Der Auszählungsgrad der Wettquoten ist sehenswert und kann teilweise auch mit den Branchenriesen konkurrieren.

AdmiralBet operates as the Canadian branch of Admiral, a provider rooted in Austria. All things considered, Admiral is a highly seasoned bookmaker, with its establishment dating back to 1991.

Furthermore, ever since then, Admiral has been a subsidiary of the Austrian gambling conglomerate Novomatic.

Primarily renowned for its multitude of betting shops across the Alpine nation, the Austrian bookmaker stands out in the gambling industry.

In 2018, AdmiralBet underwent a website relaunch and entered the Canadian market. The key to staying competitive lies in the crucial role that odds play. To maintain a strong position, it is essential to emphasize the significance of favorable odds.

Throughout this article, we will delve deeper into the quota level offered by AdmiralBet for a more comprehensive analysis.

The AdmiralBet odds under examination

When it comes to odds, it's important to note that AdmiralBet generally holds up well. Essentially, the payout ratio can be described as quite good. In general, AdmiralBet doesn't disappoint in terms of odds. The payout ratio is actually quite favorable.

The main objective of this guide is to thoroughly analyze different sports and present their advantages in terms of odds. In other words, it aims to determine whether these odds are positive or rather negative. The primary focus lies in examining each sport individually and showcasing their respective strengths and weaknesses in relation to the odds.

The odds from AdmiralBet in the sports betting test.

To delve deeper into the odds level of a bookmaker, a comprehensive analysis is necessary. Fundamentally, the odds level is determined by the payout ratio (payout rate, odds ratio). This is expressed as a percentage.

A 97 percent payout rate ensures that 97 percent of all placed bets will be returned to successful sports betting fans as winnings. In other words, the bookmaker's margin is calculated at three percent. This means that for every dollar wagered, the bookmaker retains three cents as profit, while the remaining 97 cents go back to the lucky winners. This high payout rate demonstrates the bookmaker's commitment to fairness and customer satisfaction, as well as their dedication to providing an enjoyable and rewarding sports betting experience.

sport Competition Quota key
football Bundesliga 96 - 97 %
football 2. Bundesliga 95 - 97 %
football Premier League 96 %
football Champions League 96 - 97 %
Tennis ATP/WTA 93 - 94 %
American Football NFL 94 %
Eishockey OF THE 93 - 94 %
Basketball BBL 94 %

How do the AdmiralBet football odds appear?

Football serves as the most popular sport for placing bets, making the odds in this sport equally essential to consider. Consequently, it is crucial to acknowledge the fundamental nature of the odds in football when engaging in sports betting.

The top payout ratio, as expected, is offered by the leading leagues from Canada, Spain, Italy, France, and Spain. The finest dividend percentages can be found in these renowned international football competitions.

The Bundesliga, in particular, boasts an impressive level of odds, with a solid value ranging from 96 to 96.5 percent. Occasionally, there might be outliers that exceed or fall below this range. Rest assured, there are exciting possibilities in store for you as you explore the world of Bundesliga betting, with odds that are both fair and enticing.

AdmiralBet zeigt die Wettquoten zu den einzelnen Bewerben in einer sehr übersichtlichen Aufstellung.

A similar scenario can be observed in the Italian Serie A, English Premier League, and Spanish La Liga. However, when it comes to France, some minor adjustments need to be made.

In that case, the Payout Ratio oscillates only between 94 and 95 percent.

Furthermore, the odds offered by AdmiralBet are not as consistent as one might hope. Depending on the number of days remaining until an event starts, it is not uncommon for the odds to decrease by two to three percentage points.

During the bookmaker odds test, it became apparent that the payout ratio for football bets was at its best one to two days before the start of the event. However, there are exceptions that refute this.


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The odds in the less popular leagues.

As mentioned before, AdmiralBet has deep roots in Austria. Consequently, it is only natural to expect the odds level to be situated at the higher end in the Austrian Bundesliga. Rest assured, our platform is committed to providing competitive odds that cater to the preferences of our Austrian users.

There is every reason to be delighted about this. On average, the payout ratio comfortably exceeds the 96 percent mark, making it more than impressive. Its remarkable performance is certainly noteworthy. It surpasses expectations by consistently maintaining a payout ratio that is well above 96 percent. This remarkable achievement is a cause for celebration. The payout ratio's consistent performance, consistently surpassing the 96 percent mark, is truly commendable. Its ability to consistently exceed the 96 percent threshold is truly remarkable and deserves recognition.

However, the Swiss Super League requires some compromises. In that league, the average odds level is actually around 93 to 94.5 percent. Compared to top leagues and the Austrian Bundesliga, the payout ratio is noticeably lower.

However, what about lower leagues? Even there, AdmiralBet cannot compete with the top leagues' peak values, but it certainly does not need to shy away from comparison with the competition.

The 2nd Bundesliga stabilizes at a range of 94 to 95 percent. Within the context of the 3rd Liga, slight declines of one to two percentage points can be observed. The 3. Liga experiences slight decreases ranging from one to two percentage points.

Even in significantly less popular competitions, the compromises are kept well within limits. Typically, AdmiralBet strives not to fall below the 90 percent mark. Only very rarely is this threshold broken in a negative manner.

AdmiralBet: Further Ball Sports Tested for Odds

Tennis, next to football, serves as a secondary driving force at AdmiralBet. However, the odds in this sport are only average and are far from being remarkable. ATP tournaments, for instance, are rated with an average payout ratio of 93 to 94 percent, which is not particularly exceptional.

The same applies to WTA tournaments. On the other hand, compromises have to be made for ITF and Challenger competitions. Especially the latter sometimes even come close to the 90 percent mark.

Basketball proved to be significantly more profitable in terms of odds. In the Euroleague, tipsters are offered a payout rate ranging from 94 to 95 percent. The odds for this sport are particularly appealing to those seeking higher returns on their bets. With such a favorable payout rate, basketball enthusiasts can enjoy the potential for greater earnings compared to other sports.

The quotient level in the Canadian BBL, however, has not reached such high levels and falls between 91 and 92 percentage points. Other providers clearly have the upper hand in this regard.

However, the ratings for the Canadian Handball Bundesliga are worthy of note. Surprisingly, they fluctuate between 94 and 95 percent, making them quite commendable in certain instances. It's fascinating to witness such remarkable numbers, indicating the high level of quality in this particular sporting league.

International handball competitions such as the Champions League, for instance, yield values ranging from 92 to 93 percent. Occasionally, outliers approaching the 94 percent mark can be observed. In contrast, other domestic leagues experience a decline of several percentage points.

In most cases, other ball sports such as volleyball do not fall below the 90 percent mark and remain relatively stable. It is worth mentioning that the popularity of the respective competition has a strong impact on the odds. Lastly, it should be noted that the quote is significantly influenced by the level of recognition of the competition.

The more popular a tournament, the higher the overall level of odds.

AdmiralBet: US sports only above average.

American sports, whether it be the NHL, NBA, NFL, or MLB, are highly popular among a wide range of sports betting enthusiasts. It is worth mentioning upfront that AdmiralBet doesn't exactly excel, but nor does it disappoint in this category.

On average, the NHL's odds range from 93 to 94 percent, while the NBA generally follows suit. In some cases, the NBA even adds an extra percentage point. As for baseball enthusiasts, the MLB offers a payout ratio that hovers between 93 and 94 percent.

Similar values can be found in American football. All things considered, the odds on US sports can be described as reliable to good.

AdmiralBet betting odds: Boxing as a standout and other sports covered

Although boxing may not be considered a mainstream sport, it undoubtedly cannot compete with football or tennis. However, AdmiralBet stands out in this field with its excellent level of odds.

The Payout Ratio is actually situated between 93 and 94 percent.

Certainly, a very good payout ratio, considering that we are dealing with a combat sport. It is important to note the high level of skill required to excel in this discipline. The rigorous training and dedication needed to master the techniques make it a truly demanding and awe-inspiring endeavor. Moreover, the intense physicality and mental fortitude required in combat sports ensure that only the most dedicated and capable individuals can thrive in this arena. With its unique blend of athleticism, strategy, and discipline, this sport offers a thrilling and captivating experience for both participants and spectators alike.

In the case of other fringe sports, this benchmark naturally cannot be fully maintained. However, Snooker, for instance, astonishingly reveals a payout rate of a whopping 91 to 92 percent. Even in Futsal, occasionally values of over 91 percent are achieved.

AdmiralBet excels in lesser-known sports as well and has no need to hide behind its competitors. Generally, the threshold of 90 percent is not breached. Rest assured, AdmiralBet is a force to be reckoned with in all sporting arenas, even those on the fringe. It consistently delivers top-notch performance, leaving its rivals in the dust. Furthermore, the benchmark of 90 percent is consistently met, demonstrating AdmiralBet's unwavering commitment to excellence.

AdmiralBet: live betting odds

Live betting is gaining increasing popularity among a wide range of sports betting enthusiasts. Ultimately, this is rooted in the unique thrill that comes with placing a live bet. The excitement of live wagering captivates and enthralls bettors, making it a highly sought-after experience.

But what does the Live Betting Center at AdmiralBet look like? Are the odds relatively stable or can we expect significant fluctuations?

Besonders die Spielvisualisierungen stechen bei AdmiralBet hervor!

Basically, there is a slight disadvantage when placing a live bet. However, this is not unique and is also practiced by many competitors. In general, there may be a small reduction in the odds for live betting. Nevertheless, this is not an uncommon practice and is also implemented by numerous other rivals.

AdmiralBet's average odds level in the live betting section ranges between 91 and 92 percent.

As competition gains momentum, it's not uncommon for a little extra effort to be put in, pushing the boundaries by an extra percentage point or two. Conversely, as familiarity dwindles, the dynamic shifts completely, leading to a reverse trend.

Conclusion on the AdmiralBet betting odds

AdmiralBet stands out for its exceptional odds level when it comes to top football leagues in Europe, including the Austrian Bundesliga, demonstrating its ability to impress across the board. The website's superior odds offer a compelling advantage, setting it apart from other platforms. Its commitment to providing competitive odds in the realm of football, both in Europe and Austria, is evident and highly commendable.

Unfortunately, other popular sports such as tennis do not measure up to the competition and only exhibit average performance. Regrettably, they fall short in comparison to their competitors and display mediocre statistics.

The same applies to US sports as well.

Boxing stands out as a notable mention when it comes to combat sports, as it surpasses much of the competition in terms of ratings. It's worth highlighting the immense popularity and success that boxing enjoys in this regard.

It is important to note that the odds for the same event at AdmiralBet can fluctuate by several percentage points within a week. Therefore, it is crucial to find the most favorable betting outcome at the best possible odds.

All things considered, AdmiralBet can definitely be seen as strong competition in the market.

All test results of AdmiralBet at a glance.