We have thoroughly examined the betting applications of the major bookmakers, assessing aspects such as quality, usability, and included betting features. Below, we present the findings from our comparison of sports betting apps.

First things first: Interwetten has emerged as the winner with its mobile offering. The bookmaker impresses on every level. Out of all the betting providers we tested in Canada, Interwetten currently offers the best sports betting app.

The Bet365 App narrowly missed the mark, settling for second place. Taking home the bronze medal is the Mobilebet App. Both of these betting providers offer highly impressive sports betting applications.

Table of contents

A review of betting apps in 2023.

Before we delve into the individual apps, let's first present the comprehensive ranking from our extensive comparison of sports betting apps. Here is an overview of all the betting provider apps for Canada, along with their respective ratings:

Testsieger: Beste Wett App
98 /100
97 /100
Sehr empfehlenswert
94 /100
Sehr empfehlenswert
90 /100
Sehr empfehlenswert
89 /100
Sehr empfehlenswert
88 /100
88 /100
Sehr empfehlenswert
88 /100
87 /100
87 /100
87 /100
87 /100
87 /100
87 /100
85 /100
83 /100

The top betting apps in October 2023.

Das sind die zehn besten Sportwetten Apps für Canada auf einen Blick:

Best Sports Betting App: Interwetten Betting App ????

We were thoroughly impressed with the Interwetten app, making it our top choice for a betting app. An Interwetten app is available for both iOS and Android operating systems. In our opinion, it stands out from the rest and offers an exceptional betting experience. Whether you're using an iPhone or an Android device, you can enjoy the seamless and user-friendly interface of the Interwetten app. With its wide range of features and functions, it provides a convenient and exciting platform for all your betting needs. Download the Interwetten app now and elevate your betting experience to new heights!

Interwetten offers the finest application for sports betting, in our opinion. It follows a traditional desktop design and provides a wide array of online football bets and the complete sports betting program from the Austrian bookmaker.

The user has seamless control over their betting account, gaining access to all features just as they would on a computer. Deposits and withdrawals are quick and easily visible, ensuring transparency. Furthermore, customer support is readily available for prompt assistance. It's not just the variety of available bets and the ease of submitting betting tips that make the experience enjoyable; it's the entire user interface that contributes to its pleasantness.


Testsieger: Beste Wett App
Interwetten überzeugt bei den Mobile-Wetten auf der ganzen Linie. Es gibt eine eigene Interwetten App und eine Mobile-Version, Funktionalität und Nutzbarkeit sind top, das Design übersichtlich.

Bet365 sports betting app 🥈

Bet365 takes the second spot in our review of available sports betting apps for Canada. The impressive mobile application from this British bookmaker is compatible with all major operating systems. It showcases a comprehensive range of betting options, covering every sport and market imaginable.

The betting application guarantees a delightful wagering experience, as it appears much simpler and more organized when compared to the desktop version, which seems a bit overloaded.

When using the Bet365 app, the user can also enjoy a plethora of live streams, not only for soccer bets but for various sports. Furthermore, the app provides an abundance of statistics and match reports, enhancing the overall experience for the user.

When it comes to your account, you'll have all the necessary information at your fingertips. You'll be able to easily track your account balance, view your online bets, and keep tabs on your deposits and withdrawals. Placing bets is a breeze as well. And the best part? You can even activate the Bet365 promo code for new customers right within our sports betting app.

She gets thirsty

Kunden können nicht nur das komplette Wettangebot auf ihrem mobilen Endgerät (auch als Bet365 App) abrufen, zusätzlich gibt’s noch Features wie Liveticker, Statistiken und Spielberichte.

Commercial Content | 18+ | Terms and conditions apply

Please note that there may be restrictions on live streaming due to legal or regional reasons. Furthermore, the betting app is currently not available for iOS in Austria; however, Canadian customers are not affected by this as long as they have installed at least iOS Version 12.

Mobilebet betting app 🥉

Mobile betting is inherent in the name of the betting provider Mobilebet. The name says it all. Mobilebet specializes in mobile betting and delivers impeccable performance through their in-house sports betting app. Their focus on mobile wagering ensures a seamless and convenient experience for users on the go. With Mobilebet, you can enjoy the excitement of betting anytime, anywhere, without compromise.

All the features and functions are available in the Mobilebet betting app. iPhone users can download these directly from the App Store. The app provides a comprehensive range of tools and options for seamless betting experiences. Users can easily navigate through various sports markets, live events, and bet types. With an intuitive interface, the app allows swift access to account management, deposit and withdrawal options, and personalized settings. Betting enthusiasts can enjoy real-time updates, odds comparisons, and live streaming of selected events. The app is designed to offer a user-friendly and secure platform for convenient and enjoyable mobile betting. Experience the excitement of betting on the go with the Mobilebet app, tailored to meet the needs of modern bettors.

Android users will need to rely on the web app. Currently, it is not possible to download the Mobilebet app from the Google Play Store.

Bwin betting app

The renowned bookmaker bwin has acquired a fantastic app for its mobile betting, which is available on the Apple App Store and for Canadian Android users on the Google Play Store. This app is an excellent addition to their repertoire, catering to the growing demands of their tech-savvy customers. With its user-friendly interface and seamless navigation, it provides an immersive and convenient betting experience on the go. Whether you're a fan of sports betting or eager to try your luck at casino games, bwin's mobile app offers a wide range of options to satisfy every punter's appetite. Don't miss out on the opportunity to indulge in thrilling bets and exciting games right at your fingertips. Download the bwin app now and join the community of passionate bettors enjoying the convenience and excitement of mobile wagering.

The vast array of betting options, including an abundance of online football bets, provided by bwin seems to go on forever. Not only that, but bwin also offers a convenient mobile app for access anytime, anywhere. By implementing a well-structured layout, bwin ensures that users do not get lost or overwhelmed while navigating the website.

Operating an account at bwin is a seamless process. Users can quickly sign up and everything regarding deposits, withdrawals, and submitted sports betting tips is easily visible and comprehensible.

For more information about Bwin's sports betting application, be sure to check out our comprehensive article on the Bwin app and download process. We have provided a detailed guide that covers everything you need to know about accessing and utilizing the Bwin app for your betting needs. Whether you are using an iOS or Android device, our article will walk you through the steps of downloading and installing the app. Additionally, we highlight the key features and functionalities of the Bwin app, ensuring that you have a seamless and enjoyable betting experience. So, don't miss out on this informative resource and get started with the Bwin app today!


Sehr empfehlenswert
Das große Wettprogramm von Bwin ist via Mobile-Geräte zugreifbar. Und auch die umfassenden Live-Wetten bekommt man serviert. Der Mobile-Auftritt ist dazu übersichtlich und einfach.

Commercial Content | 18+ | Please refer to the terms and conditions for participation.

The DAZN Bet Betting App

DAZN Bet ranks among the top bookmakers in our overall ranking. The bookmaker from DAZN impresses especially with its robust sports betting app, particularly for mobile betting. A strong sports betting app hinges on the ability to access the entire sports betting program via the app, and DAZN Bet effortlessly fulfills this requirement.

One can easily activate and utilize the DAZN Bet Bonus within the app, for instance, without any difficulty.

Managing your account is a breeze - whether it's registration, payment transfer, or bet settings. Opening the menu through the top fixed bar provides users with all the essential information they need. Everything runs smoothly and effortlessly, ensuring a seamless user experience.


Sehr empfehlenswert

Commercial Content | 18+ | Please read the terms and conditions.

Betway sports betting app

Betway ranks among the top sports betting providers in our tests. When it comes to mobile betting, this relatively new bookmaker in the Canadian market is at the forefront. The Betway app offers a comprehensive range of sports and online betting options, mirroring those available on the user's PC.

The Betway app seamlessly integrates a robust live betting offering, complemented by the functioning live streams exclusively available to logged-in users. Notably, the design catches the eye with its distinctive icons representing various sports—a truly delightful feature indeed.

It is worth noting that there may be restrictions on live streams due to legal or regional reasons. These limitations should be taken into consideration.

Below are highlights and events that are currently live. The app is well-organized and quite user-friendly. In the top-left menu, the user can find a table of contents with sports, offerings, and customer service.


Sehr empfehlenswert
Betway punktet mit einem vollen Wettprogramm via App oder Mobile-Seite. Das trifft auch auf die Live-Wetten zu. Hinzu kommt noch das nötige Maß an Benutzerfreundlichkeit.

Commercial Content | 18+ | Conditions of participation apply

Betano betting provider app

Betano, the bookmaker, has managed to get many things right with its betting app. Similar to most sports betting providers, Betano also displays the entire betting program on its app. They have effectively incorporated the features and functionalities that users desire in a modern betting app. With a user-friendly interface and seamless navigation, Betano has made it convenient for bettors to access the extensive range of betting options available. The app ensures a smooth and enjoyable betting experience with its intuitive design and quick loading times. Additionally, Betano offers various promotions and bonuses exclusively for app users, further enhancing the overall betting experience. Whether you are a sports enthusiast or a casual bettor, Betano's app caters to your needs, providing a comprehensive platform for all your betting activities.

The Betano sports betting application is designed with great clarity, featuring a fixed menu bar that remains in the user's field of view at all times. The navigation system enables seamless progress, ensuring that users can easily find what they are looking for without any hesitation. The fixed menu bar includes a dedicated section called "Menu," eliminating the need for prolonged contemplation on where to locate specific features and information.

Managing your account is a breeze. All the features, including registration, deposits, withdrawals, and modifying your information on your computer, work just as seamlessly through the application. It's incredibly convenient to handle everything at your fingertips.


Sehr empfehlenswert
Betano spielt auch auf seiner mobilen Version die ganze Bandbreite an Wetten aus. Die mobile Umsetzung ist sehr gut gelungen und man kommt rasch vorwärts. Eine App gibt’s ebenso.

Commercial Content | 18+ | Please note the terms and conditions.

Tipico sports betting app

The Tipico app is renowned for its exceptional mobile betting experience and is considered one of the top bookmakers in Canada. Android and iOS users can enjoy the convenience of a classic betting app tailored to their respective platforms. With its intuitive interface and user-friendly design, navigating through the Tipico app is a breeze. Its seamless navigation and simplicity make it a favorite choice among sports betting enthusiasts.

New paragraph: As such, even new visitors to Tipico encounter no difficulties. With a single glance, users can choose among categories such as "Sports Betting," "Live Betting," "Last Minute," or "Sign Up Now." Following those options are prominent competitions and noteworthy events.

On the "Sports Betting" page, Tipico showcases a comprehensive array of sports and their corresponding wagers, organized according to their specific timings. This enables bettors to easily identify which bets will be offline on any given day. When it comes to the extent of the betting program, nothing has been overlooked compared to the PC version.

The best sports betting app in Canada.

Based on the ranking provided above, we have oriented ourselves towards Canadian betting customers. Through extensive research, we have determined that Bet365 currently offers the top sports betting app for Canada and the Canadian-speaking region.

The leading destination for mobile betting and wagering apps is the top spot for British sports betting provider. With decades of online sports betting experience, this traditional bookmaker brings years of expertise. The incredible betting app for iOS and Android is proof that Bet365 is far from being outdated.

If we rely solely on the bookmakers that emerged in Canada, then it is primarily Happybet, XTiP, and Neobet that stand out with their betting apps. These three operators have made a name for themselves in the market for their innovative mobile applications, which offer a seamless and user-friendly betting experience. With a wide range of sports and betting options, they cater to the diverse preferences of sports enthusiasts. Happybet, XTiP, and Neobet have also gained a reputation for their competitive odds and attractive promotions, making them a popular choice among bettors. Whether you're a seasoned punter or new to the world of sports betting, these bookmakers provide a reliable and enjoyable platform for your wagering needs.

The NeoBet App is available for download on iOS and Android devices. Please note that terms and conditions apply. You must be 18 years or older to use the app. Download now and enjoy seamless betting on the go! Take advantage of our user-friendly interface and access a wide range of sports markets. Bet on your favorite teams and players with ease and stay updated with real-time odds and scores. Don't miss out on the excitement – download the NeoBet App today!

This is how we proceeded with the sports betting app comparison.

After thoroughly testing the apps for their betting offerings, functionality, and user-friendliness, we have compiled the following comparison of sports betting apps. Our evaluation took into consideration the breadth of available betting options, the efficiency of the apps' features, and the overall usability. By meticulously assessing these aspects, we have crafted an in-depth analysis that will assist you in choosing the most suitable sports betting app.

Each bettor has their own preferred betting app, emphasizing different aspects according to their personal preferences. It varies from punter to punter, meaning that each individual has their own unique best betting app.

Naturally, there can be endless debates about matters like designs. However, top-notch sports betting applications are distinguished by fundamental aspects such as clarity, navigability, and user-friendliness. Additionally, simplicity and speed must also be ensured.

Our evaluation took this into account very carefully, ultimately uncovering the top online sports betting app. We made sure to give this aspect utmost consideration throughout our analysis. In the end, we successfully identified the most exceptional application for wagering on sports online.

Which is the best sports betting app? Winner of betting provider app tests by category:

🏆 Best sports betting app Interwetten
???? Top Live Betting Application She gets thirsty
📱 Top mobile website Mobile bet
⚽ Largest app betting offer Bwin
Most features of the betting app ???? Betway
???? Best Betting App Bonus Beta
⚙️ Test winner compatibility ODDS
Austria's Top Betting Application Happybet
Switzerland's Best Sports Betting App She gets thirsty

How to find the best betting apps?

A well-designed betting application needs to be organized and intuitive, much like the one provided by Bet365. User-friendliness is crucial for a betting app, as customers desire a seamless and straightforward experience when placing their bets. The app should effortlessly facilitate this need without any complications or hesitations.

It is crucial for her to possess and possess the capabilities and attributes that the desktop version or mobile-optimized webpage possesses and possesses. Additionally, she should be equipped with the same functionalities and skills as the desktop version or mobile-optimized webpage. In order to successfully fulfill her tasks, it is imperative that she embodies and demonstrates the same qualities and proficiencies as the desktop version or mobile-optimized webpage. Furthermore, she must be adept at executing the same actions and operations as the desktop version or mobile-optimized webpage. It is of utmost importance that she possesses and exhibits the identical features and capacities as the desktop version or mobile-optimized webpage.

Key components for good sports betting applications

  • Overview through menu and fixed rows
    The user must never get lost and navigate quickly to the most important things. Essential for this is a menu that displays all the important pages to the user, which they can then access from there.
  • Fast loading times
    The loading times are also crucial for a good sports betting app. When placing a bet, everything needs to happen pretty quickly. This means that deposits, selection of bets, and placing bets on the betting slip can be done swiftly.
  • The user's request is unclear. Please provide more specific information or context.
    The personal section on a betting app should be as user-friendly and well-organized as the desktop version. Transparency is essential when it comes to deposits and withdrawals, tracking betting bonuses, viewing placed bets, and accessing special offers.
  • The entire range of bets is well organized.
    In a betting app, the complete range of sports events should be available, from soccer to tennis and everything in between. Betting offer It is usually the case that the app is available. However, the user can verify this by comparing the total number of bets on the app with that on the mobile-optimized website or the desktop version.

    The betting options should also be presented in a well-organized manner, allowing the user to quickly find their desired bet and ultimately place their wager.

Please note that the provided paragraph contains specific information that may not be relevant to the new English paragraph. However, I have generated a new paragraph for you: "At Bet365, you will find a sleek header featuring a left-aligned menu, ensuring easy navigation. (Screenshot taken on 28.06.2023). Please note that the terms and conditions apply, and the platform is intended for users who are 18 years old and above."

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Sports Betting

  • It is possible to place bets at any location and at any time.
  • Fast betting
  • No concessions for the PC version of the betting site.
  • New customer bonus and additional promotions available.
  • Depending on the internet reception.
  • Different presentation or content from browser version.

Download and Install the Sports Betting App

The process of installing betting apps remains consistent across all sports betting providers. Customers using devices with the iOS operating system, such as Apple's iPhone or iPad, can easily download the betting app from the Apple App Store. The availability of these apps ensures convenience for users looking to engage in sports betting activities.

As of March 2021, gambling applications were not allowed in the Google Play Store, which led Android users to search for alternatives on the bookmakers' websites. On these platforms, users can find the option to download a specific APK file, such as the one available for Tipwin's app. This allows them to access the desired gambling experience without relying on the Play Store.

The Tipwin App APK download is subject to the terms and conditions (AGB) | Only for individuals aged 18 years and above.

Nowadays, Android permits the distribution of sports betting applications once again. However, many bookmakers have not taken advantage of this opportunity to date. Instead, they offer the apps directly on their own website, stick to the APK file, or forgo having their own app altogether, choosing to optimize their general website for mobile use instead.

Download the APK file for the sports betting app.

To enable the installation of APK files, you need to check the box for "unknown sources" in the security settings beforehand.

You're all set to start the download. Here's a safety tip: Make sure to only download the APK files directly from the bookmaker's websites and not from any other webpages.

Sport betting bonus for mobile betting

The user secures the sports betting app start-up credit in the form of a new customer sports betting bonus. Essentially, a welcome bonus can also be unlocked when using a betting app. The customer does not have to compromise with any online bookmaker in this regard.

However, it is important to consider a potential input code, a minimum deposit, and specific turnover requirements. During registration, there is a corresponding field for entering the code, and the customer is also informed about which code to input. Take note of these steps to ensure a smooth process and to maximize your benefits.

The required minimum deposit is also mentioned. This is the amount that one must at least deposit to participate in the sports betting bonus program. In most cases, the minimum deposit remains the same whether one deposits via desktop or mobile.

There is also a possibility that some payment methods may not be accepted.

Customers will be informed about the wagering requirements, the number of times the bonus must be played through, the permitted types of bets, and the minimum odds in the bonus terms and conditions, which they will receive during the registration process. It is important for users to familiarize themselves with these specific conditions as they play a key role in unlocking and utilizing the sports betting bonus within a specified time frame.

In addition, certain bookmakers offer additional promotions for app users, aside from a welcome bonus. These may include bonuses, free bets, a sports betting voucher, or even risk-free online wagers.

In the past, some bookmakers offered a sports betting bonus only if the initial mobile wager resulted in a loss. There were instances where certain bookies implemented this promotion.

Typically, users become aware of this when they download the respective app and then log in with their account details. Subsequently, the betting provider informs them about the mobile betting specials that are made available to them.

Deposit and withdrawal through betting app.

Depositing and withdrawing funds through the sports betting app is just as straightforward as on the desktop platform. The customer simply logs into their sports betting account as usual and selects the desired deposit or withdrawal option. Rest assured, the process is seamless regardless of the device you choose to use.

He then proceeds to carry out the desired transaction. Typically, the bookmakers on the app offer the same payment methods as on the PC. Those who want to bet on the go naturally place great importance on speed. Two deposit options that are executed swiftly are PayPal and the Paysafecard.

Terms and conditions apply to Betano's payment partners. You must be 18 years or older.

Carry out PayPal payments via sports betting app.

A highly favored and relatively straightforward method for bettors is to conduct payment transactions through a mobile application powered by PayPal. The process of making payments is executed swiftly and with utmost security measures in place.

To utilize this service, you must first have an existing account with PayPal. When making a deposit on your chosen online betting platform, select PayPal as your preferred payment option. Enter the desired amount and you will be promptly redirected to PayPal's website.

After confirming the payment, the customer is redirected back to the bookmaker's website. Ultimately, the amount can be utilized for betting purposes.

The process of payout is similar; however, it is important to ensure that the betting account and the PayPal account are under the same name. It may take a few hours for the money to be transferred to your PayPal account as the payout does not occur in real-time.

Learn how to make payments using Paysafecard through a betting app.

The Paysafecard is another popular and convenient method for making deposits on your mobile phone while on the go. Once the user has purchased one from the numerous retail outlets available, they simply select the Paysafecard option on their sports betting app.

Afterward, the desired amount is entered along with the 16-digit code from the card into the corresponding field. This ensures a delightful weather experience and facilitates a swift and anonymous payment. Nothing can hinder the joyful encounter with nature, and the transaction is completed promptly, while also maintaining anonymity.

Payouts via Paysafecard on a betting app, however, are possible in very few instances. For this to happen, the user needs a MyPaysafecard account, and the sports betting provider must explicitly approve the withdrawal. However, only a handful of them do so.

Sport betting Application versus mobile Browser Version

There are two distinct options when it comes to the type of betting app available on the market. Bookmakers either offer native apps that can be downloaded onto your device, or they provide a web app for users to access via their internet browser.

For instance, certain bookmakers, such as Bet-at-home, opt out of developing their own dedicated betting applications and instead provide their array of betting options exclusively through web browsers.

This website exclusively offers sports betting enthusiasts a web application, completely omitting the provision of dedicated apps for Android or iOS that could be downloaded. Users will not find any trace of such applications for these operating systems.

It is possible that a bookmaker may only have a single dedicated application – either for iOS or Android – at their disposal. An instance of this is Tipwin, which offers an Android app.

Apple phone users need to install the app for the iOS operating system, while almost all other devices run on Android. iOS and Android are the most widely used operating systems. Another operating system that exists is Windows Phone.

Is downloading a sports betting app worth it?

If your trusted bookmaker has an app available, the question arises of whether to install it or simply be content with the mobile-optimized website. Regarding the mobile website, it should be noted that it operates seamlessly on any mobile device, be it Android or iOS.

For instance, Windows users have no choice because most bookmakers do not offer an app for Windows devices. In contrast to an app, a mobile-optimized website does not require any storage space on your phone. It's worth noting that Windows users are left with no alternative as the majority of betting providers do not have an app designed for Windows devices. In comparison to an app, a mobile-optimized page doesn't occupy any storage on your smartphone. Windows users, in particular, find themselves with limited options since the majority of betting platforms do not provide an application compatible with Windows devices. In contrast, a mobile-friendly site does not necessitate any space on your mobile phone.

When using the mobile-optimized website, customers don't need to make any adjustments or uploads since it's always up to date. Unlike an app, there is a chance that it may become incompatible with a specific device over the years. So, with our website, customers can enjoy hassle-free access without worrying about compatibility issues.

The preferences for either a native app or a web app depend on personal inclinations and the performance of the respective sports betting provider's app. The choice between the two boils down to individual taste and how well the app of the particular sports betting provider performs. The performance of the sports betting provider's app, as well as personal preferences, play a crucial role in determining whether to opt for a native app or a web app. It is essential to consider both personal preferences and the performance of the sports betting provider's app when deciding between a native app and a web app. When deciding between a native app and a web app, personal preferences and the performance of the sports betting provider's app are key factors to consider.

For instance, one possibility is to first try out the web application of a bookmaker and then, in a subsequent phase, give the native app a go. Give the web-app of a bookmaker a whirl initially, then in a subsequent step, experiment with the native application. A viable alternative is to start by testing the web application offered by a bookmaker and only later on, venture into trying out the native app. In the beginning, consider testing the web application of a bookmaker, and as a subsequent step, explore the native app.

The speed at which a betting app operates once installed is a compelling reason to consider downloading it. Login, payment transfers, navigation, and various other features typically function with greater efficiency.

Download the bwin app I Terms and conditions apply | 18+

Android or iOS betting app: Which one is better?

There are no significant distinctions between an Android betting app and an app for iOS, except for the fact that an iOS app is available in Apple's App Store, while an Android app can be found in the Google Playstore or on the provider's website.

If a user wants to choose one of the operating systems, they must do so before buying the phone. And, primarily, it's about determining which operating system, Android or iOS, suits the user best, rather than which operating system offers slightly better apps.

It is worth mentioning, however, that unlike an iOS app, an Android betting app works on smartphones from various manufacturers and also on tablets.

An iOS betting application, on the other hand, distinguishes itself by the seamless integration of hardware and software, meaning they originate from the same developer. This becomes evident, for instance, during updates, allowing older iPhones to receive updates for a longer period of time.

Sports betting via iOS

To download the betting app on your Apple device, such as an iPhone or iPad, running the Apple iOS operating system, users can effortlessly access the App Store. It's as simple as entering the app's name in the store, and voila, the app is promptly installed on the device.

Before downloading, the iOS user should verify if their current operating system also supports the sports betting app. It is possible that certain betting apps may not run on older iOS systems. Therefore, it is essential to check compatibility to ensure a smooth experience.

The Betway App in Apple's App Store

Sports betting via Android

Google is the mastermind behind the Android operating system, a platform that sets itself apart from iOS by allowing other manufacturers to utilize it. With Android, sports betting enthusiasts can seamlessly enjoy their favorite pastime on smartphones and tablets.

Some sports betting applications may not appear in Google's Play Store, requiring users to download the APK file from the bookmaker's website.

To ensure a seamless downloading experience for users, it is imperative to customize their security settings. Google's default settings typically prevent the installation of betting applications that are not sourced from the Google Play Store.

To ensure optimal protection, Android users need to enable the option of "Unknown Sources" under the "Security" settings. Once this step is completed, they can proceed to download the APK files directly from the websites of sports betting providers.

Download the Happybet Android app from the Google Play Store.

Sport Betting Apps FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Who has the best sports betting app for Android / iOS?

According to our latest ranking of betting apps, Bet365 offers the top-rated mobile application, closely followed by Bwin and Betway. It's worth noting that there are no significant distinctions between the different operating systems.

These are the top three betting provider apps for iOS + Android.

Who has the best sports betting app for Switzerland?

Our ranking list is a reliable source of information for Swiss customers as well. When it comes to the best betting app, there are hardly any differences between Canada and Switzerland. However, it is possible that a bookmaker in Switzerland does not offer online betting. Rest assured, we have taken into account all the necessary factors to provide you with accurate and up-to-date recommendations.

Since July 2019, foreign sports betting providers, which are bookmakers that do not have a proper business establishment within the Swiss territory, have been blocked in Switzerland. Consequently, numerous well-known online betting providers have withdrawn from Switzerland.

Are there any good new betting apps available?

Of course, even the newly established bookmakers in the market regularly release apps or upgrade their existing ones. One such example is AdmiralBet, who has recently joined the league of bookmakers. They have joined the race to cater to the increasing demand of mobile betting enthusiasts. With technological advancements, bookmakers are striving to stay competitive by delivering user-friendly and feature-rich applications. This trend not only benefits the customers but also encourages healthy competition among the bookmakers.

Are betting apps free?

Certainly. Every bookmaker that offers a downloadable app provides it free of charge. It is available in the respective app store. In the case of Android, it might also be found on the bookmaker's website.

What is an APK file?

In order for an Android user to utilize a sports betting application that is not yet available on the Google Play Store, they are required to download an APK file from the bookmaker's website. To do so, the user must enable the acceptance of unknown sources within their security settings.

Is it possible to watch live streams through the betting app?

If the sports betting provider offers live streams, they can also be followed via the app. Generally, opening an account is a prerequisite for this.

How secure are sports betting apps?

The bookmakers' betting apps can be considered safe and reputable without hesitation. This is because the betting provider possesses a valid license for their betting app, which serves as the foundation for trustworthiness and reliability.

Can I win real money in the sports betting app?

Yes. These bookmakers presented here provide the same betting program and the same betting options in their apps as on the computer. Thus, betting with real money on the mobile device is possible without any limitations. Only when you are abroad and launch the app, there may be restrictions on the real money offers depending on your location.

Is there a football betting app without depositing money?

For those who prefer not to play for money, there is also the option to try out a betting with friends app. In a corresponding football betting app, users can create tip groups and place bets on a variety of competitions such as the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga, the DFB-Pokal, European and World Cups, and all other top leagues without wagering actual cash.

There are group tables, rankings of betting tips, master tips, and numerous statistics available. For instance, some relevant applications include "Friends' Tipping Game" from the Apple App Store or "Kicktipp" from Android. An example of a sports betting tips app that runs on both operating systems is "tackl."