Just like with regular sports betting, the handicap bet is placed on the outcome of the game.

However, the distinction lies in the fact that in this type of bet, a team or player is given a virtual handicap. This handicap is then added to the final outcome of the match.

The crucial factor in determining the outcome of a handicap bet is not the official result of the game, but rather the fictitious outcome calculated by adding the handicap to the final score.

Explanation of Handicap Betting: Why and when does it make sense?

Handicap betting is the preferred choice when placing a bet on a clear favorite, as it focuses on the performance of a team or player rather than solely wagering on the actual winner.

Typically, in the case of clear favorites in traditional sports betting, bookmakers only offer low odds for their success, as the victory seems highly likely.

In order to increase your chances of betting on a favorite to win, it is advisable to consider handicap wagers. These types of bets offer a unique opportunity to level the playing field and enhance the odds in your favor. By incorporating a handicap, you can effectively bridge the gap between teams of varying strengths, allowing for more favorable betting options. This strategic approach not only provides a thrilling betting experience but also increases the potential for higher returns. So, if you're looking to maximize your winnings while adding an extra layer of excitement, handicap betting is definitely worth exploring.

When placing a handicap bet, the outcome of the selected event is altered before kick-off: the favored team in the match is given a virtual disadvantage in the form of a "handicap."

The underdog's fortunes are thus altered, resulting in a shift in the game's scoreline. Additionally, the betting odds are adjusted to reflect this "new" state of affairs.

As the chances of success for the favorite are considered lower, international bookmakers set a higher betting odds in this case. Conversely, the odds for a draw or the success of the underdog decrease.

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Handicap bet example

Team A heads into the football match against Team B as the favored side and is given a one-goal handicap.

The score was already 0:1 in favor of the favorite team (Team A) before the start of the game.

Ergebnis der Handicap-Wette
Team A needs to achieve a victory with a minimum goal difference in order to secure a win in the handicap bet, for instance, with a score of 2-0. Handicap bet result: 2:1
If the favorite team, team A, wins by only one goal, for example, with a score of 1-0, the game ends in a 1-1 draw by adding the imaginary goal. Handicap bet result: 1:1
If the favorite A can only achieve a 0-0 draw, all those who have bet on the success of the underdog B in the handicap bet will be delighted, as the game will then be counted as a 0-1 win in the decisive scoring. Handicap bet result: 1:1

The Asian Handicap is a more specific form of handicap betting where the favorites are burdened with half, quarter, or whole goals or points. This particular type of wager adds an extra layer of excitement and strategy to the game, as it levels the playing field and offers different odds for bettors to consider. By incorporating the Asian Handicap into your betting strategy, you can explore new ways to maximize your chances of winning and enhance your overall betting experience. So, whether you're a seasoned bettor or just starting out, give the Asian Handicap a try and embrace the thrill of this unique betting option.

The handicap bet is particularly popular among sports betting enthusiasts, especially in the realm of football wagering. It is a favored choice for those seeking to capitalize on favorable odds when a favorite team secures victory with a minimum margin of two goals. This type of bet offers an enticing opportunity to reap significant rewards for astute punters.

Das Handicap muss aber natürlich nicht immer bei genau einem Tor liegen: Bei Spielen mit großem Klassenunterschied kann der Buchmacher auch zwei oder mehrere Tore Vorsprung für den Außenseiter geben.

Some bookmakers also provide various options for handicap betting in their betting program, allowing the bettors to choose the appropriate advantage, as demonstrated by the following example from Interwetten's betting offering.

Handicap betting football:

Abbildung: Ausschnitt aus dem Wettangebot von Bet365. Hier kann bei jedem Spiel der Bundesliga aus einer Vielzahl an unterschiedlichen Handicapwetten wählt werden.

At Bet365, the football betting experience is elevated with a wide selection of carefully curated handicap bets. These bets not only cover the outcome of the game but also include goal bets and corner bets. The extensive range ensures that football enthusiasts have various options to enhance their betting strategies and maximize their potential winnings. Bet365's commitment to providing an exceptional betting experience is evident in their comprehensive selection of handicap bets across different aspects of the game.

Some other online bookmakers offer football handicap bets in the area of cards or even in relation to shots on goal or offside positions.

In football, however, when it comes to numerous live betting options, one can also opt for the handicap bet. This choice is particularly popular in categories such as match outcome, goal bets, and corner bets.

Handicap betting in tennis.

Handicap bets are particularly popular in tennis betting – after all, the performance gap is enormous, especially in the early rounds of Grand Slam tournaments. This makes them a preferred choice for many bettors looking to maximize their chances of winning. By giving one player a virtual advantage or disadvantage, handicap bets level the playing field and create exciting opportunities for both experienced and novice punters. Whether you're backing the underdog or supporting the favorite, handicap bets add an extra layer of excitement to your tennis betting experience. So, why not explore the world of handicap bets and discover the thrill of strategic wagering in the dynamic world of tennis?

There are two options available for this: handicap betting based on the number of games or on the sets. You can choose between these two alternatives to make your wagers more exciting and diverse. If you prefer to focus on the number of games, handicap betting allows you to adjust the score in favor of the underdog or the favorite. On the other hand, if you're more interested in the overall outcome of the match, you can opt for handicap betting based on the sets. This type of betting gives you the opportunity to level the playing field and increase your chances of winning by adjusting the set score. Regardless of which option you choose, handicap betting adds an extra layer of strategy and excitement to your tennis betting experience. So, explore these possibilities and enhance your betting journey with handicap wagers!

If, for example, the favorite is given a game handicap of -6, they must win at least 7 more games than their opponent, who is considered the underdog, in order to win the match. This means that the favorite would have to dominate the game and secure a significant lead over their competitor. The game handicap serves as a way to level the playing field and make the match more competitive. It adds an element of challenge for the favorite, as they need to surpass the expectations placed upon them and showcase their superior skills. Ultimately, the outcome of the match is determined by the overall number of games won by each player, with the favorite needing to surpass the handicap in order to secure victory.

Handicap Betting: Basketball & Ice Hockey

When it comes to basketball betting and ice hockey betting, handicapping works just like in football. In these sports as well, the favored team is given a point or goal disadvantage. So, if you're looking to place a bet in these sports, handicapping is a strategy you can consider. By adjusting the odds based on the perceived strength of the teams, it adds an extra element of excitement and challenge to your betting experience.

There are numerous betting options available in both basketball and ice hockey, in addition to handicapping the outcome of the game. These alternatives encompass aspects such as free throws, time penalties, and won face-offs. Explore the wide array of possibilities beyond simply wagering on the final result.

The top 5 bookmakers for a handicap bet in October 2024.

Below, we present a table featuring the top five bookmakers for handicap betting. Our selection takes into account not only the range of handicap betting options but also the odds and performance in our bookmaker assessment.

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