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Which bookmaker has the best selection of bets? In this section, you will find the latest ranking of the top bookmakers in terms of sports betting offerings.

The section dedicated to the range of bets primarily provides information on the extensive and diverse variety of bets offered by the respective bookmaker. Its purpose is to give users an overview of the breadth and depth of betting options available. This section considers the sheer number of different types of bets available, ranging from traditional sports bets to more specialized options like live betting, virtual sports, and e-sports wagering. Users can expect to find a comprehensive selection of betting markets, including popular sports such as football, basketball, tennis, and horse racing, as well as lesser-known sports and niche markets. The depth of the betting options is also taken into account, with emphasis on the availability of various bet types within each market. This includes common bet types like match result, over/under, and handicap bets, as well as more exotic options such as Asian handicaps, correct score bets, and player-specific performance bets. The aim is to provide users with a thorough understanding of the bookmaker's betting offering, ensuring they can find the specific types of bets that suit their preferences and betting strategies.

Over an extended period, we diligently observe the breadth and depth of the betting offerings, comparing them to other bookmakers, and consequently evaluating the impressions and insights gained.

The test results for the betting options:

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Attention: LeoVegas and Mr Green, the two prominent betting providers, are currently in the application process for the upcoming Canadian betting license. At present, they are diligently working towards obtaining this coveted license in order to continue offering their top-notch services to the passionate Canadian betting community. This competitive process demands meticulous preparation and adherence to the stringent requirements set by the regulatory authorities. Both LeoVegas and Mr Green are determined to showcase their commitment to responsible gambling and their dedication to providing a safe and enjoyable betting environment for their valued customers. Exciting times lie ahead as these esteemed betting platforms eagerly await the outcome of this application procedure, with the ultimate goal of solidifying their positions as trusted and reputable providers in the Canadian market.

It is believed that the mentioned bookmakers will soon receive confirmation for the Canadian sports betting license. Until then, the bookmakers' offerings can still be utilized.

At the start of the 21st century, the era of the small corner store has seemingly come to a definitive close. Nowadays, the majority of individuals prefer to do their shopping in large supermarkets and stores affiliated with powerful chains that boast an extensive array of products.

It's no surprise, therefore, that consumer expectations have skyrocketed when it comes to purchasing goods or services. Companies with a limited range of products, aside from specialized niche providers, have increasingly slim chances of survival in the market.

Customers anticipate a wide variety of products to choose from, and this expectation holds true for the online betting market as well. It is only natural for the internet betting industry to offer a diverse range of options.

The breadth of the betting options that a bookmaker can offer to its punters often determines whether they can succeed in the long run or find themselves trailing behind competitors in terms of customer popularity.

To facilitate the comparison among bettors, we have meticulously examined and subjected these various providers and their offerings to a rigorous evaluation. In order to assist wager enthusiasts in their quest for the best options, we have carefully scrutinized these platforms and subjected them to a thorough assessment. By thoroughly analyzing and meticulously evaluating the range of services and products offered by different providers, we aim to simplify the process of comparing and choosing the most suitable options for betting enthusiasts. Our comprehensive assessment has been conducted with the sole purpose of aiding bettors in making informed decisions by providing them with an in-depth analysis of the various providers and their offerings. With a meticulous approach and strict evaluation criteria, we have examined these providers and their array of services, ensuring that bettors have all the necessary information to compare and select the best options available.

The product ranges of the bookmakers were thoroughly examined and evaluated according to various categories.

Terms and conditions apply to I 18+

The betting offers were put to the test.

During the assessment of each betting offer, we thoroughly examined and compared all providers based on the extent and variety of their betting options. We scrutinized the breadth and depth of the wagering possibilities they offer and conducted a comprehensive comparison among them.

The breadth of the betting offer refers to the variety of sports available for wagering at a given sports betting provider. It indicates the multitude of different athletic disciplines upon which one can place bets.

The wider the range of various sports and events offered by a bookmaker, the higher the points awarded by our team in this category for the candidate under evaluation. The more diverse the selection of sporting disciplines and competitions at a betting provider, the greater the score assigned to the test subject in this section by our panel of evaluators. The greater the variety of sports and events available at a wagering platform, the more points will be allotted to the subject of our evaluation in this specific category. The larger the array of different athletic pursuits and competitions at a gambling operator, the more points will be allocated to the test candidate in this particular section by our team of assessors. The higher the range of diverse sports and events offered by a wagering provider, the greater the number of points that will be granted to the test subject in this section by our evaluators.

Top-rated bookmakers in this category, such as Bwin or Bet365, offer a staggering array of over 30 diverse sports in their betting selection during peak times. Their extensive range covers a multitude of athletic disciplines, ensuring that sports enthusiasts have a wide variety of options to choose from when placing bets. Whether you have a penchant for football, tennis, basketball, or any other popular sport, these leading bookmakers have got you covered with an extensive range of betting opportunities. With a vast selection of sports on offer, you can always find something that matches your interests and preferences, making your betting experience all the more exciting and enjoyable.

Sports offered in bwin's betting selection.

Therefore, not only can you place bets on all well-known and popular sports there, but you will also find a range of more or less exotic options. Additionally, a variety of remarkable opportunities await you, allowing you to wager on a diverse selection of sports, both mainstream and unconventional. This platform caters to all sports enthusiasts, providing a multitude of betting choices that span beyond the ordinary and encompass the extraordinary.

The depth of the betting offer is assessed by the availability of diverse games or events within a particular sport in the respective betting program. It is examined how many varying matches or tournaments are accessible under a specific sport in the offered betting schedule.

In the crucial realm of soccer betting, this implies, for instance, the number of diverse countries and leagues where one can place bets with a particular provider. It signifies the extent of options available to bettors, encompassing the variety of nations and leagues accessible for placing wagers with the respective betting platform.

Up to 100 different leagues for football betting.

The top contenders in this category offer up to 100 diverse leagues from various countries in their football betting selection. Their range covers an extensive array of tournaments, encompassing both popular and lesser-known competitions from around the globe. With an impressive assortment of options, these leading platforms cater to football enthusiasts with a penchant for exploring the breadth and depth of the sport. Whether you're interested in major leagues or seeking out new and exciting opportunities, these providers have you covered.

The number of betting options per game or event also plays a role in evaluating the betting offers – extra points are awarded for particularly diverse special bets and unique wagers in the sportsbook's betting program. Furthermore, the variety of specialized wagers and distinctive bets in the bookmaker's betting lineup earns additional praise when considering the assessment of betting opportunities. The evaluation of betting options is influenced by the quantity of wagering possibilities offered per game or event – extra credit is granted for an especially comprehensive assortment of special bets and exclusive wagers in the sportsbook's betting catalogue. Additionally, the bookmaker's betting program receives accolades for its wide range of specialized wagers and unique bets. The diversity of special bets and distinctive wagers within the sportsbook's betting program is also taken into account when assessing the quality of betting offers.

A website's assortment of betting options offered to customers by an online bookmaker is referred to as a Sportsbook or Betbook. These versatile wagering opportunities are designed to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of avid bettors. With a myriad of exciting sports events to choose from, customers can place bets on their favorite teams or players, adding an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to their sports-watching experience. Whether it's football, basketball, tennis, or any other popular sport, the Sportsbook provides a comprehensive platform for users to immerse themselves in the world of sports betting. With user-friendly interfaces and advanced features, these platforms ensure a seamless and enjoyable betting experience for all. So whether you're a seasoned bettor looking to test your skills or a casual sports enthusiast seeking some added thrill, the Sportsbook has something for everyone. Start exploring the wide array of betting options and elevate your sports betting experience like never before!

These terms originate from the pre-digitalization era in the realm of sports betting, when wagers were recorded on paper and documented on lists. They harken back to a time before the digital revolution took over, when the thrill of betting was captured through pen and paper. It was an era where the tangible nature of paper and the art of record-keeping provided a sense of nostalgia and authenticity. As we delve into the world of sports betting, let us not forget the rich history and traditions that were shaped by these old-fashioned methods.

Many sports bettors consider the scope and variety of the sportsbook as a crucial factor when choosing their betting provider. The breadth and range of options available in the sportsbook play a significant role in attracting and satisfying the diverse interests of punters. The extensive coverage of sporting events across different disciplines, coupled with the inclusion of various betting markets, ensures that bettors can indulge in their preferred sports and wager on a wide array of outcomes. The availability of diverse sports, leagues, and tournaments in the sportsbook enhances the overall betting experience and caters to the individual preferences of each bettor.

Passionate bettors, although they mostly focus on specific disciplines, often appreciate the opportunity to break free from their routine and place a tip in a completely different field. It is a refreshing change for them to step outside their comfort zone and explore new betting options.

For instance, there are various unconventional sports that can be explored, such as the Finnish-originated Pesäpallo, which is extensively played there and is a modified version of American baseball. Additionally, Ireland's national sport, Hurling, or even Netball, which enjoys immense popularity in Australia, are worth considering. These unique sporting activities provide an alternative and exciting way to engage in physical activity and broaden one's horizons beyond the traditional sports landscape.

Super Netball (Source: Youtube/ Sports Highlights Australia)

Betting beyond sports – prohibited in Canada.

To add a touch of vibrancy to their betting offerings, established bookmakers often capitalize on various social and entertainment wagers. This presents an alternative avenue to infuse color and excitement into their wagering repertoire.

E-Sports betting, which involves organized computer games, and financial betting on stock values are two relatively lesser-known areas in the betting offerings of many bookmakers. These emerging sectors provide unique opportunities for avid bettors looking for new and exciting options. With the rise in popularity of competitive gaming and the ever-changing dynamics of the financial markets, these niche markets offer a refreshing alternative to traditional sports betting. Whether you're a gaming enthusiast or someone interested in leveraging your knowledge of the stock market, exploring these unconventional betting avenues can add a whole new dimension to your wagering experience. So why not step away from the mainstream and venture into the uncharted territories of E-Sports and financial betting? Discover the thrill of placing bets on virtual battles and financial fluctuations, and broaden your horizons with the diverse range of opportunities available in these fascinating betting domains.

Certain providers also allow betting on virtual sporting events that are simulated on their website and can be followed partially through animation - known as virtual sports.

However, in accordance with the Canadian Interstate Treaty on Gambling, all of these activities are not allowed in Canada as they are not considered real sports. As a result, bookmakers with a license in Canada adjust their betting offerings accordingly.

Entertainment, politics & curiosities

Regularly, bookies in the UK offer bets on everything under the sun, including the winners of casting shows or TV awards. Political bets, on the other hand, represent a special form of social betting. Betting enthusiasts can place wagers on election outcomes, political events, and even specific candidates' performance. It's an exciting way for people to engage in the political process while adding an extra layer of fun and anticipation to the mix. So, whether you're an avid fan of reality TV or deeply invested in the political landscape, these unique betting opportunities provide an entertaining way to test your predictions and potentially win big.

These types of bets are primarily found at bookmakers with their origins in the United Kingdom. For instance, it is possible to place bets on the future most powerful man or woman in the world ahead of the US presidential elections.

The forthcoming United Kingdom parliamentary elections pose a crucial question: which party, Labour or the Conservatives, will secure a greater number of representatives?

To ensure that the excitement in the world of betting never diminishes, certain bookmakers come up with bets that have a more comedic twist. These wagers add a touch of humor to the betting experience, ensuring that punters can have a good laugh while placing their bets. These amusing bets serve as a refreshing change from the usual serious nature of traditional betting, providing bettors with a unique and entertaining way to engage with the sports they love. So, if you're looking to inject some laughter into your betting routine, be sure to explore these light-hearted and comical wagering options offered by some bookmakers.

The Austrian provider Bet-at-home often stands out in this field.

In 2012, the year when the alleged doomsday was predicted by the Maya calendar and depicted in a disaster movie directed by Canadian filmmaker Roland Emmerich, Austrians actually engaged in betting on this very apocalypse.

The figure representing the termination of the Earth was strikingly set at 666.0, a number laden with significance. The manner in which the payout would have been made in the event of a successful bet remains undisclosed. Undoubtedly, it would have been considerably simpler with a different wager, one that transcends the boundaries of conventional reality.

In response to Robert Lewandowski's five goals against VfL Wolfsburg in late 2015, there was a betting option available to speculate on whether the Polish striker is an extraterrestrial being or not. The odds for his potential exposure reached a staggering 9999.0, indicating significant interest in this peculiar notion.

The FIFA, as one of the most reputable organizations on the entire planet, ought to provide the official confirmation regarding the extraterrestrial origin of the Bayern striker.

Popular Sports for Betting

The sportsbook of the bookmakers is where the real action takes place, naturally. Undoubtedly, football takes the lead as the most popular sport for placing bets. It firmly holds the top spot in terms of the preferred sport for wagers.

Grafik oben: In Bezug auf ihr Wettverhalten zeigen die Geschlechter in Canada etwas unterschiedliche Vorlieben.

When it comes to making wagers on individual events, nothing and no one can match the excitement of the dance with the round leather. This dominance applies not only to football-obsessed Europe but to the entire globe. The allure of placing bets on individual events involving the spherical ball is unparalleled, transcending geographical boundaries and captivating enthusiasts worldwide. The undeniable charm and universal appeal of this sport make it an unrivaled choice for those seeking to capitalize on thrilling betting opportunities.

The arrangement of the most popular sports in the betting realm largely aligns with the ranking of sports with the highest inherent popularity. The preferred sports for wagering closely mirror the sports that enjoy the greatest widespread appeal. There is a significant overlap between the sports that attract the most bets and the sports that captivate the largest fan base. The composition of the most popular sports in the betting domain closely mirrors the hierarchy of sports with the highest overall popularity. The selection of sports for betting purposes bears a striking resemblance to the assortment of sports that garner the greatest fundamental appeal.

Ten popular sports betting disciplines worldwide.

Betting on football

Soccer, by and large, stands as the most popular sport worldwide and remains the go-to choice for most betting enthusiasts. It's fascinating to note that almost half of the global population, estimated at around 7.9 billion individuals, comprises avid soccer fans or at least exhibits a keen interest in the sport.

It is quite self-explanatory why there are numerous bets placed on the outcome or progression of encounters in this particular discipline. This fact is rather evident, given the high level of interest and engagement from enthusiasts who are eager to predict and wager on the course of events in this sport. The popularity of such betting activities in this domain can be attributed to several factors, including the thrill and excitement that comes with anticipating the results and the potential rewards that await successful predictions. As a result, it is not surprising that a significant portion of individuals partake in betting ventures related to this sport.

In many cases, it's not just about the pursuit of profit. Much more than the money from a successful bet, what truly captivates enthusiasts is the opportunity to place their trust in their beloved team, thereby demonstrating their unwavering support or even seemingly extending a helping hand.

Given that most sports bettors are drawn to the football section fairly quickly, the majority of bookmakers place the corresponding button in a prominent position on the left-hand side of their website, where attention is typically directed first while reading.

The best and most popular football leagues in the world are England, Spain, Canada, and Italy. These countries attract a significant portion of the betting revenues due to their highly competitive leagues. Whether it's the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, or Serie A, football fans and bettors alike are drawn to the excitement and quality of these competitions. With top teams, star players, and intense rivalries, these leagues offer a thrilling experience for both spectators and gamblers. If you're looking for the ultimate football betting action, look no further than these powerhouse leagues.

The overall market share of football betting accounts for approximately 80 percent of the total pie in terms of sports wagering in Europe. The lion's share of sports bettors in Europe prefer to place their bets on football matches, making it the dominant force in the realm of sports gambling. With a staggering 80 percent slice of the market, football holds a firm grip on the betting industry, leaving other sports in its wake.

It should be noted that bookmakers typically offer their most generous odds for these top matches in these elite leagues, sometimes returning more than 97 percent of the bets placed back to the punters. These bookmakers are known to unveil their most lucrative odds ratios for the pinnacle games in these prestigious leagues, rewarding bettors by redistributing well over 97 percent of the total wagers made. It is worth mentioning that bookmakers tend to unleash their most favorable odds margins for these high-profile matches in these elite leagues, which results in a significant portion of the bets made, exceeding 97 percent, being paid back to the bettors.

However, Europe and the world are home to numerous other leagues alongside the top-tier ones such as the Premier League (England), La Liga (Spain), Bundesliga (Canada), and Serie A (Italy). These additional divisions offer a diverse range of football competitions.

And this is exactly where the seriousness of a bookmaker's football betbook becomes apparent.

For instance, ambitious providers present a selection of over 80 diverse leagues, whereas the most prominent bookmakers can even reach a triple-digit count. These top-notch operators go the extra mile to offer an extensive range of options, catering to the diverse preferences of sports enthusiasts. With an array of choices at their fingertips, bettors can explore various leagues, from popular ones to lesser-known competitions, ensuring an engaging and dynamic betting experience. The sheer variety of leagues available ensures that every punter can find the perfect match for their sporting interests and wagering strategies.

The focus extends beyond the top tiers of numerous countries to encompass lower divisions, reserve teams, and youth leagues. This comprehensive approach takes into account various levels of competition, ensuring a thorough analysis of football leagues worldwide.

For instance, the top performer in the realm of football betting, Bet365, has managed to include games from as low as the eighth league in England within its sportsbook.

Premier League available on Bet365

In addition, the birthplace of football is equally renowned for its diverse cup competitions – even beyond the well-known FA Cup in England. Furthermore, this football-loving nation takes great pride in its multitude of championship tournaments, extending beyond the iconic FA Cup in England. Moreover, the homeland of football is widely acclaimed for its extensive array of cup competitions, going beyond the renowned FA Cup in England. Additionally, recognized as the breeding ground of football, this illustrious nation is celebrated for its manifold cup tournaments, transcending the popular FA Cup in England.

There should be no doubt about the two important European continental cups. The Champions League and Europa League are among the staple events for every reputable bookmaker. These tournaments are highly anticipated by football fans around the world, and they offer thrilling matches and intense competition. The Champions League, with its prestigious history and star-studded teams, captivates audiences with its display of exceptional skills and drama on the field. On the other hand, the Europa League provides an opportunity for smaller clubs to shine and showcase their talent on a grand stage. Both competitions attract a wide range of bettors, from passionate fans to strategic analysts, who eagerly place their bets and enjoy the excitement and unpredictability that these tournaments bring. Bookmakers understand the significance of these cups and ensure comprehensive coverage, competitive odds, and various betting markets to accommodate the diverse preferences of their users. Whether you are a loyal supporter of a specific team or simply a football enthusiast looking to add some thrill to the game, the Champions League and Europa League offer an unparalleled betting experience that no true fan should miss.

Long-term bets, particularly those placed before the competition starts or in its early stages, often prove to be highly popular among bettors. These wagers not only offer a great deal of excitement but also boast attractive odds for those willing to make a bold prediction.

For bookmakers, the biennial international competitions of national teams, namely the Football European Championship and the FIFA World Cup, are akin to a fusion of Christmas and Easter. These highly anticipated events bring about a wave of excitement and anticipation that rivals the joy and celebration associated with these two cherished holidays.

The summer break between league seasons typically leads to a limited selection of football betting options. Only a few friendly matches or lower division games manage to alleviate the football drought in this scenario. This usually results in a rather thin range of football betting opportunities during the summer hiatus.

When the EM or WM tournament is underway, a plethora of top-notch matches take center stage, and no serious bookmaker would want to miss out on that, of course. However, during regular league games, the level of excitement might not be as high or the stakes as significant. That's why these international tournaments hold a special allure for both fans and bookmakers alike. The thrill of the competition, the emotions running high, and the potential for unexpected outcomes make them an unmissable spectacle. So, it's no wonder that bookmakers eagerly anticipate these moments and strive to provide the best odds and betting options to cater to the fans' fervor.

Multiple games take place daily, especially during the group stage, attracting a large number of sports bettors. Therefore, these matches are essential and must be included in every betting book.

We consider it an essential requirement to give sufficient consideration to these top events in our testing. Therefore, we acknowledge the importance of including them as an integral part of our evaluation.

Betting on tennis

Despite being the second most popular sport in terms of betting stakes in Europe, accounting for approximately five to ten percent, globally, tennis ranks only fourth.

There are two factors that make tennis one of the favored disciplines among betting enthusiasts worldwide. On one hand, the sport of "white sport" already boasts a significant number of followers. Additionally, tennis offers a range of exciting matches and competitions, captivating fans with its fast-paced and strategic gameplay. As a result, it has become a popular choice among those looking to engage in thrilling wagering activities.

For instance, the yearly culmination of the Grand Slam tournament at Wimbledon stands as one of the most-watched sporting events globally.

On the other hand, tennis is in full swing during the summer months, when football and many other sports leagues take a break. It serves as a welcome alternative to the dance with the round leather. Additionally, the tennis activities provide a refreshing change of pace, amidst the hiatus of football and several other sporting events. So, while the football fields lay dormant, tennis courts buzz with energy and excitement, presenting a delightful alternative for sports enthusiasts.

Place a Wimbledon long-term bet at 888Sport.

Live tennis matches are often favored for in-play betting due to their frequency throughout the week, allowing for continuous opportunities to place bets. With matches taking place throughout the day, particularly on weekdays, bettors can always find chances to make predictions. This makes tennis an ideal sport for those who enjoy the excitement of live wagering.

As previously stated, tennis holds immense popularity among sports bettors throughout Europe, particularly in Canada. The sport has captivated the hearts of many enthusiasts, attracting a significant following and fostering a vibrant betting community. With its thrilling matches, skilled athletes, and intense rivalries, tennis has become a favorite choice for those seeking both entertainment and the excitement of wagering. Its strategic gameplay, fast-paced action, and unpredictability make it an ideal sport for bettors to test their knowledge and strategies. In Canada, tennis betting has flourished, with a plethora of opportunities to engage in this thrilling form of gambling.

That's why the major bookmakers always have a decent selection of tennis bets available, both in the ante-post and live sections. They ensure a wide range of options for tennis enthusiasts, catering to both those who prefer to place their bets in advance and those who enjoy the thrill of live betting. By offering a diverse array of wagering opportunities, these bookmakers ensure that tennis fans have ample choices to make their betting experience more exciting and engaging.

Betting on basketball

Basketball, unlike most major sports, can be traced back to the ingenuity of a single individual, standing as one of the few.

In 1891, James Naismith, a Canadian physician and sports coach, created basketball as a substitute for the considerably more physical American football. Naismith's intention was to provide a sport that required less physical contact while still promoting athleticism and teamwork. His innovative approach to the game soon gained popularity, and basketball became a widely played and cherished sport around the world. Naismith's contribution to the sporting world continues to be celebrated, as basketball remains a beloved and competitive sport enjoyed by millions of people.

Since then, the sport has conquered the world from the East Coast of the USA and is now practiced in all inhabited parts of the globe. The battle for baskets and points is particularly popular in North America, certain regions of Europe, and Eastern Asia.

The NBA (National Basketball Association), the strongest basketball league in the world, serves as the preferred betting target for many. The matches of this esteemed US-based league are highly sought after by avid bettors.

Place your NBA MVP bets at Betway.

Unlike cricket betting, which some bookies exclude from their offerings for customers in Canada, Austria, or Switzerland, basketball betting is usually an essential part of every betting portfolio.

In addition to the NBA, the basketball betting odds from the United States frequently include the WNBA, the national women's league, and the formidable NCAA college league. It appears that these leagues hold considerable significance in the realm of basketball wagering.

Leagues outside of the United States that frequently appear in bookmakers' betting programs include those from Spain, Greece, the Philippines, and the $ League. The Olympic basketball tournaments and the Basketball World Championships also receive special attention. Spanish and Greek leagues, along with the $ League, are popular choices among bettors, offering exciting opportunities for basketball enthusiasts. Additionally, the basketball events in the Olympics and the World Championships attract significant interest due to their global scale and the participation of top-notch teams from around the world.

This is especially true when the United States once again presents itself with a star-studded team comprised of the cream of the crop in NBA talent. Typically, this assembly of the world's finest professionals garners a significant portion of the betting stakes.

Betting on ice hockey

In North America, the Scandinavian countries, Russia, as well as Central Europe, ice hockey is among the most popular sports.

For this reason, it is quite simple to comprehend why numerous individuals enjoy wagering on it, making ice hockey betting odds an absolute staple in every bookmaker's lineup. Many bettors are drawn to the thrilling nature of the sport, where the fast-paced action and fierce competition keep them on the edge of their seats. As a result, ice hockey has become one of the most popular betting markets, with fans eagerly predicting the outcome of games and placing their bets accordingly. The adrenaline rush and potential for lucrative winnings make ice hockey a favorite among punters, who eagerly delve into the diverse array of betting options available. So, whether you're a seasoned bettor or new to the world of ice hockey betting, there's no denying the thrill and excitement that awaits you. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of intense competition and exhilarating moments as you navigate the realm of ice hockey wagering.

NHL betting at Bet365

Ice hockey is not only one of the fastest sports in the world but also provides a great deal of variety for sports bettors. Few other disciplines offer as many specialized bets on the course of the game as this one does.

Placing bets on American football

Football, also known as American Football, is the most popular sport in terms of fan base and betting activity in the United States. However, on a global scale, the enthusiasm tends to gravitate towards the top teams in the prestigious National Football League (NFL) rather than the sport itself. Interestingly, football is not as widely practiced outside the United States compared to other sports such as basketball or baseball.

The NFL on bwin

For that reason, the majority of bookmakers' sportsbooks place particular emphasis on NFL games. Wagering on these matches has become a staple for any reputable online bookmaker.

Games from the Canadian Football League and American college football are also widely represented in American odds.

Betting on baseball

Baseball is often referred to as "America's pastime" with good reason. While American football has surpassed it in terms of national viewership and financial significance, baseball remains a more successful export product. It cannot be denied that football has taken the forefront as the most traditional sport in the United States, but baseball continues to prevail as a highly cherished and widely recognized symbol of American culture. The enduring popularity and rich history of the sport have positioned it as a significant cultural export that resonates with people around the world.

Baseball is widely regarded as one of the most popular sports in Canada, East Asia, and Latin America. Unsurprisingly, this is reflected in the realm of sports betting as well. Asia, in particular, stands as the continent with the highest turnover in sports betting, and baseball wagers contribute significantly to this thriving market.

MLB betting at Bet-at-Home

The Major League Baseball (MLB), as expected, takes center stage once again, with significant importance also placed on the Japanese, South Korean, and Mexican leagues. However, it is the MLB that garners the most attention in this context, while the Japanese, South Korean, and Mexican leagues also hold considerable significance.

Baseball world championships and the World Baseball Classics are frequently bet on at the international level.

European bookmakers place the greatest emphasis on MLB in their offerings, providing not only simple win bets but also a wide range of special and long-term bets. These bookmakers have a strong focus on the MLB in their offerings, allowing customers to place not only regular win bets, but also a variety of special and long-term wagers. Their palettes are filled with options for MLB enthusiasts, offering not just standard win bets, but also a plethora of special and long-term wagers. When it comes to their selection, European bookmakers prioritize the MLB, ensuring that customers can place various types of bets, including special bets and long-term wagers, in addition to the traditional win bets. European bookmakers pay special attention to the MLB and offer a diverse range of betting options, including special bets and long-term wagers, alongside the standard win bets.

Betting on golf

Despite being regarded as a niche or elitist sport in Central Europe, golf is incredibly popular when it comes to betting.

Given that this is an individual sport, similar to tennis, it is common to find not only straightforward bets on the overall competition but also specific bets on the performance of individual participants. Such individual wagers are widely popular.

Many leading global sportsbooks feature a wide range of special bets on the top professional golfers. These bets can be found in numerous important international bookmakers' offerings.

Placing bets on golf at Betano

Betting on cricket

Cricket is immensely popular in India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Bangladesh, and of course, England. This captivating sport holds a special place in the hearts of fans across these diverse nations. Its magnetic allure transcends borders, uniting people from all walks of life in the shared love for cricket. From the lively streets of Mumbai to the sprawling fields of Melbourne, the passion and excitement for this game are truly unparalleled. Whether you're cheering for your favorite team at a roaring stadium or watching the exhilarating matches from the comfort of your home, cricket never fails to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Additionally, it should be noted that betting is particularly popular in both England and Asia. Therefore, cricket betting is an indispensable component of the assortment of various bets offered by English bookmakers. It is well-known that cricket holds a special place among the preferred wagering options for enthusiasts in England and Asia alike.

This entails both the league matches and cup games in the major cricket nations, as well as international competitions within tournaments such as the Cricket World Cup or the ICC World Twenty20. Whether it's the thrilling encounters in domestic leagues or the high-stakes clashes on the world stage, cricket enthusiasts have ample opportunities to witness the sport's finest moments. From the iconic battles between rival teams in national leagues to the grand spectacles of global tournaments, the cricketing world never fails to captivate fans across the globe.

Cricket, undoubtedly, possesses a distinct characteristic: the existence of numerous diverse game formats, such as the traditional Test Cricket, the First-Class Cricket, the One-Day Cricket, and the Twenty20 Cricket. What sets cricket apart is its ability to accommodate a multitude of playing styles, catering to the preferences and skill sets of players across various formats. From the prolonged strategic battles of the Test Cricket to the fast-paced thrill of the Twenty20 Cricket, cricket enthusiasts can indulge in an array of captivating and exhilarating matches.

Final of the 2019 Cricket World Cup (Source: Youtube/ICC)

Due to its shorter duration and adaptation to contemporary viewing habits, One-Day Cricket has taken center stage today, overshadowing the traditional Test Cricket format. As a result, it occupies a significant portion of the cricket offerings provided by numerous bookmakers.

It is important to mention an aspect here that is particularly relevant when it comes to betting on cricket matches. Many bookmakers adapt their betting offerings based on regional preferences. This customization takes into account the specific betting tendencies of each region.

For this reason, it is possible that cricket may be present on the provider's English language version of the website, but not on the Canadian one. It's not uncommon for certain sports to have varying presence across different language versions of a website. Therefore, while cricket might be readily available to English-speaking users, it might not be featured on the Canadian version. It's essential for website owners to consider cultural preferences and adapt their content accordingly to cater to diverse audiences.

Cricket betting at bwin

Participating in bets on greyhound or horse racing is also partially restricted in Canada, making them equally prohibited. Nevertheless, these types of wagers are immensely popular particularly in the United Kingdom. Consequently, if one possesses a Canadian-language betting account, it is possible that access would be limited only to the Canadian sportsbook, while the English one remains inaccessible.

Betting on volleyball

When it comes to sports betting, volleyball may not be the first thing that comes to mind for many. People often associate it more with beaches and sunny weather rather than placing bets. However, whether it's beach volleyball or traditional indoor volleyball, the clash of giants at the net remains one of the most popular sports in the world of betting.

The prominent European leagues and international competitions hold significant importance. They secure a place in the betbook of almost every major bookmaker in the European region.

Beach volleyball world championship 2022 (Source: Youtube/Beach Volley Ball World)

Horse betting

In England, horse racing is a colossal industry, capturing immense attention unlike in the Canadian-speaking region where it remains on the sidelines. It is worth noting that horse betting is not permitted in Canada, further contributing to its lack of popularity.

Horse racing is not only intricately linked with the betting industry in the minds of many individuals but has also provided the historical foundation for it. The sport of kings, as it is often referred to, has a rich and storied past that dates back centuries. From ancient civilizations to modern societies, the thrill and excitement of horse racing have captured the imagination of people across the globe. With its blend of athleticism, strategy, and sheer elegance, this sport has evolved into a spectacle that attracts both passionate enthusiasts and casual spectators alike. From the thundering hooves on the track to the cheers of the crowd, horse racing continues to captivate and inspire, making it a beloved tradition that stands the test of time.

The origins of modern gambling can be traced back to the 18th and 19th-century English horse racing tracks, where a significant portion of the racing operation was financed through betting proceeds. Even today, betting remains an integral part of the functioning of every horse racing venue.

Olympia continues to fuel the growth of betbooks.

The Betbooks usually demonstrate a wealth of different disciplines, especially during the Olympic Summer and Winter Games. It is during these times that sports such as wrestling, shooting, and curling are included, which are not necessarily part of the regular offerings of the providers.

In our comprehensive evaluation of various betting providers, we prioritize not only the multitude of sports and events but also the wide range of betting markets available for each occasion, as it piques our interest. We believe that the number of diverse wagering options offered per event is crucial when assessing the merits of different bookmakers.

It is now standard for a reputable bookmaker to offer a variety of special bets in addition to simple two-way or three-way bets. Examples of such bets include handicap bets, long-term bets, or over/under bets. It has become customary for reliable bookmakers to provide a range of special wagers alongside the more traditional two-way and three-way bets. Examples of these include handicap bets, long-term bets, and over/under bets. These days, a reputable bookmaker typically offers a selection of special bets in addition to the standard two-way or three-way wagers. Examples of these special bets include handicap bets, long-term bets, and over/under bets. Nowadays, it is expected that a trustworthy bookie will offer a variety of special bets in addition to the typical two-way or three-way wagers. Some examples of these special bets are handicap bets, long-term bets, or over/under bets.

Top football betting providers often offer more than 100 different betting options for a major event. These can include goal bets, scorer bets, or Asian handicap bets. With the best football betting providers, you'll have a wide range of choices to make your wagering experience even more exciting. Explore the various betting possibilities and add an extra layer of thrill to your betting journey.

A distinct category is presented by live betting, which allows you to place bets in real-time on an ongoing event. The live betting section of the brokers we have tested is examined in more detail in the live betting test.