The Asian handicap bet, also known as the Asian handicap wager in English, is a unique variation of the handicap bet that originates from Asia, as the name implies. Initially, it was recognized as "Hang Cheng Betting" in that region.

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How do Asian handicap bets work?

The Asian Handicap bet transforms a traditional three-way bet in football matches into a two-way bet.

Instead of the three possible outcomes in reality (Team 1 victory, draw, Team 2 victory), only two options (Team 1 victory or Team 2 victory) are offered for betting selection.

In Asian Handicap betting, just like with any other handicap bet, the underdog is given an advantage in the form of fictional goals, which aims to level the playing field and compensate for their inherent disadvantage based on sporting inferiority compared to their opponent. This pre-given advantage serves to balance the odds and create a more competitive match for both teams involved. By incorporating this unique handicap system, Asian Handicap betting offers a captivating and dynamic betting experience, where even teams with perceived disadvantages have a fair chance of winning.

Conversely, to level the playing field, the underdog is bestowed with the suffix "PlustoMart". This is done to elevate them to the same level as the favorite, "Minusstore".

Whether the bet tip is successful is determined not by the actual result of the match, but by the result of the game +/- handicap. Therefore, any "handicap goals" are added or subtracted to the goals in the game. It is the player's ability to accurately predict the outcome with consideration to the handicap that ultimately determines the success of the bet.

Unlike the traditional handicap bet, Asian Handicap balances the advantages and disadvantages in intervals of half goals (0.5), rather than whole goals. This unique approach to betting provides a more nuanced and exciting experience for punters. By incorporating half goals, Asian Handicap allows for a wider range of outcomes, increasing the potential for strategic betting and greater flexibility in predicting match results. Whether you're a seasoned bettor or new to the world of sports wagering, Asian Handicap offers an enticing alternative to traditional betting markets. Explore this innovative betting option today and discover a new level of excitement and opportunity in your sports betting journey.

If the opponents are roughly evenly matched, the handicap is usually set at 0.

From then on, the bookmaker deducts or credits 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, and so on goals to the superior opponent, depending on the level difference.

The handicap levels the playing field for both the favorite and the underdog.

By leveling out the disparities in athletic form and quality in this manner, the teams are brought to an equal footing, ensuring that they have roughly equal chances of victory or defeat. As a result, both teams are given approximately similar odds of winning by the bookmaker.

The Asian Handicap bet aims to focus on victory or defeat by denying the option of a draw. Its purpose is to provide a unique way of betting where the outcome is not limited to a tie. This type of wager offers an intriguing alternative, allowing bettors to explore various possibilities and strategies. By removing the possibility of a draw, the Asian Handicap bet encourages a more dynamic approach to betting, enticing individuals to analyze the teams' strengths and weaknesses more extensively. With this type of bet, punters can delve into a realm of excitement and anticipation, where victory or defeat becomes the sole determinants of success.

However, only handicaps involving half goals (e.g., 0.5 or 1.5) ensure that the bet can be settled in either direction. Nonetheless, it is crucial to emphasize that the involvement of such handicaps adds an element of flexibility to the outcome, allowing for more dynamic betting experiences. It is essential to understand the intricacies of handicap betting and how it differs from other types of wagers. By fully grasping the concept and its nuances, bettors can enhance their chances of success and make more informed decisions. So, whether you are a seasoned bettor or just starting your journey in the world of sports betting, exploring handicap bets can be a rewarding endeavor. With their unique characteristics, these wagers offer a thrilling alternative to traditional betting options.

In the case of tied matches, a draw is possible when it comes to whole goals. Consequently, in such instances, the bet amount is simply refunded for Asian handicaps.

Examples of Asian Handicap betting

Example 1: Borussia Dortmund versus Bayern Munich

Sieg BVB +0.5 Bayern Munich will win if they win with at least a 1-goal difference. If the match ends in a draw or Bayern loses, then the bet will be won by predicting Borussia Dortmund.
Sieg Bayern -0.5

Example 2: Bayern versus FC Barcelona

Sieg Bayern 0 If one of the two teams wins, the corresponding bet also wins. In the case of a draw, the wager is refunded for both bets.
Sieg Barca 0

Example 3: Schalke versus Bayern.

Sieg S04 +1 If Schalke wins or the game ends in a draw, the bet on Schalke wins. If Bayern wins with a difference of exactly 1 goal, the bet is settled as a draw and the stakes are returned. The bet on Munich only pays off if FCB wins with a difference of at least 2 goals.
Sieg Bayern -1

Unique and 100% HUMAN-LIKE version: Special Case of Double Asian Handicap Bet

The Double Asian Handicap bet combines two different Asian Handicap bets and splits the customer's wager equally between them. This unique wagering option provides an exciting twist to traditional betting, giving players the opportunity to diversify their strategies and increase their chances of winning. By evenly distributing the bet across two separate handicaps, bettors can maximize their potential returns and adapt to different game scenarios. With this innovative approach, customers can enhance their betting experience and explore new avenues to navigate the dynamic world of sports betting. Try the Double Asian Handicap bet today and discover a whole new level of excitement and possibilities!

Only Asian handicaps with a goal difference of 0.5 are combined into a double bet. Merge Asian handicaps that have a close 0.5 goal difference for a double wager.

An example would be the handicaps 0 and 0.5.

If the customer wagers $ 100,- on a team with the Double Asian Handicap 0, 0.5, then $ 50,- will be placed on the 0 handicap and $ 50,- will be placed on the 0.5 handicap. Consequently, the total bet amount will be equally split between the two handicaps, ensuring an even distribution of risk. By diversifying the wager, the customer can potentially increase their chances of winning and minimize potential losses. This strategic approach allows for a more balanced betting experience, enabling players to explore different possibilities and optimize their overall betting strategy.

The Double Bet, also known as the "Asian Handicap 0, 0.5," "Handicap 0.25," or "Quarter Handicap," is an intriguing wager that captivates many bettors. This unique betting option presents an enticing opportunity to diversify your betting strategy. Embrace the challenge of this alternative handicap, which injects excitement into the game. With its various names and interpretations, the Double Bet offers an appealing twist to traditional betting. So, why not embark on this thrilling betting adventure and explore the possibilities it holds?

The initial notation can be understood based on the previous explanations of the Asian Handicap.

The designations "0.25" or "quarter handicap" actually convey the same meaning - once as a decimal number, once as a fraction - namely, that the bet combines the two numerically closest Asian handicaps. Because the number lies exactly in the middle of the interval between 0 and 0.5.

Additional examples of Double Asian Handicap bets could include 0.5, 1 (or 0.75), or 1, 1.5 (or 1.25). For instance, in a match with a -1 handicap, a bet on -1, -1.5 would only be successful if the team wins by two or more goals. This type of bet provides greater flexibility and potential outcomes for bettors. It's important to consider the specific handicaps and their potential impact on the final result when placing Double Asian Handicap bets.

Example of Double Asian Handicap

Example: Borussia Dortmund versus Bayern Munich

Double AH
Victory BVB +0, 0.5 2.0
Sieg Bayern -0, 0.5 1.9
  • Let's imagine that Dortmund emerges victorious in the match, securing a lead of at least one goal difference. In such a scenario, if you had placed a wager of 100 euros, the evaluation would unfold as follows:

    The winning tip on Dortmund proves to be successful, resulting in a payout of €200 (as the wager of €100 is multiplied by 2.0 due to both partial bets being won). Those who bet on Bayern Munich, on the other hand, have lost their entire wager.

  • If the game ends in a draw, the evaluation looks different.

    The payout for the Dortmund bet is €150: €50 wager is refunded for the Asian Handicap 0, while €100 is derived from the won partial bet for the goal handicap +0.5 (€50 multiplied by the odds of 2.0). On the other hand, only €50 is credited for the Munich bet (refund of the wager for the partial bet Asian Handicap 0).

  • If, on the other hand, Bayern Munich wins, the evaluation will look as follows:

    Borussia Dortmund loses the bet. A credit of €190 will be given for betting on Bayern Munich - both sub-bets go for (bet amount of €100 x odds of 1.9).

Benefits of the Asian Handicap Bet

The clear advantage of Asian Handicap lies in the fact that the probability of winning bets that work with a half goal (0.5, 1.5, etc.) is evenly split at 50/50, as there are only two potential outcomes. This offers bettors a balanced playing field and eliminates the possibility of a draw, increasing the chances of a successful wager. By removing the option for a tie, Asian Handicap offers a more definitive and thrilling betting experience, where every match presents the opportunity for a decisive outcome. With its simple yet effective approach, Asian Handicap has become a popular choice among sports enthusiasts looking for a more dynamic and engaging betting strategy.

Because none of the teams can score half a goal during the game, such a thing does not exist in football. The handicap ensures a clear outcome in favor of one of the two teams, guaranteeing a definitive result.

If entire goals or no goals are given as a handicap, there are three potential scenarios with only one of them resulting in an actual loss.

The draw brings back the wager, while the victory of the chosen team adds to it a gain, and only the defeat of this team results in the bookmaker keeping the money.

Abbildung: Beispiel für Asian Handicap Wetten beim englischen Buchmacher Bet365 (Screen Datum: 02.09.2020)

The second advantage is not immediately apparent - only the experienced eye recognizes the pattern.

Asian handicap betting is often accompanied by odds around 2.0. Therefore, if you want to place a bet on a clear favorite in a football match, it may be advisable to consider the Asian handicap wager.

That is, assuming that the favorite will also clearly win the game and can make up for the imposed handicap – this estimation is rewarded with usually above-average attractive betting odds in Asian handicaps. This reward is granted when considering that the favorite will triumph convincingly and can offset the imposed disadvantage—typically accompanied by highly appealing betting odds—when participating in Asian handicaps. These estimations reap the benefits of Asian handicaps, as they usually offer exceptionally enticing betting odds, on the condition that the favorite is expected to win the game decisively and balance out the handicap imposed on them. By embracing this perspective, bettors are rewarded with attractive odds that tend to be above average. In Asian handicaps, this assessment is duly rewarded with betting odds that are usually more attractive than the norm.

The final advantage often goes completely unnoticed.

The majority of betting offers are designed in such a way that, after the payout of the betting profits, the bookmaker retains between 5 and 10% of all bets placed (compare odds margin and odds calculation).

In Asian handicap betting, however, bookmakers often calculate with a mere 2.5% profit margin. This implies that, proportionally speaking, more money is typically distributed to the bettors.

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Attention: The companies LeoVegas, ComeOn, and Mr Green are currently going through the application process for the new Canadian betting license. It is an exciting time for these betting operators as they strive to meet the requirements and regulations set forth by the licensing authority. The Canadian market holds great potential for growth and success, making it a highly sought-after opportunity for these companies. The application process involves thorough assessments of their operations, ensuring that they adhere to responsible gambling practices and provide a secure and fair betting environment for Canadian customers. With the new license, LeoVegas, ComeOn, and Mr Green aim to expand their presence in Canada and offer an exceptional betting experience to the enthusiastic Canadian bettors. Their commitment to compliance and customer satisfaction will undoubtedly play a crucial role in their success in this dynamic market.

It can be assumed that the mentioned bookmakers will soon receive confirmation for the Canadian sports betting license. Until then, customers can still take advantage of the bookmakers' offerings.

Although the classical handicap bet is available on almost every betting platform, European bookmakers seldom include Asian handicaps in their offerings. It is a unique feature that sets apart the Asian handicap from its traditional counterpart. While many bettors are familiar with the standard handicap option, the Asian handicap provides an alternative approach to betting, offering more flexibility and nuanced odds. Despite its popularity in the Asian market, European bookmakers have been slower to embrace this betting style. However, for those seeking a more diverse and exciting wagering experience, exploring the realm of Asian handicaps can prove to be highly rewarding.

Bet365 and Unibet, two prominent English bookmakers, offer a diverse range of Asian handicap bets. These bookmakers specialize in providing an extensive selection of options for bettors seeking this specific type of wager. Asian handicap betting has gained popularity for its unique structure, which aims to level the playing field by granting virtual advantages or disadvantages to teams or players based on their perceived abilities. For those looking to engage in this exciting form of wagering, Bet365 and Unibet present a wealth of opportunities and competitive odds.

ComeOn offers a limited selection of Asian Handicap options, albeit with a decent variety to choose from. On the other hand, Interwetten has a smaller range of choices in this regard. Despite this, they still provide a solid foundation of AH offerings.

Important considerations with Interwetten: If a bet is settled as a draw and it was placed as a single bet, Interwetten does not refund the entire bet amount, but instead retains a 10% fee, as well as an additional 5% tax contribution from Canadian customers.

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