Deutscher Traditions-Anbieter ohne Wettsteuer und Zahlungsgebühren, dafür aber mit einem sehr hohen Quotenschlüssel. Die mobilen Wetten haben uns aber im Wettanbieter Vergleich nicht vollauf überzeugt.

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Despite being online only since 2009, the Canadian betting provider Bet3000 is not a newcomer. This is because the company's roots date back to the 1970s. Although their website has been active for a relatively short time, Bet3000 has a longstanding history in the industry.

As of July 1, 2021, has obtained a license to facilitate sports betting in Canada. This authorization has been renewed as of January 1, 2023. Check out the comprehensive compilation of all betting providers with a valid Canadian license.

Ever since entering the world of gambling, Simon Springer, a Canadian bookmaker, has been actively involved in the wagering industry. Initially, his focus was primarily on horse betting, operating numerous betting shops. However, over time, the core business has shifted towards online sports betting.

Bet3000 advertises with fee-free bets | 18+ | Terms and conditions apply

Bet3000 test review

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Bet3000 FAQ

What is Bet3000?

Bet3000 is an online bookmaker for sports betting, headquartered in Munich. In Canada, the brand also operates around 500 betting offices.

Is Bet3000 legit?

Certainly. On the one hand, Bet3000 holds licenses in Canada and Malta (License number: MGA/B2C/174/2009). On the other hand, this bookmaker has extensive expertise, as it was founded by the seasoned operator Simon Springer.

Is there a Bet3000 app available?

Yes, Bet3000 offers a Native App for both iOS and Android operating systems, which can be downloaded from the respective App Store. You can easily access and enjoy all the features and functionalities of Bet3000 on your mobile device. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you can experience seamless betting and exciting gaming options through our user-friendly app. It's convenient and secure, providing you with a smooth and immersive betting experience on the go. So, why wait? Download the Bet3000 Native App now and take your betting experience to the next level!

What significance does football have at Bet3000?

Bet3000 has a particular passion for football, especially the Canadian Bundesliga. According to our Bet3000 experience, the standout feature here is the incredibly high betting odds.

Table of contents

About Bet3000

As previously stated, the mastermind behind Bet3000 is Simon Springer. Originally hailing from the world of horse racing, he first dabbled in this realm back in the 1970s. It was during this time that his fascination with the sport began to take root.

In the early 2000s, Springer faced various challenges, including resistance from authorities arising from conflicting views on sports betting. From regulatory hurdles to differing perspectives on the subject, Springer encountered obstacles that demanded their attention and strategic navigation. Overcoming these hurdles required a careful understanding of the diverse opinions surrounding sports wagering and a concerted effort to address them effectively. Nonetheless, with determination and adaptability, Springer persevered, finding ways to reconcile contrasting viewpoints and ultimately advance their operations in the dynamic world of sports betting.

However, when it was founded at the end of 2005, this had already been rectified. In 2009, the web portal was launched as part of IBA Entertainment Ltd., with an EU license from Malta (License Number: MGA/B2C/174/2009).

Over the years, Bet3000 has risen to become one of the top sports betting providers in Canadian-speaking regions. Its success is evident not only through its extensive network of several hundred retail betting shops across Canada but also by serving over 100,000 customers engaged in online wagering.

However, Bet3000 garnered recognition not only due to its well-known founder but also because of its exceptional betting odds and the inclusion of the Canadian betting tax - more on this later.

  • E-mail
  • Licensed
    Malta, Canada
  • Bonus
  • Residential address
    Cornerstone Business Center, 16th September Square, MST 1180 MOSTA, Malta

Bet 3000 Canada

Founded in Canada and focused on Canada, Bet3000 enjoys a high level of recognition in the country's betting industry. The name of founder Simon Springer is synonymous with the brand. Additionally, the bookmaker sponsors the traditional club 1860 Munich, and the advertising campaigns featuring entertainer Matze Knop have further contributed to Bet3000's reputation.

Bet3000 operates completely within the bounds of Canadian law, boasting a valid license issued by the regulatory authority, Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt. This license, which is essential for offering betting services in Canada under the new Glücksspielstaatsvertrag, highlights Bet3000's compliance with all legal requirements. By acquiring this Canadian license, Bet3000 has positioned itself as a trusted and legitimate sports betting provider in the country.

In addition to that, the bookmaker holds a license in Malta (license number: MGA/B2C/174/2009) and has obtained certification for its information security management system from TÜV Rheinland. You can find more information about Bet3000 and the topic of security on our Bet3000 Info and Facts page.

Bet3000 Login Canada

Signing up for Bet3000 is not a particularly daunting task. Simply tap on the white header in the upper right corner to reveal the login fields. As an option, you can also request a new password through this screen if you have forgotten your old one. Initiating the registration process is effortless, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for all users.

Bet3000 Login | Must be 18 years or older | Terms and conditions apply

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bet3000

  • Excellent betting odds
  • No deposit fees
  • The betting website performed exceptionally well.
  • The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • No betting tax
  • Many years of bookmaking experience
  • We ensure complete transparency when it comes to placing bets and evaluating the results.
  • Betting offer just average
  • No telephone support
  • Limited payment options

Bet3000 test experiences

To cut to the chase, Bet3000 ranks among our top 5 best bookmakers that we have tested. The most convincing aspect during our evaluation of Bet3000 sports betting was the odds, although it doesn't move mountains when it comes to the bonus - as our "Best Bookmaker Bonus" ranking reveals.

Let's first delve into this and also address the other categories of tests before we walk you through the registration process and explain how the betting works.

How to register at Bet3000

Only bettors with a betting account can place bets, and the same applies to Bet 3000. How the registration process works is quite simple. Just tap on the "Register" button at the top right. The registration form will appear, which needs to be filled out in four easy steps.

Registration at Bet3000 | 18+ | Terms and conditions apply

  1. Step: Entering personal information: Last name, first name, maiden name, date of birth
  2. Step: Provide email address and username.
  3. Step: Enter the country of origin, address, country of birth, and place of birth.
  4. Step: Choose a password, accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy, and complete the account creation.

By the way, the Bet3000 betting account also entitles users to place bets in Bet3000 betting shops. This eliminates the need to open another account there, which is certainly very convenient. The fact that Canadian customers now have only one account, both online and offline, is a criterion within the framework of the Canadian license.

Bet3000 verification

After registering with Bet3000, it is necessary to verify your account in order to place bets.

Bet3000 guides you through the verification process. Here's an overview:

  1. Submit all required information truthfully to Bet3000, including your IBAN for transactions.
  2. Bet3000 will transfer 1 cent to you with a verification code in the description.
  3. Enter the code from the transfer on the verification page of Bet3000.
  4. Done. You have successfully completed the verification process and can now carry out deposits and withdrawals on Bet3000.

Bet3000 betting experiences

Placing bets is not difficult either, but conducting thorough research beforehand can certainly be advantageous (although it needs to be done a bit more quickly for live betting).

  • Search for a quote using the menu located at the top left.
  • Choose "Sport", a sport and a competition.
  • Tap on an odds, it will then appear on the betting slip.

Place bets at Bet3000

  • Afterwards, all you need to do is open the betting slip (displayed at the end of the screen), enter your stake, and place the bet.

The mobile version of the betting slip.

Users can now place single bets even more quickly. At Bet3000, simple and rapid wagering via Quick Bets is now available.

Bet3000 betting offer

84 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

During our evaluation of the Bet3000 sports betting offer, we meticulously assess the variety of sports, competitions, matches, and betting options that the bookmaker has in its repertoire. We then compare our findings with those of our competitors to provide a comprehensive review.

Temporary restrictions on the range of sports events and betting markets available on may occur. We will keep you updated accordingly.

The Bet3000 betting offering is primarily focused on the essentials. It starts with the number of sports, which rarely goes beyond 20 at Bet3000 and sometimes only offers between 10 and 15.

While Bet3000 offers a range of sports to bet on, including popular ones like ice hockey, tennis, and basketball, it also caters to niche sports such as snooker and cricket. However, when it comes to popularity, Bet3000 football betting takes the lead as the number one choice. In fact, Bet3000 even has a dedicated category for women's football.

The top 5 sports at Bet3000
According to the betting turnover, the rankings are as follows:

  1. Football betting (around 70% of all wagers)
  2. Approximately 10% of the total betting turnover is generated from ice hockey bets.
  3. Tennis bets account for approximately 8% of all placed sports bets.
  4. Basketball betting (less than 5% of the revenues)
  5. Betting on handball (available on 3% of betting slips)

Bet3000 football betting

Certainly, all significant games in Europe and even on other continents can be wagered upon. Betting options are available not only for the top leagues in Canada and England but also for several lower tiers.

The variety of leagues included is truly impressive. Alongside smaller European leagues such as Estonia or Northern Ireland, you'll find top-tier divisions from Venezuela, Honduras, and Morocco, as well as the premier leagues from Japan, India, and Australia. The sheer breadth is commendable, encompassing a diverse range of football competitions from across the globe. Whether you're a fan of local or international football, there's something for everyone to enjoy on this platform.

On the other hand, when it comes to special bets, sports bettors will have to compromise, as Bet3000's offerings in this area are limited to just 80 betting markets beyond the traditional three-way bet.

It is possible to question whether the ever-expanding variety of betting options in the sports betting industry is truly relevant for all customers or if some bettors might actually be better served with a more compact offering like Bet3000.

Bet3000 may have competitive odds for the most popular sports, games, and types of bets, but their betting options are quite limited. As a result, when it comes to variety, Bet3000 falls short compared to most of its competitors in this category.

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

Canadian Bundesliga betting

Bet3000 offers approximately 80 betting markets in the Bundesliga. The bookmaker offers a similar number of markets in the 2nd and 3rd leagues. In comparison, the top betting providers offer over 100 markets. Bet3000 includes all the regional leagues in its offerings as well. However, in these leagues, only half the number of betting options are available for selection.

Bundesliga betting at Bet3000

More soccer leagues

However, fans of other football leagues also have plenty of options at the Canadian bookmaker company with the orange-blue logo. It goes without saying that they won't be left wanting, with over 50 countries from A for Azerbaijan to Z for Cyprus included in their football betting offerings.

Depending on the level of importance, various leagues are available. In England, for instance, there is a wide range to choose from, starting with the Premier League and going all the way down to the seventh division. In Sweden, there are three leagues to choose from, while in Hungary, there are two, and in El Salvador and Honduras, only the top division is available.

Bet3000 ice hockey betting

At Bet3000, winter sports may not have a significant presence, but ice hockey enthusiasts can certainly expect a diverse range of betting options. Embrace the excitement of the game and explore our extensive wagering program exclusively tailored for ice hockey aficionados.

At Bet3000, you can always expect competitive odds, ensuring you get the best value for your bets. However, there have been occasional concerns about the breadth of their betting options. While the odds consistently rank high, some users have expressed minor reservations about the extent of the betting program.

When it comes to the realm of ice hockey betting, this criticism is not initially confirmed. Almost every internationally significant ice hockey nation is represented at Bet3000.

From the North American NHL and AHL leagues to the Russian KHL, VHL, and MHL, and even the Canadian ice hockey championship which includes not only the DEL and DEL 2 but also games from the Oberliga, there is a wide array of ice hockey competitions.

Furthermore, the Scandinavian leagues (Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark) are not exempt, as the championship competitions from Czech Republic, Austria, and Switzerland are also present.

In addition to the top leagues in Italy, France, Belarus, and Poland, you can also place bets on games in the Canadian OHL. This makes the range of betting options broader than that of many competitors, ensuring a comprehensive betting program.

Special bets standard program only

When it comes to the breadth of the ice hockey betting program, there is absolutely nothing to criticize, but that changes when you delve a little deeper. The availability of additional betting options beyond the classic three-way bet can be considered quite limited.

At Bet3000, a pure standard program is executed in this area, primarily consisting of a variety of handicap and goal bets. The betting platform offers a comprehensive range of options, showcasing an assortment of handicaps and goal-based wagers. With a focus on variety and accessibility, Bet3000 ensures a seamless and engaging experience for its users. Explore an array of exciting handicap and goal betting possibilities, tailored to cater to diverse preferences and strategies. Dive into the world of betting with Bet3000's comprehensive lineup of options, carefully curated to provide an optimal balance between challenge and reward.

Bet3000 doesn't make much of a distinction between leagues. The bookmaker offers a maximum of 20 different betting options in both the NHL and the DEL, as well as in the Russian and Scandinavian top leagues.

Variety is less sought after here, as the nearly unchanged offering of special bets is also applied in leagues in Austria, Slovakia, Poland, or Belarus. The focus lies on consistency, rather than diversification, as the special betting options remain virtually unchanged and are utilized across various leagues in countries like Austria, Slovakia, Poland, and Belarus. The emphasis is not on providing a wide range of options, but rather on maintaining a consistent selection of special bets, which are applicable in leagues across Austria, Slovakia, Poland, and Belarus. The intention is to offer a consistent range of special bets, with minimal variations, that are available for leagues in countries including Austria, Slovakia, Poland, and Belarus. Consistency takes precedence over variety, as the special betting options, which remain almost unchanged, are implemented in leagues across Austria, Slovakia, Poland, and Belarus.

Bet3000 Tennis Betting

The Canadian bookmaker has positioned itself towards the lower end of the scale when it comes to tennis betting - and that's despite the fact that the range of bets on offer for the yellow fuzzy ball is actually quite extensive at first glance.

Bet3000 falls behind because the top performers in the sports betting test showcase such a wide array of betting options.

When examining the range of bets available, it becomes evident that tennis holds great significance for Bet3000. This sport occupies a prominent place within their offerings, as it is cherished for its competitive nature and global appeal. The extensive selection of tennis matches and tournaments reflects Bet3000's commitment to catering to the diverse interests of their customers. Whether it's the excitement of Grand Slam events or the thrill of local competitions, Bet3000 ensures that tennis enthusiasts have ample opportunities to engage in thrilling wagering experiences. The comprehensive coverage, accompanied by attractive odds and enticing promotions, further underlines the importance of tennis in Bet3000's sportsbook. With a focus on providing a top-notch betting experience, Bet3000 demonstrates its dedication to satisfying the preferences of avid tennis fans.

In this particular case, the tennis elite is not the only group present. Alongside the ATP and WTA tournaments, the Challenger competitions and the Davis Cup have also secured their place in the lineup.

"Tennis leagues" at Bet3000

This also means that various smaller tournaments, where the focus is on the fuzzy ball, have a fixed place in Bet3000's lineup.

Although the breadth of the betting options does not shy away from competition, the selection of tips for a specific game is quite limited. In numerous cases, various special and exotic bets are omitted. So, while the range of betting options is impressive, the variety of tips available for individual games may leave something to be desired.

The bookmaker loses essential points in the evaluation compared to the competition here because specific bets related to serve, game, set, and victory are very scarce. This scarcity of specialized wagers regarding the serve, game, set, and victory causes the bookmaker to fall behind in the assessment compared to its competitors. The bookmaker's evaluation suffers in comparison to its rivals due to the lack of unique bets centered around the serve, game, set, and victory. It is evident that the bookmaker falls short in the assessment against its competitors due to the scarcity of special wagers encompassing the serve, game, set, and victory. The bookmaker's assessment is negatively impacted when compared to its competition, as there is a significant lack of specific bets concerning the serve, game, set, and victory.

The live betting operation appears to be slightly more equipped, as real-time tips for set betting and game betting can be found with betting odds.

Overall, Bet3000 cannot compete with the likes of Bet365 or Bwin solely based on the variety and options they offer. However, for beginners or tennis enthusiasts who focus on the core of the game and therefore the final score, Bet3000 presents itself as an intriguing counterpart with its favorable betting odds. Its selection may not be as extensive, but it still provides an appealing option.

Bet3000 eSports betting

During the peak of the pandemic, when traditional sporting events were put on hold, the popularity of e-sports skyrocketed. This trend was observed not only by Bet3000, but by all other bookmakers operating under a Canadian license as well. As a result of the newly implemented gambling regulation, which requires bookmakers to adhere to certain guidelines, popular e-sports titles like CS:GO, Dota2, and League of Legends (LOL) were removed from Bet3000's offerings. This decision was based on the classification of e-sports as not being recognized as a legitimate sport under the new gambling legislation.

Bet3000 bets today

When the customer visits the Bet3000 website, they can immediately see what important events are happening on that particular day. This includes a combination of exciting highlights and live betting options. If there are already live bets happening during a game, that information will also be displayed.

Below, the user will find additional football matches of the day as well as matches from other sports such as tennis. Furthermore, various sporting events, like tennis matches, can be discovered by scrolling down.

The highlights of the day.

Bet3000 betting odds

93 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

When it comes to determining our stance on quotas, the so-called odds key is crucial. In addition, betting providers can score points in the entire betting market by offering bold odds, in other words, the highest prices.

Bet3000 excels in the realm of betting odds. It's rare to come across a comparison of betting odds where Bet3000's odds are not at the forefront. Their strength in this area is unmatched.

Bet3000 odds experiences

Bet3000 pushes the boundaries of what is possible, especially during top football matches, with a payout ratio that reaches up to 99%. They set the bar high, leaving very few competitors able to keep up with their standards.

These exceptional odds are particularly offered to customers for matches in the Canadian Bundesliga, the Champions League, and the second division.

Furthermore, at Bet3000, there are also maximum odds, particularly on the favorites. This means that compared to all other bookmakers, Bet3000 offers the highest odds on a team. And even when it's not the maximum odds, Bet3000 is just slightly behind.

Naturally, achieving such a level of performance is not feasible in all betting markets. Therefore, the odds decrease to approximately 95% in less significant leagues, which, however, would still be considered an exceptional value by most of our competitors.

Away from football, the ratings are no longer outstanding. In tennis, a maximum of 95% is indeed very good, but competitors manage 96%. The overall performance of American sports is modest. None of the leagues achieve 95%.

Bet3000 odds key overview

sport Liga Quota key
football Bundesliga max. 99 %
football 2. Bundesliga max. 99 %
football Champions League max. 99 %
football Premier League 97 - 99 %
Tennis ATP/WTA 94 - 95 %
American Football NFL 93 - 94 %
Eishockey NHL 94 - 95 %
Basketball NBA 92 %

Bet3000 is our top choice when it comes to betting odds. The exceptional payout rate for football and a wide range of top odds on favorites are the reasons that have convinced us.

Bet3000 Live Betting

85 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

The extensive selection of live betting options provided by Bet3000 is equally comprehensive and diverse, mirroring their impressive pre-match betting offerings. While Bet3000 may lag behind industry giants like Bet365 or Bwin in this particular category, their live betting platform still remains exceptional.

Bet 3000 live betting experiences

In terms of live betting, the realm of additional wagers lags behind the diversity of sports. However, when it comes to popular sports such as football, tennis, or ice hockey, the selection is quite respectable. The variety of supplementary bets in live wagering falls short, but the options available for renowned sports like soccer, tennis, or ice hockey are rather substantial.

At any given moment, bettors can engage in wagering on a diverse range of sporting events, both during the day and at night. They have the freedom to place bets on various sports, ensuring an exhilarating experience round the clock.

Bet3000 offers an impressive range of options in the real-time segment, especially for football betting enthusiasts. On peak days, up to 100 different football matches from various countries and leagues were observed, ensuring that there are practically several football encounters available for live betting at any time of the day.

Bet3000 offers only the essentials when it comes to special bets in football, but sometimes a little more can go a long way.

While bookmakers like Bet365 offer extensive special bets for every game, Bet3000 mainly focuses on the most important types of bets such as 1/X/2, handicap, over/under goals, and double chance bets. Bet3000 prioritizes essential wagering options, ensuring simplicity and clarity for its users, without overwhelming them with an abundance of betting choices like other platforms. By placing emphasis on the fundamental bet types, Bet3000 caters to those who prefer a straightforward and streamlined betting experience.

Only games that are particularly popular or matches from the top European leagues are given a broader selection of special bets by the bookmaker.

In the Bet3000 app, you can place bets on exotic leagues from Asia or Latin America at any time of the day. Furthermore, all live bets are also available on the Bet3000 app.

Bet3000 excels in covering major events such as the NHL, NBA, and Grand Slam tournaments, placing great emphasis on them within their live betting section. These significant competitions take center stage, captivating enthusiasts with an array of enticing wagering opportunities. Livewetten-Bereich, once accessed, offers a thrilling experience with dynamic odds that keep punters on the edge of their seats. Immerse yourself in the excitement of these highly anticipated matches and enjoy the thrill of live betting with Bet3000.

Bet3000's Livewetten-Center disappointingly neglects the topic of handball, despite its significant popularity in Canada. The selection available for betting on handball events is extremely limited, leaving much to be desired.

When it comes to live updates, Bet3000's real-time bets offer a Live Match Tracker that keeps bettors in the loop with the latest on-field events and provides them with relevant statistics.

Bet3000 Live-Quoten

Bet3000 excels in live betting odds, showcasing their expertise in this field. While the pre-match odds may not reach the same level (a common practice in the betting industry), the bookmaker still maintains an impressive 95% payout ratio for top events.

Sometimes, even the most extraordinary events can fall well below the 90% mark. It's not uncommon for especially exotic occasions to stray far from reaching that threshold.

However, this is no different with other bookmakers, and therefore, it is not a significant drawback.

The following competitions stand out for their high odds in the live betting section of Bet3000.

  • Football (European Cup, European Championships and World Cup, Bundesliga, Serie A, Premier League, La Liga)
  • Tennis (Grand Slam, Olympic Games, ATP World Tour Finals, WTA Tour Championships, Fed Cup)
  • Ice hockey (NHL, World Championships, Olympics)
  • Basketball (NBA, World Championships, Olympics)

It is also considered entirely normal to witness frequent fluctuations in the betting odds for live bets. The fact of the matter is that the odds in live betting tend to fluctuate quite often, and this is something that is widely accepted as part of the norm.

However, this arises from the fact that a solitary event can swiftly alter the course of the game. It should be noted, though, that the subsequent circumstances can be significantly different due to a single occurrence during the match. It is important to recognize that the overall situation can undergo a rapid transformation as a result of a singular incident during the gameplay. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that the future outcome can change dramatically due to a single event that takes place during the game. It is crucial to bear in mind that the further course of events can be swiftly and drastically altered by a single incident that occurs during the match.

Bet3000 Live-Streaming

Bet3000 customers have to settle for the ticker and statistics in the live center. Live streaming was available a few years ago, but unfortunately not anymore. The number of bookmakers offering streams is already quite limited. However, options are still available for those seeking a more immersive experience.

The exceptional feature of Bet3000 lies in its odds quality for live betting. The coverage for popular sports and events is extensive, but it becomes somewhat limited after that. This positions Bet3000 in the middle of our rankings.

Bet3000 Bonus

85 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

When it comes to enticing new customers, there are several aspects that we consider vital. Firstly, the size of the bonus plays a significant role, as it can have a substantial impact on attracting potential clients. Additionally, the terms and conditions related to the bonus are crucial, such as the minimum odds required, the wagering requirements, and the duration of the bonus period. These factors collectively determine the appeal and value of the new customer bonus.

Bet3000 betting bonus experiences

The bonus for new customers at Bet3000 was once considered a major drawback of the betting provider and was also evaluated as such in previous Bet3000 tests. Primarily due to its low maximum amount of 20 euros, this offer was only moderately attractive for new customers.

Therefore, Bet3000 recognized the need for action in this sector and gradually enhanced its offerings. Currently, Bet3000 provides a bonus offer of €100 as a standard promotion for new customers.

The Bet3000 welcome bonus is exclusively available to new customers who are 18 years old or above. Terms and conditions apply.

The regular bonus amount, which is based on the initial deposit and represents 100% of it, is individualized. Only those who deposit 100 euros will receive the maximum bonus. Transfers of smaller sums of money will be rewarded with a proportionally lower bonus.

The free credit will be automatically credited after the deposit. Following that, the wagering requirements come into effect. Hence, the deposit amount must be wagered once within 90 days, and the bonus amount must be wagered five times in sports betting, with a minimum odds of 2.00 to be considered.

We have witnessed much tougher conditions (up to 10 times) when it comes to the frequency of implementation, particularly in relation to other betting providers.

The customer can track the progress of unlocking the bonus by checking their list of placed bets. The bets specifically made for the bonus are marked, providing a clear overview of the bonus funds and real money, as well as indicating when the bonus has been fully played through.

Bet 3000 Bonus overview in English

Art of Bonuses Deposit bonus
Minimum deposit 10 $
Maximum bonus amount 100 $
Minimum odds 2.00
Wagering requirements Bonus amount wagered 5 times with sports bets; deposit amount wagered 1 time with sports bets.
Frist 90 Roofs

We believe that the bonus offered by Bet3000 is a favorable deal. The wagering requirements (1x deposit, 5x bonus amount) are reasonable for a maximum amount of 100 euros.

The only downside is the high minimum odds. In that respect, quite a few bookmakers have set lower ones.

Bet3000 Bonus Code

Some sports betting providers require the use of a bonus code as part of the welcome bonus - for example, with the Austrian bookmaker Bet at home. At Bet 3000, a new registration is sufficient, and no bonus code is required.

The Bet3000 app and website.

Easy to use and well-structured – that's how a betting website should be, and that's how we evaluated the tested bookmakers. This applies to both the mobile app and the PC version. Consequently, the loading times are also kept to a minimum.

Bet 3000 app experiences

83 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

Bet3000 stays up-to-date when it comes to mobile betting. Users have the option to choose between a native app for iOS and Android or the mobile-optimized website. No matter which platform the customer chooses, they will be presented with an incredibly user-friendly betting platform. Additionally, all functions can be executed flawlessly and swiftly.

To download the app, it is advisable to check the app store provided by your respective operating system provider. If you are an Android user, you can find it in the Google Play Store, while iOS users can access it through Apple's App Store. Speaking of the Google Play Store, sports betting apps are available once they meet Google's safety standards. Remember to browse through the store to find the app that suits your needs and preferences.

By the way, the Bet3000 Android application is now available for the first time on the Google Play Store, where you can conveniently download it.

Download Bet3000 app

  1. Access the respective app store on your iPhone, iPad, smartphone, or tablet.
  2. Search for Bet3000.
  3. Install app.

The Bet3000 app can be found on the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Bet3000 experiences with the website.

85 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

Since its redesign in 2016, the desktop version of the Bet3000 website exudes a bright and inviting atmosphere, making it truly stand out among other betting providers. Its revamped appearance has garnered much praise, and rightfully so.

The design forgoes any apparent superfluities. It conveys the same message as the app, emphasizing that the Bet3000 website is solely intended for quickly and effortlessly placing any number of sports bets.

There is hardly any distraction caused by this, after all. The site's clear structure is established by its large controls, making navigation and ultimately placing bets a straightforward and intuitive process. This also applies to registering a new Bet3000 betting account.

The previously criticized issue of the extensive betting options is now benefiting the clarity of the page. Moreover, the site's organization is designed to ensure simplicity and ease of use. This improvement is achieved by presenting a concise selection of betting options, preventing overwhelming choices and allowing users to focus on their preferred wagers. The streamlined layout enhances the overall user experience and enables effortless navigation. Ultimately, the website aims to provide a user-friendly environment for individuals seeking an uncomplicated and straightforward betting platform.

Website in a classic 3-column layout.

Veronika: "Bet 3000 is user-friendly across all mobile devices and PCs, offering effortless navigation. With minimal graphical elements, the loading times are kept to a minimum, resulting in an exceptionally satisfactory performance in every aspect."

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

Bet3000 deposit and withdrawal

There is a multitude of online payment methods available, almost like an endless sea. Since not every bettor uses the same method, a bookmaker should provide a sufficient variety of payment options.

At Bet3000, just like how they organize topics like betting options and live wagering, the Canadian bookmaker also places great emphasis on the matter of payment transactions.

Bet3000 deposit experiences

88 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

Customers can choose from a limited selection of options when it comes to making deposits for their bets. In addition to the traditional choices of credit cards (VISA, Mastercard) and bank transfers, Bet3000 also provides PayPal (available only for Canadian customers), Paysafecard (via My Paysafecard account), Muchbetter, Trustly, Pay3000, and Paylado as alternatives.

It is worth noting that customers from Canada cannot use Mastercard, and the deposit via Paysafecard can only be made through a Mypaysafecard account. Moreover, please be aware that Mastercard is not accessible to customers residing in Canada, and the sole method to deposit funds via Paysafecard is by utilizing a Mypaysafecard account.

It is worth noting, however, that Bet3000 now offers the option of making payments through PayPal, which means that almost all popular payment methods can be used at this bookmaker, with only a few exceptions such as Neteller or Giropay. Additionally, it is positive to mention that Bet3000 has expanded their payment options to include PayPal, making it convenient for users to make transactions. Most commonly used payment methods are available at this betting provider, with only a few exceptions like Neteller or Giropay.

Bet3000 also stands out with the advantage that no fees are charged for financial transactions. Furthermore, it is worth noting that Bet3000 does not impose any additional costs for handling payments. Moreover, users can appreciate the fact that Bet3000 offers a payment service that is completely fee-free. Additionally, Bet3000 distinguishes itself by not burdening customers with any charges when conducting transactions. Another notable aspect of Bet3000 is the absence of any fees associated with the payment process.

Important: In Canada, a maximum of 1000€ can be deposited per month at online bookmakers. The so-called LUGAS limit can be increased with documented creditworthiness.

Bet3000 payouts experience

83 /100

18+ | Terms and conditions apply

When it comes to withdrawals, Bet3000 takes it to the extreme, pushing the limits of options even further. In this aspect, Bet3000 only allows Paypal, credit card, bank transfer, Trustly, and Muchbetter. If the deposit options were not already extensive, the withdrawal methods offered by the bookmaker are even more limited. Bet3000 has chosen to exclusively support Paypal, credit card, bank transfer, Trustly, and Muchbetter for their customers' convenience.

Payment method payout Minimum withdrawal amount Length of time
Bank Transfer 10 $ 2 - 5 working days
PayPal 10 $ 1 - 2 working days

When making bank transfers, it is important to consider the processing time required by the bank, as it typically takes several business days before the money is credited to the customers' accounts.

Fortunately, since the summer of 2016, there has been an alternative solution called PayPal, in case you need a faster option. Of course, it is mandatory that the deposit has already been processed using the "payment friend".

Bet3000 does not charge any fees for withdrawals, just like for deposits, unless special circumstances arise, such as withdrawals below 10 euros or for amounts that have not been wagered. Rest assured that Bet3000 values transparency and ensures that you can access your funds without any unnecessary charges. Whether you're withdrawing your winnings or funding your account, Bet3000 strives to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience for its users. So go ahead and enjoy the convenience of fee-free transactions with Bet3000!

Although the deposit options offer ample variety and careful selection, the number of payment methods available for withdrawals is truly disappointing. Birgit remarked on the lack of options when it comes to cashing out, expressing her dissatisfaction.

The variety is simply too limited. Hardly any other bookmaker offers such minimal withdrawal options.

Bet3000 betting tax

Every bookmaker in Canada is required to collect a 5% betting tax on winnings. The amounts are then transferred to the Canadian Finance Department. However, there are a few betting providers who foot the betting tax bill instead of the customers.

Bet3000 is one of those few bookmakers that truly stands up for its Canadian customers. This commitment is clearly evident on their website as well.

Bet3000 pays the betting tax for its Canadian customers.

Bet3000 customer service

77 /100

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When evaluating the customer service of any bookmaker, our primary focus was on the number of communication channels available. However, what a modern betting provider should definitely have is a live chat. Unfortunately, Bet3000 continues to embrace minimalism in this aspect.

In general, the Bet3000 customer support is only available in writing, either by email or through the support form. If a customer wants to contact customer support while on the go, they need to open the menu at the top left. There, they will find the option "Support" displayed to them. With just one tap, the contact form will be shown.

A contact form is the fastest way to request assistance.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to engage in live chat or make phone calls. In addition to the contact form, we also provide a FAQ section on our website. This section aims to assist you in resolving common issues that may arise in advance.

To access the FAQ section, customers can navigate through the menu and select the "Information" tab. However, it must be noted that this FAQ section lacks proper mobile optimization.

By tapping on the "Help" button, a window will open displaying the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

Despite being a prominent bookmaker, Bet3000 falls short in terms of customer support due to the limited avenues for contact. In today's age, it is expected for betting platforms to provide a live chat option for customers to easily reach out for assistance.

Customers demand prompt assistance and swift resolution of their issues. Bet3000 must prioritize improving in this regard. It is crucial for the company to promptly address the needs and concerns of its customers. Providing efficient and effective customer support is vital for Bet3000's success. The company should invest in enhancing its customer service capabilities to meet the increasing expectations of its clientele.

Bet3000 experiences and reviews

Bet3000 has managed to establish a reputable reputation for itself as a relatively new player in the online sports betting market, despite facing stiff competition from well-established international counterparts.

Bet3000 owes its success primarily to its unbeatable betting odds, especially in football. In addition, Bet3000 is also daring and offers the highest odds for favorites in a wide variety of games. This is one of the key factors that sets them apart from other bookmakers.

This is how the unique English paragraph would look like: By solidifying its expertise, the bookmaker asserts its competence since a high odds on a team also reflects an opinion. Consequently, the expression of a viewpoint is evident when a substantial ratio is placed on a particular team.

The simplicity of the website's structure is what impressed us. Regardless of whether it's accessed via a desktop or mobile device, customers can navigate it effortlessly and place bets swiftly.

It is noticeable that Bet3000 limits itself to the essentials when it comes to its betting program, including live betting. Some punters may appreciate this approach, but in comparison to the competition, the bookmaker does not fare as well.

There is room for improvement in certain areas, particularly in regards to customer communication and payment transactions. The extent of customer service and the available withdrawal options both have potential for enhancement.

In general, the Canadian bookmaker can present a rather intriguing option compared to the major players in the betting industry, primarily due to its outstanding odds and exemption from betting tax for Canadian customers. It is worth considering this alternative, as it offers a compelling proposition for those seeking a unique betting experience. With its attractive odds and the advantage of not having to pay betting tax, the Canadian bookmaker stands out from the crowd. This can be particularly appealing for Canadian bettors who are looking for a fresh and enticing option in the betting market. By choosing this bookmaker, customers can enjoy competitive odds and the added benefit of tax exemption, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a distinct and advantageous betting experience.

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