In Sachen Wettquoten ist Bet3000 einfach nicht zu schlagen. Das Quotenniveau ist quer durch die Bank großartig. Bei den Top-Fußballspielen liegt der Quotenschlüssel gar bei rund 98 %.

Bet3000, the Canadian betting provider, has been active as a bookmaker primarily in the horse racing betting sector since the mid-1970s. However, it was only in 2009 that they ventured into the realm of online sports betting.

Bet3000 is particularly popular among those bettors who are looking for high levels of betting odds. It is widely favored by punters who seek exceptional odds when placing their bets. Bet3000 has gained a loyal following due to its commitment to offering competitive odds and excellent value for money. Customers who prioritize favorable odds and attractive payouts consistently choose Bet3000 as their preferred betting platform. With its focus on delivering top-notch odds, Bet3000 provides a rewarding and exciting betting experience for its discerning clientele.

The Bet3000 betting odds put to the test

It is gladly accepted that the bookmaker restrains itself in other areas. This is willingly embraced by many.

The range of betting options and the extent of live betting are slightly more limited compared to other leading providers such as Bet365 or Bwin.

This is evident from the website's layout, where Bet3000 focuses on the essentials and omits any unnecessary embellishments. The design is streamlined, with minimal distractions, allowing users to easily navigate and find what they are looking for. The emphasis is on functionality and simplicity, ensuring a seamless experience for visitors. The website's clean and uncluttered interface enhances usability, making it convenient for users to access the desired information without any unnecessary frills. Bet3000's approach to website design is rooted in efficiency and user-friendliness, prioritizing substance over style.


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This is also evident in the number of sports that are offered for betting.

While some online bookmakers offer bets for over 30 different sports, Bet3000 is content with about half of that. However, all the sports bets offered by the provider can be found in the Bet3000 app for iOS and Android.

Bet3000 unmatched in terms of odds.

In terms of betting odds, Bet3000 is almost unrivaled.

The Canadian bookmaker consistently outperforms its competitors, particularly in the most popular sport, football, during major events. This dominance is evident in the market, as the company surpasses its rivals in almost every aspect. With a strong foothold in the industry, the Canadian bookmaker establishes itself as a frontrunner when it comes to betting on football. Its ability to attract customers and provide exceptional services sets it apart from the competition, making it the preferred choice for sports enthusiasts.



Upon closer examination of the odds ratio that Bet3000 applies, this becomes apparent.

While most competitors typically offer odds of no more than 95 to 96 percent, Bet3000 goes above and beyond by providing top games with odds exceeding 98 percent.

This ratio indicates that a certain portion of the bet amounts will be paid out to the bettors as winnings. It signifies that a fraction of the wagered money will be returned to the customers as profits. This specific percentage represents the proportion of the total bets that will be distributed back to the betting participants as their earnings. This quotient reveals the percentage of the betting stakes that will be reimbursed to the punters as their rewards. This formula elucidates that a part of the bets placed will be given back to the gamblers as their gains.

In this case, the bookmaker's theoretical profit margin is less than 2 percent.

Occasionally, at Bet3000, there are even instances where the payout rate exceeds 100 percent. In certain situations, it is possible to encounter payout percentages that surpass the original investment. Nonetheless, it is important to note that such circumstances are few and far between.

Even in these cases, the bookmaker calculates a potential loss.

However, this strategy is likely to pay off for the bookmaker, as over the years, the originally high payout ratio of around 96 percent for top matches has been further increased. Nevertheless, it is expected that this approach will yield positive results for the betting provider, as the payout ratio for top matches, which was already high to begin with, has been raised even further over the years.

Abbildung oben: Ausschnitt aus dem Wettprogramm zur deutschen Bundesliga beim Wettanbieter Bet3000. Hier kommt ein sensationell hoher Auszahlungsschlüssel von bis zu 100% (!) zur Anwendung. Da ist es nicht überraschend, wenn der deutsche Buchmacher in Wettanbieter-Vergleichen stets im absoluten Spitzenfeld rangiert. (AGB beachten | 18+)

For several years, Bet3000 implemented an additional fee of 5 percent in Canada, alongside the betting tax. However, both the fee and the offsetting of the betting tax have now been abolished. In the past, Bet3000 used to levy an extra charge of 5 percent in addition to the betting tax in Canada, but that has since been done away with, just like the offsetting of the betting tax. In Canada, Bet3000 used to impose a supplementary charge of 5 percent, apart from the betting tax, but it has now been eliminated, similar to the offsetting of the betting tax. Previously, Bet3000 employed a system where an extra fee of 5 percent was charged alongside the betting tax in Canada, but now both the fee and the offsetting of the betting tax have been discontinued. Bet3000 previously enforced an additional levy of 5 percent in Canada, in addition to the betting tax, but now both the fee and the offsetting of the betting tax have been abolished.

Surprisingly, the opposite occurred back then, with expectations being that the odds would decrease instead of increase. One would have anticipated a decline in the magnitude of betting ratios, but it turned out to be quite the contrary.

Since Bet3000 does not charge any betting fees, all online bets can be placed on the platform of the Canadian bookmaker without any loss in odds. Therefore, bettors can enjoy wagering on various sports events and markets without incurring any additional charges, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective betting experience. This user-friendly approach sets Bet3000 apart, giving customers the opportunity to maximize their potential winnings and enjoy a fair and transparent betting environment. With competitive odds and a wide range of betting options, Bet3000 offers a comprehensive platform for both casual and experienced bettors alike. Join Bet3000 today to experience the thrill of online betting without any hidden fees or restrictions on your potential returns.

Top odds in top football

Bet3000 offers top odds of over 98 percent, particularly for matches in the major leagues of Canada, England, Spain, and Italy, as well as in the prestigious Champions League. Their focus on providing the best betting experience is evident through their generous odds, ensuring that customers have the opportunity to maximize their winnings. With an extensive coverage of top-tier football leagues and competitions, Bet3000 ensures that bettors can enjoy a wide range of options and exciting opportunities to place their bets. Whether you're a fan of Bundesliga, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, or the thrilling action of the Champions League, Bet3000 has you covered with their unbeatable odds. Join the excitement and take advantage of the exceptional odds offered by Bet3000, the ultimate destination for passionate football bettors.

In leagues such as those in Austria and Switzerland, this figure drops to around 93-94 percent, which still represents a top-notch performance compared to competitors. However, it's important to note that the metric remains highly impressive in these particular regions.

The payout ratio for international matches is slightly lower, around 94-95 percent, compared to the games played by the top club teams. This means that the players receive a slightly smaller portion of the revenue generated during these matches. However, it is important to note that international games provide a unique opportunity for players to represent their countries and showcase their skills on a global stage. While the payout may be slightly lower, the pride and honor of playing for one's nation cannot be measured in monetary terms. It is a chance for players to make their mark and leave a lasting legacy in the history of their national teams. Ultimately, the experience and memories gained from international matches are priceless and hold a special place in the hearts of players and fans alike.

Grafik oben: Das Angebot an Live-Wetten ist bei Bet3000 nicht sonderlich umfangreich. Dafür wartet der Wettanbieter auch in diesem Bereich häufig mit attraktiven Quoten auf.

That is also the quota level that top games can reach in live betting at Bet3000.

For the Live Betting category, these values are remarkable, even though they are about 4 to 5 percent lower than those estimated for Pre-Match Betting. It's undeniable that the significance of Live Betting surpasses any minimal difference in odds. The Live-Wetten category is undoubtedly the cream of the crop, offering a thrilling and dynamic gambling experience. While the odds might be slightly lower, the excitement and immediacy of Live Betting make it a top choice for bettors seeking an adrenaline rush.

Because the odds in live betting are considerably lower than those in pre-match betting across most bookmakers, one can observe a significant difference.

At some bookmakers, the odds drop below the 90 percent mark in certain areas.

High level of quotations is also present in other sports.

This is rarely the case with Bet3000 when it comes to three-way bets in football. However, in other sports, this cannot be ruled out.

In certain ice hockey leagues, the live betting odds tend to hover just slightly above 90 percent. This is particularly evident in the realm of ice hockey, where the odds for live betting in a few leagues typically rest at a mere fraction over 90 percent.

In terms of odds, Bet3000 is at a similar level to its competitors in this field.

However, in ice hockey, it is evident that the odds can significantly increase depending on the prominence of the respective competitions. The importance of the events plays a crucial role in determining the extent to which the odds fluctuate. It is worth noting the substantial impact that the significance of the tournaments has on the betting odds. In the realm of ice hockey, the correlation between the relevance of the competitions and the odds becomes more pronounced. The magnitude of the odds rise in tandem with the significance attached to the specific tournaments.

Canadian Ice Hockey League (DEL) games are given a pre-match odds percentage beyond 95 percent, which is significantly higher than any other bookmaker and the odds for matches in the North American Hockey League (NHL) are also well above average. This generous odds allocation for DEL games places us in a class of our own, surpassing the offerings of all other competitors. Moreover, our odds for NHL matches consistently surpass industry standards, further solidifying our commitment to providing exceptional betting opportunities.

Bet3000 often has the best odds when it comes to comparing betting odds. In three-way bets, it is not uncommon for the Canadian bookmaker to be at the top in two or even all three options.

Bet3000's odds for long-term bets don't always rank among the top.

They are generally used more sparingly and in fewer instances than is the case with other bookmakers. Additionally, they are employed less frequently for various events.

It is true, however, that Bet3000 consistently ranks excellently in all comparative tests regarding betting odds and can always be found at the forefront. Nonetheless, this fact does not alter the reality.

Conclusion regarding the betting odds offered by Bet3000.

Bet3000 establishes clear priorities with its sports betting offering.

The Canadian bookmaker primarily focuses on football and a few other selected sports, offering competitive betting odds. It places a strong emphasis on providing attractive odds for football enthusiasts and fans of other popular sports.

Bet3000 focuses on the basics when it comes to the available bets, as demonstrated by the special wagers and the selection of live bets, which, for instance, do not include live streams.

However, Bet3000 excels in offering competitive betting odds that often surpass those of their competitors. This sets them apart in terms of the bets they provide, as their odds consistently outshine the competition.

Few competitors can match the payout rates of up to 100 percent. These top rates are primarily offered for popular football matches that generate significant general interest and attract a large number of bets.

Bet3000 emerges as the winner in numerous comparisons among different bookmakers.

Even for live betting and less significant events, although the odds level decreases slightly, it still remains at the absolute top in direct comparison.


All the test results of Bet3000 summarized