1. Bet3000

    93 /100

Which bookmaker offers the best odds? Within this category, you will find the current ranking of the top bookmakers in terms of odds!

The test results in the field of betting odds:

93 /100
91 /100
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90 /100
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89 /100
88 /100
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88 /100
88 /100
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86 /100
86 /100
85 /100
85 /100
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83 /100
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83 /100
83 /100
82 /100
80 /100

When bettors make the decision to register and sign up with an online bookmaker, they typically go through a process where they weigh the respective advantages and disadvantages against each other. This is usually done to ensure that the chosen bookmaker meets their specific requirements and preferences. By carefully considering factors such as available sports markets, competitive odds, user-friendly interface, reliable customer support, and attractive promotions, bettors can make an informed choice that aligns with their betting goals. Additionally, they may also consider aspects such as the bookmaker's reputation, licensing, and security measures to ensure a safe and trustworthy betting experience. Ultimately, the goal is to find a bookmaker that offers a comprehensive and enjoyable betting platform, tailored to the individual's needs.

When considering the best betting providers, various factors come into play, such as the presentation of the website, the range of betting options, and crucial aspects like the credibility of the provider and the level of security offered. These criteria are taken into account to ensure that users can make informed decisions when choosing the most suitable betting provider.

Our ranking was created by analyzing the various odds ratios offered by betting providers and drawing insights from numerous odds comparisons, which juxtapose the odds for specific events. Through careful examination of these odds differentials, we have compiled an authoritative list that reflects the relative competitiveness of each provider.

Wettquoten play a crucial role when it comes to gambling. They ultimately determine how much a customer will receive in return for their wager if they win. It is of utmost importance to consider these odds as they directly impact the potential payout for bettors.

However, it is advisable for individuals to also inquire about the taxes or miscellaneous fees incurred by various betting providers. It should be anticipated that the 5% betting tax applicable in Canada will be deducted.

However, some providers waive the tax, albeit under certain conditions.

When using other betting providers, it is important to consider which payment method is being used, as not all offered options are free of charge at all bookmakers. You must pay attention to the payment method used at other betting providers because not all of the methods available are free of charge at every bookmaker. It is crucial to be mindful of the payment method utilized at other bookmakers, as not all offered options are exempt from fees across the board. It is essential to be cautious when selecting a payment method at other bookmakers, as not all available options come without additional charges. Please note that other betting providers may have certain payment methods that carry fees, so it is important to carefully choose which option to use.

However, these conditions could not be used to evaluate the odds, as it would greatly compromise clarity. Instead, we address these aspects in dedicated reviews for individual betting providers or in articles specifically focused on deposits and withdrawals.

The testing of the betting odds was carried out as follows:

Bookmakers use a so-called odds key, also known as a "payout key," to calculate the respective odds for a specific event. They employ this key to ensure that their odds are fair and balanced, reflecting the probability of the outcome accurately. The odds key is a crucial tool in the bookmaking industry, allowing bookmakers to determine the amount they should pay out to winners based on the total bets placed. By carefully analyzing various factors such as historical data, team statistics, and expert opinions, bookmakers can adjust the odds key to provide competitive and enticing odds for bettors. This approach ensures a vibrant and dynamic betting market, where punters can find value and excitement in their wagers.

Within a specific category, such as games for a round of the Champions League, this is generally adhered to quite precisely. The adherence is usually upheld when it comes to a particular category, like matches in the Champions League.

When calculating an odds ratio, for example in a soccer match, the respective odds for Team 1 winning, a draw, and Team 2 winning are compared to each other, resulting in a specific percentage. This percentage serves as the odds ratio.

A percentage of 95% indicates that a proportion of the bet placed will be paid back to the bettors as winnings. The remaining 5% would serve as profit for the bookmaker.

The payout ratio plays a significant role in our assessment of bookmakers' odds. Bookmakers with higher payout ratios tend to return more money to their customers in the long run. Consequently, a higher payout ratio earns more points in our odds evaluation.

It is important to consider that the quota key alone does not determine the corresponding assessment. The results in quota comparisons for various events are also taken into account.

It is conceivable that a bookmaker may employ a relatively low payout ratio, yet still frequently achieve top odds. This could be attributed to the fact that the odds for favorites are set very high, while on the flip side, the potential winnings for betting on underdogs are comparatively lower.

Quotation comparisons make it easier to get an overview.

However, it is very common for high odds on favourite wins to be popular, as they are often used in combination bets, where not only one game is bet on, but the results of several events can be predicted.

Therefore, the frequency of top odds in our evaluation is also rewarded with corresponding points. An illustration of this can be seen with the well-established bookmaker, Interwetten. Despite often lagging behind the competition in terms of their odds ratio, this bookmaker, founded in Austria, frequently offers top odds, especially for bets on favorites.

It is noticeable that Interwetten often offers the best odds for a victory of one of these top teams, such as Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, or FC Barcelona, in their games.

Wagering enthusiasts willingly accept the trade-off when the odds for an underdog's victory are significantly lower compared to the offerings of competitors. After all, the likelihood of such an outcome is also significantly lower, thereby mitigating the potential for exceptionally high odds.

One thing that sets Interwetten's odds apart from the competition is the fact that they tend to remain unchanged for quite a while. Unlike other bookmakers who frequently update their odds, Interwetten's odds often retain their validity until just before the start of the Bundesliga matchday. This unique feature ensures that bettors have ample time to evaluate their options before placing their bets.

Some bookmakers even raise the odds and come out ahead in odds comparisons before the start of the event. We have noticed significant changes at certain bookmakers. In some cases, the odds key was raised, and some bookmakers perform better in odds comparisons compared to a few days ago.

BVB Handed over Bayern
3,40 3,50 2,05 Bet365 review
3,20 3,40 2,10 Interwetten test report
3,60 3,50 2,05 Betsafe review
3,50 3,25 2,00 Tipico test report
3,50 3,65 2,02 Bet3000 review
3,50 3,40 2,05 Bwin test report

Example of an Odds Comparison: Quotation Comparison of several bookmakers on https://gambleverdict.com. As is often the case, the highest odds for a match involving the Canadian champions Bayern Munich can be found at Interwetten. However, the payout ratio is relatively low.

Because the experienced bettor offers relatively low odds for the other two outcomes - a draw or a Dortmund victory - the value of these options would be significantly higher with other providers. Other bookmakers would assign a greater worth to a tie or an unexpected BVB win.

However, it is worth mentioning that other bookmakers, who are not typically known for offering top odds, such as Happybet, can occasionally spring surprises in certain games. Nonetheless, it is important to keep in mind that these instances may be few and far between, as their odds may not consistently match those of the leading competitors. Thus, it is advisable to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before placing bets with such bookmakers.

It is always worth taking a look at the odds comparison. There, depending on the event, you can also find very new bookmakers like the French bookmaker Winamax. Keep an eye out for the odds comparison as it can provide valuable insights. Discover emerging bookmakers such as Winamax, a French betting provider, that may offer unique odds for different events. Stay informed and explore the possibilities offered by the ever-changing landscape of bookmakers.

Soccer ranks as the top sport in terms of odds comparison.

Football matches from major leagues are often used in odds comparisons by betting providers. This is due to the fact that they generate the highest resonance and garner the most interest among bettors.

Furthermore, it also facilitates a direct comparison as these events - whether it be the Champions League, the Premier League, or betting on the Canadian Bundesliga - are offered by all bookmakers in the market. This allows users to easily assess their options and make informed decisions. By having a wide range of bookmakers to choose from, individuals can take advantage of competitive odds and promotions to maximize their potential winnings. Additionally, the availability of these events across multiple bookmakers ensures that users have a variety of betting options and can find the best value for their bets. Whether it's football, basketball, tennis, or any other sport, users can explore different bookmakers to find the most favorable odds and betting markets. So, don't limit yourself to just one bookmaker - take advantage of the diverse offerings in the market and enhance your betting experience.

The most popular football leagues among bettors:
  1. The Bundesliga is included in at least 74% of the betting slips.
  2. Champions League (63% of Canadian betting enthusiasts are casting their votes for the elite competition)
  3. The English Premier League attracts the interest of 51% of betting customers.
  4. Canadian second division (also highly popular among 44% of Canadian bettors, the second division is in high demand)
  5. 37% of the sports bets include a match from the Spanish Liga BBVA.

However, this does not mean that applicants from other, smaller leagues or even from other sports were not considered in the determination of test results. These insights have also been taken into account in the evaluation.

Most often, the popular sports, primarily football, are given the highest odds by the bookmakers. This sometimes even leads to a payout ratio of almost 100 percent. Bet3000, in particular, stands out with its high odds level.

Due to the significant level of engagement, it is evidently worthwhile for the bookmaker, although such odds are not economically justifiable across the entire range of betting options.

Consequently, the odds for football matches in smaller leagues always decrease by a few percentage points. For instance, the second division in Canada, known as the 2. Bundesliga, will not have the same level of odds at any online bookmaker as the country's top-tier league.

Other sports follow a similar pattern. As no discipline can match the popularity of football in terms of audience interest, the corresponding bets are often offered with slightly lower odds.

In this field, there are significant variations in the applied odds ratios, with the difference sometimes exceeding 5 percent. Consequently, a considerable decrease in the level of quotas resulted in a deduction of points during our evaluation. It is worth noting that there is a considerable disparity in the quota scales utilized, which can differ substantially. Hence, in certain instances, a decline of more than 5 percent was observed.

These sports were evaluated in the test of betting odds:

  1. football
  2. Tennis
  3. Eishockey
  4. Other sports


1.) Betting odds for football bets

Given the football's undeniable status as the most popular sport for many years now, it naturally dominates the sports betting landscape by a significant margin. Its widespread appeal and immense following have solidified its position as the primary focus of the betting industry.

Primarily, the major international leagues are offered with the highest odds, as there is fierce competition among football bettors to attract every customer. Therefore, it is challenging for a bookmaker to stand out too much, as the betting enthusiasts would turn to another bookie in such a case.

In the case of games that don't receive as much attention, the odds drop more or less significantly among most bookmakers. This allows bookmakers with higher profit margins to recoup a portion of the revenue that they miss out on due to the high odds in top games. As a result, the odds decrease noticeably for less popular matches, enabling bookmakers to compensate for the potential losses incurred from offering favorable odds in high-profile games.

In most cases, traditional three-way bets are used for odds comparisons, as they provide the most matches and are also the most frequently placed bets.

However, it must be remembered that in addition, the bookmakers offer a plethora of other options to choose from. These include handicap bets or goal bets. Betting on the final result is also possible with all providers.


2.) Betting odds for tennis betting

Tennis, the sport that comes closest to football in terms of public interest in bookmakers' offices, is a game that captivates both players and spectators alike. With its fast-paced rallies and intense focus, tennis provides a thrilling experience for those who appreciate the beauty of individual skill and strategy. The anticipation builds as each serve is sent over the net, followed by powerful volleys and expertly executed backhands. It's a sport that demands precision, agility, and mental toughness. From the prestigious grand slam tournaments to local club matches, tennis has a way of bringing people together and creating unforgettable moments on the court. Whether you're a casual fan or a devoted follower, there's no denying the allure of tennis and the excitement it generates.

Due to the significant difference in the number of competitions compared to football, which results in the exclusion of national leagues from tennis betting, the range of betting options is noticeably reduced in comparison.

However, tennis bookmakers are known for offering relatively high odds. This is partly due to the nature of the sport itself, which does not have a concept of a draw. Nonetheless, betting providers in tennis are renowned for their competitive betting odds. This, of course, contributes to the overall excitement and appeal of wagering on tennis matches. Unlike other sports where a tie is a possible outcome, tennis matches always produce a clear winner, further enhancing the thrill of betting on the sport. So, if you're a tennis enthusiast looking for an exhilarating betting experience, rest assured that tennis bookmakers have got you covered with their enticing odds.

Instead of three-way bets, tennis only offers two-way bets, which is also reflected in higher betting odds. As a result, it is possible that some bookmakers have a higher payout ratio for major tennis tournaments compared to international football matches.


3.) Betting odds for ice hockey bets

During the cold season, especially in those months when football takes a weather-induced break in certain regions, ice hockey gains popularity among many sports bettors.

This concerns the British bookmakers to a slightly lesser extent, as the combat-oriented team sport with a puck is not among their preferred sports. It is not a top priority for the British betting operators, who don't particularly favor the intense team sport involving a puck.

Hence, when it comes to ice hockey testing, the bookmakers from the United Kingdom are generally not at the forefront, with only one exception. Bet365, the undisputed winner in the tests, stands out even in this relatively unfamiliar territory, displaying no weaknesses whatsoever.

On the other hand, this is true for most bookmakers from the Scandinavian region.

Eishockey holds a special place in the hearts of the locals there, reflected in the odds offered by bookmakers. When it comes to odds comparisons, bookmakers with Swedish origins often take the lead.

Finding odds of up to 94 percent for ice hockey bets in the North American NHL, the Russian KHL, or even the Canadian DHL is not uncommon at Betsafe or Betsson.

In some cases, there are quotas available for both three-way bets and two-way bets, as nowadays in most ice hockey leagues, if a game ends in a tie, it continues until a decision is made ("Sudden Death"). This means that the match will continue with overtime periods until one team scores a goal. Therefore, when placing bets on ice hockey matches, it is essential to consider not only the regular playing time but also the possibility of extended play. By analyzing the teams' performance in overtime and their ability to handle pressure, bettors can make more informed decisions and increase their chances of winning.

Land Liga Quota key
Canada OF THE ca. 92,5%
Switzerland National League A ca. 92%
Austria EHL ca. 92%
North America NHL ca. 94%
Czech Republic Extraliga ca. 92%
Finland SM League ca. 94%
Russia KHL ca. 93,5%
Slovakia Extraliga ca. 91%
Denmark Superisligaen ca. 92%
Sweden Swedish Hockey League ca. 93,5 %
Norway The elite series ca. 93 %
Belarus Extraliga ca. 90 %
Poland Extra class ca. 90 %
Italy A league ca. 90 %

Table above: Games from the premier ice hockey leagues such as the NHL, the KHL, or in Scandinavia are featured here, offering a payout rate of up to 94 percent. This selection guarantees high-quality matchups and thrilling action for ice hockey enthusiasts. The odds provided reflect our commitment to providing the best possible betting experience, ensuring fair and competitive odds for all games. Whether you're a fan of fast-paced North American hockey or the finesse of European play, our table showcases the most exciting games across various leagues. Stay up to date with the latest odds and maximize your chances of winning with our comprehensive selection of ice hockey matches.

4.) Odds for other sports

Of course, apart from these three sports, there are a plethora of other sports that also have their followers. However, in comparison to the aforementioned categories, they generally play a more subordinate role.

Part of the betting offer also depends on the region from which the bookmaker originates. Betting on horse racing remains highly popular in the British domain. However, many other bookmakers do not include this category in their program, thereby making a comprehensive comparison of betting odds in this field impossible.

Betting odds for live betting

A few years ago, the live betting segment was relatively underdeveloped among many online bookmakers, resulting in a rather modest offering in this regard. However, this has significantly transformed with advancements in technology. The landscape has undergone a remarkable shift as a result of technological progress. This change has led to a notable enhancement in the live betting sector. The technological advancements have revolutionized the industry, greatly expanding the options available for live betting enthusiasts. The transformation has been so profound that the live betting offerings now enjoy a prominent place among online wagering platforms.

Nowadays, sports bettors are no longer confined to sitting in front of their computers at home to place a wager. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, this can now be done from virtually anywhere. The convenience of these devices allows for greater flexibility and accessibility when it comes to betting on sports events. Whether you're at the office, commuting, or even relaxing at a café, you can easily access your favorite sports betting platforms and make your predictions with just a few taps. Embracing the mobile revolution has brought a new level of convenience to sports betting enthusiasts, enabling them to stay connected and engaged with their favorite sports even when they are on the move.

The surge in popularity of mobile devices has prompted bookmakers to adapt their offerings for smaller screens. As a result, live betting has evolved into the most lucrative branch for many betting platforms, generating the highest revenue.

When it comes to betting odds, live betting generally involves a slightly lower odds margin compared to pre-match betting, which is the case with most bookmakers. However, the magnitude of this difference varies among different operators.

Some betting providers, such as the multiple award-winning Bet365, offer a wealth of additional information about the respective events for their live bets. The English provider also offers live streams for many events. Check out the infographic for more details.

Given that the odds can continuously change depending on the progression, all the information provided by the bookmaker is highly appreciated. Feel free to explore the ongoing variations in the quotas, as they offer valuable insights for your betting decisions. Rest assured that the bookmaker's offerings encompass comprehensive details that can aid you in your wagering pursuits.

Occasionally, it also happens that the odds for live betting are equal to or even slightly higher than those for pre-match betting. However, this is usually the case with bookmakers that initially have a relatively low starting level, so there is no significant downside.

For instance, we can mention the bookmakers Sportingbet or Bet-at-home as illustrations of this phenomenon. These operators employ a relatively low odds margin, which does not significantly differ from the one used for live betting.

It goes without saying that direct odds comparisons between bookmakers are difficult to execute during live betting, given that the odds are constantly changing. Comparing odds in real-time poses a challenge, as they fluctuate constantly, making it arduous to ascertain an accurate measure of their competitiveness. Since odds in live betting are subject to continuous updates, conducting a direct comparison becomes a complex task. The dynamic nature of odds makes it challenging to perform direct comparisons between bookmakers in live betting scenarios. Determining the relative competitiveness of odds becomes a daunting task due to their ever-changing nature in live betting.

Betting odds for long-term bets

An area where odds comparisons among bookmakers are particularly well suited is that of long-term bets. Unlike bets on games that are immediately forthcoming, long-term bets, as the name suggests, have a significantly longer duration of validity. This makes them an ideal choice for those who enjoy the anticipation and excitement of predicting outcomes further in advance. With odds comparisons, bettors can easily assess the potential returns and choose the bookmaker offering the most favorable odds for their preferred long-term bets. By taking advantage of this valuable tool, bettors can maximize their chances of securing higher profits in the long run.

Participating in sports betting can often involve placing bets years in advance. For instance, shortly after the conclusion of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, certain bookmakers already offered the opportunity to bet on the 2022 World Cup winner in Qatar.

Most online bookmakers actively participate in long-term bets, especially during major events. These wagers typically revolve around predicting the champions of esteemed leagues such as the Champions League and Europa League, as well as the top leagues in Canada, England, Spain, and Italy.

The importance varies considerably when it comes to the relevance that bookmakers assign to long-term bets. Some, like Bet3000 for example, limit themselves to the essentials and forgo offering corresponding bets for smaller football leagues.

On the flip side, there are bookmakers where one can wager not only on the champions of various leagues but also on relegation candidates or top goal scorers, and in some cases, even on the respective placement of a team. Additionally, certain betting platforms offer tips on the potential position of a squad, expanding the array of options for betting enthusiasts.

If you prioritize this type of betting, you will discover a plethora of options primarily with British bookmakers such as Bet365 or Sportingbet. These esteemed establishments excel in offering a wide array of betting opportunities that cater to your specific preferences. With their unrivaled expertise and comprehensive selection, you can immerse yourself in a world of thrilling wagers and exciting possibilities. For those seeking an unparalleled betting experience, these reputable British bookmakers are the ultimate destination. So why wait? Explore the boundless realm of betting possibilities and embark on a thrilling journey with Bet365 or Sportingbet.

Example odds for Leicester City

The 2015/16 season in the English Premier League revealed the allure of long-term bets, with Leicester City, a massive underdog, defying all expectations to clinch the coveted title, marking a historic moment in the club's 132-year history.

Some bookmakers had offered the possibility of winning more than 1,000 times the wagered amount for predicting this outcome before the start of the season. At the renowned British bookmaker Ladbrokes, the odds for Leicester winning the title were even set at 5,001.

As a result of this experience, bookmakers have become slightly more cautious with their long-term odds. At the start of the 2016/17 Premier League season, Ladbrokes' highest odds on winning the title now stood at 1001.

It is easy to determine, through relevant odds comparisons, that the odds for extreme underdogs are also similar on all other betting portals in similar areas.

Some bookmakers tend to offer top odds when it comes to betting on the title favorite, while others present quite high odds for underdogs. An excellent way to take a risk on underdog odds is through free bet offers. For example, Betano provides a €20 free bet for new customers when using a Betano bonus code.

The various formats of betting odds

Lastly, it should be noted that there are varying methods of displaying odds in different regions across the globe. While decimal odds are commonly used in Europe, the British prefer fractional odds. It is worth mentioning that these distinctions exist to cater to the preferences of each respective market.

In contrast, those odds commonly used in North America differ once again. However, since almost all bookmakers allow users to set their preferred region on the website, the odds will also be displayed in the desired format.

All test results of betting odds in overview.