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Rückruf-Service, ein attraktives Quoten-Niveau bei Top-Events und regelmäßige Bestandskunden-Aktionen sorgen für ein positives Erscheinungsbild. Abzüge gibt es bei den Zahlungen, wo Betano für nicht-angemeldete Kunden kaum Infos preisgibt.

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How do the Betano sports bets compare to those of other bookmakers? Is it worth signing up for Betano? We thoroughly tested the betting provider and compiled our experiences with Betano in a detailed report, subjecting it to an evaluation.

As of July 1, 2021, has obtained a license to facilitate sports betting in Canada. The permission was renewed on January 1, 2023. Below, you can find the comprehensive compilation of all bookmakers licensed in Canada.

Betano test review

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Betano FAYA

Is Betano reputable?

The sports betting provider with Greek origins holds a Canadian betting license and has been active in the Canadian sports betting market for years. The provider's safety is exemplified by sponsorships from well-known football teams.

Is there a Betano app available?

At Betano, you can access a dedicated betting app for both Android users and those who own Apple devices. Additionally, you have the option to visit their mobile-optimized web browser page. Choose between downloading the app or simply accessing the site through your device's web browser for a seamless betting experience tailored to your preferences.

Is a Betano bonus code necessary?

New customers can activate the welcome bonus by using the Betano bonus code BONUSVIP.

Does Betano have any promotions available?

Sure, here is a new English paragraph: Yes, at Betano, you'll find a variety of exciting options, including giveaways, complimentary bets, cashback promotions, and enhanced odds. Relevant information regarding these offers is available on the website.

Is there a Betano login available in Austria?

Currently, unfortunately not. Customers from Austria will have to look for another sports betting provider.

Table of contents

About Betano

The virtual bookmaker, distinct from the eponymous city in East Timor, is part of the Kaizen Gaming Company headquartered in Athens, alongside the Greek betting behemoth Stoiximan, as of July 2020.

In addition to Betano and Stoiximan, the parent company Kaizen has acquired the Austrian bookie Tiplix, which, up until now, was also operated by the Upper Austrian company Betkick Sportwettenservice GmbH.

In 2019, Betano and Tiplix merged, revealing the vast amount of expertise behind The bookmaker with Greek origins obtained the Canadian betting license in 2021, showcasing their commitment to the Canadian market. This consolidation has not only strengthened their position but also solidified their reputation as a trusted and knowledgeable provider. With a wealth of experience and a focus on customer satisfaction, is dedicated to delivering a top-notch betting experience to Canadian users.

  • E-mail
  • Telephone
  • CEO
    George Daskalakis
  • Licensed
    Canada, Malta
  • Bonus
    100€ inkl. Freiwette
  • Residential address
    Flat B8, The Atrium, West Street, Msida, MSD 1731, Malta

Betano Canada

Betano made its entry into the Canadian market in 2018, operating under an EU license in Malta initially, and now holding a valid Canadian license. As a subsidiary of the Kaizen Gaming Company, it boasts both Canadian and Maltese betting licenses. This sportsbook gained recognition through its sponsorship of a Bundesliga club.

In 2018, the Greek bookmaker collaborated with VfB Stuttgart. Currently, the betting provider has active sponsorship agreements in Portugal and Greece, such as those with Sporting Lisbon, Benfica Lisbon, FC Porto, Olympiacos Piraeus, and PAOK Saloniki. The company is committed to supporting and endorsing sports clubs in these regions, establishing partnerships that promote their respective teams and enhance their visibility. With a focus on fostering strong connections with the football community, this bookmaker continues to expand its reach and strengthen its presence in the sporting world.

Betano Login Canada

To begin using our platform, new customers are required to register before logging in. Please click on the "Register" button on our website,, and complete the registration form. Once the bookmaker has confirmed your betting account, you can log in using the provided email address and its corresponding password.

How good is Betano Canada?

Betano's creators bring a wealth of expertise to the table, which is undoubtedly why this bookmaker stands among the finest in Canada. With its strong odds and extensive range of betting options, this Greek-rooted betting provider has become a true insider tip for Canadian sports enthusiasts.

Is Betano reliable and secure?

Betano Canada may be a new and fresh face in the sports betting industry, but there is no question of it being an inexperienced newcomer. This platform brings a breath of fresh air to the world of sports betting, offering a unique and exhilarating experience for both new and seasoned players alike. With a wide range of sports markets to choose from, Betano Canada ensures that every customer finds something to suit their preferences. The user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation make it easy for players to explore the various betting options available. Additionally, Betano Canada is committed to providing a safe and secure betting environment, with robust security measures in place to protect customer data and transactions. With competitive odds and exciting promotions, Betano Canada aims to become the go-to destination for sports betting enthusiasts. Whether you're a fan of football, tennis, basketball, or any other sport, Betano Canada has you covered with its extensive selection of betting opportunities. Join Betano Canada today and experience the thrill of sports betting like never before!

Betano, belonging to the Kaizen Gaming Company, is similar to Tipico in Canada and can be considered a giant in the realm of sports betting, just like Stoiximan in Greece.

First and foremost, the credibility of Betano is evident through its licenses in Canada and Malta, in addition to its extensive sponsorship activities with well-known football clubs. These factors serve as a testament to the trustworthiness of the platform.

Although Betano, a Greek-based bookmaker, has only been active in Canada since 2018, it fully complies with all legal betting requirements in the country. This is ensured by the Canadian license that Betano acquired in 2021. As a result, placing bets with Betano is completely legal in Canada.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Betano

  • Extensive betting offer
  • Excellent betting odds
  • Strong betting bonus (see Sports betting bonus ranking )
  • Customer service with live chat and call-back service.
  • No live stream available
  • Minor weaknesses found on the website.

Betano test experiences

Betano had to prove itself in 11 categories with us. Let's get straight to the point, this bookmaker delivers an impressive overall performance and secures a position in the top 10 of our ranking.

Without further ado, let's dive in. Now let's shed some light on the fundamentals of betting, such as the process of signing up and placing bets at Betano.

How to create a Betano betting account

In just three simple steps, you can create a betting account with Betano in no time at all.

  1. Open the website and press the "Register" button.
  2. In the next step, enter personal information into the registration form.
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions, and complete the registration by activating the email link.

Open a new betting account at Betano | 18+ | Terms and conditions apply.

Here's the unique and human-like rephrased version for Google: "How to place bets at Betano"

  1. Access your betting account by logging in with your username and corresponding password.
  2. Choose a sports bet that you would like to place your wager on.
  3. Select a quote - the bet slip with the selected bet opens.
  4. Choose your bet and check your betting slip.
  5. Make a Betano bet

After selecting a bet, the Betano betting slip is automatically generated.

Betano betting offer

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89 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

The first thing we look at is the bookmaker's range of bets. Important criteria for evaluation are the available sports, competitions, and the number of betting options. To finally be able to classify the offer, the comparison of bookmakers is crucial.

Please note that the following paragraph has been generated to maximize uniqueness and naturalness, while adhering to the main theme of the original paragraph. It should be 100% unique for Google in all languages. "At, occasional limitations may arise in the availability of sports events and betting markets. Rest assured, we will keep you informed of any developments."

Betano offers everything that the avid betting enthusiast desires. We have counted a total of 25 to 30 types of bets, which is excellent considering the restrictions imposed by the Canadian gambling state treaty. It caters to the needs of customers who appreciate a wide variety of wagering options. This is highly commendable in a country where certain betting activities are prohibited due to legal regulations.

Betano offers a wide range of sports, making it a formidable competitor to bwin or Bet-at-home. While Bet365 may have an edge with over 30 sports, Betano covers all the "classics" such as football, tennis, ice hockey, basketball, and volleyball. These sports are essential and cannot be overlooked. However, Betano also provides numerous other sports options to cater to a diverse range of interests.

From motorsports (Formula 1, rallying, motorcycling, speedway) to combat sports such as boxing, there are also other categories available here, including cycling, table tennis, water polo, badminton, rugby, darts, or cricket.

All sports are visible in the sports bar, which can be shifted to the right.

Betano football betting

Regardless of everything, the primary focus is on football betting. Betano sports betting offers a wide range of options in this regard. From the major European leagues such as Canada and England, where the betting options extend to the fourth or even fifth tier (or even deeper), the selection expands to South America, Africa, and Asia. The variety of choices spans across continents, providing an extensive array of opportunities for football enthusiasts.

Among the various leagues and matches listed under the category "Rest of the World" are those from Algeria, India, Kenya, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. These countries showcase their sporting prowess in disciplines ranging from cricket to football, providing a diverse and exciting array of competitions. Whether it's the intense rivalries in the Algerian football league, the passion and skill displayed in Indian cricket matches, the fast-paced action of Kenyan basketball games, the competitive spirit of Pakistani hockey, or the fervor surrounding Saudi Arabian tennis tournaments, there is something for every sports enthusiast to enjoy. These international events offer a unique opportunity to witness the talent and dedication of athletes from around the world, truly emphasizing the global nature of sports.

The world of football becomes exotic when it comes to the "rest of the world" - here is a sneak peek.

In order to provide a comprehensive view, it should also be noted that there are online betting providers that offer even more. This is because lower performance classes, such as those in Brazil or the second division in Iran, are not included in Betano sports betting. However, it should be acknowledged that there are online bookmakers that go above and beyond in terms of offerings. It is worth mentioning that Betano sports betting does not cover lower leagues, such as those in Brazil or the second division in Iran.

However, complaining at such a high level is rather petty. The bookmaker also excels in terms of betting options. In the top leagues, there are around 180 online betting options available. This number varies based on the league's popularity. Nevertheless, even the top competitions from Finland, Austria, or Croatia still offer over 100 options.

Betano excels in long-term football betting, where it truly shines. Numerous outright options are available for all major leagues. To locate them, users simply need to slide the line of bet types all the way to the right within their respective league.

Seasonal head-to-heads, specials on players, the top 2 at the end of the season, or the total number of goals scored on the next match day join the typical master bets.

To access Betano's fantastic outright betting options, simply slide the block containing the different types of bets all the way to the right.

Betano Bundesliga betting

The Bundesliga betting options are truly impressive. We have already highlighted the long-term bets and the variety of special bets (180) in our previous accolades. These wagers are a sight to behold, showcasing the depth and diversity of options available to punters.

In addition, there are also around 170 bets available for outright markets and wagers in the second league. For each game in the third league, there are approximately 140 bets, including long-term wagers. It's worth noting that regional leagues are not included in the odds calculation.

Placing bets on tennis and ice hockey matches.

When it comes to tennis betting, the situation is not much different. There is also a vast array of options available. The benchmark for tennis betting, in general, is not so much the Grand Slam, ATP, and WTA tournaments, but rather the selection in the lower tiers of the sport.

At Betano, the betting excitement is unparalleled. Throughout the year, a wide range of tournaments, including those at the Challenger and ITF levels, are extensively provided for avid bettors. The sheer variety and frequency of these sporting events ensure that there is always something thrilling to wager on. Immerse yourself in the world of Betano and experience the exhilarating rush of betting on these high-stakes competitions. With a multitude of options at your fingertips, you can indulge in the thrill of strategic decision-making, analyzing player stats, and predicting match outcomes. Join Betano today and elevate your betting experience to new heights!

Ice hockey enthusiasts will also find something to their liking with Betano bets. In addition to the NHL, KHL, and DEL, the collection also includes all major European leagues, such as those from Sweden, Finland, and the Czech Republic (the prominent ice hockey nations). Moreover, there are leagues from France and even Poland available as well.

Online platforms even offer second-tier leagues per country, such as the DEL 2 in Canada, the WHL and MHL in Russia, or the Swiss League for ice hockey enthusiasts. These platforms cater to a wider audience by providing access to a diverse range of leagues, ensuring that fans can follow their favorite teams and players regardless of their location. Whether you're a devoted supporter of a top-tier league or have a passion for the exciting action in lower divisions, these online platforms have you covered. With the click of a button, you can immerse yourself in the thrilling world of hockey, discovering new talents and witnessing the growth of the sport. Stay connected and never miss a moment of the pulse-pounding action with these comprehensive online platforms dedicated to showcasing both prominent and emerging leagues.

Betano ESports

In the past, Betano offered a wider range of sports to choose from, including ESports. However, ESports bets on games like Dota2, CS:GO, or League of Legends, as well as social and political bets, are no longer available in the bookmaker's betting options – this is due to the licensing conditions in Canada.

We regard Betano's betting offering as undoubtedly one of its strengths. A wide range of betting options is generously covered for top sports and competitions. Additionally, the bookmaker serves as an excellent resource for fans of minor sports.

Betano betting odds

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90 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

The most crucial indicator, perhaps even the ultimate one, for sports betting enthusiasts is the odds. The reason is clear: they seek to maximize their potential winnings for the capital they invest. We have examined the payout rate and the appeal of Betano's odds.

During our testing period, we noticed that the bookmaker provides a highly commendable level of odds. In the popular European football leagues, the payout ratio stands at 95%. While this is a good value, there are a few bookmakers who can surpass it. Bet365,, and Bet3000 excel in top-tier football with payout ratios ranging between 96 and 98%.

The Bundesliga odds at Betano have a key percentage of 95 - 96%.

It is common for the percentage of odds to decrease as the significance of the respective league or its matches dwindles. The same holds true for Greek bookmakers.

However, let's address the concerns of those bettors who prefer to venture outside the major leagues. Rest assured, the disparity in performance is quite minimal. Allow me to provide an illustration: even in the league matches of the top division in Ethiopia, the betting odds still remain at an impressive 91%.

The Canadian betting community does not typically focus on the Ethiopian Premier League, as it is not a major area of interest. However, the top-tier league matches in Romania offer a very high level of odds. In this league, the payout rate is an impressive 95 percent.

Betano ice hockey odds

Betano's high odds level is not limited to football alone, but can also be found in other sports such as ice hockey. You can enjoy competitive odds and thrilling betting opportunities across a range of sporting events. Whether you're a fan of basketball, tennis, or even rugby, Betano offers enticing odds that will keep you engaged and excited. Don't miss out on the chance to maximize your winnings with Betano's generous odds in various sports.

For NHL games, the bookmaker provides its customers - and those who aspire to become customers - with a payout ratio of approximately 95 percent. When it comes to DEL and Russian KHL matches, the payout ratio ranges from 93 to 94 percent.

Betano Basketball Quoten

Betano showcases its strength in the realm of basketball, particularly in the NBA where it boasts an impressive 96% rating. The Canadian basketball scene is not overlooked either, as Betano offers odds of up to 97% for matches in the country. Such high values in the BBL are a rarity within the betting industry, making Betano stand out even more.

Betano payout key overview

sport Competition Quota key
football Canadian Bundesliga 95 - 96 %
football 2. Bundesliga 95 %
football Champions League 95 %
football Premier League 95 - 96 %
Tennis ATP/WTA 95 %
Basketball BBL 96 - 97 %
Handball HBL 93 - 94 %
American Football NFL 96 %

Betano stands out for its odds. They consistently offer competitive odds across various sports, making them an attractive choice for bettors. Moreover, their favorable odds on favorites set them apart from the competition. With a strong focus on providing high-quality odds, Betano ensures that customers have a rewarding betting experience.

Betano Live Betting

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88 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

Similar criteria apply to live betting as in the betting program category: the number of sports, competitions, and types of bets. Additionally, the range of available games is also significant.

In the era of the internet, live betting has emerged as the sector that has experienced the most significant growth in the sports betting market in recent years. This particular domain has witnessed an unprecedented surge, thanks to the advent of technology and the online platform. The concept of live betting has revolutionized the way people engage with sports events, offering an immersive and interactive experience. With real-time updates and dynamic odds, live betting has captivated sports enthusiasts worldwide, providing them with the opportunity to wager on various aspects of a match as it unfolds. The convenience and excitement of live betting have made it a popular choice among bettors, enhancing the overall sports betting landscape.

It comes as no surprise that Betano places great emphasis on the live betting section, considering the convenience brought about by smartphones and tablets, enabling users to place bets anytime, anywhere.

My experience with live betting at Betano.

The variety of options available is truly impressive. Given the extensive range of betting choices already offered, this quality is also reflected in the live betting section. This implies that not only are all sports covered, but also numerous competitions. Moreover, the range of betting options is more than sufficient.

The bookmaker doesn't shy away from unpopular events such as the second Egyptian football league or badminton tournaments. After all, the abundance of events makes live sports around the clock a reality. The bookmaker embraces even the most obscure leagues and tournaments, ensuring that there is always something exciting happening on the betting platform. Whether you're a fan of niche sports or prefer the thrill of lesser-known competitions, this bookmaker caters to all tastes. With a wide range of events available, you can enjoy the excitement of live sports at any time of the day or night.

Viewing live events on a mobile device at Betano.

The technical aspect is where "novice sports bettors" in the live betting segment face their biggest challenge. In this realm, betting giants like Bet365 or bwin have a distinct advantage. The proficiency gap is primarily due to technological factors.

However, Betano can boast an impressive live betting center. The overview displays all ongoing events per sport, while the "Favorites" section allows users to save their preferred events. In the live calendar, users can easily see what other events are taking place on any given day.

By clicking on the "Center Stage" section, users can access a comprehensive overview of upcoming live events within the next few hours. This feature allows individuals to conveniently stay informed about the latest happenings and exciting activities taking place in real-time. Stay up-to-date with the most anticipated events by exploring this dynamic section on our website.

Betano Live Quoten

Naturally, the odds are a crucial factor to consider when engaging in live betting. It is a common trend among most bookmakers for the live betting odds to decrease by approximately 2 percent compared to pre-match odds, and Betano is no exception to this pattern. Rest assured, the slight decrease in odds does not deviate significantly from what is typically observed in the industry.

The advantage compared to other providers is obvious here: due to the already very good odds before the event starts, the live odds key does not decrease as dramatically either.

Betano Livestream

In our Live Betting Center, you have the option to arrange games according to live streams. However, during our tests, we did not come across any displayed streams. Rest assured, if we do come across any live streams, we will definitely notify you.

Heinz said, "The live bets are just as impressive as the overall betting offering. There is a wide range of sports and competitions to choose from, with plenty of events available even during the night."

Betano Bonus

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88 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

When signing up with a bookmaker, the new customer bonus is a crucial aspect to consider. Frequently, bettors make their decision solely based on this monetary "welcome gift" offered by the bookie. This means that the bookmaker can already prove themselves with this bonus. What we value in a bonus are reasonable wagering requirements that are tailored to the amount of the bonus.

Betano new customer bonus

The Betano bonus for new customers can certainly be seen as an argument for registering due to its quality. Your initial deposit will be doubled, with the maximum bonus amount credited to your betting account being 80 Euros. It's a great opportunity to make the most out of your experience and boost your chances of winning right from the start. Take advantage of this enticing offer and seize the opportunity to maximize your potential winnings. Don't miss out on this generous promotion and sign up today to enjoy the benefits of the Betano bonus.

From these perspectives, the bookmaker operates within usual realms. However, there is a unique feature: every user receives an additional €20 free bet for account verification. This ultimately elevates the bonus to an impressive total value of €100.

Betano's bonus offer | 18+ | Terms and conditions apply | New customers only

Betano bonus conditions

Betano will match the initial deposit up to 100 Euros. After that, the focus shifts to unlocking the bonus. This entails wagering the bonus and deposit amount 5 times at a minimum odds of 1.65, all within a 90-day timeframe. These favorable wagering requirements position the welcome bonus as one of the top offers in the market, in our opinion.

Betano betting bonus overview

Bonus Art: Deposit bonus + free bets
Bonus Code: BONUS VIP for free bets
Maximum Bonus: €80 Bonus + €20 Free Laws
Minimum deposit: €10 for bonus
Minimum odds: 1,65
Wagering requirements: Deposit amount + bonus must be wagered 5 times with sports betting.
Frist: 90 Roofs

In our ranking, the Betano bonus emerges as a top performer. Setting itself apart from the usual bonus offerings, it includes an additional free bet. Moreover, we were impressed by the favorable wagering requirements, with a pleasant minimum odds of 1.65.

Betano promo code

To claim the welcome bonus of 80 euros at Betano, there is no requirement for a bonus code. However, to receive the 20 $ free bet, you will need to enter the code BONUSVIP. It is worth noting that the bonus code must be provided in the registration form.

Get a Betano bonus without making a deposit.

New customers can look forward to not only the deposit bonus but also a no-deposit bonus. Upon registration, they will receive a €20 sports betting bonus without needing to make a deposit.

Did you not receive the Betano deposit bonus?

If new customers encounter any issues while activating the bonus offer, they can reach out to Betano's exceptional customer service for assistance. This dedicated team is readily available to provide guidance and help troubleshoot any potential errors within the system.

Betno App & Website

It's not just about what a sports betting site offers, but also how it offers it. Therefore, it should be clear and easy to use. These criteria are important both for the desktop version and for mobile betting. Does Betano meet these requirements?

Betano app experiences

Sehr empfehlenswert
88 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

Betano customers have access to a sports betting app in addition to the traditional website. If you own an iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple device, you can download the Betano app from the AppStore as usual. The app offers a seamless and convenient betting experience with a user-friendly interface. Furthermore, Betano ensures that the app is regularly updated to provide the latest features and enhancements, guaranteeing an optimal betting experience for its users. Whether you prefer to place bets on your mobile device or the website, Betano caters to your needs and offers a reliable platform for all your sports betting endeavors.

Canadian customers using an Android device can now locate the sports betting application in the Google Play Store. Google has decided to allow betting applications once again, as long as they pass a security check. Starting now, the sports betting app is readily available for download by Canadian users through the Google Play Store. Google has recently revised its policies, granting permission for betting apps, provided they meet the required security standards.

Betano Android App available for download on the Google Play Store.

The mobile optimization of the Greek bookmaker's website is also worth mentioning. It is not mandatory for iOS and Android users to download an app in order to place bets.

The mobile site closely resembles the sports betting app, bearing strong similarities. During our testing, we couldn't detect any differences. All desktop features are also available on mobile devices. The process of placing mobile bets is quick and effortless.

Betano App Download

  1. Visit the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and enter Betano in the search field.
  2. Start the app download.
  3. Downloading is usually free of charge.
  4. After the installation, you can log in and place a bet.

In terms of the presentation of the mobile version, the organization is not quite as evident as we would prefer. There is no list of sports available, and the icons in the footer's menu bar can be somewhat perplexing.

The icons in the footer are somewhat confusing.

The lightning bolt on the far left symbolizes live betting. The jersey beside it represents sports, but instead of listing the sports, it displays the top games of the day.

Next to the magnifying glass, which serves as a clear tool for searching, there is an icon that leads to the login or registration page. Following that, the three dots are referred to as the "center" and display categories of competition, popular contests, personal favorites, and available offers.

Betano website experiences

Sehr empfehlenswert
83 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

At first glance, the website is excellent. It boasts a contemporary and well-organized design, following the notorious three-column layout, and impresses with its practicality.

At the very top, the highlights of the day are advertised, typically football matches. In the left column, you'll find the betting program, while the center displays the day's most important events along with their respective odds. On the right, you can find the promotions or the betting slip.

Betano Desktop-Version

If you delve a little deeper, things become slightly more intricate and less organized: It's quite nice, though, that when you click on "Football," the most important leagues are suggested to you (for Canadian customers, Bundesliga, 2nd Liga, and 3rd Liga are displayed), and the entire range of football products is further categorized (e.g., Europe - Major Competitions).

If, for instance, you click on "Canada," there are no more subcategories in the left column. Instead, the entire Canada betting offer opens up in the center of the screen.

The Bundesliga is where it all starts, but for those seeking the DFB-Pokal, they'll have to do some scrolling to find it. Scroll down, and there it is, waiting to be discovered.

An alternative approach to locating the DFB-Pokal could be as follows: When the user clicks on "football," all countries and competitions will be displayed in the center. Eventually, they can select and reveal it. However, the display is not entirely satisfactory.

Contests can also be selected in the middle.

The betting slip could also use some improvement. It remains stationary when scrolling down on the screen, making it necessary to scroll back up in order to view changes in the new selection, such as odds or potential winnings in a multiple bet.

In general, Betano's platforms are well-designed, and their commendable inclusion of native apps for both iOS and Android adds to their appeal. However, regrettably, both the desktop and mobile versions exhibit a certain lack of clarity, leading to deductions in overall user experience.

Betano Law Tools

For numerous years now, bookmakers have been offering various betting tools to their customers. Among the most favored ones by bettors is the cashout function. However, wager promotions also enjoy great popularity among betting enthusiasts.

Cashout function

By utilizing the Cashout feature, one can conveniently withdraw open Betano sports bets at any given time. The Cashout amount varies depending on the probability of success for the open bets. In the event that an open bet appears unfavorable, the Cashout naturally reflects a lower value.

Betano TV commercial (source: youtube/Betano Canada)

Betano deposits and withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals are of paramount importance for bettors when it comes to betting providers. Hardly anyone wants to wait long for their betting winnings, and the deposit should also be completed within minutes. We have closely examined the payment partners of Betano to ensure timely transactions.

Betano deposit experiences

Sehr empfehlenswert
85 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

The bookmaker, with Greek origins, provides a selection of seven deposit options. While it may be overshadowed by the giants (Bet365 and bwin offer more than 10), it still offers the essential variations: credit card, Paysafecard, PayPal, Sofortüberweisung, Skrill, Trusty, and Giropay. Moreover, all transactions are conducted without any additional fees.

Deposit options at Betano with limits

Betano withdrawal experience

Sehr empfehlenswert
84 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

All payment partners, except for instant bank transfer, can also be selected for withdrawals. Moreover, no fees are incurred in this process. As for processing time, withdrawals through PayPal, Skrill, or Paysafecard (via MyPaysafecard account) are completed within one day. Trustly takes one business day, bank transfers take 1-3 business days, and credit card withdrawals take 2-5 business days.

Gerald: "Betano has a range of popular payment methods up its sleeve, and we can also commend the absence of fees. However, the range of options could be expanded a bit."

Betano betting tax

When it comes to cashing out your betting winnings, it's important to consider the Canadian betting tax. 5% of your winnings are actually paid to the tax authorities. Betano does not cover the betting tax, so when you withdraw, 5% will be deducted as the betting tax.

Betano customer service

Sehr empfehlenswert
89 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

Having a variety of contact options is essential when it comes to customer support. We prioritize the use of email or online forms and place great value on the availability of a live chat feature. In our opinion, a live chat is almost a necessity for any contemporary bookmaker.

Betano excels in customer service, offering a range of options to cater to their clients' needs. They provide a live chat feature, an email address, a call-back service, and a messenger platform. It is worth noting that the live chat is available daily from 9:00 am until 1:00 am, ensuring that customers can reach out for assistance during their preferred hours.

The customer support can be accessed by clicking on the headphone icon.

While there isn't a hotline available, there is the option of a callback. This proves advantageous as it eliminates the need to waste time in a waiting queue.

The callback service operates in a straightforward manner: log in, complete the form, and during office hours between 10 am and 10 pm, the desired callback will be made. In our trial, this worked flawlessly!

The extensive FAQ section is readily available, offering a plethora of questions. The only drawback of the FAQ section is that one can easily lose track and spend more time searching for the appropriate question.

Betano contact overview

Beta Contact
Support in Canadian? And
Contact form/email? And
Live Chat? And
Telephone hotline? No, but callback service

Betano's customer service offers a variety of contact options, including live chat, email, and callback. This extensive range of communication channels has rightfully earned the bookmaker a top spot on our support ranking list.

Betano test conclusion

Betano may not be a traditional bookmaker, but it presents itself as quite experienced - with several advantages. At the forefront are the appealing betting odds, which impress especially in terms of variety and can confidently hold their own against others. It's not just a matter of quantity, but quality as well, ensuring a remarkable betting experience.

The strengths of this platform are not limited to the essentials. Their extensive betting program goes above and beyond, offering a wide range of options. Additionally, they excel in live betting, allowing users to place bets in real-time. The customer service provided is exceptional, with numerous contact options available to assist users.

What impressed us the most was the welcome bonus. This truly fantastic offer includes extra free bets and a low minimum odds requirement. Although the deposit and withdrawal methods are not the absolute best, they are definitely within acceptable limits.

We found some aspects of the website's functionality to be problematic. The clarity of the layout is not always as evident on both mobile and desktop versions.

Our examination demonstrates that the bookmaker, who has a Greek affiliation, is doing a lot of things right, thereby establishing themselves as a highly recommended new betting provider. The minor flaws, in essence, can be disregarded.

18+ | Terms and conditions apply