There are often compelling reasons for adventurous bettors to rely on the "double chance bet" in sports betting time and time again. This type of wager offers an enticing opportunity to hedge your bets and increase your chances of winning. By placing a double chance bet, you can cover two possible outcomes of a match, reducing the risk of losing your entire wager. It allows you to bet on either team to win or for the match to end in a draw, giving you greater flexibility and a higher likelihood of walking away with a profit. Whether you're unsure about the outcome of a game or simply want to play it safe, the double chance bet is a valuable strategy to consider. Embrace the thrill of sports betting while minimizing your risk with this popular wagering option.

This article provides a brief overview of the benefits and peculiarities of this bet, explaining how bettors can take advantage of the often higher odds of the three-way market by placing the right wager. Discover the advantages and peculiarities of this particular bet and learn how to maximize your potential winnings by utilizing the correct stake. Uncover the potential behind the three-way market and uncover the strategies that can help you capitalize on the frequently elevated odds. Explore the unique characteristics of this wager and gain insights into how astute bettors can leverage the higher odds of the three-way market to their advantage. Gain an understanding of the advantages and idiosyncrasies of this betting option, and discover how savvy bettors can exploit the often more favorable odds available in the three-way market.

The “double chance”

The "double chance" presents an opportunity to place a bet on two mutually exclusive outcomes of a game: By considering the trends of the three-way bet, the following three combinations are therefore possible:

  • Home win or draw
  • Away win or draw
  • Home win or away win

As the "double chance" only excludes one possible outcome, the risk of losing the bet is dramatically reduced. However, this safety net comes with the consequence of significantly lower odds. It is important to note that the potential winnings are diminished, but so is the potential loss. By considering this strategy, bettors can safeguard their investment to a certain extent while accepting the trade-off of lower potential returns.



Why then the "double chance"?

Due to the modest odds assigned to this bet, it doesn't enjoy the best reputation in many places. However, among professional bettors who regularly handle large stakes, the "double chance" holds an even more significant position of favoritism.

Indeed, it does make a great deal of sense to play it safe when placing a bet, considering that on the grand stages of football, the outcome of a match is often determined by subtle differences – or even sheer luck, for that matter.

Every experienced bettor is familiar with the bitter feeling that comes after a desperate last-minute attack shatters a practically already won bet: The "double chance bet" is designed to alleviate some of the unpredictability and horror associated with chance.

Sometimes, even the seemingly contradictory bet on a home or away win can be worth considering based on the current standings.

If a team must win no matter what, in the case of a long tie, they will eventually be forced to break down their defense - swinging the pendulum in either direction.

Do the odds and stakes have to be calculated at all?

Just a few years ago, taking the detour through the three-way bet and the associated "effort" was often necessary primarily because many bookmakers did not even offer the "double chance" in their selection. This made it necessary for bettors to go the extra mile and put in the extra work. However, times have changed, and nowadays, more and more bookmakers have included the option of the "double chance" in their offerings, making it easier and more convenient for bettors to place their bets. This significant shift in the betting landscape has allowed punters to explore different strategies and increase their chances of winning. So, whether you're looking to reduce the risk or broaden your opportunities, the double chance bet is now readily available, allowing you to have greater control over your wagers.

Thanks to the constantly expanding range of betting options, the "double chance" can now be reliably found at all even remotely reputable bookmakers, even in the lower leagues where it was once scarce.

And yet, from a strategic standpoint, it can still be highly advisable to consider taking a look at the three-way bet as an additional option in your betting considerations!

Ultimately, the odds and the associated winnings tend to be lower with the "double chance" compared to placing adjusted bets on two options in the traditional 1-x-2 bet. This often results in reduced potential earnings.

Top illustration: Excerpt from the Bet365 betting offer for the Dortmund - Hertha BSC match. The comparison of the two betting options, "Final Result" and "Double Chance," highlights the strengths and weaknesses of these types of offers.

While the typically higher odds favor the win bet, the Double Chance holds the advantage of minimizing risk on its side, as it covers two out of three possible betting outcomes.

Bettors who always opt for the "double chance" to take the easy route may unknowingly be throwing away potential cash. By choosing this path, they could be missing out on valuable opportunities. It's important to consider alternative strategies that could yield greater rewards. Taking calculated risks and exploring different betting options might lead to significant financial gains. Don't settle for the conventional approach, as it could result in missed chances for profit. Keep an open mind and be willing to step outside your comfort zone to maximize your winnings.

It can be incredibly frustrating in this particular situation, as even minor variations in odds can lead to significant differences in your betting account balance due to the generally high stakes involved. This becomes particularly troublesome when you consider the potential impact on your overall winnings.

Double Chance Calculator: Simpler than you think - an example calculation.

We would like to demonstrate what we have just claimed by using a real-life example in the following passage.

For those individuals who have an aversion to mathematics, it is worth noting at this point that there are online calculators available to help solve these formulas if necessary. Such calculators can be accessed on the internet and used to resolve the equations in question.

The entrance is pleasantly harmless from the start: Before a Bundesliga match between Werder Bremen and Bayer Leverkusen, everything seems to point towards a victory for the visitors (odds of 1.8) - on the other hand, we have been disappointed by the Werkself a few too many times recently.

It is therefore logical to consider including the possibility of a draw (odds of 3.9) in the equation. In addition, one might also contemplate the notion of this potential outcome in the calculations. Consequently, it would be prudent to factor in the likelihood of a tie when considering the various betting options. It is worth noting that a draw could be a viable option with the potential to yield profitable results. Therefore, it is advisable to take this into account as part of an overall betting strategy.

However, the odds for such a combination of a draw and an away win in the double chance bet are only moderately attractive, quoted at 1.2. This particular wager may not entice bettors as much due to the lower potential return on investment. Nevertheless, it still provides an interesting option for those seeking a safer betting strategy, as it covers two possible outcomes of the match. With careful consideration and analysis, bettors can evaluate the likelihood of a draw or an away win and make an informed decision based on their own risk appetite. It is essential to remember that betting should always be done responsibly and within one's means.

Considering a potential net profit of 20 euros from a 100 $ wager, it is now crucial to explore the three-way bet as a viable alternative. This entails examining the alternative of the three-way wager to determine its potential merits. By doing so, one can assess the potential outcome and profitability of such a betting strategy, taking into account the different odds and possibilities associated with the three possible outcomes. In this way, it becomes possible to diversify one's betting approach and potentially increase overall returns.

The ultimate goal is to divide the use of 100 euros between the two betting options in such a way that the same profit is obtained in the end. This entails strategically allocating the funds in a manner that ensures equal gains from both options.

To determine the wager required for an away victory, calculate the stake "X" (total stake of 100 euros - X), which, if successful, yields a profit of X * 0.8 (decimal odds of 1.8 - 1).

The remaining portion of the 100 euros, along with the decimal odds of 3.9 - 1, must also be taken into account in the calculation, which is placed on a draw and lost in the event of an away win. Additionally, it is crucial to factor in the remaining amount of 100 euros (as well as the decimal odds of 3.9 - 1) wagered on a draw, which would result in a loss if there is an away victory. Moreover, incorporating the remainder of the 100 euros (plus the decimal odds of 3.9 - 1) bet on a tie is essential, as it will be forfeited in the case of an away team triumph.

The stakes to be made are determined using the following formula.

0,8 * X – (100 – X) = 2,9 x (100 – X) – X


X = Quote Unentschieden * Gesamteinsatz / (Quote Unentschieden + Quote Auswärtssieg)

The value of X can be calculated by using the formula (3.9 * 100 Euro) / (3.9 + 1.8), which simplifies to 390 / 5.7. Therefore, X equals 68.42.

In our example, a value of 68.42 euros is generated as a result of X, which is to be invested in betting on an away win. With a total stake of 100 euros, the remaining amount of 31.58 euros is thus used for the bet on a draw.

If one of the selected options in the "double chance" hits the mark, the following winnings can be expected:

Away Win: Wager of €68.42 * Odds of 1.8 = €123.16 Draw: Wager of €31.58 * Odds of 3.9 = €123.16 Total possible winnings for an away win amount to €123.16 when placing a bet of €68.42 with odds of 1.8. Similarly, a draw can yield the same €123.16 by staking €31.58 with odds of 3.9.

In the event of a draw or an away victory, a refund of 123.16 euros would be obtained, resulting in a net gain of 23.16 euros. Considering the underlying odds of 1.23, the profit here is higher by a substantial 3.16 euros compared to the double chance bet. Overall, this implies a more favorable outcome in terms of potential winnings.

The calculation of the ratio

If the stake is not set at 100 euros, the resulting odds may not be immediately apparent. In such a scenario, you can determine them using the following formula:

Quote = (Quote Remis * Quote Auswärtssieg) / (Quote Remis + Quote Auswärtssieg)

The calculation for the ratio from the example is therefore as follows:

Quote = (3,9 * 1,8) / (3,9 + 1,8)Quote = 1,23

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