviations in the betting bonus landscape. By staying vigilant, bettors can uncover exciting and original options that may provide even greater value for their wagers.

For instance, an alternative offer that can be utilized is what's commonly referred to as a cashback bonus, which pertains not to the initial deposit but rather to the first bet placed with the selected provider.

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10.) Security and seriousness

In our assessment of betting companies, we exclusively include those that uphold the highest standards of safety and reliability. This ensures that only the most trustworthy and secure bookmakers are featured in our comprehensive evaluation. We prioritize the welfare and interests of our users by meticulously scrutinizing each candidate, eliminating any that do not meet our stringent criteria. Rest assured that our Wettanbieter Test is a reliable resource for finding reputable and dependable betting platforms.

However, even among the reputable sports betting providers, there are certain distinctions that we aim to highlight and compare in this section. These differences can vary, and it is important to consider them when choosing a reliable bookmaker. We will delve into these variations and examine them in detail, ensuring that you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision. Our comprehensive analysis will shed light on factors such as odds, betting options, customer support, and overall user experience. Rest assured, we have meticulously researched and evaluated each aspect to provide you with accurate and unbiased comparisons.

The longer a bookmaker has been successfully engaged in the betting business, the more active customers it can boast and the greater the financially sound background it can demonstrate, the more points it will score in this testing category, according to our evaluation criteria.

Our rating takes into account our own personal experiences with the bookmaker. Factors such as well-known testimonials, stock market listings, or long-standing experience in the sports betting industry also contribute to our evaluation of the bookmakers.

Are publicly listed betting providers to be preferred?

The presence of some of these reputable companies on the stock exchange further confirms their credibility, establishing them as trustworthy entities in the realm of sports betting. Rest assured that the operators in question are legitimate establishments, operating with utmost diligence and integrity. Their commitment to fair play and transparency is evident, making them reliable partners for those interested in placing bets. These bookmakers have established themselves as reputable entities in the industry, offering a secure and trustworthy platform for sports enthusiasts to engage in betting activities.

When stocks are introduced to the open market through an exchange, such as the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, it inevitably brings forth additional obligations and scrutiny for the bookmakers involved. These obligations and scrutiny arise hand in hand, as a consequence of the stock's issuance into a publicly traded environment.

To ensure transparency, companies operating in the sports betting industry must regularly disclose sensitive information and maintain a high level of accountability. It is crucial for these enterprises to publish essential data pertaining to their stocks and establish a robust system that guarantees transparency. This practice enables stakeholders and investors to have a clear understanding of the company's financial health and governance. By adhering to stringent transparency standards, these businesses contribute to a fair and trustworthy environment within the betting industry.

In light of their listing on a Canadian stock exchange, they are specifically entrusted with the following obligations, which serve to enhance transparency:

  • Publish ad hoc messages
  • Publish regular financial reports publicly.
  • Directors must report their dealings to the stock exchange supervisory authority.
  • Announce voting rights notifications

Interested individuals can easily access financial reports, such as annual statements, to stay informed about the condition of betting companies. These relevant documents are often available under the "Investor Relations" section on the websites of listed corporations.

That is why we consider a stock exchange listing as an additional indicator of trustworthiness.

Listed betting providers

Bet-at-home AG
Bwin Entain plc
Sportingbet Entain plc
LeoVegas LeoVegas AB

The stricter disclosure obligations apply to all these bookmakers, either because they are listed on the stock exchange themselves or their parent company is. They are required to provide detailed and comprehensive information about their operations, financial statements, and any potential risks involved. This transparency ensures that investors and stakeholders are well-informed and can make informed decisions. By adhering to these publishing requirements, these bookmakers demonstrate their commitment to accountability and transparency in the market. Whether publicly listed or under the umbrella of a larger corporation, these bookmakers recognize the importance of providing accurate and up-to-date information to the public.

However, not all of these well-known bookmaker names can be found as stocks on the stock exchanges, as in some cases the listed parent company has a different name.

In the wagering industry, operators constantly strive for expansion and engage in mergers and acquisitions to achieve growth. Entain plc, for instance, comprises the collaborative efforts of Sportingbet and Bwin. These providers actively pursue enlargement, seeking to enhance their presence and influence within the market. Merging forces and acquiring other entities are common strategies employed to attain this desired outcome.

Bet-at-home stocks, on the other hand, are directly available under their brand name.

It is in the best interest of the aforementioned bookmakers to fulfill their obligations and operate in a reputable manner. They have a vested interest in upholding their responsibilities and conducting business with integrity. It is crucial for these bookmakers to maintain credibility and act in a professional manner. Thus, they are motivated to comply with their duties and operate transparently. By doing so, they aim to build trust among their customers and ensure a fair and reliable betting experience.

Betting companies often advertise having what seems to be a reputable license issued by the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao. At this juncture, we must issue a cautionary note: bookmakers with a Curacao license cannot be unequivocally deemed as trustworthy.

The criteria for acquiring such a license are designed to be attainable, ensuring that willing recipients can obtain it as long as they have the necessary financial resources to purchase one. These criteria have been set at a low level to enable accessible acquisition for interested parties who meet the required financial means.

Based on our customer service experience, we can affirm that bookmakers holding a Curacao license excel when it comes to handling complaints.

Many bettors report issues with payment transactions or inaccessible customer services, indicating that bookmakers primarily seek licenses from Curacao, which would have no legitimacy in a normal, reputable environment.

With the launch of the new Canadian gambling license, consumers will soon have the ability to easily differentiate between untrustworthy and reputable offers. This will provide them with the necessary tools to make informed decisions and avoid falling victim to fraudulent schemes. The implementation of this licensing system ensures that only trustworthy operators are granted permission to operate within the Canadian market. By doing so, it promotes a safer and more secure gambling environment for all players. As a result, individuals can enjoy their favorite games and betting activities with peace of mind, knowing that their interests are protected.

Betting providers without verification

Verification is a crucial component for any reputable betting provider. By implementing the verification process, bookmakers and authorities can more effectively combat fraudsters and money launderers. It plays a vital role in ensuring the integrity and security of the betting community. Through verification, betting providers can verify the identity of their users, authenticate their personal information, and confirm their eligibility to participate in betting activities. This verification process acts as a deterrent to potential wrongdoers and creates a safer environment for all users.

In general, when it comes to verification, certain mandatory information must be provided: name, age, and residential address. These details need to be confirmed using a passport copy and a proof of address document (such as an electricity bill). Some bookmakers might also offer the option of verification through a video call.

Caution is necessary when dealing with unverified betting providers. Bookmakers with a license in Europe or Canada are required to conduct player verification. In most cases, it is the sports betting providers from Curacao that offer bets without verification. We strongly advise against these unreliable betting providers.

The overall ranking in the sports betting comparison.

The overall ranking in the extensive sports betting test is determined by the cumulative scores obtained from ten individual test categories. These scores are derived from various aspects evaluated for each test candidate. The final placement of each candidate is based on their overall performance in these categories.

The evaluation can be easily traced back to its origins by categorizing the test reports into predetermined sections, ensuring complete transparency.

Therefore, we suggest taking into account not only the overall rating but also the experience reports of the individual subcategories when choosing the right betting partner, depending on the personal importance of each test area, to make an informed decision.

How does the evaluation process work in the bookmaker test?

For several months, we thoroughly examined all the sports betting providers included in this test. Throughout this period, we consistently placed bets with each bookmaker, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation. Only after this extensive process did we compile the ratings and write the test reports.

To determine the timeframe for the payout of betting winnings, we periodically requested multiple withdrawals from each bookmaker. We evaluated the average duration of these transfers and included them in our test reports accordingly.

To achieve an overall rating of 100%, a bookmaker would need to achieve the highest possible rating in all 10 areas tested, which is nearly impossible in the rigorous evaluation process. However, it is highly unlikely for a sports betting provider to receive a perfect score across all 10 categories during the meticulous examination, making a perfect overall rating of 100% practically unattainable. In order to obtain a perfect rating of 100%, a sports betting provider would need to receive the highest possible score in every single one of the ten areas assessed. However, attaining such a flawless evaluation is exceedingly challenging within the stringent parameters of the testing procedure.

Our assessment categorizes bookmakers as "recommended" once they reach a threshold of 80%, and a rating of "highly recommended" at 85% or above. We believe these ratings are indicative of the quality and reliability of the bookmakers we review.

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The winners with ratings in specific categories

betting provider
She gets thirsty
Betting offer
96 %
97 %
91 %
Betting odds
92 %
83 %
86 %
Mobile Laws
97 %
94 %
98 %
Live Bets
98 %
94 %
88 %
Customer service
89 %
89 %
91 %
Bet bonus
88 %
86 %
89 %
86 %
86 %
93 %
94 %
94 %
88 %
85 %
88 %
loading time
88 %
85 %
87 %
94 %
94 %
95 %
Overall rating
92 %
91 %
91 %

The chart presents the comprehensive test results of the top-rated bookmakers according to the evaluation process conducted by In addition to the overall ranking, the ratings in each individual test category are of particular interest to all sports betting enthusiasts. For those keen on placing bets, these detailed assessments provide valuable insights into the performance and quality of the bookmakers.


Commonly asked questions about betting providers.

In conclusion, we will now address some of the most crucial inquiries regarding our sports betting comparison that have been frequently posed to us over the years. Certain queries pertain to our multitude of bookmaker reviews, while others encompass intriguing statistics, facts, and insider knowledge from the online betting industry.

Who is the best bookmaker in 2023?

Der beste Wettanbieter in unserem Wettanbieter Vergleich kommt aus Großbritannien und heißt Bet365. Der britische Buchmacher kann in allen Testkategorien überzeugen und bietet momentan ein herausragendes Sportwettenprogramm an. Ähnlich gut schneidet der Wettanbieter Bwin ab. Lediglich Kleinigkeiten verhindern den ersten Platz. Geht es allein um die Höhe der Wettquoten liegt der deutsche Wettanbieter Bet3000 voran. Aber zum besten Wettanbieter im Test gehört mehr als nur eine gute Performance bei den Wettquoten – das Gesamtpaket muss stimmen. Deshalb ist Bet365 der beste Wettanbieter im Test.

How many bookmakers are there?

Das lässt sich so schwer sagen, da fast täglich neue Wettanbieter ihre Pforten öffnen und andere aus dem hart umkämpften Markt gedrängt werden. Allein in Canada ist die Zahl offerierender Wettanbieter im dreistelligen Bereich angesiedelt. In unseren Test der besten Wettanbieter schaffen es allerdings nur erlesene Buchmacher.

Top 3 beste Sportwetten Anbieter:

What are the advantages of new betting providers?

Abgesehen davon, dass sie bereits aus den Fehlern der etablierten lernen konnten und dadurch ein deutlich weiterentwickeltes Produkt anbieten können, sind auch die Bonus Angebot oft besonders attraktiv, da sich der Sportwetten Anbieter erst mal einen Namen machen muss.

Top 3 neue Wettanbieter:
  1. 🥇ODDS
  2. 🥈Neobet
  3. 🥉

How can one recognize a good sportsbook bonus?

The height of the bonus alone does not make a good bookmaker bonus, but it is a first indication for comparison. However, even the highest bonus is of little use to the bettor if the wagering requirements are not achievable. Therefore, attention should also be paid to the minimum odds and turnover frequency, as well as any additional offers such as free bets, which are often added on top of the bonus -> to the bonus test winner Betano!

How do I correctly compare bookmaker odds?

If you want to get an overview of the top betting odds providers, you can either refer to our reviews or verify it yourself by calculating the payout ratio. The formula to calculate the odds ratio is as follows: 1 / (1: Tip 1 odds + 1: Tip X odds + 1: Tip 2 odds).

Are Canadian betting providers better than foreign ones?

It all depends on personal betting preferences. The truth is, Canadian bookmakers tend to focus more on Canadian sports events. However, only a few exclusively place bets on Canadian betting events; other important criteria such as live betting, odds, and so on are also decisive – in short, the overall package must be right, and currently non-Canadian bookmakers have the upper hand in this regard. Moreover, companies based or established abroad also specifically target their betting programs towards Canadian bettors.

Who has the highest odds in the bookmaker comparison?

The question of which bookmaker has the best odds can be objectively and clearly answered by considering the odds calculation. Bet3000, a Canadian bookmaker with a rich history, emerges as the winner in the bookmaker comparison when it comes to odds. Across nearly all sports, Bet3000 maintains a top-level odds offering. When it comes to football betting in particular, Bet3000's odds are virtually unbeatable.

Why don't all betting providers offer PayPal as a payment option?

Paypal is renowned for demanding strict requirements before entering into a partnership with a company. This process takes time, which often excludes new betting providers from collaboration initially. Conversely, others deliberately forgo such collaboration, as alternative payment methods such as credit card, bank transfer, or Klarna are already well-received by their own customer base.

What is the largest international sports betting provider?

Our top pick, Bet365, is the undisputed leader and most successful player in terms of all key economic indicators, and there seems to be no end to this trend in sight. While the 2000s were largely shaped by former giants like Bwin or Sportingbet, the English company has taken the lead since at least 2010.

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